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<p>Oh, come on, Franco, you&#39;re just trying to freak us out now, aren&#39;t you?</p>

Oh, come on, Franco, you're just trying to freak us out now, aren't you?

Credit: Tribeca Films

Review: Gia Coppola's 'Palo Alto' is a sad and lovely look at teenage life

Based on James Franco's book, this is a small but special film

It would be easy to think that the last name Coppola is a shortcut to becoming a filmmaker, but that would be dismissive, and honestly, sort of backwards. At this point, living up to that last name must be an intimidating prospect, but with her first film, Gia Coppola proves herself to be a deeply empathic filmmaker with a great sense of atmosphere. "Palo Alto," based on a collection of short stories by James Franco, is a lovely debut film, and a strong expression of just how it feels to be a teenager struggling to figure out your place in the world.

Forget about narrative. Forget about whether things add up in a typical A-B-C fashion. What makes "Palo Alto" special is the way it captures certain feelings, and it's not an easy thing. There were moments in the film where I found myself almost completely transported back to those long, weird, woozy nights where Teenage Drew made bad decisions and just plain didn't care. Something as simple as a party in a house where someone's parents are out of town becomes an excuse for Coppola to dig deep into the still-nascent souls of these aimless kids, and while she is very frank about showing how the currency of sex is such a casual thing for them on the surface, she's also very good at showing us the ways it actually impacts them in some permanent way.

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"Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives"

"Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives"

Credit: Discovery

Exclusive clip: It's a massacre mystery in 'Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives'

Warning: This clip is not for the squeamish

The Dyatlov Pass incident sounds like the concept for a pretty fantastic horror movie, but unfortunately it isn't. The grim reality is that on Feb. 2 1959, nine college students hiked up the slopes of the Russian Ural Mountains but never made it out alive. That, of course, is tragic enough. What's more unsettling is that the students’ bodies were found scattered across the campsite in three distinct groups, some partially naked and with injuries including: crushed ribs, a fractured skull, and one hiker whose eyes had been gouged out and tongue removed. Not exactly the stuff you expect from, say, exposure to the elements.

No one has been able to fully explain this horrific scene, but now Discovery Channel and explorer Mike Libecki are giving it a shot with a two-hour special called "Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives" (airing Sun. June 1 at 9:00 p.m.) Okay, we may have lost you at "yeti," but have you got a better idea? 

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<p>&quot;Scorpion&quot; star Katharine McPhee</p>

"Scorpion" star Katharine McPhee

Credit: Matt Sayles/AP

'NCIS: New Orleans,' 'The Odd Couple,' 'Scorpion' lead CBS pickups

'Madam Secretary,' 'Stalker' are also set for 2014-15

All week long as the other networks have been frantically renewing and canceling established shows and picking up new shows, CBS has been the cool kid leaning up against the wall in a leather jacket smoking a cigarette. [Yes, I'm picturing Pre-Upfronts Week as a '50s problem drama.]

Late Friday (May 9), CBS decided to get in on the action, announcing seven series pickups, five dramas and two comedies.

[Actually, it's kinda only six series pickups, since Vince Gilligan's "Battle Creek" had been acquired as a 13-episode series commitment pre-pilot.]

On the drama side, CBS is moving forward with the "Battle Creek," the planted spinoff "NCIS: New Orleans," "Stalker" (formerly "Untitled Kevin Williamson"), "Scorpion" and "Madam Secretary."

On the comedy side, CBS has ordered "The McCarthys" and "The Odd Couple" to series.

It's unclear which shows are headed for midseason and which are targeted for fall.

And CBS isn't expected to announce any additional pickups or cancellations today.

So let's get down to the details on CBS' new shows for the 2014-15 season, or at least the first batch.

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"Sex Sent Me to the ER"

"Sex Sent Me to the ER"

Credit: TLC

Sex Sent Me to the ER: It's literally great balls of fire

Man redefines hunk of burning love during late night tryst

Many of the events that occur on "Sex Sent Me to the ER (Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. on TLC) are worthy of wincing. This week, you'll not only wince, but cross your legs very, very tightly -- especially if you're a guy. 

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CBS picks up 'NCIS: New Orleans,' 'Madam Secretary,' 'Stalker,' Matthew Perry’s 'The Odd Couple,' 'Battle Creek,' 'Scorpion' and 'The McCarthys'

CBS picks up “NCIS: New Orleans,” “Madam Secretary,” “Stalker,” Matthew Perry’s “The Odd Couple,” “Battle Creek,” “Scorpion” and “The McCarthys”
“How I Met Your Dad” is missing among the five dramas and two comedies CBS just picked up.

