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<p>Robert Redford</p>

Robert Redford

Credit: AP Photo

Robert Redford to receive Film Society of Lincoln Center's Charlie Chaplin Award

This might take a little of the sting off that 'All is Lost' snub

He may have missed that Oscar nomination in January for "Bob on a Boat" — aka, "All is Lost" — but Robert Redford will be collecting some more hardware this year after all. The Film Society of Lincoln Center has announced that the 77-year-old industry legend will be honored at the 42nd annual Chaplin Award Gala.

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'Archer' has quietly dumped 'ISIS' as the name of its spy agency
Credit: FX

'Archer' has quietly dumped 'ISIS' as the name of its spy agency

'Cristela' has a strong debut, Starz renews 'Black Sails'

“Archer” has quietly dumped “ISIS” as the name of its spy agency
Due to recent events, the creators of the FX series have decided to drop the ISIS name, which stood for International Secret Intelligence Service. “We quietly did,” creator Adam Reed tells The Daily Beast. “We were waiting for it to go away—at least I was. Back in Season 5, FX said, ‘This might be a thing,’ and I thought, ‘Maybe it won’t be? Maybe it’ll be the mole that I’m gonna ignore and nothing will happen.’ We got sort of lucky and could organically make a merger with the CIA, so we went back and retroactively painted out the ISIS logos in parts of the show, and we just don’t talk about it in dialogue.”

Starz renews “Black Sails"
The pirate drama will be back for a 3rd season.

“Cristela” has a strong debut
Cristela Alonzo’s ABC sitcom premiered to 6.6 million, making it the 2nd-best sitcom debut of the season, behind “Black-ish.”

Nora Dunn pays tribute to her "SNL" co-star Jan Hooks
Dunn writes of her fellow Sweeney Sister, "She and I spent an evening with George Harrison in Lorne's office one night, drinking wine and playing records and listening to one of the Beatles, who was engaging and prolific, I remember her saying afterwards, 'Did that really happen?' And I hear myself saying that now, as I read this piece. Did it?”

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Credit: ABC

TV Ratings: 'Cristela' premiere builds on 'Last Man' as ABC splits Friday

'Blue Bloods' leads CBS to overall victory, while 'Utopia' rises a bit for FOX

Fast National ratings for Friday, October 10, 2014.

The series premiere of "Cristela" grew from an already-decent "Last Man Standing" lead-in to help ABC win Friday night among young viewers, while "Blue Bloods" was, as always, Friday's most watched show and led CBS to victory overall.

In its first airing as a Friday-only series -- Last week was still preceded by a Tuesday episode -- FOX's "Utopia" posted a very small gain, while ABC's "Shark Tank" was also up.

Also showing growth were The CW's episodes of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

On the down side, after rising a hair last week, CBS' "The Amazing Race" slipped back again.

On to the numbers...

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Exclusive: The 'Gone Girl' Amazing Amy cover you won't believe actually exists

Exclusive: The 'Gone Girl' Amazing Amy cover you won't believe actually exists

Major spoilers ahead: You've been warned

In the eight days since "Gone Girl" debuted it has gone from a critical success to a box office wonder to something of a pop culture phenomenon. People can't stop talking about it. The New Yorker, er, online outlets can't stop writing essays about it. And moviegoers are going back for a second viewing. Chances are you've already seen David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel. We hope you have because we have something very special to share with you…

…but you really need to have seen the movie.

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<p>John Rocker of &quot;Survivor&quot;</p>

John Rocker of "Survivor"

Credit: CBS

Interview: John Rocker talks 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur'

Former Atlanta Braves closer discusses heading home with an Idol

The following exit interview contains more expletives than most of my "Survivor" exit interviews.

I sensed how things were going to go from John Rocker's cheerful response to my "How're you doing this morning?" greeting.

"Horses***! How you doing?"

In retrospect, "Survivor" fans should be less amazed that John Rocker's "San Juan del Sur" run ended this week in the aftermath of a post-Immunity Challenge shouting match with Natalie Anderson and more surprised at how little John Rocker needed to be bleeped during his three episodes.

