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'Rambo V,' 'Santa Claws' and 31 other must-see Cannes Film Market posters

'Rambo V,' 'Santa Claws' and 31 other must-see Cannes Film Market posters

Some of these movies might actually be good

CANNES - While the Cannes Film Festival is known for its celebrity-filled red carpets and the prestigious Palme d'Or, it's also a major film market for distributors around the world. For over 50 years international production companies have hawked completed films or movies they are trying to secure financing for to theater owners from the far corners of the globe. For good reasons and bad, the Cannes Film Market is also notorious for its sometimes hilarious promo posters for films that may never see the light of day in the United States.

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Review: 'Party Girl' paints a bruised and beautiful portrait of a life in upheaval
Credit: Elzevir Films

Review: 'Party Girl' paints a bruised and beautiful portrait of a life in upheaval

Spare and unsentimental, this one hurts

CANNES -- Life is opportunity.

More than ever before, I believe that. I have to believe that. In just over a week, I turn 44, and I stand at the edge of some major upheavals in my life. It has taken me a longer time to reach this point than I would have liked, but I eventually realized that inertia is no way to live. I would rather confront the pain and the disappointment of sifting through the ashes of a marriage burnt to the ground than continue to simply drift along hoping for some miraculous change for the better. There is nothing more terrifying to me than change, and I feel like that's true for most of us. We accept the way things are and consign dreams of change to being just that… dreams. The courage it takes to affect real change is not something we come by easily, and fear of the unknown can be a powerful motivator to simply let life happen to us, as if we are incapable of control.

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CW unveils its fall schedule: 'Flash' paired with 'Supernatural' on Tuesdays

CW unveils its fall schedule: “Flash” paired with “Supernatural” on Tuesdays
“The Originals” is joining “Jane the Virgin" on Mondays, while "iZombie," “Hart of Dixie," “Beauty and the Beast" and "The Messengers" are being saved for midseason. The rest of the schedule will remain intact. PLUS: CW is moving away from teen-skewing dramas.

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Credit: The CW

The CW's 2014-15 TV Schedule: 'Flash' takes Tuesdays, 'Originals' goes to Monday

'iZombie' and 'The Messengers' will wait for midseason

With only five nights of programming and two hours of programming per night, The CW's schedule has fewer pieces than any of the others that have been revealed this week, but the network's 2014-2015 lineup, announced on Thursday (May 15) morning, still held a few surprises.

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Recap: 'Survivor: Cagayan' - 'Straw That Broke The Camel's Back'
Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Cagayan' - 'Straw That Broke The Camel's Back'

The Tony-Woo-Trish-Kass alliance experiences a little tension

Pre-credit sequence. It's Night 33. Tasha's gone. And it's raining again. Spencer is annoyed at Woo and Kass for ditching their Final 3 pact and he doesn't particularly care if Tony hears it. "So it turns out the deal that we  had is a lie," Spencer grumbles. "Why bother with the whole charade?" Spencer asks. "Why does anyone lie in this game? It's part of the game," Kass tells him, explaining to us that she thinks she could beat Tony, who she thinks everybody hates. "As long as they don't stab me in the back, I won't stab them in the back," Tony says of his alliance. Spencer calls his rivals foolish and says his only chance is that the others don't understand the game.

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<p>&quot;The Americans.&quot;</p>

"The Americans."

Credit: FX

Review: 'The Americans' - 'Operation Chronicle'

Elizabeth tries to get Jared to safety, while Arkady has a chat with Stan

A review of tonight's "The Americans" coming up just as soon as I don't have a niece or a cousin...

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Credit: ABC

'Nashville' season finale recap: It's getting super sudsy in here, y'all

It's all kinds of cliffhanger goodness for the primetime soap

Yes, it's been an uneven season for "Nashville," I won't disagree. There have been points in the season in which I felt I was tuning in simply to listen to the music and watch Connie Britton flip her hair. It is really good hair, after all. 

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<p>Kathryn Bigelow</p>

Kathryn Bigelow

Credit: AP Photo

Kathryn Bigelow lines up her 'Zero Dark Thirty' follow-up with Tom Hardy set to star

'The True American' looks like it's right up her alley

The last time Kathryn Bigelow and Annapurna Pictures wunderkind/patron Megan Ellison worked together, the result — 2012's "Zero Dark Thirty" — was magic. It's just been announced that they'll join forces again on an adaptation of New York Times journalist Anand Giridharadas' "The True American" with "Dark Knight Rises" actor Tom Hardy attached to star.

