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<p>Tom and Matt Berninger</p>

Tom and Matt Berninger

Credit: HitFix

Matt Berninger on 'Mistaken for Strangers': The good and bad luck of The National

Frontman and filmmaker-brother Tom Berninger talk crying on film

LOS ANGELES - The new film "Mistaken for Strangers" featuring The National certainly has a lot of the band in it. But it's not about The National. It's much more about singer Matt Berninger and his brother Tom, and the measure of success, particularly among siblings.

The National is made up of Berninger plus two pairs of brothers, with Bryce and Aaron Dessner, and Scott and Bryan Devendorf. When Matt invited his brother Tom to become a roadie on The National's frequently sold-out world tour a couple years ago, "I wanted him to bring his camera to maybe make some videos or stuff for our website. He didn't even know he was gonna be making a feature film at that point," Matt told me in our HitFix interview. 

No, "Mistaken for Strangers" did not turn out to be "a slick, cool profile" but a summary of Tom's struggle with feeling aimless and struggling with his own self-identity next to his successful indie-rock brother. It was a question of "at what point did I go down the wrong path," Tom explained in his own words, "a look into who I've become, and who I have become is not so bad, and I just had to roll with it."

That "look" included some cringe- and tears-inducing moments -- for the brothers as well as for the audience. Interviews with the Berningers' parents; footage of Tom getting fired from the tour;  Matt's frustrations with his brother; heady moments from the stage and behind it all took place just prior to and during the recording of the band's 2013 album "Trouble Will Find Me."

"When I was finishing the movie on his band, I realized a better movie was not having the band in it that much," Tom explained about this "soul searching." After the film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, he got feedback that he wasn't alone in this family or creative dynamic.

For the The National, they too have had periods of drought that made them ask serious questions about "rolling with it."

"We got knocked down a bunch at the beginning," Berninger said, after explaining what he meant in "Strangers" by saying his band's had "good luck."  "We kept clinging to the positive things. You can let bad luck stop you, or you can just ignore it," advising that when only two people showed up to the shows, to play your heart out to them. "There days when there were none..."

Those sparse gigging days seem to be gone. The band has release six full-lengths, gone on a number of successful tours and diversified by sometimes working on solo projects, film scores, soundtrack spots and, well, have become a "Bob's Burgers" holiday staple. The last three full-lengths have all been released in May, three years apart, but Matt said he wouldn't be surprised if the follow-up to "High Violet" may take a little longer.

Watch the full interview with Matt and Tom Berninger above to learn more about The National's recording process and what the band didn't want out of Tom's documentary.

"Mistaken for Strangers" heads to theaters, VOD and iTunes tomorrow (March 28).

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<p>Christopher Meloni and Connor Buckley in &quot;Surviving Jack.&quot;</p>

Christopher Meloni and Connor Buckley in "Surviving Jack."

Credit: FOX

Series premiere talkback: 'Surviving Jack'

What did everybody think of the new FOX comedy?

I didn't publish a full review of FOX's "Surviving Jack," but I did offer a few thoughts on the show — specifically about the strength of Christopher Meloni's lead performance — at the start of the long Meloni interview I published the other day. Now it's your turn. For those who tuned in tonight, what did you think? How would you compare it to either "The Goldbergs," "Growing Up Fisher" or the previous attempt to make a sitcom about Justin Halpern's father, "Feces My Dad Says"? Did you enjoy the period references? Did you find Connor Buckley funny as the kid? And will you watch again?

Have at it.

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<p>Jena Irene shined on Wednesday&#39;s &quot;American Idol.&quot; She&#39;s not going home tonight.</p>

Jena Irene shined on Wednesday's "American Idol." She's not going home tonight.

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Season 13 - Top 9 Results plus Janelle Monae performs

Tonight's results show is only a half-hour! 30 MINUTES!

After years of threatening and promising and hoping, "American Idol" will actually do a half-hour results show tonight.


And if "Surviving Jack" isn't a disaster -- it's quite likable, give it a shot! -- we should have half-hour results shows for several weeks to come.


Let's get down to business, because this is gonna be a fast one. [That's what she said.]

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ABC cancels 'Mind Games' starring Christian Slater

ABC cancels “Mind Games” starring Christian Slater
This is Slater’s 4th network TV cancelation since 2008. “Celebrity Wife Swap” will take over the Tuesday timeslot starting April 15.

