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Larry Wilmore: 'My mouth hit the floor' when Jon Stewart offered me 'The Minority Report'

Larry Wilmore: “My mouth hit the floor” when Jon Stewart offered me “The Minority Report”
The “T” will no longer be silent, like on “The Colbert Report," when Wilmore assumes hosting duties on "The Minority Report." Jon Stewart says he picked his “senior black correspondent” because of his work in front of and behind the camera (Wilmore was a producer on “The Office” and created “The Bernie Mac Show” for Fox). “I just think Larry is so ready,” says Stewart, who adds that “The Minority Report” won’t be limited to minority issues. “I love the idea that he’s going to put together something that doesn’t work the well-worn path in late night.” PLUS: Watch Wilmore’s funniest moments from “The Daily Show."

Fox expected to give “American Idol” fewer hours next season, with all the judges returning
“Idol” had been airing about 60 hours a season.

Report: Dan Harmon not interested in reviving “Community” elsewhere
According to Deadline, Harmon is ready to move on to other projects and concentrate on “Rick & Morty." PLUS: How Harmon learned of cancelation.

“SNL” posts 3 sketches cut from the Charlize Theron episode
Check out “Mornin’ Miami” with Bobby Moynihan and Kate McKinnon, “Cocktail Hour” and John Milhiser as “Viper."

PBS is creating a special on demand channel for its members
Member Video On Demand, or M.V.O.D., will allow subscirbers to watch old shows from the PBS archive.

Donald Sterling breaks his silence to Anderson Cooper: "I'm not a racist”
"I'm here with you today to apologize and to ask for forgiveness for all the people that I've hurt,” the L.A. Clippers owner tells Cooper.

“Parenthood’s” final season will involve the “cycle of life”
Exec producer Jason Katims sees a “Friday Night Lights”-style ending, but he won’t say if anybody will die.

Lea Michele tweets a photo of Cory Monteith on what would’ve been his 32nd birthday
"The biggest heart and most beautiful smile.. In all of our hearts.. We love you so. Happy Birthday,” she wrote.

Here’s a full list of all the network cancelations
ABC had 12, CBS had six, Fox had seven, NBC had 10 and CW had three.

PBS is creating a special on demand channel for its members
Member Video On Demand, or M.V.O.D., will allow subscribers to watch old shows from the PBS archive.

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<p>NBC&#39;s &quot;Rosemary&#39;s Baby&quot;</p>

NBC's "Rosemary's Baby"

Credit: NBC

TV Review: NBC's 'Rosemary's Baby' is a missed opportunity

Zoe Saldana isn't bad but the poorly structured miniseries lacks purpose

Try as I might, I can't feel like NBC's miniseries version of "Rosemary's Baby" is a disgrace. 

I know that I should.

Roman Polanski's 1968 adaptation of Ira Levin's tightly-written suspense potboiler is a masterpiece on every level. It's disturbing and scary, which is why people remember it as a horror classic. But in certain places, it's also absolutely hilarious with a vein of dark humor that qualifies confidently as camp, but never jeopardizes the visceral tension.  And that balance is perfectly captured through every performance, from Mia Farrow in the lead role, to John Cassavetes, Sidney Blackmer and the incomparable Ruth Gordon. 

And every way in which Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby" works, Agnieszka Holland's NBC adaptation falls short.

But... duh.

A review that says "NBC's 'Rosemary's Baby' is bad because Roman Polanski's 'Rosemary's Baby' is good" accomplishes nothing, even if it's both true and a tremendously efficient piece of criticism. 

Despite all of the failings of the new "Rosemary's Baby," it's possible that I just have stricter standards for what constitutes a disgrace. 

A disgrace is something that lingers around you forever. 

It'll be a long time before Jonathan Rhys Meyers can do anything without me mentioning his trust-busting bloodsucker. Because NBC's "Dracula" was a disgrace.

Disgraces don't necessarily hold you back, because you can own a disgrace. George Clooney owns "Batman & Robin." Ben Affleck owns a solid decade of his resume. The punchlines haven't vanished, but it's all OK.

And when it comes to NBC's "Rosemary's Baby," I don't think anybody has been permanently tarnished. 

Zoe Saldana is neither good nor bad in "Rosemary's Baby," but five years from now nobody will even remember it was a thing that she did. 

Agnieszka Holland's resume is a mixture of very good TV -- "Treme," "The Wire" -- and an mixed bag of features, but "Rosemary's Baby" will just go down as something that she tried, even if it didn't work.

Patrick J. Adams, Carole Bouquet and Jason Isaacs? They all acquit themselves decently in "Rosemary's Baby" and I associate them all so strongly with other things -- even if, in Adams' case, it's just a really random SAG Award nomination -- that I can accept that they wanted to work in Paris for a few months, which isn't a crime.