NBC orders Ellen DeGeneres' gay-straight relationship comedy “One Big Happy” to midseason, plus Krysten Ritter in '60s space comedy "Mission Control"
Elisha Cuthbert will play a lesbian who got pregnant with the help of her best friend, Nick Zano. Ritter will play a brilliant aerospace engineer who has to deal with male chauvinism in the '60s. UPDATE: Kate Walsh's "Bad Judge" also gets NBC pickup.

NFL Draft attracted 9.9 million viewers, beating “American Idol”
Only 7.1 million viewers watched last night’s “Idol” results show.

“Nashville” closing in on a Season 3 renewal
Negotiations, according to Deadline, are now over the number of episodes.

“Parenthood’s” future dependent on pay cuts
NBC is reportedly trying to get producers and the sprawling cast to take a cut in pay to bring back the family drama for a 6th season.

“Glee” honcho may revive “Funny Girl” on Broadway with Lea Michele
"I have the rights to it,” Ryan Murphy says of the idea of making his “Glee” storyline come true. "It’s something that we’re talking about. I’ve never done Broadway. I’ve always wanted to. Right now, we’re just sort of testing the waters with different people.”

See pics from ABC’s new shows
From “Forever” to “How to Get Away with Murder."

Check out Fox’s “Hieroglyph”
Here’s the first look at the action-adventure drama set in ancient Egypt.

3 J.J. Abrams shows were canceled this week: “Believe,” “Almost Human” and “Revolution”
Abrams’ “Person of Interest” did get renewed, but his Bad Robots production company is cutting down on broadcast pilots. In fact, for the first time since 2009, Abrams won’t have any new shows on the fall schedule.

“Community” fans should be happy they got 5 seasons — it was born to be canceled
"It was the sort of show born to be cancelled — that is, rewarding intense attention, willing to take risks and fail, unafraid to shift tones and go dark — and yet it ran five seasons,” says James Poniewozik. PLUS: Joel McHale grateful to have been “on the coolest show ever,” 29 times “Community” was TV’s funniest show, fans are devastated on Twitter, and "Community" was the most meta-textual half-hour comedy in network TV history.

“The Mentalist” season finale has been in the works for quite some time
Says creator Bruno Heller: "There is a genuine feeling there between the two characters that had to be honored, one that was just natural and organic.”

ABC’s wants to pay less for “Last Man Standing” — negotiations are impacting 2 other pilots
“Fresh Off the Boat” and “Cristela” are tied to “Last Man Standing” because they all come from 20th Century Fox TV. If ABC gets its license fee reduction, all three may be picked up.

Sherri Shepherd’s husband files for divorce
“The View” star’s marriage is ending after less than three years.

Bette Milder made Barbara Walters cry by singing to her
Midler broke into "The Glory of Love” this morning on “The View.”

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<p>Alec Baldwin</p>

Alec Baldwin

Credit: AP Photo

Oscar Bait: Alec Baldwin joins Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes biopic

The Hollywood icon's long-gestating project is finally coming together

It's been 10 years since Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator," if you can believe it. The film was one of two dueling Howard Hughes biopics at the time (the other coming from Christopher Nolan), a passion project developed by star Leonardo DiCaprio for director Michael Mann. Mann ended up with biopic fatigue after "The Insider" and "Ali," so he settled into a producer position and DiCaprio convinced his then-newfound colleague Martin Scorsese to direct and the rest was history.

But speaking of history, the Howard Hughes story has had its own in Hollywood. During a Santa Barbara Film Festival tribute in February, Scorsese remarked that he had always shied away from it, going on to note that a number of filmmakers had wanted to do it over the years. One of those, of course, was Warren Beatty, and Beatty's version has been slowly clicking into place over the last couple of years. Today there's further development as one of the stars of Scorsese's film, Alec Baldwin, has been tapped for a role.

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ABC picks up 'Secrets and Lies' starring Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis

ABC picks up “Secrets and Lies” starring Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis
Based on the Australian series starring Martin Henderson, “Secrets and Lies” stars Phillippe stars as a father who’s suspected of killing a young boy. Lewis will play a detective on the series, which also co-stars KaDee Strickland and Natalie Martinez.

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<p>Jane Levy of &quot;Suburgatory&quot;</p>

Jane Levy of "Suburgatory"

Credit: ABC

ABC cancels 'Suburgatory,' 'Super Fun Night'

Jane Levy and Rebel Wilson will be just fine

After spreading plenty of good news on Thursday night and Friday morning, ABC is also distributing sad news to some of its bubble shows.

