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FXX orders 'Man Seeking Woman' starring Jay Baruchel

FXX orders “Man Seeking Woman” starring Jay Baruchel
The “Undeclared” alum will play a "naive romantic on a desperate quest for love” in a comedy based on the book “The Last Girlfriend on Earth.”

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<p>Jay Baruchel</p>

Jay Baruchel

Credit: Dan Steinberg/AP

FXX orders Jay Baruchel comedy 'Man Seeking Woman' to series

Eric Andre, Britt Lower and Maya Erskine co-star

Another day, another comedy pickup for the FX/FXX family.

Just two days after Denis Leary's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" earned a 10-episode series pickup, FXX has done the same for the Jay Baruchel vehicle "Man Seeking Woman."

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<p>&quot;The Killing&quot;</p>

"The Killing"

Credit: Netflix

'The Killing' Final Season trailer teases a coverup and a new crime

Holder and Linden are worried and Joan Allen makes her first appearance

The fourth and final season of "The Killing" is coming to Netflix on August 1 and, as promised, the first trailer indicates that we're picking things up in the immediate aftermath of the third season finale.

It was that third season finale, leaving Mireille Enos's Linden and Joel Kinnaman's Holder in ethical and legal limbo, that spawned sufficient audience concern that, after AMC cancelled "The Killing," led Netflix to step in to order six episodes to cap off the series run. 

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Russia won’t allow 'House of Cards' to film inside United Nations’ Security Council

Russia won’t allow “House of Cards” to film inside United Nations’ Security Council
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had recommended that the Netflix series be allowed access to the Security Council, but Russia felt it needed to be available at any time in case of a sudden crisis in the world.

“Sons of Anarchy” welcomes back Walton Goggins
He’ll reprise his role as transgender prostitute Venus Van Dam.

USA-Belgium sets a new World Cup ratings record
Yesterday’s loss beat the previous record-holder USA-Portugal, despite airing in the middle of the afternoon.

“The Killing” unveils its final season trailer
Netflix has a taste of the final six episodes.

David Bowie inspired Peter Capaldi’s “Doctor Who” outfit
Capaldi’s white button-down shirt look is a tribute to Bowie’s Station to Station album cover.

“Game of Thrones’” Kit Harrington is the new face of Jimmy Choo
Check out Harrington’s ad campaign, featuring the actor “staring into your soul” while wearing Jimmy Choo for men.

“McHale Navy’s” star Bob Hastings dies
Hastings, 89, had been battling pancreatic cancer for 15 years.

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<p>Tuesday&#39;s &quot;America&#39;s Got Talent&quot;</p>

Tuesday's "America's Got Talent"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'America's Got Talent' leads Tuesday, newly renewed 'Night Shift' rises

NBC dominates Canada Day in all measures

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

NBC started July with a primetime sweep, as "America's Got Talent" dominated the first two primetime hours on Tuesday and the newly renewed "Night Shift" got a bump to rule the 10 p.m. hour.

ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss" and "Celebrity Wife Swap" both dipped, while The CW's "Famous in 12" continued to struggle. And that was that for new programming on Tuesday.

On to the numbers...

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'Sherlock' will film a special followed by a 3-episode 4th season in 2015

“Sherlock” will film a special followed by a 3-episode 4th season in 2015
Shooting on the special will begin in January, while filming on the 4th series will begin later next year. The BBC is promising "the most shocking and surprising series of Sherlock yet.”

Report: “The View” wants Mario Cantone — and a rotating cast of Broadway stars
According to Page Six, such Broadway stars Idina Menzel and Bernadette Peters would be appear regularly under the Broadway plan. Page Six also says executive producer Bill Geddie’s job is safe.

“Game of Thrones” will film Season 5 partly in Spain
Andalusia, Granada and Southern Spain will stand in for the Kingdom of Dorne.

Dane Cook announces a Showtime comedy special
He tells Jimmy Kimmel: "I couldn't be more excited to let the fans know. It's going to be on Showtime this fall.”

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Summer sitcom rewind: 'Cheers' - 'Thanksgiving Orphans'

Sam, Diane and the gang gather at Carla's for a turkey dinner — and a food fight

We're continuing this periodic summer project where we revisit classic sitcom episode. This week, we're returning to the 1980s for the season 5 "Cheers" episode "Thanksgiving Orphans," which you can find on Netflix, coming up just as soon as we're moving into the earth tones...

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Knife-wielding homeless man threatened to kill Michael Strahan outside ABC’s Studios in Times Square

Knife-wielding homeless man threatened to kill Michael Strahan outside ABC’s Studios in Times Square
Police detained the man who was arguing with an ABC security guard on Tuesday morning.