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"Deadliest Catch"

"Deadliest Catch"

Credit: Discovery

Exclusive clip: A first glimpse of 'Deadliest Catch''s new season

Season 10 kicks off April 22, but get a taste now

Just as the weather is warming up in much of the U.S., it's time time to start gearing up for the frigid, dangerous waters of "Deadliest Catch." The 10th season of the show begins next month (Tues. April 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET), and this first look at what's ahead suggests more danger, familiar faces, and a government shutdown.

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<p>Jennifer Connelly was as lovely and as intense as ever when we sat down to discuss her new film &#39;Noah&#39;</p>

Jennifer Connelly was as lovely and as intense as ever when we sat down to discuss her new film 'Noah'

Credit: HitFix

Jennifer Connelly talks about working in the remarkable world of 'Noah'

Plus we discuss the film's dense moral landscape

Here's how you know Darren Aronofsky is a lunatic.

In his new film, "Noah," Jennifer Connelly survives the end of the world and has to listen as thousands of people die outside, and then still has to face the possibility of more death and horror even after that, and she still gets off lighter than she did in her last collaboration with the director.

Connelly's career has been distinguished by her affinity for dark subject matter, and she's not one to run from trauma on film. It makes it strange as someone who enjoys her work. It's hard to "enjoy" watching her suffer in film after film, even if she does it quite well.

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<p>The &quot;How I Met Your Mother&quot; gang in their younger, better years.</p>

The "How I Met Your Mother" gang in their younger, better years.

Credit: CBS

'Slap Bet,' 'Ten Sessions' & more: The 10 best 'How I Met Your Mother' episodes ever

Before the finale airs Monday, revisit some great moments from the show's early glory days

"How I Met Your Mother" comes to an end on Monday night with a one-hour episode that will finally show us the eponymous meeting between Ted Mosby and his future wife, that will resolve the question of whether she's still alive in 2030 when he's telling his kids the story of that meeting, and no doubt tell us more of what's to come for Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney.

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University of Iowa rejects a request from 'Girls' to film on campus

University of Iowa rejects a request from “Girls" to film on campus
Hannah Horvath has just been accepted to the university’s Iowa Writers’ Workshop, but the HBO comedy will have to find somewhere else to film. Says a campus spokesperson: "While we are pleased that the Iowa Writers’ Workshop is receiving national attention and that our graduate is doing well in her career, our general practice is to not allow filming, due to potential disruption to campus."

“Psych” goes out with 1.9 million viewers
That’s a far cry from former companion series “Monk,” which exited with 9.43 million viewers.

John Tesh is returning to TV with a (cheap) daily syndicated talk show
The former “Entertainment Tonight” co-host will target is spending a tiny fraction of what traditional talk shows spend on "Intelligence for Your Life,” which will be geared toward Christian viewers.

Latinas are trying to get “SNL’s” attention with “#StillNoLatinas” campaign
There has never been a Latina cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” an issue made more glaring by Cecily Strong’s portrayal of a mail-order girlfriend from Venezuela on the Lena Dunham episode.

“The Wire’s” Andre Royo joins Ron Perlman's Amazon pilot
The former “Bubbles” will play a mayor who’s Perlman’s best friend on “Hand of God.”

See Lindsay Lohan in a “2 Broke Girls” wedding dress
She’ll appear on the April 14 episode.

What if “Gotham” put a mustache on Ben McKenzie’s face?
He’d look a lot more like the familiar James Gordon.

“The Office’s” Brian Baumgartner headed to “The Bridge”
He’ll play Matthew Lillard’s AA sponsor on the FX series.

“American Idol” is actually entertaining this season — too bad few are watching
The new producers did a stellar job of getting rid of “Idol’s” annoyances.

Tom Brokaw: Ed Helms does the best impression of me
The former “Office” star has done his Brokaw impression several times for Letterman.

Touring “SNL” alums bill themselves as "The Veterans of Saturday Night Live”
Rob Schneider, Jon Lovitz and Tim Meadows have been performing standup together under the “The Veterans of SNL” billing. Sometimes, other “SNL” vets like Kevin Nealon and Chris Kattan join them.

Nazanin Boniadi on working on “Scandal” vs. “Homeland”
"The 'Scandal pace” is the biggest difference, she says. "There's a sense of urgency that goes along with the show; it's really fast. On ‘Homeland,' there's more of a chance to let things linger. The camera holds on actors a little bit more so that the pacing is a tad bit slower. That's what I was used to. On ‘Scandal,' everything is very fast. It was something to get used to.”

John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” poster unveiled
“Just like the nightly news. Only weeklier."

NBC Universal is shutting down the website whose forums once angered Aaron Sorkin.