Farewell to "Super Fun Night" and "Suburgatory."

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NBC cancels 'Believe' and 'Crisis'

NBC cancels “Believe” and “Crisis”
Both freshman dramas had already been yanked from the last week of sweeps.

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<p>&quot;Revolution,&quot; RIP</p>

"Revolution," RIP

Credit: NBC

NBC axes 'Revolution' and 'Believe,' renews 'About a Boy'

'Growing Up Fisher' and 'Crisis' won't be back next year either

In a small victory, NBC has renewed a freshman comedy.

In a predictable defeat, NBC has cancelled a J.J. Abrams-produced drama.

Actually, ABC did a lot more than that on Friday (May 9), but you've already seen Sepinwall's stories on the glorious renewal of "Hannibal" and the tragic cancellation of "Community."

You can decide if you feel similar elation and dejected about this latest bit of NBC Good News/Bad News: The network has ordered a second season for "About a Boy," but NBC has also confirmed that the second season will be the end of the line for "Revolution."

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ABC cancels 'Suburgatory' and 'Super Fun Night'

ABC cancels “Suburgatory” and “Super Fun Night”
“Suburgatory” hit a season low last week after three seasons, while "Super Fun Night's" Rebel Wilson has moved on to other projects. PLUS: NBC cancels "Growing Up Fisher."

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Foster the People

Wu-Tang Clan, J. Cole, Foster the People set to headline Bumbershoot Festival

Elvis Costello, Capital Cities, The Replacements also on Seattle bill

Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival, held Aug. 30-Sept. 1, at Seattle Center, will have a little something for everyone this year.

Headliners include veteran rockers Elvis Costello & The Imposters and The Replacements, rap acts J. Cole and Wu-Tang Clan, and  relative newcomers Foster the People and The Head and The Heart.

Also on the diverse bill are Panic! At the Disco, Schoolboy Q, Capital Cities, Neon Trees, The Afghan Whigs, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Mission of Burma, Los Lobos, Bootsy Collins, The Both, Walk the Moon, The Dismemberment Plan, Real Estate, and about 75 other acts. Of particular interest are Big Star’s Third, a collection of artists who come together to play the rock band’s third album, a cult favorite known as “Third” and “Sister Lovers.” The collective usually includes Big Star drummer Jody Stephens as well as others either affiliated with Big Star or acolytes.

Here’s what the individual day line-ups looks like so far:

Aug. 30: Wu-Tang Clan, Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Panic! At the Disco, The Afghan Whigs, The Both, Walk The Moon, G-Easy, Bobby Womack, Danny Brown, Poliça, Mac DeMarco, Big Freedia, SZA, Yuna, The Lonely Forest, Gregory Porter, Sam Lachow, Shelby Earl, Youngblood Hawke, RA Scion, Donnie & Joe Emerson, Fly Moon Royalty, Grayskul, Tomo Nakayama, Iska Dhaaf, McTuff, Naomi Wachira, Evan Flory Barnes + Infinity Upright!, Cataldo, Cumulus, Dude York, Modern Kin, Otieno Terry.

Aug. 31: The Replacements, The Head and the Heart, Schoolboy Q, Los Lobos, Bootsy Collins, The Dismemberment Plan, Luscious Jackson, Pickwick, Kishi Bashi, Red Fang, Big Star’s Third, Iamsu!, Gregory Alan Isakov, Charlie Musselwhite, Mission of Burma, Architecture in Helsinki, The Dream Syndicate, Schoolyard Heroes, San Fermin, Negativland, Kins, Polyrhythmics, ILLFIGHTYOU, Jarv Dee, Sandrider, The 44’s with Kirk “Eli” Fletcher, Hobosexual, Falls, Highlands, Hermigervill, Manatee Commune, Golden Gardens, Hot Wired Rhythm Band.

Sept. 1: Foster the People, J. Cole, Capital Cities, Neon Trees, Real Estate, Nada Surf, The Reverend Horton Heat, Aer, Twin Shadow, Jonathan Richman, Valerie June, Bomba Estéreo, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Rose Windows, Mexican Institute of Sound, DahkaBrakha, Campfire Ok, Bad Things, Julianna Barwick, Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas, Jacco Gardner, La Luz, Current Swell, Tangerine, Hoba Hoba Spirit, Kore Ionz, Jessica Pratt, Massy Ferguson, Old Man Luedecke, Western Haunts, Smokey Brights.


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