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Review: ABC's 'Resurrection' suffers badly compared to 'The Returned'

Skip the American show about the dead returning to life and watch the French instead

Look, I hate to be That Guy who sees an American version of a foreign film or show and just tells you to watch the original. It's such a cliché, and it ignores the fact that American remakes can be wonderful in their own right. (Case in point: "The Office.")

Having said that, the only thing of value I can tell you about ABC's new drama series "Resurrection" is that you are much better off simply going to Netflix to stream the first season of Sundance's French import "The Returned."

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U2: No line on new album

New album and tour will be pushed into 2015

Despite the release of new track, “Invisible,” during the Super Bowl, it looks like U2 won’t have an album out in 2014, after all.

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ABC bringing Katie Holmes back to TV

ABC bringing Katie Holmes back to TV
Holmes has signed up to star in what would become her first regular TV gig since “Dawson’s Creek,” a "Dangerous Liasons-esque" drama set in NYC’s high society. The project is from “Behind the Candelabra” writer Richard LaGravenese, with Taylor Hackford on board to direct the pilot.

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"Bates Motel

It's all coming apart for Norman on 'Bates Motel'

This teaser is all kinds of creepy
Of course, we all know things are only destined to get worse and worse for Norman and his mom, and the second episode this season (airing Mon. at 9:00 p.m. on A&E) promises plenty of drama, some of it on the stage. Norma tries to distract Norman from his obsession with Miss Watson by auditioning for a play.  Yes, a little theater always does wonders for a budding sociopath! Just listen to Norma and Norman's rendition of "Mr. Sandman" in the teaser below. It's the perfect music for eye gouging and small animal killing! 
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'Sharknado 2: The Second One' gets July 31 premiere date, announces new cameos

“Sharknado 2: The Second One” gets July 31 premiere date, announces new cameos
Perez Hilton, Biz Markie, Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa, Howard Stern sidekick Benjy Bronk, Robert Klein and Kurt Angle will also make cameos. (Klein and Angle will play the former NYC mayor and fire chief, respectively.)

Obama flubs the spelling of “Respect” during the taping of PBS’ Women of Soul tribute
"When Aretha first told us what R-S-P-E-C-T meant to her,” said the president.

What was it like to interrogate Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson on “True Detective”?
"Those were 10- to 12-hour days for us, with few breaks,” says Michael Potts, who was partnered with Tory Kittles as they grilled Rust and Marty. "We'd do Woody for a day and a half, then Matthew for a while, then we'd get dinner and pick up with Matthew for a day and a half. They were very intense, long-hour days.”

Comedy Central orders “Over The Garden Wall,” its 1st miniseries
10-epsiode comedy-fantasy miniseries is based on “Tome of The Unknown,” starring Elijah Wood.

“Reign” rises, as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” slips
The CW series was up 34%, while “Grey’s” and “Scandal” were down 13% and 10%, respectively, this week.

Adam Carolla not a fan of having female late-night hosts
Carolla, who served as Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard last night, says: "To me it's not so much about women or men, it's sort of who do you want to see at night,” adding: "I don't know if it would be confusing if it's a woman standing there telling monologue jokes. We’re just used to certain genders in certain roles."

Stream the “Game of Thrones” hip-hop mixtape
All 10 tracks from "Catch the Throne" are now available.

Ted Turner admitted to the hospital in South Africa
Says a spokesperson for the Turner Broadcasting System and CNN founder: "Given it is our policy not to comment on his personal health, no further details will be provided."

Lena Dunham asks "Today's" Savannah Guthrie if she's willing to show nipple to become the 5th "Girl"
“You know what, spoiler alert! I'm not,” Guthrie responded, after confessing to Dunham that she imagined herself as the 5th star of "Girls."

Stephen Colbert debuts his alternative or “Happy Birthday”
Colbert’s new National Birthday Anthem is royalty-free.

“Greek” alum Spencer Grammer will play Michael Imperioli’s sister on ABC
The daughter of Kelsey Grammer has joined the pilot “Saint Francis.”

“Orphan Black” episodes will be available on Amazon
The BBC America series will join Amazon Prime.

Juan Pablo defends himself after retweeting an R-word joke
“People,” “The Bachelor” star wrote, "try to be HAPPY and enjoy JOKES and SARCASM... In Venezuela the R word is USED commonly and by NO means is to OFFEND anyone... #Relax #DifferentCulture #Respect.”

“True Blood” promotes barmaid Ginger
Tara Buck will become a series regular after recurring for six seasons.

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<p>Thursday&#39;s &quot;The Big Bang Theory&quot;</p>

Thursday's "The Big Bang Theory"

Credit: CBS

TV Ratings: 'Big Bang' leads Thursday while 'Idol' and 'Scandal' dip

'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' returns weak

Fast National ratings for Thursday, March 6, 2014.

With "The Big Bang Theory" leading the way in all measures, everything in CBS' schedule was up on Thursday other than "The Crazy Ones," as the network ruled the night in all measures.

FOX's "American Idol" didn't take a big drop, but it was down slightly, failing to even make things competitive with "The Millers" ("Big Bang Theory" has had a massive advantage for a while) and again leading into a weak week for "Rake," which is being shipped off to Fridays.

After last week's big returns, both "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal" took big drops for ABC, but still easily won their hours in young viewers. It didn't help that "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" barely made a ripple in its return.

Speaking of barely making a ripple, other than a solid bump for "Parks and Recreation," NBC's whole lineup barely made a ripple.

Finally, The CW's two dramas both rose, with "Reign" approaching series highs in young female demos.

