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Ryan Gosling, Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith rock Cannes on Tuesday
Credit: Ap Photo

Ryan Gosling, Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith rock Cannes on Tuesday

'Lost River' also stars 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s' Iain De Caestecker

One of the most anticipated films at the Cannes Film Festival this year is Ryan Gosling's directorial debut "Lost River," starring "Mad Men's" Christina Hendricks. The neo-noir reunites Gosling with his "Place Beyond the Pines" co-stars Eva Mendes and Ben Mendelsohn, although Gosling is staying behind the camera. "River" also stars Matt Smith ("Doctor Who), Iain De Caestecker ("Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.") and Saoirse Ronan ("Hanna"). The gang descended on Cannes for a photo call on Tuesday, with the world premiere following later this week.

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Maya Rudolph's NBC variety show gets solid ratings

Maya Rudolph's NBC variety show gets solid ratings
“The Maya Rudolph Show” attracted 7.2 million viewers, winning the 10 pm hour and topping “The Bachelorette," thanks to its “Voice” lead-in. She did, however, shed 21% of her viewers after the first half hour.

Jimmy Fallon is taking “The Tonight Show” on the road next month to Orlando
Fallon will film “The Tonight Show” at Universal Studios from June 16-19.

Watch the “Girl Meets World” opening credits
We’re just five weeks away from the “Boy Meets World” spinoff.

Spike TV will combine tattoos with psychology on “Ink Shrinks"
Spike’s latest tattoo programming, this in the form of a special, will use a team of artists and psychologists to create a tattoo as a form of healing — a tattoo that the client won’t see until it’s done.

“The Maya Rudolph Show” was a mess that couldn’t distinguish itself from “SNL"
"There was nothing spectacularly terrible about 'The Maya Rudolph Show,’” says Pilot Viruet. "Some songs went too long and some sketches fell flat, but nothing too egregious happened. As a whole, though, it was boring, full of shoddy writing, and not worth talking about the next morning. It’s hard not to compare the show to 'Saturday Night Live.' Rudolph even mentioned her seven-year tenure on that show in her first song.” PLUS: It relied more on familiar names than good writing, it was an extended “SNL” spoof of a variety show, it was dated yet joyous, watch highlights, and there’s no reason to make a variety show these days.

St. Louis Rams, with the NFL’s first openly gay player, doesn’t want to be on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”
“I think it’s unlikely,” head Coach Jeff Fisher says. “We are eligible, but I think it’s highly unlikely they’d ask us to do it. I think this organization has a right to go through training camp with some normalcy.”

Neil Patrick Harris unveils his “Choose Your Own Autobiography” cover
“You are the star in N.P.H.’s life story!”

Arsenio Hall launches a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1 billion to buy the L.A. Clippers
So far, Hall has raised just over $1,000 of his goal on Indiegogo.

John Oliver makes his own GM ad
Check out the “Last Week Tonight” commercial.

Letterman shows off his passports
Check out Dave through the years, starting with his 1979 passport.

“Merriam-Webster” adds “Selfie” and “Catfish” to the dictionary
The “Catfish” team responded to the news by posting a selfie: "“Never in a thousand years could we have imagined what a phenomenon Catfish would become,” they said. PLUS: Oxford English Dictionary gives a shoutout to “Sherlock,” and a “Catfish” star is the new face of Jay Z’s Rocawear.

Master P shopping a reality show
The rapper’s family will star in a show he’s pitching to BET, VH1 and Oxygen.

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<p>Fabrizio Rongione and Marion Cotillard in &quot;Two Days, One Night.&quot;</p>

Fabrizio Rongione and Marion Cotillard in "Two Days, One Night."

Credit: Sony Classics

Review: Marion Cotillard is the soul of slender, stirring 'Two Days, One Night'

The Dardennes aren't on top form, but their first star collaboration clicks

CANNES - There are few faces -- individual, honest-to-God faces -- in the movies today quite like that of Marion Cotillard, her startling beauty assembled from oddly sized, quizzical features that mightn't hang quite right on anyone else's bones. She looks like no one else, and yet never quite resembles herself on screen either: it's a face that different angles and contexts can turn from silken to sallow, hunter to hunted, goddess to guttersnipe. It is, in other words, the closest thing to a character actor's face that a cover girl can have.

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<p>&quot;The Maya Rudolph Show&quot;</p>

"The Maya Rudolph Show"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'Maya Rudolph Show' tops 'The Bachelorette' premiere on Monday

'Dancing' and 'The Voice' lead the regular Monday split

Fast National ratings for Monday, May 19, 2014.

The latest installment of "The Bachelorette" got off to a so-so start on ABC Monday, losing a huge chunk of its "Dancing with the Stars" lead-in and also losing to NBC's "The Maya Rudolph Show" special.

