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"Last Comic Standing"

"Last Comic Standing"

Credit: NBC

Exclusive clip: It's DUI humor on 'Last Comic Standing'

Rodman puts a humorous spin on getting pulled over

You've probably already noticed that the "Last Comic Standing" (Thurs. at 10:00 p.m.) currently on the air is far afield from the so-so series that signed off in 2010. Instead of the eighth season being another showplace for amateurs and a few salty old pros, the top 100 comics in the country were hand-picked by producers to audition by invitation only. The standard is plenty higher than what we've seen previously. 

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<p>&quot;State of Affairs&quot;</p>

"State of Affairs"

Credit: NBC

NBC sets Fall 2014 premiere dates from 'Blacklist' to 'Constantine'

'Biggest Loser' comes early, 'Marry Me' and 'Grimm' go late.

NBC formally announced its fall 2014 premiere dates on Monday (June 2) morning and they're mostly in the officially Nielsen-dictated premiere week, with a few key stragglers including "Marry Me" and "Constantine."

Yes, that's pretty boring, but that's what comes from being TV's top-rated network. CBS has been hopelessly devoted to the official premiere week for decades.

There are a couple shows premiering early: Sunday Night Football kicks off on Thursday, September 4 and more linguistically appropriately on Sunday, September 7. And the 16th installment of "The Biggest Loser" starts on Thursday, September 11. 

Then the deluge begins the week of September 22.

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NBC announces fall premiere dates: 'Constantine' held till Oct. 24, 'State of Affairs' debuts Nov. 17

NBC announces fall premiere dates: “Constantine” held till Oct. 24, “State of Affairs” debuts Nov. 17
The Peacock will roll out shows in September, but a lot of shows will also premiere in October.

MSNBC apologizes for mixing up Ann B. Davis with the Alice from the 1995 “Brady Bunch” movie
“Our apologies,” said host Chris Jansing, after showing a picture of Henriette Mantel, who played Alice in the “Brady” movie.

Jason Ritter to guest on “Girls”
He’ll appear in the 6th episode of Season 4, but his character is being kept under wraps.

“Enlisted” fails to grab more viewers in its return to the Fox lineup
Despite a plea from its creator, the canceled Fox comedy had the same ratings Sunday as its last episode.

Study: Stephen Colbert can explain campaign financing better than journalists
“The Colbert Report” fans who watched Colbert set up his own  super Pac in 2012 were better informed about campaign financing than viewers of news channels, according to a study by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

CNN will air a documentary on George H.W. Bush 3 days after his 90th birthday
“41ON41," airing June 15, will feature interviews with Fox News chief Roger Ailes, as well as Tom Brokaw, Dana Carvey and George W. Bush.

“Game of Thrones’” Oberyn and The Mountain get along in real life
Check them out in their bathing suits.

Louis CK warns “Louie” has a 90-minute episode on tap for next week
"Next week is one 90 minute episode,” he tweeted.

“The O.C.” moms reunite
Check out a pic of "Julie Cooper" and "Kirsten Cohen,” tweeted by Melinda Clarke.

HGTV and DIY order 10 new shows
They include “My Flipping Family,” “American Rehab,” “The Expandables" and "Mega Decks."

“Garfunkel and Oates” gets a premiere date
The IFC series starring musical comedy duo of Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome debuts Aug. 7.

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Drake drops new song, '0 to 100/The Catch Up' and hints at new album coming in '15

Mr. Modest declares 'If I ain't the greatest, I'm headed for it'

Drake takes advantage of his new single to let folks know that his label OVO has got a very busy spring coming, how his father’s desertion affected him, and how, at 27, he’s only getting started.

On mid-tempo, hypnotic, hazy “0 to 100/The Catch Up,” which Drake released on Sunday, he hits the usual beats about working harder and smarter than everybody and, of course, Mr. Modest adds “If I ain’t the greatest, I’m headed for it.”

 But he also gives some insight into his past. He brings up how he’s always been ready since the days he was little and would wait for his father to show up. “He ain’t show/valuable lesson man/I had to grow up/thats why I never ask for help/I do it for you ni**as and do it for myself.”

He then reveals that his album will drop in spring, as will new releases from, OVO acts PND, OB and Magid Jordan.

He also questions where he lost other rappers and then realizes that maybe he just moved past them.

All these ramblings are over an uncluttered, sparse beat by Boi-1da, Noah “40” Shebib and Nineteen85 and Noel "Detail" Fisher, according to Rolling Stone.  The song changes tempo slightly during last third of the album features an ethereal James Blake sample singing, "Could it be the way that I'll catch up" over and over again over handclapping until it fades. Last year, the British singer/songwriter remixed Drake's "Come Thru."

