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Al Pacino, Ethan Hawke and Laika's 'Boxtrolls' are heading for Venice

The world's oldest fest comes out with its selections

Films by David Gordon Green, Andrew Niccol and Abel Ferrara will bring world premieres to the Lido di Venezia this year, as the Venice Film Festival has announced its selections for the 71st edition of the oldest such event in the world.

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<p>Franka Potente in &quot;The Bridge.&quot;</p>

Franka Potente in "The Bridge."

Credit: FX

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'Sorrowsworn'

The show gets back to weirdness with the return of Steven Linder and other oddities

A quick review of tonight's "The Bridge" coming up just as soon as we speak in the universal language of pain...

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Vin Diesel on the crazy way he brought Groot to life in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'
Credit: HitFix

Vin Diesel on the crazy way he brought Groot to life in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

Plus find out why he thinks of Drew McWeeny when he thinks of Groot

There is nothing quite like a Vin Diesel interview.

As the planet prepares for the seismic impact of the release of "Guardians Of The Galaxy," one of the people who seems happiest about the entire thing is Diesel, and why not? Groot, the giant plant creature who he gives voice to in the film, is poised to be one of the breakout stars of the movie. He's sweet and gentle and dangerous and hilarious and very, very, very weird, which all sounds like a perfect way to describe Diesel himself.

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With 1 week to go, 'Big Bang Theory' cast negotiations haven't progressed

With 1 week to go, “Big Bang Theory” cast negotiations haven't progressed
Production is scheduled to begin one week from today, but little progress has been made.

Fox is using drones to promote “24: Live Another Day's” DVD at Comic-Con
“24” fans can take free drone lessons at Petco Park.

“Once Upon a Time” unveils a giant Comic-Con “Frozen” billboard
“Storybrooke has frozen over,” reads the tagline.

Ariana Grande won’t yank her brother from “Big Brother” to tell him their grandpa died
She tweeted this morning: "asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said "no way! he's gotta play the game even tho i don't understand it.”

Which “Game of Thrones” star will have the biggest movie career?
We’re starting to see some of the show’s younger stars, including Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, in movie roles.

FX boss: I was complimenting “True Detective” — not taking a shot at the HBO series
FX CEO was quoted as saying on Monday that “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto "is going to have to prove he can write something truly great every single year.” But some outlets omitted the last three words.

Dear Ted Cruz: Don’t call “True Blood” a “misogynist” show
You can ding the HBO series for its politics, but "the show isn’t misogynist,” says Amanda Marcotte, "and not just because you can see Alexander Skarsgård or Ryan Kwanten in the altogether in any random episode. (Though having a show that panders to the female gaze as much as the male gaze is a quiet triumph.) No, it’s because in the topsy-turvy, screwed-up world of True Blood, female characters are allowed to be just as crafty, evil, autonomous, and straight-up horny as the men.”

TV Land’s “Impastor” pilot taps “Dexter’s” Aimee Garcia and “Episodes’” Mircea Monroe
They’ll join Michael Rosenbaum in the comedy pilot about a fake gay pastor.

Steven Moffat: There’s still a chance Peter Jackson could direct a “Doctor Who” episode
"He's still incredibly busy on The Hobbit. I've spoken to him face to face, and he would like to do one,” says Moffat. PLUS: Every “Doctor Who” Series 8, teased.

Billy Bob Thornton backs away from his anti-“Cupcake Wars” comments
The “Fargo” star ticked off the reality show’s cast when he said on “Oprah’s Masters Class” this week, "Seriously, it's not that G** damn dangerous to make a cupcake."

Has "The Simpsons" been ruined by all the celebrity cameos?
"The show has a remarkably deep bench of established — beloved, even! — characters that it consistently casts aside in order to create episodes focused around celebrity guests,” notes Daniel D’Addario, who adds: "With very few exceptions, whenever a guest-star enters the fray, they become the absolute focus of attention, for whatever reason.”

“Drunk History” is actually a genuinely instructional documentary series
"The surprising part,” says Emily Nussbaum, "is that it’s ... a perversely effective way to deliver historical information. As it turns out, drunk narrators are also passionate, unpredictable, and entertaining narrators.”

Meghan McCain: I’m not joining “The View”
The Pivot star and daughter of John McCain was rumored as a possible conservative voice for “The View” panel.

Questlove hopes to bring music back to TV with VH1’s “SoundClash"
Premiering tonight, the show aims to create, as The Daily Beast notes, "a television show that both forces your favorite artists out of their comfort zones and reflects our own eclectic modern musical tastes.”

“Orange is the New Black” gets to use music from any genre
The Netflix comedy hasn’t had any trouble getting music cleared and licensed. “It feels effortless,” says music supervisor Bruce Gilbert. “I’m contacted daily by publishers and managers asking ‘What do you need for the show?’ It’s so nice to not be  able to tell them. I love that it can be absolutely anything."

