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A list of possible replacement directors for 'Ant-Man' could be a turning point for Marvel
Credit: Marvel Studios

A list of possible replacement directors for 'Ant-Man' could be a turning point for Marvel

Is this the beginning of a new perception problem for the mega-studio?

If The Hollywood Reporter's list of prospective "Ant-Man" directors is accurate, it is my considered opinion that "Ant-Man" represents a genuine problem for the studio.

I like Adam McKay quite a bit. I enjoy the way that big weird thing he calls a brain works, and I like the way he is unafraid to smuggle really serious ideas into the silliest possible movies. While he definitely snuck in a bit of buddy cop action while making "The Other Guys" and his new film "Get Hard" also plays with that, I'm not sure action is what I'd think of when I think of him. Ruben Fleischer's "Zombieland" was huge fun, but he botched "Gangster Squad" pretty much across the board. I am even more confused by the idea of Rawson Thurber being on the list. I know "We're The Millers" made a startling amount of money considering it's terrible, but does that really mean he's the guy you offer a Marvel movie to?

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'The Arsenio Hall Show' canceled after 1 season, despite its renewal for Season 2

“The Arsenio Hall Show” canceled after 1 season, despite its renewal for Season 2
CBS Television Distribution, which renewed Arsenio in February, had to change its mind after three station groups decided to move Arsenio to a later timeslot. PLUS: Watch Jay Leno surprise Arsenio with renewal announcement in February.

Chris Kattan revives “SNL’s” Mango
Fashion designer Alexander Wang talked Kattan into bringing back his saucy stripper for his new fashion film.

“Evolving” CNN touts the success of “The Sixties”
CNN president Jeff Zucker reacted to “The Sixties” beating its competition by writing to his staff: ""I wanted to take a moment to tell you how proud I am to work at CNN today. Because today we have seen the true scope of what CNN is and can be.”

USA’s “Dig” adds Richard E. Grant
He’ll play an archaeologist on the USA event series.

911 dispatcher on Maya Angelou death call suspended for making “unacceptable” comments about Oprah
During the seven-minute phone call, the dispatcher can be heard saying, "Oprah has fallen out of grace."

Claim: Matt Lauer and Brian Williams are feuding
Page Six says the “NBC Nightly News” anchor is upset by all the attention “Today” is getting by NBC News’ new boss.

“The Tonight Show” had its best May sweeps since the pre-Conan Jay Leno days in 2009
Jimmy Fallon’s ratings continued to soar. But Jimmy Kimmel’s May sweeps ratings weren’t so bad, either.

“Reign” promotes Jonathan Keltz
Greer’s love interest will be a series regular next season.

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<p>Um, Josh, you&#39;ve got something on your face. No, the other side.</p>

Um, Josh, you've got something on your face. No, the other side.

Credit: Warner Bros

Josh Brolin has been set to play Thanos as Marvel starts the push towards 'Avengers 3'

Now who's going to play Death?

Thanos is coming.

We've known that since the end of "The Avengers," and it's a very exciting prospect. When he showed up for that one shot at the end of that film, it was meant to be a giant tease, and Marvel didn't bother casting the role in the same way they would if he were an actual character in a film. The guy in the suit, Damien Potier, was never expected to be the long-term choice for the role. They put that off for the future, knowing there would come a time where they would finally put Thanos front and center.

That time is getting closer now. This summer's "Guardians Of The Galaxy" takes place in the end of the universe where Thanos is a threat, and his children are a major part of the movie. According to today's report, Josh Brolin has now signed on to voice Thanos, which makes me wonder if they're going to be doing him as a fully CG creation, or if they shot someone else in a suit and make-up while trying to find the right actor to give him his voice. If it is a suit and a make-up, then at some point, one presumes Brolin is going to have to wear it. I remember interviewing him on the set of "Jonah Hex," and he was not especially in love with the process that gave him a disturbingly real hole in his cheek each day, but Thanos would be a whole different kind of make-up for him to wear.