While John Rocker frequently seemed to be a physical asset for his Coyopa tribe, that merely meant that he was a physical asset on a tribe that has started the season losing five-of-six challenges, including all three Immunities. And on Wednesday's episode, led by Josh and Wes, Coyopa decided that removing the John Rocker-sized target from the tribe was better strategy than maintaining strength.

Or is that not what happened? John Rocker still isn't sure. The former Atlanta Braves closer doesn't know why his tribe chose to vote him out rather than old-and-not-always-useful Dale, especially since his fellow castaways had gotten past the stigma attached to him since a 1999 Sports Illustrated article included racist, homophobic and xenophobic quotes. Or that's how John Rocker tells it.

"All you've gotta do is get to know me and you're gonna like me," John Rocker says.

There's little doubt that when you talk to John Rocker, you're getting John Rocker Unfiltered, whether he's giving the background on his shouting match with Natalie or trying to justify why and how he went home with an Immunity Idol in his pocket. 

John Rocker is so very much John Rocker that I got to fewer than half of the questions on my tip list, despite going a few minutes over my regular time. He just had plenty to say. 

And only some of it is suitable for small children. And I have to admit that lots of John Rocker's confusion at being voted out is similar to the confusion I expressed on his behalf in my Wednesday recap.

Check out the full John Rocker Q&A below...

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<p>Phil and a Giant Puffin on &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Phil and a Giant Puffin on "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Get Your Sheep Together'

The teams head to Scotland and deal with sheep and ponies

"Bad directions are worse than no directions." 

Those words of wisdom came from the Boston firefighter I believe was Mike during Friday (October 10) night's episode of "The Amazing Race."

There's the usual litany of things we/I always tell "Amazing Race" contestants to do: Learn to drive stick. Make sure you can swim. Read the freaking clue. Etc. 

Mike's piece of advice is a good one and one that should be added to the permanent list. But maybe it should be amended somewhat. Yes, bad directions are worse than no directions, but a better phrasing might be: If you ask stupid people for directions you'll get bad directions. Because Friday's "Amazing Race" Leg didn't really come down to "bad directions" at all. The eliminated team got perfectly acceptable directions that just happened to lead them to a ridiculous place that had no connection to the desired destination. 

Oh well. 

More from Friday's Leg, which featured my new all-time favorite greeter, after the break...

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'The Walking Dead' boss: 'We're trying not to be the 'character death show’'
Credit: AMC

'The Walking Dead' boss: 'We're trying not to be the 'character death show’'

ABC: Yes, Nielsen's ratings error benefitted us

“The Walking Dead” boss: "We're trying not to be the 'character death show’"
As Season 5 begins, showrunner Scott M. Gimple and creator Robert Kirkman want to emphasize that they don’t set out to kill characters. "We don't want to play it as like a tool in our tool chest or something that's some part of story rhythm,” says Gimple. Adds Kirkman: "No one in the writers' room is ever sitting around saying, 'We haven't killed someone in a while. We really need to kill someone.' It all comes  from story and if we ever decided that the story merited absolutely no characters deaths whatsoever in a season, we would definitely do that.”  PLUS: Expect a grisly season premiere, everything you need to know as Season 5 kicks off, the season premiere is “a dazzling adrenaline rush filled with suspense, righteous violence and, before it’s all over, genuine emotion,” and this is “The Walking Dead” at its best.

ABC: Yes, Nielsen's ratings error benefitted us
While Nielsen downplayed the error, an ABC exec confirmed to the NY Times that it had resulted in added viewers to the network.

“Guardians of the Galaxy”: Watch a preview of Disney XD’s animated series
New York Comic-Con showed a nearly one-minute clip of test footage from the upcoming series.

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A Charlotte Warehouse is holding a “Homeland” sale
Saturday’s sale will feature a ton of stuff, from chairs to desks to toilets. The props are no longer being used since the Showtime series relocated to South Africa.

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CBS cancels 'Unforgettable' for 2nd time
Credit: CBS

CBS cancels 'Unforgettable' for 2nd time

Series was initially canceled following the 2011-12 season

CBS cancels “Unforgettable” for 2nd time
The Poppy Montgomery procedural drama won’t be brought back after a three-season run, two of which came after it was initially canceled following the 2011-12 season. “Unforgettable” was revived last year as a summer series.