See how the TV set evolved
An infographic shows all the television variations, from 1928 to 2007.

“Cheers” stars reunite
See how some of the stars, including Ted Danson and “Norm," look today.

“Arrow” Season 3: Here’s what’s happening
Exec producer Marc Guggenheim reveals some details on Season 3, before he heads to Comic-Con.

Check out the “How I Met Your Mother” Complete Series DVD box set
“The Whole Story” hits stores Sept. 23.

L.A. exhibit showcases "The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design”
Check out outfits for everything from “Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” to “Orange is the New Black."

“Turn’s” Angus Macfadyen joins “The Pinkertons”
He’ll co-star in the syndicated drama, playing the founder of the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency.

“The Killing’s” Mireille Enos welcomes her 2nd child with “Spin City’s” Alan Ruck
Son Larkin Zouey joins daughter Vesper Vivienne.

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Icona Pop

Exclusive: Icona Pop hits Mexico City with Miley Cyrus in clip from 'I Am Icon': Watch

Things take a strange turn south of the border

Swedish pop duo Icona Pop broke big around the world in 2012 with its smash, “I Love It.”

Since then, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo have been traveling the globe touring with acts like Passion Pit, Matt & Kim, Marina and the Diamonds, Katy Perry and, earlier this year, with Miley Cyrus on the North American leg of her Bangerz World Tour.

The pair, who released “This Is… Icona Pop” last year, chronicled their adventures on the road with Cyrus for a reality series on fashion and lifestyle website Refinery29. “I Am Icon” debuted July 10 and in this exclusive clip from the July 24 episode, they discover that there’s a bit of chaos waiting for them south of the border as they discover that the head of production for the festival they are playing has just been fired.

But there are also fans waiting for them, as Jawo talks about how excited they are because their biggest fan base on Facebook is in Mexico City.

To watch "I Am Icon," go here.


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<p>Halt and Catch Fire</p>

Halt and Catch Fire

Credit: AMC

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 239: Road trip 2014!

Dan and Alan discuss press tour, Comic-Con, 'Halt and Catch Fire,' 'Manhattan,' 'Orange Is the New Black' & more


Road trip? Road trip! Press tour is over, and Comic-Con is about to start, which means it's time for everyone's (least?) favorite Firewall & Iceberg Podcast of the year, recorded inside Dan's car as we drove from LA to San Diego. There is singing! There is a missed toll booth incident! There is Dan's annual excitement at passing the San Onofre nuclear power plant! And so much more! And along the way, we preview Comic-Con, close out press tour, review WGN's "Manhattan," check back in on "Halt and Catch Fire," wrap up "Orange Is the New Black" season 2, briefly discuss Dan's irrational hatred of Weird Al's "Word Crimes," and discuss Richard Linklater's "Boyhood." Lots and lots and lots o' stuff.

The rundown: 

Quick Comic-Con Preview (00:02:00 - 00:05:30)
Press Tour Breakdown (00:05:35 - 00:41:45)
"Manhattan" (00:41:45 - 00:50:50)
"Halt and Catch Fire" (00:50:55 - 00:59:05)
"Orange Is The New Black" Season 2 (00:59:05 - 01:12:20)
"Boyhood" (01:13:50 - 01:21:30)
As always, send questions to You can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file, subscribe on IHeartRadio or stream it on Dan's blog.

There's also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.

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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 239 - Pre-Comic-Con Roadtrip Podcast

Dan and Alan talk Press Tour, 'Manhattan,' 'Halt and Catch Fire,' 'Orange Is The New Black' and more


Happy Wednesday, Boys & Girls!

It's Comic-Con Eve, which can only mean one thing... Roadtrip Podcast!

Because Alan's latest medical infirmity caused us to miss a video show on Tuesday, we had lots to discuss in this podcast, including the last week of TCA Press Tour and WGN's "Manhattan." Plus, we're both caught up on "Halt and Catch Fire," so we talked about that. Plus, we both finished Season 2 of "Orange Is The New Black" and we debriefed on that. And, heck, we saw "Boyhood" on a slow Press Tour night, so that was discussed as well.

The conversation was good enough that I went through the EZ Pass lane on the toll road, causing brief confusion and panic. 

Plus, I'd say this is probably our least-worst Roadtrip Podcast on an audio level. That doesn't mean it sounds great. Alan is louder than I am, because he's holding the mic. And there's a lot of "room tone," courtesy of my 2002 Ford Focus. 

Oh. And we sing. Badly. 