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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea twirl through official 'Problem' video: Watch

Big Sean joins in too

If you’ve seen Ariana Grande and Izzy Azalea perform “Problem” on any raft of TV specials lately, the song’s official video, released today, won’t contain many surprises, but it’s still entertaining.

The performance video continues the black-and-white pinwheel theme and Grande’s somewhat awkward dancing and throws in enough other elements to keep it interesting.

Grande plays coquettishly to the camera a few too many times, but otherwise the clip moves quickly. As the squonking opening horn line intro plays, we see the first of a dancer/contortionist flinging across stage, Grande, Azalea, and then, very shortly, an uncredited Big Sean whispering “One less problem with out ya.”

It’s a fun kaleidoscope of quickly changing scenes between more shirtless male dancers, some scooters, psychedelic backgrounds and Azalea’s scene-stealing performance.

Given that “Problem” is now the unofficial song of the summer, we can look forward to the fun unofficial video remakes coming, as we got two years ago with “Call Me Maybe” and last year with “Blurred Lines.”

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Review: Tom Cruise is at his best in the wild and witty science-fiction 'Edge Of Tomorrow'
Credit: Warner Bros.

Review: Tom Cruise is at his best in the wild and witty science-fiction 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

Love him or hate him, you'll want to see Cruise in this one

There are easy comparisons you can make between "Edge Of Tomorrow" and a whole slew of inspirations, from "Starship Troopers" and "Groundhog Day" to Wile E. Coyote and "The Matrix." The reason the film works is because it throws everything into the blender and comes up with something new, something that has a great lively sense of wit and humor to it, and it takes the time to fully explore its wild premise fully.

"Edge Of Tomorrow" is an original science-fiction film (or as original as based-on-a-novel-and-a-manga can be considered) that delivers an experience that feels like it is well-realized, cleverly constructed, and not just a kick-off to a larger franchise, which means it's a harder sell to an audience, even with Tom Cruise starring in it. Hiroshi Sakurazaka's original "All You Need Is Kill" is different from the film in a number of significant ways, but the film does a great job of taking the central conceit and spinning it into something that manages to play as both summer spectacle and as a canny commentary on video game tropes.

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"A Million Ways to Die in the West"
"A Million Ways to Die in the West"
Credit: Universal Pictures

Tell us what you thought of 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'

Seth MacFarlane's comic western has opened to mixed reviews

Seth MacFarlane has always been a divisive comic talent: he makes no attempt to hide his obnoxiousness, much less apologize for it, and that bald, brash style either gets up viewers' noses or into their funnybones. (Or, in some cases, both simultaneously.) I've run, well, lukewarm and cold with him over the years: I was never on "Family Guy's" wavelength, while "Ted," for all its misanthropic shortcomings, made me laugh despite myself.

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Luke Bryan

Oops! Luke Bryan takes a big tumble off the stage while performing in Charlotte: Watch

It wasn't his kind of night

Luke Bryan lived up to the adage “the show must go on” last night after he fell off the stage at Charlotte’s PNC Music Pavillion.

Bryan was covering Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Can’t Hold Us” when he got a little too close to the edge of the stage and tumbled right over into the photographer’s pit.  

After a few scary seconds, he was helped back on stage and as he sat on the edge, he laughed through the pain, joking “the last time I was in North Carolina, I busted my ass.”

He later tweeted that he was okay, but needed stitches.

YouTube has been scrubbed of the video, but, naturally, TMZ still has the footage.

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Credit: Sony Classics

Review: Andrei Zvyagintsev's Cannes winner 'Leviathan' is a mighty beast

The standout of this year's Competition is a scabrous political satire

As a film critic, one is usually moved to immediate expression when a great film comes down the pike -- its ideas spur one's own, the words tumble forth in not-always-orderly fashion, the urge to share an experience sometimes outpacing the ability to parse it. Yet sometimes baldly extraordinary films thwart our initial attempts to write about them, and such has been the case with me and Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Leviathan" -- a classically robust, not inordinately complicated melodrama that nonetheless seems to be about something different every time I sit down to tackle it.

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Tyra Banks returning to daytime TV with a new lifestyle show

Tyra Banks returning to daytime TV with a new lifestyle show
Four years after the end of "The Tyra Banks Show,” Tyra Banks is preparing for a daytime comeback with a show featuring lifestyle experts with Disney-ABC.

