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<p>Miles (Ken Leung) takes center stage in tonight's episode of 'Lost'</p>

Miles (Ken Leung) takes center stage in tonight's episode of 'Lost'

Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

Recap: 'Lost' #513 'Some Like It Hoth' Miles reveals his sixth sense

The last puzzle piece before the home stretch for 'Lost' in its penultimate season

Are there seriously only four more episodes this year? And then only one more season after this? Cue my panic attack and withdrawal symptoms now, please.

First, I want to give credit directly to the guys who write "Lost."  All of you.  Because the more you've gotten a handle on the show, the more you've grown confident in the answers behind what you're doing... the more I think you're going to pull it off.  Because you do magic tricks on this show.  You take this bits and pieces that you've laid out over the last five years, and you connect the dots, not because you knew exactly how you'd get there, or even if this is exactly where you'd end up, but because you were confident that the world and the cast of characters you've created will give you the right opportunities to pay things off.  It's a game, and that's the thrill.  When you've asked the audience to invest in a show like this, it's a high-wire act.  Can you stick the landing?  You'll have to excuse me if I'm watching out of the half-fear that at some point, the show will simply drive off into a ditch and implode. 

But we're not talking about an ending that's in some unforseeable future.  It's next year.  They've got to be talking about how this ends right now, already fairly clear in the ideas they're hoping to pull together by that point.  In order to pull off all those magic tricks, you've had to introduce new characters over the course of the show.  When it really works, you get a Desmond or a Ben.  Guys who are part of the larger fabric of the show.  When it doesn't really work, Anna Lucia leaves the show early.  That's part of the freedom of a story this big.  People don't have to be in the whole thing.  They can just play a part.  And some of them exit stage left.

I think tonight is the night that Miles became a Desmond or a Ben.

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<p>Think how much greater 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' would have been if Keanu Reeves looked like this in it</p>

Think how much greater 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' would have been if Keanu Reeves looked like this in it

Credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

On The Shelf (4.13.09) Kate's Oscar, Carrey's comedy, and Keanu's from outer space

Plus a flood of other BluRay catalog titles and a classic of shock cinema

Yep... it's another one of those weeks where I skipped last week's new releases, and now it's either do a two-week column at once or risk throwing myself off completely.  And, of course, since I am doing two weeks at once, it's a huge column, so strap in.  We're gonna be here a while.

Since moving to HitFix from AICN, I'm sent a lot less material for review, and I'm working to change that.  It's hard enough to keep up with what's coming out, and when I'm sent about one out of twenty titles for review, it gets real expensive real fast to put this column together.  I mean, I guess I could just write it having seen nothing, but what value is there in that? 

I do have some good BluRay reviews coming this week, and I'm hoping to find a way to ramp up DVD and BluRay coverage in general here at the site.  It's important to me because, more and more often, this is where people are exposed to films for the first time, or where they are willing to take a chance with what they watch, and I think that makes home video a big part of the conversation about movies.

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<p>Aminat of 'America's Next Top Model'</p>

Aminat of 'America's Next Top Model'

Credit: Jim DeYonker/Pottle Productions Inc

Recap: 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 12 - 'Take Me to the Photo Shoot'

Tyra tells the girls they're off to model in Brazil, but who wasn't fierce enough to catch the flight?

Allison. Oh, queen of the sea. “The judges see one face week after week after week," Tyra has said. According to Celia, all Allison needs to do is think about sex. Do anchovies have sex? Can someone look that up for me while I continue recapping Wednesday's (April 15) episode of "America's Next Top Model"?

[Recap after the break...]
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<p>Anoop Desai of 'American Idol'</p>

Anoop Desai of 'American Idol'

Credit: Chris Cuffaro/FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' - The Judges' Save Is Used

Jennifer Hudson & Miley Cyrus perform before Anoop, Lil and Matt go to the Bottom Three

9:00 p.m. ET  Another faux Grindhouse introduction for Wednesday (April 15) night's "American Idol" in honor of Tuesday's guest mentor Quentin Tarantino, complete with degraded images and projector failure. Unlike last night, though, Ryan Seacrest gets to deliver "This is 'American Idol.'" Perhaps Tarantino realized he has a movie he's supposed to be editing before Cannes?

9:02 p.m. Our votes are in, but Ryan doesn't tell us the results, which means that no records were broken after Tuesday's Songs of the Cinema performances.

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<p>The Silversun Pickups made Melinda's list of must-see Coachella acts this year.</p>

The Silversun Pickups made Melinda's list of must-see Coachella acts this year.

