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Salma Hayek premieres the first footage from her ambitious animated film 'The Prophet'
Credit: AP Photo/Alastair Grant

Salma Hayek premieres the first footage from her ambitious animated film 'The Prophet'

It may not be done, but it's already impressive

CANNES -- One of the more unexpected events at this year's Cannes Film Festival for me happened on Saturday night. I went to what I thought was going to be a screening, but which turned out instead to be a presentation hosted by Salma Hayek for the work-in-progress version of an animated anthology film based on "The Prophet," the internationally acclaimed book of poetry by Kahlil Gibran. Ultimately, we ended up seeing less than half of the film, but Hayek's enthusiasm and the finished footage that we did get to see made a strong case for not only how much this film means to her personally, but also what a beautifully crafted experience the end result promises to be.

If you're an animation fan, this is going to be a fascinating collection of voices and techniques from around the world, all in service of this beautiful, profound piece of work that has been punching holes in readers for fifty years now.

After being introduced, Hayek spoke about how she has made many films that have honored her Mexican heritage, but she's spent her entire career looking for the right project to honor her equally-important Lebanese heritage. Finding a film that spoke to her as an Arabic woman was no simple prospect. Consider how hard it is to find a good script for a woman of any background, and then magnify that difficulty exponentially. When she finally made the connection and saw the potential in "The Prophet," she set out to make what she considers a love letter to that side of who she is.

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<p>Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson of &quot;American Idol.&quot;</p>

Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson of "American Idol."

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Season 13 - Finale - The Winner Is...

Did American choose Caleb Johnson or Jena Irene? Find out in two hours...

Ratings suggest that most of America skipped Tuesday's performance finale for "American Idol."

If you're just tuning in for Wednesday's two hours of guest appearances and very limited results, here's what you missed on Tuesday.

Bottom Line: Caleb Johnson versus Jena Irene? It's gonna be a close one. 


Click through and follow along for two hours of live-blogging!

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's 'Love Never Felt So Good' sets chart records

Coldplay also has a hit on its hands

Both Michael Jackson and Coldplay enter the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

“Love Never Felt So Good,” a duet between the late Jackson and Justin Timberlake” featured on Jackson’s “Xscape,” rockets 22-9 on the Hot 100, while Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” from new album “Ghost Stories,” vaults 43 -10.

But back to Jackson for a minute: with “Love Never Felt So Good’s” ascent, Jackson makes history as the only artist to hit the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 in five consecutive decades, according to Billboard. His first  Top 10, “Got to Be There,” which peaked at No. 4, was in 1971. Five other artists have scored Top 10s in four consecutive decades: Barbra Streisand, Cher, Aerosmith, Madonna, and Whitney Houston.

Jackson’s feat helps him extend a record he already held: the longest span between first and most recent appearance in the Top 10. His distance is now 42 weeks, six months, and one week. Santana is a far second at 33 years and eight months.

“Love Never Felt So Good” is Jackson’s 29th Hot 100 top 10 and Timberlake’s 22nd, including ’N Sync hits. Madonna has the most Hot 100 top 10s at 38.

None of this diminishes the accomplishments of John Legend, whose “All of Me” holds at No. 1 for the third week. Iggy Azalea occupies No. 2 and No. 3 as “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX, climbs 3-2 and Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” featuring Azalea,” rises 4-3.

Azalea’s action pushes down former chart topper, “Happy,” by Pharrell Williams 2-4.

DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” returns to its peak, rising 6-5, trading places with Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” featuring Juicy J.  Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” featuring 2 Chainz, stays at No. 7, while Timberlake’s “Not A Bad Thing” holds at No. 8.


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Why 'Survivor' endures

Why “Survivor” endures
"The show’s blueprint for longevity and success,” says Dalton Ross, "lies in its ability to reinvent itself every single season while retaining elements of the original formula — physical challenges, Tribal Council, the dopey catchphrase 'The tribe has spoken' — that fans know and love. Because you have a new cast every season, there is always a brand new dynamic at play. It’s like pouring 18 to 20 different chemicals into a test tube, shaking it up, and seeing what happens. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But that’s what’s so genius about the formula: even if one season ends up being a dud, CBS gets to hit the reset button when it’s all over and start anew.” PLUS: Jeff Probst on whether All-stars will be brought back, and Probst considers the past 4 seasons in the Top 10 of all “Survivor” seasons.

“Suits” adds Neal McDonough
He’ll play an SEC investigator who investigates wrongdoing at Pearson Specter.

Singing shows are sinking: As “The Voice” disappoints, “Idol” had a disastrous night
“The Voice’s” ratings last night were way down from the last two seasons, while “American Idol’s” final performance show was watched by just 6.6 million, which as Josef Adalian notes was "the least-watched episode in the show’s history. Not the least-watched finale, but the least-watched episode, period, going all the way back to when the show was an infant in 2002, and (some) real human beings voted for Justin Guarini instead of Kelly Clarkson."

Shark Week this summer will include “Air Jaws” and “Alien Sharks”
This year’s Shark Week, which kicks off Aug. 10, will also highlight unusual sharks like mutant sharks and sharks that glow in the dark.

The New Mexico Law Review is publishing a special “Breaking Bad” issue
The journal from the University of New Mexico School of Law’s special issue will tackle such topics as "Ethical Duties of Lawyers to Clients Involved in Drugs or Sophisticated Crimes.” PLUS: Vince Gilligan may direct commercials.

“West Wing” fan created a detailed website devoted to Season 2, Episode 18
Jon White’s website devoted to "17 People,” the 40th episode of the NBC drama, argues that that episode is the greatest hour of TV ever created.

Fox posts a farewell to “Almost Human” video
Watch one last look at the canceled robot cop series.