I'm not holding "Rosemary's Baby" against anybody, even if it took up three hours of viewing time and yielded little more than a pleasant reminder that Paris is a lovely city. 

No, it doesn't add to the legacy of the story, but Ira Levin did much more damage to that legacy with 1997's profoundly silly "Son of Rosemary" than anything writers James Wong and Scott Abbott could think to do here.

In fact, that's where NBC's "Rosemary's Baby" falls flat: It doesn't really think to do much of anything to Levin's book and Polanski's film. It's a missed opportunity on every intellectual level, while not approaching the technical proficiency of the first movie. So it's just nothing. The writing, direction and performances aren't laughable in any way, they're just bland and directionless. 

I think curiosity might get some viewers tuning in for the first part of "Rosemary's Baby" on Sunday (May 11) night, but it just so happens that the very worst part of the entire miniseries is its structuring and so little happens in those first two hours, the only reason to tune back in for the conclusion on Thursday is to validate those first two hours. As a critic, I often watch the second half of things that aren't good just so that I can have closure on the experience. Viewers don't work the same way. 

More specifics after the break...

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Eminem's heartbreaking video to his mom, 'Headlights': Watch

Spike Lee-directed clip will bring tears to your eyes

Eminem’s relationships with women have been, to say the least, complicated, in song, if not in reality.  But no woman has borne the brunt of his ire more than his mom, Debbie Mathers. Check out songs like “Cleanin' Out My Closet.”

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TBS cancels 'Men at Work'

TBS cancels “Men at Work”
The Breckin Meyer-produced comedy lasted three seasons.

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<p>This is a pretty picture from NBC&#39;s &quot;Constantine&quot;</p>

This is a pretty picture from NBC's "Constantine"

Credit: NBC

New pictures from NBC's 'Constantine,' 'A to Z,' 'Mysteries of Laura' and more

Also check out 'State of Affairs,' 'Bad Judge' and 'Marry Me' pictures.

As you've already seen by now, NBC announced its 2014-15 schedule on Sunday morning.

The highlights include a lone hour of comedies on Thursday -- "Bad Judge" and "A to Z" -- two comedies on Tuesday after "The Voice" -- led by "Marry Me" -- and "Constantine" becoming the latest drama to try to hold onto the "Grimm" audience on Fridays at 10 p.m.

NBC also announced that "State of Affairs," featuring Katherine Heigl's return to primetime, will air after "The Voice" starting in November, with "The Blacklist" shifting to Thursdays after a post-Super Bowl airing in February.

You can read all about the schedule here.

But now, check out pictures from ABC's new fall shows (and one image from "Allegiance," airing in the spring). 

Full gallery below:

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“Parenthood” will end with a 13-episode final season

“Parenthood” will end with a 13-episode final season
The NBC drama will return for a 6th season in its Thursday timeslot. PLUS: To cut costs, each cast member will appear in 11 episodes.

“Parks and Rec” will end after Season 7
NBC announced that next season will be the last for the Amy Poehler comedy.

NBC unveils its fall schedule: “The Blacklist” will air after the Super Bowl, then move to Thursdays, joining “The Biggest Loser"
“The Blacklist” will make its Thursday at 9 pm debut on Feb. 5. Meanwhile, that timeslot will be filled by “Bad Judge” and “A to Z." PLUS: “Parks and Rec” and Tina Fey’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” will air at midseason, "The Bible" sequel "A.D." will premiere on Easter Sunday, and NBC is killing off Thursday Must-See TV comedy block.

Watch NBC’s new show trailers
Check out Cristin Milioti in “A to Z” and Kate Walsh as “Bad Judge.”

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<p>&quot;A to Z.&quot;</p>

"A to Z."

Credit: NBC

Upfronts 2014: NBC tries to build on its first-place finish by leaning on 'The Blacklist'

Lots of new shows, not a lot of places to put them just yet

A very strange thing happened to NBC this year: for the first time in a decade — a period during which it has mostly been a laughingstock — it will finish a season in first place among the adults 18-49 demographic that advertisers care about most. Ordinarily, a network that wins a season can play things conservatively for the next year, but NBC's success isn't entirely replicable. Yes, the network's buoyed by regular, season-long programming like "The Voice" and hit freshman drama "The Blacklist," but a lot of credit for that win comes from "Sunday Night Football," which always goes away in January (leaving the network's ratings on that night a shambles), and some from the Winter Olympics, which won't be back for another four years.