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Jennifer Garner on that other movie she's also in: 'Men, Women & Children'

Jennifer Garner on that other movie she's also in: 'Men, Women & Children'

One flight from LA to Cleveland sealed the deal

Chances are Jennifer Garner realized early on that the two films she was starring in this fall would appeal to two very different audiences. What she probably didn't expect was that the Disney family film "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" would be the one that would have the bigger impact on her career, especially considering her other movie, "Men, Women & Children," features an ensemble cast with talent such as Adam Sandler, Rosemarie DeWitt, Judy Greer and up-and-comer Ansel Elgort. Oh, and did we mention that movie is directed by four-time Oscar nominee Jason Reitman, who she previously collaborated with on Best Picture nominee "Juno?" Yes, sometimes life has a way of throwing expectations completely out the window.

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HitFix Mix: Pentatonix can't cover Taylor Swift, plus who is the ultimate pop star?

HitFix Mix: Pentatonix can't cover Taylor Swift, plus who is the ultimate pop star?

Mitch Grassi and Avi Kaplan reveal their true feelings about Christmas music

For the life of them, Pentatonix just can't find their way into a Taylor Swift song.

The quintet has racked up millions of YouTube views, covering some of the most popular hit songs, chopping and screwing others, and doing their own spin on Christmas. But in my interview with Mitch Grassi and Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix, for this week's HitFix Mix, it's the "Shake It Off" singer that, for some reason, are hard to find their way into.

There's also "a lot of [covers] that wouldn't make sense to do," said Kaplan. "Earth Angel," "For the Longest Time" and other "old-school a cappella" hits haven't made their way into the troupe's rep either.

But what has are holiday classics, and with the Christmas season right around the corner, Grassi, Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado and Kevin Olusola will be on the road all this fall into December, promoting "That's Christmas to Me," due Oct. 21. As if "The Sing-Off" stars' plates weren't already full: Pentatonix only just released their new EP "PTX: Vol. 3" less than three weeks ago.

On that set, you'll hear Grassi taking a crack at a little something new for him, which is rapping, on Iggy Azalea's part for Ariana Grande's "Problem."

"It's fun for me. I don't really mind it. It's just really fun to talk really fast," he smiled.

Check out our interview above, with cuts from "La La Latch," a take on Frozen's "Let It Go" and more. Plus, Kaplan and Grassi tell us three songs a piece, what they'd put on their HitFix Mixtape:

Avi Kaplan's HitFix Mix: "Lemonade" by Sophie, "How's That" by FKA Twigs, "Blow" by Beyonce.

Mitch Grassi's HitFix Mix: "Love Like a Sunset Part I & II" by Phoenix, "Midnight" by Coldplay and "Dust Clears" by Clean Bandit.

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John Hughes and John Candy families object to ABC's 'Uncle Buck' reboot
Credit: Universal Pictures

John Hughes and John Candy families object to ABC's 'Uncle Buck' reboot

Check out the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' animated TV show, which debuts on Disney XD in 2015

John Hughes, John Candy families object to ABC's 'Uncle Buck' reboot
The families released a joint statement expressing “disappointment” that they weren’t notified in advance. The statement also notes that John Hughes didn’t approve of CBS’ failed 1990 “Uncle Buck” sitcom.

Check out the “Guardians of the Galaxy” animated TV show, which debuts on Disney XD in 2015
Disney XD hopes that between “Star Wars Rebels” and the “Guardians” TV series, it’ll get its first hit. “I don’t think we have yet found our defining show,” says Gary Marsh, president of Disney Channels Worldwide.

Adult Swim’s “Rick & Morty” is getting the comic book treatment
Dan Harmon’s animated series will be released as a monthly comic book starting early next year.

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<p>The Affair</p>

The Affair

Credit: Showtime

'The Affair' co-creator Sarah Treem: 'We wanted to tell a story about two good people'

Why would Dominic West cheat on Maura Tierney? How will the 'Rashomon' structure work?

The premise of Showtime’s “The Affair” — in which Dominic West and Ruth Wilson get together, cheating on, respectively, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson — didn’t much interest me when I heard about it, even when those actors were involved. Then I heard that Sarah Treem was one of the creators and the lead writer, and my tune started to change.

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