Iranian TV copies “Modern Family” — without the gay dads
All the gay characters were conspicuously absent in Iranian TV’s shot-for-shot remake of the ABC sitcom.

Why Yahoo finds “Community” so valuable
Yahoo has plenty of eyeballs, it just needs an engaged audience that could become a premium for advertisers. PLUS: In defense of resurrecting “Community."

It's time to ignore studies on TV viewing!
There are so many of them — like the binge-watching will kill you study —  and they have sent confusing, sometimes contradictory messages.

It’s “Gabby!”: Jimmy Kimmel gives Gabourey Sidibe a “talk show"
“Let’s see what Gabourey Sidibe has for us later tonight on ‘Gabby!” PLUS: Kimmel translates Trey Songz’s lyrics to “Na Na."

Local TV station tells FCC that “Star Trek” and “Rawhide” are examples of community affairs programming
KJWP had to pledge to put on community affairs programming to move from Wyoming to Delaware. So it’s telling the FCC that “Star Trek,” “Wagon Train” and “Rawhide” address “matters of importance to its community of license.”

“Dear White People” writer to create a “Twenties” series for BET
“Twenties,” about a group of 20-something black woman, is also based on Lena Waithe’s web series.

Watch a “Game of Thrones”-themed wedding
A couple got married as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. PLUS: British “GoT” fans waited 8 hours to see the Iron Throne.

Go behind the scenes of “The Walking Dead” Season 5
It’s the first day back on set.

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At least we know for sure who Andy Serkis is not playing in 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'
Credit: 20th Century Fox

At least we know for sure who Andy Serkis is not playing in 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'

We were confused by this week's news

One of the banes of my existence is imprecise language.

How many stories do you think are generated each week because someone misreads something or because the language in the original piece was confusing? A great example last week was watching people excitedly post the news that you'd be able to see the entire film "Guardians Of The Galaxy" in IMAX on Monday, and that it would be 17 minutes longer than the regular theatrical cut!

Uhhhh… no.

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<p>Welcome to Sweden</p>

Welcome to Sweden

Credit: NBC

Firewall & Iceberg Show, episode 19: 'Community' lives, 'Hieroglyph' dies, and more

Dan and Alan also review 'Welcome to Sweden,' 'Working the Engels' & the 'Penny Dreadful' finale

It's a happy Tuesday, boys and girls, because you get a new Firewall & Iceberg Show, in which Dan and I discuss the stunning resurrection of "Community" via Yahoo, of all places. But it's a sad Tuesday as well, because Dan and I also have to discuss FOX's decision to cancel "HIEROGLYPH!" before it ever got to air an episode, and whether that means we now have to retire that particular running gag. Oh, and we also discuss two new NBC summer sitcoms and the "Penny Dreadful" season finale.

The rundown:

0:00- 6:28- 'Community' renewal
6:28- 10:33- 'Hieroglyph' cancellation
10:33- 15:55- 'Welcome to Sweden' review
15:55- 20:09- 'Working the Engels' review
20:09- 31:52- 'Penny Dreadful' season finale

As always, you can send us questions at There's also now a YouTube channel where you can subscribe to all upcoming Firewall & Iceberg videos, at

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Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' will live again as a series for Starz
Credit: William Morrow

Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' will live again as a series for Starz

So does this mean they'll call it 'American Godz'?

HBO can't make everything, damn it.

It's fascinating to me how "Make it a series for HBO!" has become a rallying battle cry for genre nerds everywhere any time there's something that seems hard to figure out as a feature film. And while I'm sure HBO would happily put every single thing ever on the air, that's just not economically possible. They have to choose, and sometimes they don't particularly love having to make those choices because they end up losing material that they would like to make simply because they don't have enough room or time to produce every show.

Michael Lombardo recently expressed excitement about the possibility of doing a "MaddAddam" series with Darren Aronofsky, and in the same interview, he talked about how upsetting it was to lose the rights to "American Gods," which they tried to develop for a while.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt joins 'Criminal Minds' as a series regular

Jennifer Love Hewitt joins “Criminal Minds” as a series regular
The former “Ghost Whisperer” star will return to CBS next season as Kate Callahan, a “seasoned undercover agent whose stellar work at the FBI has landed her a coveted position with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.”

“Longmire” crew member killed in a rollover crash — was an 18-hour work day to blame?
The crew member was returning home from work in New Mexico after clocking out at 3 am. He clocked in at 9 am the previous day.

“Arrow” books Devon Aoki
The former model will play Tatsu Yamashiro, a Japanese martial arts expert who wields a deadly sword in the comic book.

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