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Credit: Cannes Film Festival

Review: Sad, sensual 'Timbuktu' responds to repression with wit and fury

Abderrahmane Sissako's surprising protest film gets the Competition off to a good start

CANNES - It is the very nature of film festival scheduling to turn up odd juxtapositions, but even by the usual standards, the first two premieres of this year's Cannes Film Festival couldn't have been more gauchely incompatible. As if "Grace of Monaco's" fretting over the political liberties of a gilded tax-haven state weren't silly enough in isolation, its vapidity only intensifies when considered back-to-back with Abderrahmane Sissako's "Timbuktu" -- a breathing, bleeding response to a genuine human rights crisis that doesn't view tragedy as a zone exempt from beauty or humor. You'd probably have guessed that between the two films, "Timbuktu" would be the one containing more human suffering; less obvious was that it'd feature rather more joy too. 

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CW unveils 'Flash' trailer

CW unveils "Flash” trailer
CW viewers got to see Grant Gustin as Barry Allen during tonight’s “Arrow” season finale.

There will be virtually no repeats on CBS Thursdays, thanks to NFL games
"How great is that on the biggest night of television?” said CBS Entertainment boss Nina Tassler. Once the NFL’s CBS Thursday season wraps at the end of October, CBS will have an edge of having mostly fresh episodes to run on Thursdays for the rest of the season. PLUS: Judging the CBS new fall trailers, CBS is actually going back to basics with its pilot pickups, there’s a tiny whiff of panic coming from CBS’ new schedule, and check out pics from Vince Gilligan's "Battle Creek."

Report: CBS was unhappy with 2 “How I Met Your Dad” cast members — not Greta Gerwig
Gerwig was great in her role, says Josef Adalian, but two of the cast members surrounding her weren’t so great. There was also concern that her character wasn’t “likable” enough. There is still hope, though. Adalian reports that many people who read the script found “HIMYD” charming and well-written.

Will the St. Louis Rams be agreeable to the filming of Michael Sam’s OWN reality show?
During last week’s NFL Draft, it was reported that Alabama QB A.J. McCarron fell because of his fiancee Katherine Webb’s reality TV project. As ProFootballtalk points out, "NFL teams generally prefer for their rookies to put all their energy into football, not outside projects,” especially for a player like Sam, a 7th-rounder who will have to battle it out to make a 53-man roster. PLUS: Why Sam’s reality show is a bad idea.

Can Larry Wilmore’s “Minority Report” avoid the fate of “Chocolate News”?
Comedy Central premiered David Alan Grier’s failed version of a black “Daily Show” weeks before Barack Obama was elected president in 2008. How much should Wilmore concentrate on minority issues? PLUS: Wilmore to leave ABC’s “Black-ish” after serving as executive producer.

Listen to Neil Patrick Harris’ revealing interview with Howard Stern
For more than an hour, Harris talked about his and his castmates’ $250,000 an episode “How I Met Your Mother” salary and the negotiations behind it, plus how the Emmys were screwed up last year, and more talk about his discussions with Les Moonves for the Letterman slot.

Samuel L. Jackson revealed the biggest flaw on “Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
Jackson as Nick Fury proved to be the leading man he was on the big screen — but he also showed that Clark Gregg’s Coulson is better suited as a sidekick, not a leading character.

“Better Call Saul” will begin filming in June in Albuquerque
It’s official: The “Breaking Bad” spinoff will be filmed in New Mexico.

George Lopez is trying to bring the "¡Ask a Mexican!" newspaper column to TV
Lopez apparently owns the TV rights to Gustavo Arellano’s popular OC Weekly advice column, which has inspired a book, that lets non-Mexicans ask questions to a "Mexican" in Orange County's alternative newspaper.

“Grey’s Anatomy” won’t change for the 8 o’clock family hour
Shonda Rhimes tweeted: "To those who ask: I have no intention of changing content of shows for time slot moves. Next question.”

Why “Glee” can’t afford to lose Naya Rivera
Without Santana Lopez, “Glee” is just a parody of itself, with a cast full of one-dimensional characters.

“The Simpsons” is debasing itself with “Family Guy” crossover
“Family Guy” is a “crap ‘Simpsons,'” says Stuart Heritage. “Watching an episode of Family Guy is like watching an episode of The Simpsons where all the heart and sincerity have been boiled away, leaving a twitching mess of arbitrary cultural references.”

Julie Chen mocks her Joel McHale-Les Moonves tweet
Chen followed up her tweet with her and Les Moonves with a tweet of her, Moonves and Barbara Walters with the caption: "New 12:30 am Late Late Show host?”

Behind the scenes of “NCIS: LA’s” Venice Beach bomb
"We take a lot of creative license in television, but in a situation like this we wanted to be as realistic as possible,” says producer Joseph C. Wilson.