History channel once profiled “Shrimp Boy,” the gangster at the center of an FBI San Francisco political corruption investigation
Raymond "Shrimp Boy” Chow, who was profiled for History’s “Gangland” series, was arrested yesterday for allegedly helping a California state senator traffic illegal weapons.

Jason Ritter returns to shake up “Parenthood”
Exec producer Jason Katims says of his reunion with Lauren Graham’s character: "It's moving for me to literally see them together on-screen again.”

MTV2 uses “Game of Thrones” to promote “Guy Code”
Watch the “Thrones”-esque promo for Season 4.

“Surviving Jack” is surprisingly good
That the Fox comedy is funny is surprising considering it comes from the same people who brought us “$#*! My Dad Says.” "The series works,” says Tim Goodman, "not only because Meloni is such a surprise in the lead, able to be dismissively blunt yet also caring, but also because Halpern and co-writer and co-creator Patrick Schumacker ($#*! My Dad Says) seem to have learned a lot since their last show, which was complete $#*!.” PLUS: Christopher Meloni is perfect for this sitcom, Meloni makes "Jack" better than it should be, and Meloni is playing an actual person instead of a cartoon.

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<p>Ben Affleck in David Fincher&#39;s &quot;Gone Girl.&quot;</p>

Ben Affleck in David Fincher's "Gone Girl."

Credit: 20th Century Fox

First footage of 'Secret Service' and David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' highlight Fox's CinemaCon

Plus: 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' looks very intense

LAS VEGAS - 20th Century Fox's presentation of the studio's upcoming slate to the nation's theater owners kicked off with a live performance of the song "Rio Rio" from "Rio 2," but it was the movies themselves that had the most impact.

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<p>Steve Carell and Channing Tatum in &quot;Foxcatcher.&quot;</p>

Steve Carell and Channing Tatum in "Foxcatcher."

Credit: Sony Classics

Channing Tatum and Steve Carell look set to hit the Cannes red carpet with 'Foxcatcher'

Bennett Miller's delayed prestige drama will likely premiere in Competition

The Cannes Film Festival is turning into quite the refuge for postponed Oscar bait. After "The Great Gatsby" skipped the 2012 awards season to open last year's fest instead (and wound up with a pair of Oscars to boot), the Weinsteins' seemingly troubled "Grace of Monaco" is following the same path. Now, on a more prestigious note, a source tells In Contention that Bennett Miller's much-anticipated drama "Foxcatcher" -- one of the films Variety recently bandied about as a potential Cannes bow -- will have its world premiere on the Croisette in May, though no one at Sony Classics would confirm at this time.

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"Check It Out"

"Check It Out"

Credit: Adult Swim

John C. Reilly recalls basement cats on 'Check It Out'

How do you think this compares to 'Between Two Ferns'?

Who says Zach Galifianakis has cornered the market on awkward talk shows with "Between Two Ferns"? John C. Reilly lets his character, Dr. Steve Brule, take a seat to interview a doctor "who looks at kids' brains" on "Check It Out" (airing on Adult Swim on Fri. March 28 at 12:30 a.m.). In the clip below, Brule reveals a little bit about his childhood. Unfortunately, it involves cages. However, this might explain a lot. 

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'Duck Dynasty’s' season finale down 28% from last season

“Duck Dynasty’s” season finale down 28% from last season
About 6 million tuned in last night, which was also down from the 8.5 million who watched the season premiere and 8.4 million who tuned in for last October’s season finale.

Amazon is set to stream its original shows for free, with ads
A new service would likely feature original and licensed programming and music videos.

Joan Rivers will sit on "The Tonight Show" couch tonight for the 1st time in 28 years
Tonight, Rivers, who made a brief cameo on Fallon’s “Tonight Show” launch, formally ends her streak of not sitting down on “Tonight” after Johnny Carson banned her three decades ago.

“SNL” unveils more Louis CK promos
“I’m done. See you later, dorks.”

Ashton Kutcher photoshops bearded Angus T. Jones in a “Two and a Half Men” promo pic
What would the current “Half Man” look like on the show?

Syfy sets “Defiance” return date
Season 2 kicks off on June 19.

“HIMYM’s” The Mother recalls sending in an “SNL” audition tape
Cristin Milioti sent in her audition — featuring a Bristol Palin impression -- after guesting on “30 Rock."

“Nightline’s” Cynthia McFadden jumps to NBC News; Juju Chang will replace her
McFadden helped re-launch “Nightline” in 2005. Chang, who was once Anderson Cooper's partner on ABC News' "World News Now," has been contributing to "Nightline."

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