On to the numbers...

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<p>On &quot;Community,&quot; Jeff (Joel McHale) and Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) get banished to the Outlands.</p>

On "Community," Jeff (Joel McHale) and Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) get banished to the Outlands.

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Community' - 'APP Development and Condiments'

A new social app turns Greendale into a dystopian hellscape ruled by Shirley

A quick review of last night's "Community" coming up just as soon as I own stock in Trivial Pursuit's Baby Boomers Edition...

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Bebe Neuwirth will play chief of staff on 'Madam Secretary'

Bebe Neuwirth will play chief of staff on “Madam Secretary”
The “Cheers” alum will co-star on the U.S. secretary of state drama with Tea Leoni and Tim Daly on the CBS pilot.

NBC posts the first 2 minutes of “Believe” from J.J. Abrams and “Gravity” Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón
The sci-fi series will get a special preview Monday after “The Voice.”

NBC: Bob Costas’ red eye wasn’t due to Botox
Page Six reports that a source claims that Costas’ Olympic eye problem was due to a botched Botox procedure. But NBC tells Page Six: "This has zero truth to this. Zero."

Bellamy Young: “Scandal” cast members’ tweets are monitored for spoilers
“They keep watch, and they’ll say, ‘take that tweet down,’” she tells Jimmy Kimmel. PLUS: Jon Tenney talks Mellie, and watch Episode 2 of “Escandalo."

Jimmy Fallon splashes water on Lindsay Lohan’s face
Check out their “Water War.”

Larry King has no problem appearing on Russian-owned Russia Today
"I don’t work for RT,” says Larry King, whose Ora TV show is shown on RT America, which has been in the news lately for its pro-Russian views in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

Jimmy Kimmel interviews Jimmy Kimmel
Kimmel asks himself “3 Ridiculous Questions” for a Captain Morgan-promoted spot on his show.

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<p>The WABAC may look different, and Sherman and Peabody may be in 3D, but in its best moments, the new film gets these characters right.</p>

The WABAC may look different, and Sherman and Peabody may be in 3D, but in its best moments, the new film gets these characters right.

Credit: 20th Century Fox/Dreamworks Animation

Review: 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' errs by favoring sentiment over laughs

How much subtext is too much?

When I was a kid and Saturday morning was still appointment viewing for me with hours and hours of cartoons on all three networks, I would frequently get up before the sun was even up. I'd get myself a giant bowl of whatever sugary cereal was my poison of choice at the time and plant myself in front of the set so that I had control over whatever was going to be watched well before my sister woke up. There were many weeks where I was up and ready to go before the networks even began their programming, and by default, I would put on the only cartoons playing at that hour, a giant re-run block of "Rocky & Bullwinkle."

At the time, I didn't fully appreciate the lunacy of the Jay Ward productions, and it was only as I got older that I began to understand the silly word play and the gleeful demolition of storytelling cliche that were the cornerstones of all of the different cartoons that existed under that broader umbrella. I grew to particularly enjoy the absurdist take on history that was represented by the "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" cartoons, and when DreamWorks Animation announced a feature film version a few years ago, I hoped they would honor the spirit of the original.

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<p>Eva Green never smiles once in &#39;300: Rise Of An Empire,&#39; and seemed to be making up for lost time when we spoke.</p>

Eva Green never smiles once in '300: Rise Of An Empire,' and seemed to be making up for lost time when we spoke.

Credit: HitFix

Eva Green talks about her one-of-a-kind performance in '300: Rise Of An Empire'

She seems well aware of what she's done

On the day I was scheduled to talk to both Lena Headey and Eva Green about their work in "300: Rise Of An Empire," there was also a morning screening of "Mr. Peabody & Sherman." Both of my sons were eager to see that, and that meant they would need to come to the interviews with me as well. As a result, they got a chance to meet Green, and by the time we walked out of that room, both of them had grown full beards and their voices had dropped an octave.

Green gives off a powerful feminine vibe in person, and seems well aware of the effect she has on people. It's interesting how similar the roles are that she played in "Dark Shadows" and in "300," right down to a scene that happens in both films. It wouldn't surprise me if she got cast in "300" specifically because of "Dark Shadows." In both cases, she seems to be having the most fun of anyone in the films, taking full advantage of the opportunities presented on the page, and it's exciting because it suggests that we may start seeing more of her in films now that directors have these great examples of what she's capable of doing.

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<p>&quot;The Sopranos,&quot; &quot;The Mary Tyler Moore Show&quot; and &quot;The Simpsons&quot; had three of the greatest TV title sequences ever.</p>

"The Sopranos," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Simpsons" had three of the greatest TV title sequences ever.


The 25 best TV opening credit sequences of all-time

The end of 'True Detective' prompts a look back at this unsung art form

Among the many delights of "True Detective," which concludes its first season on Sunday night, has been the show's creepy, evocative opening credits sequence, which juxtaposes mundane imagery with the sort of dark symbols of sex and violence that Rust Cohle and Marty Hart deal with every day.

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"The Vampire Diaries"

"The Vampire Diaries"

Credit: The CW

'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Can Katherine save Nadia - and herself?

There's one way Katherine can save Nadia, but will she?

This episode was loaded with big moments -- tearful goodbyes, weepy flashbacks, rollercoaster plot twists, and more than one character was sent packing. In truth, the body count was pretty damn high. Given we had so much to digest, I'm not sure I felt the feels I was expecting. Too often I felt as if I was cued by the music to register, "NOW FEEL SOME EPIC SAD, DAMMIT," before the plot whirled on to other matters. 

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