Has Shonda Rhimes become TV’s most powerful woman?
Dominating a Thursday night is no small feat. PLUS: Rhimes’ favorite series finale is the “Angel” finale — “Because it’s weird."

5 trends from the this week’s Upfronts
There will be more diversity, more “How I Met Your Mother”-like shows, and more comic-book inspired shows on the broadcast channels this fall.

Fox’s fake Prince Harry doesn’t feel bad for fooling all those gullible women
"It's a reality TV show,” says Matthew Hicks. "It's a bit of fun. It was all just an absolute barrel of laughs for six weeks.”

China’s childbirth reality show is all the rage
“Come On, Baby” has also received backlash for showing bloody graphic images of children being born.

Showtime orders “Yank,” a comedy about an aspiring ultra-orthodox Jewish standup comic
The comedy will follow a Jewish man from Brooklyn who lives a “double life” as a standup comic.

“Person of Interest” isn’t perfect, but it’s a very enjoyable network drama
“Person of Interest” makes the case that the broadcast model is still viable, says Mike Hale. "In the case of 'Person of Interest,’” he says, "the foundation for success has been a sturdy but not restrictive premise, smart casting and adroit responses to the need to expand and complicate the story and the roster of characters as the seasons pile up."

Martin Freeman’s longtime partner is trying hard to avoid “Fargo” spoilers
Amanda Abbington, who has a son and daughter with Freeman, is avoiding Twitter and watching episodes in real time as they air in Britain.

“Sons of Anarchy’s” Kurt Sutter wondered if he’d lose his job after e-mailing "Go f— yourself” to FX’s president
FX boss John Landgraf responded with a "go f— yourself, too."

Is yacht-owning Louis CK still believable as a poor schlub on “Louie”?
Should Louis CK put up real-life affluence on the small screen?

Alex Trebek expects to leave “Jeopardy!” “on a whim"
"When it happens it will probably happen the same way it happened when I shaved my moustache in 2001: It will happen on a whim,” he says. "I will decide at that moment, 'This is it. Leave me an extra 30 seconds at the end of the program so I can say goodbye.’"

What is original “American Idol” co-host Brian Dunkleman up to these days?
He’s hosting “Family Feud Live” in Atlantic City.

Jimmy Kimmel has other talk shows transcribed so he doesn’t repeat their jokes
Kimmel also tells L.A. Weekly that he doesn’t like pre-planning his interviews or reading prepared questions. "It tends to be boring," he says. "Most interviews, I don't prepare for.”

“Criminal Minds” boss thought the season finale promo was “a little dramatic"
"I was a little surprised they showed Reid awake ... but that doesn't necessarily mean anything,” says exec producer Erica Messer.

“The View’s” Sherri Shepherd may face a custody battle over her unborn child
She and the husband she filed for divorce from are expecting a child via surrogate.

“Modern Family” wedding: ""Things go wrong on a biblical scale”
"It's to the point where Mitch and Cam start to wonder if there are powers greater than all of them in the family that do not want the two to get married,” says exec producer Christopher Lloyd.

Seth Meyers held an extended cast Q&A for “Jennjamin Franklin”
That’s how serious he’s taking “SNL” “Second Chance Theater.”

“True Blood’s” Marshall Allman and his "Killing" wife are expecting their 3rd child
He and actress Jamie Anne Allman already have twin boys.

Paul Scheer & June Diane Raphael welcome a baby boy
“The League” star and his “NTSF:SD:SUV” co-star wife welcomed their first child on April 30.

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<p>Your &quot;American Idol&quot; Top 3</p>

Your "American Idol" Top 3

Recap: 'American Idol' Season 13 - Top 3 Performances

Caleb, Alex and Jena face off and we hear about their visits home

"American Idol" is a journey and even if we haven't always been overjoyed with this season's journey, I feel like we're moving toward the correct destination.

Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston have been, for me at least, the clear Top 3 for nearly two months. I honestly don't care what happens from here, because while I like Alex, Jena and Caleb, I don't have a passionate singular attachment to any one of them. 

So... May the best singer win!

Click though and follow along for what I assume will be three performances apiece tonight...

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Was Harvey Weinstein right about 'Grace of Monaco' after all?

Was Harvey Weinstein right about 'Grace of Monaco' after all?

First Cannes video installment from Guy Lodge and Gregory Ellwood

CANNES - Speaking to a colleague this evening, we felt it was clear "Grace of Monaco" is on its way to being one of those highly anticipated festival films that critics viciously pounce on when it's not good. Both myself and Guy Lodge are not fans of it, but we can admit it's entertaining in a bad movie way. The general word is so negative you'd think it was "Diana" or "God's Pocket" (it's bad, but it's not unwatchable in a campy way).

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