It's unclear if the OK numbers for "The Maya Rudolph Show" will inspire NBC to do more, though. While "The Bachelorette" squandered much more of the overall audience from its "Dancing" lead-in, it held onto more of its 18-49 lead-in and avoided the steep drop-off that plagued "The Maya Rudolph Show." And, proving the "Bachelorette" audience is the "Bachelorette" audience, the premiere did the same numbers as last year's launch, which came without a "Dancing" lead-in.

As per usual, NBC topped the night in the key demographic, while ABC led overall.

Among other notables, FOX got another week of "24: Live Another Day" declines, though the "Bones" finale was steady with last week. On the CBS comedy from, the "Mike & Molly" finale rose in viewers but dipped in the key demo, while "Friends with Better Lives" was up week-to-week even after being canceled.

On to the numbers...

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Review: Ryan Gosling's directorial debut 'Lost River' drowns in all that ruined beauty
Credit: Marc Platt Productions

Review: Ryan Gosling's directorial debut 'Lost River' drowns in all that ruined beauty

As first films go, it's pretty but familiar fare

CANNES -- Ryan Gosling has made a concentrated effort to escape his origins in show business, and little wonder. His own personal artistic sensibilities seem to be miles away from the kiddie fare that he appeared in, or "The All-New Mickey Mouse Club." Little by little, as he's been able to pick and choose the roles he wants to play, he has pushed towards darker and moodier work, often collaborating with very strong, challenging filmmakers. Commercial appeal seems to be one of the last things on his mind, and even so, he's built up a dedicated fanbase.

His first film as a writer and director, "Lost River," had its premiere this afternoon at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the Un Certain Regard section. There are a number of first time directors in the section this year, and in the years that I've been covering this festival, I've come to think of Un Certain Regard as the place where they put the films that are taking chances, that are exercises in voice, that are hard to categorize anywhere else. That would certainly be a fair description of "Lost River," and while I don't believe it works as a whole, it is apparent immediately that Gosling believe wholeheartedly in this world that he's created.

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'The Shield’s' Michael Jace charged in the shooting death of his wife

“The Shield’s” Michael Jace charged in the shooting death of his wife
The 51-year-old actor, famous for playing Det. Julien Lowe on the FX series, was taken into custody last night. He has since been charged with killing April Jace, his 40-year-old wife. According to TMZ, Jace called 911 and said, “I shot my wife.”

“The Bachelorette’s” premiere, featuring a tribute to deceased contestant Eric Hill, was difficult to watch
The show dedicated the season to Hill, yet it was odd to see him in his interactions with Andi Dorfman knowing his fate.

The Indianapolis Colts once flirted with signing The Mountain from “Game of Thrones”
Colts owner Jim Irsay last year tweeted about Gregor Clegane, The Icelander.

“Masters of Sex” adds Courtney B. Vance and Rene Auberjonois
They’ll both play doctors in Season 2, with Vance recurring.

J.Lo is writing her memoir
The “American Idol” judge’s first book, “True Love,” is due out in October.

Terry Crews “nip synced” with Jimmy Fallon
Watch their performance of “Ebony and Ivory."

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"Still the Water"
"Still the Water"
Credit: Cannes Film Festival

Review: Naomi Kawase's 'Still the Water' is a stagnant pond of ideas

The director deems it her masterpiece, but we beg to differ

CANNES - If "masterpiece" is a word that critics should use with extreme caution -- never more so than at film festivals, where snap judgments are unavoidable but inflexible -- the same should probably go for the filmmakers under scrutiny. Naomi Kawase, the Japanese auteur arguably revered more by Cannes programmers than by anyone else, became a target of derision last week when she announced in an interview that her new film "Still the Water" is her "masterpiece," and that her eyes are firmly fixed on the Palme d'Or.

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"The Bachelorette"

"The Bachelorette"

Credit: ABC

'The Bachelorette': Andi has a chance to meet 25 suitors - and a stalker

Some of the bachelors have cute greetings, others not so much

"The Bachelorette" is back, and I'm partly thrilled that Andi will be our gal in the trenches. During her season of "The Bachelor" she was always the one who seemed far too smart to have a real interest in Juan Pablo (and was clearly talking herself into it). Really, I would argue that Andi is too smart to be on this franchise at all, but I guess even lawyers like to mix it up sometimes. 

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Credit: FX

Review: 'Louie' - 'Elevator Part 2 & 3'

Jane has trouble at school, Louie gets closer to his neighbor, and a familiar face returns

A review of tonight's "Louie" episodes coming up just as soon as my hydrogen collection is awesome...

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"Dancing with the Stars"

"Dancing with the Stars"

Credit: ABC

'Dancing with the Stars': It's time for the finals!

One couple goes home tonight, but who will fight for the mirror ball?