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<p>Katherine Heigl of &quot;State of Affairs&quot;</p>

Katherine Heigl of "State of Affairs"

Credit: NBC

NBC's 2014-15 Schedule: 'Voice' boosts 'Affairs' and 'Marry Me,' 'Blacklist' on the move

This will be the last season of 'Parenthood,' 'Parks and Recreation'

Kicking off the frenzied Network TV Upfronts week, NBC announced its 2014-15 schedule on Sunday (May 11) morning, or at least NBC announced the fall 2014 portion of its schedule, because NBC has left an awful lot of stuff on the shelf for midseason and most of those moves remain shrouded in mystery and potential.

NBC is coming off a season that saw the network rise to No.1 in the 18-49 demographic on the back of NFL football, the Olympics, "The Voice" and "The Blacklist." With the Olympics not available and with Sunday Night Football its own unique animal, it's not surprising that NBC's schedule is built very heavily around leveraging those latter two assets.

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<p>&quot;Parks and Recreation.&quot;</p>

"Parks and Recreation."

Credit: NBC

'Parks and Recreation' & 'Parenthood' to conclude after next season

The long-running comedy and drama were both renewed for final seasons

"Parks and Recreation" and "Parenthood" were both renewed by NBC, but next season will be the last for both series.

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NBC officially cancels 'The Michael J. Fox Show'

NBC officially cancels “The Michael J. Fox Show”
It still remains to be seen whether the seven remaining episodes, including a “Back to the Future” reunion episode with Christopher Lloyd, will ever be shown.

Kevin Hart’s rejected ABC pilot, “Suburgatory” and “Friends with Better Lives” are being shopped to other networks
Hart’s sitcom partly based on his life, starring Romany Malco, was rejected in favor of “Black-ish” starring Anthony Anderson. PLUS: SEE more photos of the new shows.

Barbara Walters finally appears as herself on “SNL”
“Saturday Night Live” saluted “Baba Wawa” by showing all the people who’ve done impressions of her since the ‘70s.

Shonda Rhimes sued over “Off the Map”
A writer claims Rhimes used her manuscript about American doctors living in a remote part of South America on her failed 2011 ABC medical drama.

Boy Scouts rescue Ann Curry
The former “Today” star thought she broke her ankle during a walk through a state park in New Jersey when a scouting troop came across her.

Maria Menounos talking to E! and “GMA”
The “Extra” star could end up with E! in a “major capacity.”

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<p>In the weirdest choice they made for the new film, Godzilla now has a lovely baritone singing voice.</p>

In the weirdest choice they made for the new film, Godzilla now has a lovely baritone singing voice.

Credit: Warner Bros/Legendary

Review: Beautiful and badass, 'Godzilla' puts the awe back in awesome

That's the monster I've been waiting to see

I can't imagine sitting in a theater in 1954 in Japan and watching "Gojira" play for the first time. Ten years earlier, your country faces a nuclear nightmare, and for the first time in human history, the atom was used to wipe a city full of people off the planet in an instant. War reached its most horrifying manifestation, and it completely changed the world. But for Japan, it was not an abstract. It was a redefining moment, part of their identity from that moment, an actual scar they were going to have to live with. Looking at "Gojira" now, it feels like an attempt to come to terms with the hopelessness of that event in a way that people could watch together, a fantasy catharsis that the country needed.

The stark black-and-white images of a giant monster smashing and burning Tokyo must have felt terrifying. Godzilla is barely a character in that first film. He's a rampaging force of nature, and the solution they find to finally stop him is pretty much an equal horror, a worst-case-scenario sort of ending. They know that if they use it, they're turning Tokyo Bay into an aquatic graveyard. To kill Godzilla, they're going to have to kill everything, and that seems like an acceptable trade.

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<p>Jet &amp; Cord of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Jet & Cord of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Jet & Cord talk 'Amazing Race: All-Stars'

The Cowboys talk U-Turns, Brenchel and Express Passes

Where have all the Cowboys gone?

Well, on last week's "Amazing Race: All-Stars," they were U-Turned by Afghanimals Leo & Jamal, forcing them to perform a second Detour in Seville and effectively eliminating Jet & Cord for the third time on the CBS reality favorite.

With their high spirits, stubborn independence and frequently faulty sense of direction, Cowboys Jet & Cord have long been favorites for "Amazing Race" fans and this latest season was no different. As the other teams bonded and bickered, the Cowboys continued to be Lone Rangers and, as usual, that worked out pretty well for them. 

Jet & Cord won the season's first Leg (and promptly handed over their second Express Pass to Jen & Caroline who, miraculously, remain in the Race) and added one first and four second place finishes. That put a big target on them, which is why Leo & Jamal U-Turned them, rather than sticking with their Accidental Alliance's plan to punish Brendon & Rachel. 

At the time, Jet & Cord had harsh words for Leo & Jamal and, in their exit interview, they explain that annoyance. They also discuss their distaste for "Amazing Race" alliances and their own (and my) feelings about Brendon & Rachel.

Click through for the full interview...

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