“Shameless” crosses out the “drama” in its Emmy ad
The Showtime series is now competing for best comedy.

Ben Savage is getting a “Girl Meets World” little brother
“The Glades” alum Uriah Shelton will play Cory’s little brother, known as “Uncle Joshua,” in the holiday episode.

Syfy’s “Dominion” poster inspired by Banksy
Just like Banksy subverts classical paintings, the Syfy series based on the film “Legion” uses the classic image of an angel in a contemporary gunfight.

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John Barrowman on "Sing Your Face Off"

John Barrowman on "Sing Your Face Off"

Credit: ABC

Interview: 'Arrow''s John Barrowman on what it's like to 'Sing Your Face Off'

This show takes drag to a whole new level

"Sing Your Face Off" may seem like a whacked idea for a celebrity-centric reality TV show. Why would anyone want to watch C-list celebrities dress up as music icons (sometimes of the opposite sex) then sing and perform, hoping to avoid elimination? Well, it turns out America has just been slow to get on the crazy train. "Your Face Sounds Familiar," the name of the show in the U.K., has spawned versions in Portugal, Germany, Ukraine, Vietnam and a whole mess of other places. How could we not? 

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Nicki Minaj

Nick Minaj's unveils touching new single, 'Pills N Potions': Listen

Track shows off her voice and her vulnerable side

Nicki Minaj shows a gentler side on “Pills N Potions,” the first single from “The Pink Print,” her upcoming album.

Against a gentle, but persistent beat,  Minaj opens the song by singing in a vulnerable voice that she still loves someone and no amount of pills and potions can make her forget. She then goes into a rap that continues to show her softer side, as she declares “I still don’t wish death on them/I just reflect on them.” Phew!

Produced by Dr. Luke, “Pills N Potions” is reminiscent of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love” musically in terms of its tempo and Martika's 1988 hit, "Toy Soldiers" with its big drum beat. 

“I get high off your memory/In time, you’ll be mine,” she sings in the ascending bridge.

Those who like their Minaj with a dose of nasty may be turned off by this side of Minaj, but it’s one of her most accessible and best songs yet. For once, she shocks us in a way that reflects on the music instead of pulls focus to something else. It's also her poppiest track since "Starships."

What do you think of the hypnotic track?

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Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam sets fall tour around Austin City Limits Music Festival

The band hits several cities for the first time

Pearl Jam is headlining the two weekends of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, so the band decided to build a little tour around its Texas time.

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Colin Firth and Emma Stone spark chemistry in 'Magic in the Moonlight' trailer
Credit: Sony Classics

Colin Firth and Emma Stone spark chemistry in 'Magic in the Moonlight' trailer

Woody Allen's 'Blue Jasmine' follow-up looks like a charmer

Woody Allen is back this summer with Colin Firth and Emma Stone in "Magic in the Moonlight." He's obviously hot coming off major awards success "Blue Jasmine" (also a summer release from Sony Classics last year) and the trailer for his latest promises plenty of chemistry between his leads.

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E! extends Giuliana Rancic for 2 more years

E! extends Giuliana Rancic for 2 more years
Rancic will continue in her role as E! News anchor, plus she’ll continue doing her various other E! shows.

Facebook’s mobile app can now recognize TV shows playing nearby
The app can recognize a TV show within 15 seconds, allowing users to tell their Facebook friends what they’re watching — without spoilers.

“Dancing’s” Len Goodman: “Hopefully” I’ll be back next season
Goodman, whose contract is up, said during the show, "This might be my last season, and if it is, I couldn't wish for a better dance to watch to finish up with.” Backstage, though, Goodman said when a PA told him he wished he’d be back, responded: “Hopefully I will.” PLUS: Maksim has not decided if he’ll return.

Watch the trailer for the Roger Ebert documentary
“Life Itself” premieres on video on demand and in theaters on July 4.

“Mad Men’s” James Wolk responds to the fake “Benson” spinoff
He also talked about juggling this week’s episode while working on “The Crazy Ones.”

Ex-“Idol” finalist has been an “Idol” backup singer all season
Season 8’s Allison Iraheta has been spending all season singing backup for Rickey Minor’s band. "This guy has been paying my rent,” she says. PLUS: Tonight’s finale will feature all judges performing together for the first time.

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Credit: Discovery

Exclusive clip: 'Kodiak' explores the spiritual side of killing

For this family, taking the life of an animal is not to be taken lightly

Hunting bears and other wildlife in Alaska is a dangerous job -- but in this exclusive clip from "Kodiak" (airing Wed. at 10:00 p.m. on Discovery), the Cusack family gets into another drawback to living on the wild side -- the emotional kickback.

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Bill Hader is coming to HBO

Bill Hader is coming to HBO
The “SNL” alum has signed an exclusive deal to create and star in his own HBO series.

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Credit: Cannes Film Festival

Review: Viggo Mortensen is lost in the wilderness of the impenetrable 'Jauja'

Shape-shifting art film will delight Lisandro Alonso's admirers, and few others

CANNES - "Did you see the Lisandro Alonso?!" came the eager text from a friend not in Cannes, mere minutes after I had, indeed, seen Alonso's "Jauja" -- an Argentine western turned existential comedy turned, well, any number of alternate-dimension subgenres. I  envied him his excitement. Alonso has built up a fiercely devoted band of admirers with his opaque brand of slow-cinema puzzle picture, as demonstrated in the likes of "Liverpool" and "Los Muertos"; for those of us who have never gained access to that club, "Jauja" is unlikely to bring us much closer. Intermittently playful, consistently confounding, finally petrified, it's a film of fussy, cultivated austerity; Alonsolytes will debate what it's hiding, while others will suggest "an actual movie" as the answer.

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