Kris Kristofferson will play President Andrew Jackson on History channel’s “Texas Rising” miniseries
The eight-hour miniseries is from the producers of "Hatfields & McCoys.”

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Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and Carrie Underwood
Credit: HBO

EXCLUSIVE: Stevie Nicks on singing with Carrie Underwood at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Why the Fleetwood Mac singer is glad Underwood didn't come along sooner

The 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, airing on HBO  Saturday (31) night, features some of the Rock Hall’s stronger performances in recent years.
Among the highlights are the remaining members of inductee Nirvana performing with Joan Jett, St. Vincent, and Lorde, as well as Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, and Carrie Underwood beautifully saluting inductee Linda Ronstadt in song.

In this exclusive clip, Nicks talks about how the ladies’ performance of “When Will I Be Loved” came about — it was a lot looser than you’d think— and has some very high praise for Underwood. Let’s just say she’s glad Underwood wasn’t around during Fleetwood Mac’s formative years.

In addition to Nirvana and Ronstadt, this year’s class included Daryl Hall & John Oates, Peter Gabriel, The E Street Band, Cat Stevens and Kiss as performer inductees, and Brian Epstein and Andrew Loog Oldham as non-performer inductees.

Though footage of the Nirvana appearance has circulated on YouTube, you can see some of Joan Jett’s performance of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with much better detail below, as well as Hall & Oates' jaunty  “You Make My Dreams Come True.”

Following May 31’s original airing, HBO will show the induction ceremony, which took place April 10 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, throughout June on both HBO and HBO2.

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Starz will premiere crime drama 'Power' on Twitter

Starz will premiere crime drama “Power” on Twitter
The 50 Cent-produced series, which debuts June 7, will drop in a tweet at midnight Saturday. PLUS: Was 50 Cent’s botched MLB pitch a publicity stunt to promote “Power”?

Michael Strahan surprises President Obama with a question about the VA scandal
Strahan, the son of a retired Army major, got in at least one serious question during today’s “Live” from the White House.

“Undateable” star Chris D’Elia denounces “#YesAllWomen” Twitter hashtag
“I think that it's terrible that a lot of these people (are) tweeting about this, using this hashtag,” he says, courting controversy by saying that the hashtag was “rude” to the victims of the UC Santa Barbara shooting.

Report: Outgoing Fox boss Kevin Reilly wanted to renew “Almost Human” and “Enlisted”
Reilly’s exit as head of Fox Entertainment shouldn’t come as a surprise his boss, the head of Fox, vetoed his decision to renew those two struggling first-year shows. PLUS: Reilly tried to fix broadcast TV, and was fired.

Amy Poehler: "Because I play a Parks and Recreation employee on my NBC show, people assume that that is my actual job”
Poehler spoke last night at Grant’s Tomb in opening remarks at the New York Restoration Project’s spring picnic.

Montreal Canadiens lose a bet with Jimmy Fallon
Fallon will now get to choose 10 different outfits for the Canadiens mascot.

Norm Macdonald delivers an “inspiring” commencement speech
Watch the video he made for Funny or Die.

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Exclusive: New 'Transformers' spot reveals new dino-bots and an epic scale

Exclusive: New 'Transformers' spot reveals new dino-bots and an epic scale

How much bigger can Michael Bay make these films?

On Memorial Day, I took both my kids to see "X-Men: Days Of Future Past," and one of the trailers we saw was the newest "Transformers: Age Of Extinction" trailer, and it is safe to say they lost their damn fool minds. Over the last six weeks, they've finally worked their way through the first three movies, and if you are curious who Michael Bay's ideal audience is, I think Toshi's reaction to the trailer says it all.

As the trailer ended with that insane shot of Optimus Prime hopping off of the dinosaur and wading into a whole crowd of Decepticons with his sword, Toshi and Allen both cheered, and, loudly, Toshi looked at his little brother and said, "Every one of those movies is made by Michael Bay, and that's why THEY ARE SO AWESOME."

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