Credit: AP Photo/Jack Plunkett

10 Must-See Coachella Acts

M.I.A.? Killers? Franz Ferdinand? Nope, see who made the list

The best thing about a festival like Coachella is the act of musical discovery that takes place when you least expect it. For me, it inevitably happens when it's too crowded to see whom I'd planned to see and I just free myself to wonder from music space to music space with no expectations. Or, and I did this very successfully one year at SXSW, I pick an act solely based on its name (that's how I discovered I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness-which remains, to this day, one of the hippest band names ever). There are a number of acts playing at the April 17-19 festival whom we aren't familiar with, like Surkin, a French DJ, or electronic act Busy P, that we would love to check out. However, we've put together a list of acts that are guaranteed to put on a good show. They get the Hitfix Seal of Approval.

Check out the top ten must-see Coachella Music Festival acts here.

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<p>Rascal Flatts aren't your typical chart-topping superstars.</p>

Rascal Flatts aren't your typical chart-topping superstars.

Credit: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Is Rascal Flatts 'Unstoppable' on the Billboard 200?

'Hannah Montana' steady at No. 2, Juda Kiss hits at No. 3

Rascal Flatts's "Unstoppable" lives up to its name this week as it tops both the Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums chart. Additionally, the first single from the set, "Here Comes Goodbye," is No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Rascal Flatts becomes the third country act this year to top the Billboard 200. Not only that, but the trio scores the second highest first week sales of any act this year, behind U2's "No Line on the Horizon." "Unstoppable" sold 351,000 copies. It is the band's fourth No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this decade, according to Billboard, and the most of any group in the new millennium.

There's a reason for Rascal Flatts' success: they make very palatable, mainstream pop-infused country that centers on strong melodies. And whether you like his vocals or not, lead singer Gary LeVox has a now instantly recognizable voice so the band has an identity instead of being some faceless entity. Even though country fans are beginning to be as fickle as pop fans always have been, there is still a loyalty there second only to metal fans. Plus, studies show that country fans don't illegally download in the same numbers that fans other some other genres do.

Looking at the rest of the Top 10 on the Billboard 200, the soundtrack to "Hannah Montana" leaps from 5-2 as the movie breaks box office records across the land. Plus, Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" is also boosting sales. Rapper Jada Kiss opens at No. 3 with "Last Kiss," while country artist Jason Aldean comes in at No. 4 with "Wide Open." All four albums in the top slots sell more than 100,000 copies each, which is a not so common an occurrence lately. Last week's chart topper, Keith Urban's ‘Defying Gravity' falls to No. 7.
Carrie Underwood clearly sees a boost from her big wins at the April 5's Academy of Country Music Awards as "Carnival Ride" bullets 34-16. Also benefitting are Taylor Swift, whose self-titled album soars 38-21 and Sugarland, who rocket 50-22. The ACMs don't explain why "Kidz Bop Kids" leaps 83-29. That may have to do with the Easter Bunny.

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<p>The titular ancient god during an afternoon of sightseeing and people-eating in Manhattan in Larry Cohen's 'Q - The Winged Serpent'</p>

The titular ancient god during an afternoon of sightseeing and people-eating in Manhattan in Larry Cohen's 'Q - The Winged Serpent'

Credit: Blue Underground

Motion/Captured Must-See: 'Q - The Winged Serpent'

Michael Moriarty, Larry Cohen, and a hungry lizard god in New York

I know what you're thinking.

"Now you are just screwing with me.  You're going to seriously tell me that something called 'Q - The Winged Serpent' is some sort of essential film viewing?"

Yes.  That is what I am going to tell you.  Larry Cohen is a name you should know.  Unless you've got some sort of melonfarming problem with fun.  Because Larry Cohen is an exploitation filmmaker, no doubt, and a damn crafty one.  He took outrageous ideas and spun crazy, unique gold from them.  Time and again, I think he demonstrated that he has great storytelling and character chops, and given the right cast, he's pretty good with performance, too.  There's a De Niro to his Scorsese, as there always is, and I think it's a great volatile relationship, so it's actually more like a grindhouse version of Kinski and Herzog, and that relationship yields its richest gold in this film, where Michael Moriarty (of "Law and Order" fame) plays Richie, an occasional getaway driver and struggling jazz pianist who, through a series of events, ends up as the only man who can tell New York City where the giant killer Aztec dinosaur god is hiding between forays out into the city to eat people.

Now are you starting to understand how great this film is?

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<p>Has Lindsay Lohan completed her transition from working actor to cautionary tale?</p>

Has Lindsay Lohan completed her transition from working actor to cautionary tale?

Credit: AP Photo/Evan Agostini

The Morning Read (4.15.09) New 'Basterds' footage and Lohan laughs at self

Plus Brett Ratner's book line and Chris Cunningham's return

It's Tax Day, and that means... well, nothing, actually.  Just hope you got your taxes filed without suffering from a prolapsed anything.  I'm learning that the greatest reward to having two kids, a mortgage that makes me feel like I'm being chased by a bear 24/7, and a constant lack of money is that Tax Day doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it used to.  I'll chalk that up as a small victory.

I wouldn't have thought to do a tax-related movie post, but the fine folks over at Spoutblog did, and they have up a charming list of 10 Likable Tax Agents from movies.  Well-played.