Drake’s final words of wisdom: “Being humble doesn’t work as well as being aware.”

What do you think of "0 to100?"


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'Survivor' lost 2 contestants due to medical reasons just before filming began on Season 29

“Survivor” lost 2 contestants due to medical reasons just before filming began on Season 29
“We came out here with 20,” says Jeff Probst says of the next Nicaragua season. "We spend months casting our show — months. I mean, this is like….who you’re gonna ask to prom. All year you’re like, ‘Is it her or her?’ and ‘Will she say yes?’ And you finally get your 20 people, and then through no fault of their own — just a medical situation — they can’t play…. So instead of 20, it puts us at 18. Instead of equal men and women, it puts us uneven men and women.”

“Greg Brady” remembers “The Brady Bunch’s” Alice
"When she came on our set she was already a big star, having won a couple of Emmys,” says Barry Williams. "So I knew even as a young teenager she was someone I wanted to pay attention to.” PLUS: Alice got to be smart, self-effacing, flustered and straight-talking.

That final "Game of Thrones" scene could really happened
Researchers actually tried to do replicate that kind of event, and reported the results in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. PLUS: Alfie Allen says sister Lily was never asked to play Yara Greyjoy, Lena Headey spoiled last night’s episode on Instagram 2 months ago, Allen talks Reek, why “Game of Thrones” is the “Avatar” of the Emmys, and Gwendoline Christie joins “Star Wars."

Egypt’s version of “The Daily Show” canceled
Bassem Youssef, the "Egyptian Jon Stewart” whom “60 Minutes” profiled, says  that his TV station was put under more pressure “than it could handle."

Norm Macdonald recalls Stephen Colbert’s failed “SNL” audition
Macdonald remembered thinking, "Oh my f*cking god, you gotta get this guy. He's insanely good.” He adds: "Yeah, I remember he did a Geraldo impression, but the material was the smartest, you know? The material was almost scholarly. I don't want to say it was beyond Conan, but it was beyond any educated person. It was more almost like he was just an original thinker. I remember being shocked that he didn't get the job.” PLUS: Macdonald is “pretty certain” he’s not getting “Late Late Night.”

“The Sopranos” coming to Blu-ray with more than 5 hours of new bonus features
Included in the 28-disc box set will be 25 audio commentaries and two roundtable dinners.

“The Bachelor’s” Courtney Robertson's tell-all dishes on Adrian Grenier’s genitalia
Check out her new book “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.”

“King of the Nerds” earns a 3rd season
The reality show hosted by “Revenge of the Nerds” stars Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong will be back for an eight-episode Season 3.

Watch the new “True Blood” trailer
The 2nd trailer previews the June 22 return for the final season.

Cartoon Network renews "The Amazing World Of Gumball” for 2 more seasons
The animated series has been a hit worldwide.

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<p>Neil deGrasse Tyson of &quot;Cosmos&quot;</p>

Neil deGrasse Tyson of "Cosmos"

Credit: FOX

TV Ratings: 'Cosmos' and 'Bachelorette' lead Sunday split, while 'Enlisted' return fizzles

'60 Minutes' helps CBS win the night overall

Fast National ratings for Sunday, June 1, 2014.

ABC's two-hour "Bachelorette" special was weak outside of the series' normal Monday home, but still helped the network tie "Cosmos"-fueled FOX for the Sunday night crown among young viewers. Overall, CBS led the way with "60 Minutes," which was Sunday's most watched show.

Despite an admirable guerrilla promotional campaign from the show's creator and stars, canceled-but-beloved "Enlisted" failed to make even a small ripple in its return to primetime, coming in below a repeat of "American Dad." [The "Enlisted" demo number was steady with its most recent Friday airing back in March. But that's not exactly good news.]

There was better news, not that it matters, for NBC's canceled "Believe" and "Crisis," which were both up week-to-week. 

On to the numbers...

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Ann B. Davis: An appreciation of Alice — the better mother on 'The Brady Bunch'

Ann B. Davis: An appreciation of Alice — the better mother on “The Brady Bunch”
It was the “great unspoken truth” of “The Brady Bunch” that Carol Brady couldn’t handle being mom to all those kids, says Hank Stuever. So it was Alice who became the successor to June Cleaver. "Whether or not she believed the material was up to her standards, she made Alice’s wisecracks and goofy physicality seem perfectly natural,” Stuever writes. "Robert Reed, who played father Mike Brady, went to his grave still grumbling about the insipidness of the show; Davis seemed to exult in it.” PLUS: 12 things you didn’t know about Davis, and watch Alice's best moments.