While some people consider it incredibly sad to be cut so close to taking home the mirror ball, but I'd argue that this isn't so bad. Given that you get paid for each week you make it, the person who comes in fourth has made a decent amount of money, gotten in a lot of dancing classes, and really, it's so much better than going home early, isn't it? Don't cry for whoever gets the boot tonight. Oh, unless it's Meryl, because Maks has never won a mirror ball and it's time. Now that Meryl has tamed him sufficiently, he deserves a reward, don't you think?

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"Chrome Underground"

"Chrome Underground"

Credit: Discovery

Exclusive clip: A big risk goes south on 'Chrome Underground'

A hunt for the holy grail of cars in Mexico gets messy

You would think buying classic cars would be a pretty straight forward, perhaps boring endeavor. Maybe it is in the United States, but in the new series "Chrome Underground" (premiering Fri. May 23 at 10:00 p.m. on Discovery), two buyers from Austin, Texas prove otherwise. In this clip, watch Antonio and Yusuf go to the roughest part of Mexico City in search of the holy grail of classic cars -- a 1937 Type 57 Bugatti. It's worth millions. Maybe that would have been a good reason for these guys to be suspicious. But you've got to take big risks to win big, right?

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'House of Cards' is searching for an NSA director

“House of Cards” is searching for an NSA director
Read the casting notice for upcoming Season 3 roles.

Why “SNL” wasn’t so bad this season
This rebuilding season of “Saturday Night Live” could have been much worse, says Andrew Wallenstein: "Consider that there’s eight first-year 'featured players' on the cast, just one short of the nine full-fledged repertory players, and you have a sense of dramatic the turnover was this year. So anything better than 'not bad' is actually pretty good.” PLUS: Kate McKinnon was this season’s MVP, followed by Vanessa Bayer.

“Dancing with the Stars” boss: “We're burning through celebrities quicker than they replenish”
Exec producer  Conrad Green sees “Dancing” going on for “a few more years, I hope.” But it’s becoming harder finding celebrities willing to give up 3 1/2 months of their lives.

“Silicon Valley’s” Thomas Middleditch says he auditioned for “SNL,” but "I look too much like Seth Meyers”
“It went pretty well,” he says of his “Saturday Night Live” audition, but Lorne Michaels didn’t want to address the Meyers resemblance on Weekend Update.

Katie Holmes, Alyson Hannigan, Rob Lowe and Kevin Hart are among the rejected pilot stars
Holmes, who was to star in a "Dangerous Liaisons” remake, joins Mary-Louise Parker, Greta Gerwig, Amy Sedaris, Paget Brewster and Jamie Lee Curtis as stars whose pilots didn’t get picked up.

Can Jon Hamm escape Don Draper when “Mad Men” is over?
What kind of post-“Mad Men” career will Hamm have? Can he succeed on the big screen? Or will he end up back on TV?

Jay Leno cracks a “cocaine and hookers” joke on “Good Morning Britain”
Asked about his car collection on British TV this morning, Leno told a family audience: "It's still cheaper than cocaine and hookers."

“24’s” composer wasn’t sure he’d be asked to return for “Live Another Day”
Sean Callery, who’s worked on every episode of “24,” had to call producers to say “I hope I'm on this” when he heard the news of the “24” reboot.

“The Bachelorette” is as anti-feminist as “The Bachelor,” but can Andi Dorfman change that?
Does her Juan Pablo “Bachelor” exit signal a change for “The Bachelorette”? PLUS: Chris Harrison says Andi is “definitely very analytical” compared to her predecessors, and Harrison recalls his terrible audition.

How much does “Game of Thrones’” Trial by Combat taken from history?
Most historical trials by combats were trials for property rights. PLUS: About Dany’s new dress, and did Lena Heady spoil an upcoming plotline?

Maya Rudolph hopes “The Maya Rudolph Show” would air every few weeks or every few months
The “SNL” alum also hopes tonight’s special leads to her recording her first comedy album. PLUS: How the Muppets inspired Rudolph.

“The Good Wife” was a lot of fun this season, but maybe too weird?
The creators seemed to be more concerned with shuffling things around just for the sake of it. PLUS: Why “The Good Wife” is like a juggling act.

What happened to the real Burger Chef from “Mad Men”?
The real Burger Chef opened its 1,000th restaurant in 1969, but never surpassed 1,200. By 1982, it was sold to Hardee’s. PLUS: What’s happening to Megan’s hair?, that dance by 2 outcasts was terrific, and about that softcore film "I Am Curious (Yellow)."

Hologram Michael Jackson had been in the works since October 2012
"Michael always wanted to do these kinds of things,” says the spokesperson for his estate. "Really, it starts with Michael Jackson more than anything."

Comedy Central’s “The Half Hour” returns June 6
“SNL” writer and future “Daily show” correspondent Michael Che will perform when Season 3 of the standup comedy show kicks off.

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