Got a tax refund coming?  Maybe you can waste it the way I plan to.  And for the record, whoever outbids me on Rick Deckard's gun is a bastard, and I will karate punch you in the dirty-bidness the next time I see you.

Say what you will about Brett Ratner, but this is a cool move.  There are so many great film books that have gone out of print over the years, and if he's planning on re-publishing some great obscure texts, then that scores him some serious karma points as far as I'm concerned.  This is nothing but win for film fans, and I'm curious to take a look at this first batch of titles he's got planned.

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<p>Michael Chabon and his big brain pose for a picture between deep thoughts</p>

Michael Chabon and his big brain pose for a picture between deep thoughts

Credit: Sophie Bassouls/Corbis

Michael Chabon Joins Pixar's 'Mars' Expedition

But is the Pulitzer Prize winning novelist the right man for the job?

When the news broke... slowly... over the last few days that Michael Chabon was, in fact, recently hired to rewrite the latest drafts of "John Carter Of Mars" by Andrew Stanton and Mark Andrews, there was much rejoicing.  Nerds everywhere have been giving each other virtual high-fives all day long.  After all, Chabon isn't just a Pulitzer Prize-winning author... he won his Pulitzer for writing about freakin' comic books.

Now, let's be very clear about how I phrase this:  Michael Chabon on his worst day could fucking crush me as a writer.  I get that.  Please don't write me angry e-mail explaining that to me.  He's wonderful.  I think The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay is cover-to-cover magic, and a number of his books are just tremendous reads.  But he wasn't hired as a novelist here... he was hired as a screenwriter.

And I've seen a few people who are excited because Chabon wrote "Spider-Man 2."  Only... really... his "Spider-Man 2" is not the film.  There are some similarities, but structurally it's different and Doc Ock is a radically different characterization in Chabon's script.  There's more business about how Spider-Man loses and gets back his powers.  Doc Ock has a predatory interest in Mary Jane in this one, and it's all very big and pulpy... and that's not a bad thing, necessarily...

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<p>The Beastie Boys join an all-star line up for the Outside Lands Festvial.</p>

The Beastie Boys join an all-star line up for the Outside Lands Festvial.

Credit: Beastie Boys

Pearl Jam, Black Eyed Peas, Beastie Boys headline Outside Lands Festival

Can't miss San Francisco concert also features Dave Matthews, M.I.A., Jason Mraz and

You've got to love a festival that offers an "eager beaver" pass... That's the deal with Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, which takes place Aug. 28-30 in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Among the headliners will be Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Beastie Boys, Incubus, Black Eyed Peas, M.I.A., Modest Mouse, Jason Mraz and a hundred or so other rock, hip-hop, world music and electronic bands you've never heard of.

So what separates Outside Lands, which is brought to you, in part, by the same folks who put on Bonnaro, from the 20 or so other major music festivals this summer? Outside Lands boasts big talent, but also is probably the only festival to offer dim sum and wine tastings.

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<p>Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band.</p>

Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band.

Credit: AP Photo/Marion Curtis, StarPix

Download Dave Matthews Band song for free

Get live CD for free with purchase of album

Dave Matthews Band is offering free downloads of "Funny the Way It Is," the first single from the group's new album, "Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King."
The track is available through the band's website, through next Monday.

"Big Whiskey" comes out June 2 and pays tribute to LeRoi Moore, DMB's longtime saxophonist who died last summer following an ATV accident.

The band will preview songs from the new album on its tour, which started April 14 at New York's Madison Square Garden. Fans who pre-order the new album through the band's website will receive "Live Trax 15," taped at the group's Aug. 9, 2008 show, for free.


Find an upcoming Dave Matthew's Band concert date in the HitFix Forecast.



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<p>Green Day is going after Eminem's MTV record.</p>

Green Day is going after Eminem's MTV record.

Credit: Green Day

Know Your Video: MTV exclusively streams Green Day's 'Know Your Enemy'

Channel will air clip across the globe on April 24

Is Green Day more popular than Eminem? We'll find out on April 24. That's the day that MTV will blanket its airwaves with the video for "Know Your Enemy," the first single from Green Day's new album, "21st Century Breakdown."

Similarly to Eminem's clip for "We Made You," MTV will play the Matthew Cullen-directed clip exclusively across virtually all its platforms. However, "Know Your Enemy," which goes to radio on April 16, will air on even more outlets than "We Made You." Basically, the only channel the clip won't be on is CMT. The sun won't set without the video airing repeatedly on MTV, VH1, The N, Palladia, MTV2, mtvU, MTV Tr3s, MTV Hits, and "Know Your Enemy" will also air on MTV and VH1's international channels as well , making it the first video to get the global exclusive treatment.

"We Made You" set the record for most video streams in a day (785,000) for the network last week. 

"21st Century Breakdown" comes out May 15.

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