Here's the breakdown:
Quick Comic-Con Preview (00:02:00 - 00:05:30)
Press Tour Breakdown (00:05:35 - 00:41:45)
"Manhattan" (00:41:45 - 00:50:50)
"Halt and Catch Fire" (00:50:55 - 00:59:05)
"Orange Is The New Black" Season 2 (00:59:05 - 01:12:20)
"Boyhood" (01:13:50 - 01:21:30)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed or subscribe on IHeartRadio.] 


And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.


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Amber from 'Big Brother'

Amber from 'Big Brother'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother" Wednesday - The Power Of Veto And The Power Of Amber

Cody fights to keep his emotions in check as Caleb's jealousy infects everyone's strategies

Last time on “Big Brother,” Team America successfully completed another challenge but probably did more harm than good to their individual game plans. This feels like a prime pivoting point in the season, one in which the type of female-centric alliance that Joey tried to form might actually coalesce after Sunday’s semi-ludicrous nominations. Anything’s possible, including someone like Victoria actually doing something meaningful this season. Like I said: anything’s possible!

Let’s get to the live blog for Wednesday (July 23) and find out what happens…

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'New Girl' casts Jessica Biel as Jess’ nemesis

“New Girl” casts Jessica Biel as Jess’ new nemesis
The “7th Heaven” alum will guest-star in the Season 4 premiere.

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The 'most likely plan' is for Letterman to retire in May 2015, and Stephen Colbert to take over in September

The “most likely plan” is for Letterman to retire in May 2015, and Stephen Colbert to take over in September
According to late-night expert Bill Carter, “There will need to be a hiatus between the two — most likely for several months — as Mr. Colbert installs a new set to the theater and his staff moves in to old Letterman offices. The most likely plan is a farewell to Mr. Letterman at the end of May, with a September premiere for Mr. Colbert.” PLUS: Why Colbert would never move to L.A.

Watch a preview of “Nathan For You’s” Dump Starbucks episode
We’re finally going to see the result of Nathan Fielder’s widely publicized stunt.

Fox cancels “Jump of the Century” live event
Stuntman Eddie Braun and daredevil Big Ed Beckley were going to jump over the Idaho Snake River Canyon on the 40th anniversary of Evel Knievel’s failed attempt, but production had slowed as the budget ballooned.

President Obama tonight visits Shonda Rhimes’ house
The “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” honcho is hosting a fundraiser for the president and the Democratic National Committee.

Bill Maher: HBO’s "Real Time” wouldn’t survive under Rupert Murdoch’s ownership
"So many ways for a guy like me to lose his job, but I never dreamed these two would marry,” he says of Murdoch’s attempt to buy Time Warner, which owns HBO.

CW cancels “Backpackers” and “Seeds” — “Next Top Model” premiere moved up
The online series and Canadian import won’t get their CW debut. Instead, “America’s Next Top Model” has been moved up to Aug. 18.

Check out Colton Haynes as “Arrow’s” Arsenal
Roy Harper will become a full-fledged member of Team Arrow in Season 3.

“Community’s” Charley Koontz joins “CSI: Cyber”
He’ll play a social introvert agent who's a tech genius on the “CSI” spinoff.

2 “Vampire Diaries” stars get married
Joseph Morgan and Persia White are now husband and wife.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Lorde, Iggy Azalea, One Direction to headline iHeartRadio Festival

Nicki Minaj, Eric Church and other superstars set for Sept. 19-20 event

Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Coldplay, Zac Brown Band and Iggy Azalea will play the Clear Channel’s fourth annual iHeartRadio Music Festival, set for Sept. 19-20 at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

Also on the bill are Usher, Ariana Grande, Motley Crue, Eric Church, Ed Sheeran, Train, Lorde, Calvin Harris, Bastille, and more.

Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the 2-day fest, which will air on stations in 150 Clear Channel markets, stream on Yahoo, and be condensed into a two-night prime time special on The CW, Sept. 29-30.


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Credit: WGN

Review: WGN takes a big step forward with its 'Manhattan' project

Historical drama a pleasant surprise after the campy 'Salem'

"Salem," WGN's first original scripted drama, is an unapologetic piece of trash, perhaps best summed up by the scene in the pilot where a naked Janet Montgomery — playing an actual Salem witch in a way that weirdly justifies all of the religion-fueled paranoia of the period — lets a toad suckle at a nipple on her thigh. While a channel's first scripted show isn't always representative of what follows, they tend to create expectations for what's to come, and it would have been easy to assume that WGN's plan was to lean heavily on campy genre fare.

But "Manhattan," WGN's second original drama (it debuts Sunday night at 9), is as far in tone and ambition and quality from "Salem" as the New Mexico desert of 1943 is from 17th century Massachusetts. At a minimum, it suggests you shouldn't assume anything about whatever the channel's going to do next.

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