Pedro Pascal on his “Game of Thrones” duel: “It was very eerie”
"I've never had a full view of myself before and was able to see myself the way that other people get to see me,” he says of his fake head. "I caught myself staring and realizing that I had no idea what I actually look like in life. It's very, very strange. I had this moment that I kept staring at my fake head and realizing how much I look like my dad. They did such a great job. It looks exactly like me with such detail. It was very eerie.” PLUS: Pascal says “there was costume rippage” filming the scene over three days, that duel was a thing of beauty — a seriously engrossing, ultimately horrifying, bit of television, gruesome even by the standards of today's ultraviolent Prestige TV, Sansa Stark was the true star of last night’s episode, Emilia Clarke talks breaking up, and Sophie Turner can only watch the episodes alone.

“Community’s” Yvonne Nicole Brown: Arsenio and George Lopez were the only talk shows that invited me on
Brown tweeted her sadness at Arsenio Hall’s cancelation, pointing out that she had only been invited to talk shows hosted by minorities. But she’s not blaming the late-night hosts of the other shows. She says the bookers are to blame.

Endemol to produce reality show on Mars One’s mission to colonize the Red Planet
The “Big Brother” production company will document the training process for the one-way mission to Mars.

“The Good Wife” music drops on iTunes
Composer David Buckley re-recorded and re-arranged music from the CBS series, using a 50-piece orchestra.

David Spade writing his memoir
The comedian plans to cover his years on “SNL,” “Rules of Engagement” and "Just Shoot Me” in a book due in fall 2015.

“Orphan Black’s” Kristian Bruun talks about his big moment
"Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this f—king episode to come out?”

“Major Crimes” adds Ever Carradine
The “24” and “Eureka” alum will play Graham Patrick Martin’s mom.

“It’s Always Sunny” gives Howard Stern’s TV watcher a chance to try his dream job
JD Harmeyer, whose job is to watch and clip TV shows for the Stern show, was allowed to direct a scene last week from an episode of the FXX series.

Ex-“Doctor Who” Matt Smith is said to be dating a “Downton Abbey” star
Smith has been spotted with Lily James.

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<p>&quot;Game of Thrones,&quot; the mountain and the viper</p>

"Game of Thrones," the mountain and the viper

Credit: HBO

Review: 'Game of Thrones' - 'The Mountain and the Viper'

Tyrion awaits the trial by combat, Sansa gives her testimony, and Arya is having a laugh

A review of tonight's "Game of Thrones" coming up just as soon as there's a word for cousin-killing...

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<p>Halt and Catch Fire</p>

Halt and Catch Fire

Credit: AMC

Series premiere review: 'Halt and Catch Fire' - 'I/O'

An interesting but opaque start to AMC's latest drama

Some thoughts on the first episode of AMC's "Halt and Catch Fire" coming up just as soon as I blow dry my hair some more...

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"Silicon Valley"

"Silicon Valley"

Credit: HBO

'Silicon Valley' recap: It's Richard's time to shine - but can he?

Hooli looks unbeatable, so it's up to the Pied Piper crew to get creative

I had been wondering how the first season of "Silicon Valley" might wrap, as things had been looking mighty dour for Pied Piper in the last few episodes. As has been mentioned, long ago VHS beat out the superior Betamax technology, and Hooli seemed poised to do something similar by stealing the Pied Piper programming and making it their own. A complete failure for Pied Piper at TechCrunch wouldn't have meant the end of the show (it's already been renewed for another season), but it would have sent it spinning in a different direction, and likely a dark one.

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<p>Silicon Valley</p>

Silicon Valley

Credit: HBO

Season finale review: 'Silicon Valley' - 'Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency'

Richard tries to salvage Pied Piper's TechCrunch Disrupt pitch

A quick review of the "Silicon Valley" season finale coming up just as soon as I pivot from social media to a playground for the sexually monstrous...

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"The Bachelorette"

"The Bachelorette"

Credit: ABC

'Bachelorette': Is it time for someone to rat on the player?

A phone number causes a whole lot of tension for the guys

I have to wonder if it's written into some unlucky guy's contract each season that he will be outed as the slimy villain of the show, because it certainly seems that way. This week, in the first part of a two-night "The Bachelorette" special, we learn that one guy got the number of a restaurant hostess while the guys were eating out sans Andi -- and he may or may not have bragged about it. Needless to say, all the guys who are "there for the right reasons" (drink!) are incensed. It's remarkable we don't see more beat downs on this show, but who knows what ends up on the editing room floor, right?

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