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<p>Hiccup and Toothless in &quot;How To Train Your Dragon 2.&quot;</p>

Hiccup and Toothless in "How To Train Your Dragon 2."

Best and Worst of 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'

Wait, there was a worst in this movie?

Audiences are finally getting a chance to see "How To Train Your Dragon 2" this weekend, and pretty much every parent I know is excited about that news.

Why? Well, the first one was an underdog hit for Dreamworks Animation, and it's the sort of film that people walk out of feeling surprised. If you can do that, then you'll get an audience to show up for a sequel because they are actually excited, rather than just bludgeoned into submission by marketing muscle. The flip side to the enormous expectations people have for the sequel is that it makes it that much harder for the filmmakers.

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Jay Leno’s longtime producer dishes dirt on 'Tonight Show' guests in tell-all book

Jay Leno’s longtime producer dishes dirt on “Tonight Show” guests in tell-all book
Leno wrote the forward to Dave Berg’s book, “Behind the Curtain: An Insider’s View of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show,” which tells how Christian Bale was difficult, Teri Hatcher was complicated and how the show had to pay $33,000 to Sarah Palin and her family to fly down to L.A. via private jet.

NYC mayor has to sing “I Love L.A.” on Jimmy Kimmel after losing Stanley Cup bet
Mayor Bill de Blasio will also have to buy Kimmel’s entire audience hot dogs from Gray’s Papaya.

HBO let “Girls” do a “money shot” in Season 3 after rejecting it in Season 2
“Girls” showrunner Jenni Konner calls it “the biggest fight we've ever gotten in with HBO.

Happy 50th birthday, Courteney Cox!
The “Cougar Town” star today becomes the 2nd “Friend" to enter their 50s.

NBC dumps the “Crisis” finale on a Saturday
The canceled drama's two-hour finale was originally scheduled for Sunday, June 29.It’ll instead air on June 21.

Animal Planet responds to The World Cup with The World Pup
Check out cute dogs in a World Cup-style bracket.

Dave Chappelle recalls Kanye West’s TV debut on “Chappelle's Show”
Even before Kanye was famous, Chappelle tells Jimmy Fallon, he had a big head.

“Idol” alum Pia Toscano is now J.Lo’s backup singer
“I’m in her band,” says the Season 10 alum.

Kelly Clarkson becomes a mom
The former “Idol” champ welcomed a daughter, River Rose, on Saturday.

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<p>&#39;22 jump Street&#39;</p>

'22 jump Street'

Credit: Sony Pictures

Best and Worst of '22 Jump Street'

Is the Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill sequel better than the 2012 remake?

One of the first conversations I had on Twitter after arriving home from London on Thursday evening was about whether or not "22 Jump Street" is a good comedy. I really enjoyed the movie, and I think it's got a lot going on just below the surface. It's like the world's most insane subversion of the "Beverly Hills Cop" model ever attempted, and it made me laugh like a maniac.

It's clear, though, that some of us at HitFix laughed harder at the film than others, and that's fine. That's how comedies normally are. There are any number of comedies that I adore that people hate, and I would never try to argue the point with them. For me, laughter is an involuntary thing, and when I spend pretty much the entire running time of a film laughing, I'd call that a successful comedy. It was true of the first "21 Jump Street," and it's equally true of the sequel.

We decided to look at the best and worst things about "22 Jump Street" here, and the whole HitFix editorial team took a shot at it.

For me, the one thing I can't decide if I liked or disliked is a pretty big spoiler so I didn't mention it in my first review. I guess I liked this one thing, but disliked the way it was resolved in the film. As they work undercover to find a new drug being sold to college students, Jenko (Channing Tatum) tries to get close to a football player named Zook (Wyatt Russell). From the moment Jenko and Zook meet, they've got a relationship right out of a romantic comedy, and they play it over the entire film. I wish they would have had Jenko realize at some point in the film that he's actually gay, because I think it would have been a fascinating way to twist the buddy comedy norms. Tatum's such a super-cop in the film that revealing he's gay would challenge expectations in a big way.

What are the things the rest of Team HitFix liked and disliked? Open the gallery below, and let's see how many you agree and disagree with.

"22 Jump Street" is in theaters now.

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2014 Emmy Nomination Contenders - Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

2014 Emmy Nomination Contenders - Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

How many 'Modern Family' men will make the cut this year?

Reminder: For our annual Emmy contenders coverage, Sepinwall does his personal preferences, while I handicap mostly in terms of likelihood of landing nominations. As usual, the first six slides in each gallery are my nomination predictions. The next eight or nine slides are the actors and shows most likely to sneak in, based on precedent, quality or something nebulous. And then at the end of each gallery, I tend to throw in a couple oddballs who have no chance at all of being nominated, but who I think deserve to be a part of the conversation, or might accidentally become part of the conversation, just because.

Our next category:


Unlike the Supporting Actress in a Comedy category, which has the influx of talent from "Orange Is The New Black," as well as other sources, Supporting Actor in a Comedy is pretty flat. In one version of reality, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Enlisted" might be infusing the category with three or four new nominees. Instead, it'll probably be Andre Braugher representing all of FOX's low-rated comedies. And while all of the "Orange" women seem like they could be contenders, is there any way "Orange" could be popular enough to get a nomination for Jason Biggs? Unlikely, but not impossible.

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<p>Nick Offerman</p>

Nick Offerman

Credit: NBC

If I Had An Emmy Ballot 2014: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

The 'Modern Family' men will fill half the slots or more, but who else might be deserving?

The Television Academy of Arts & Sciences released this year's Emmy ballots on Monday. Now that the ballots are out, it's time for our annual two-pronged experiment, in which Dan tries to predict the likeliest nominees in each major category, while I pretend that I'm an actually TV Academy member and pick the six nominees that would make me the happiest.

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Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in 'Dawn Of Justice,' and we know how it will happen
Credit: DC Comics

Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in 'Dawn Of Justice,' and we know how it will happen

Somewhere, Vincent Chase is cursing his agent over this turn of events

So remember a few weeks ago when Jason Momoa made headlines because he said he was tired of being asked if he was going to play Aquaman in "Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice"?

Well, he's totally playing Aquaman in "Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice."

While Warner Bros. hasn't made that announcement officially yet, HitFix can confirm that he will be playing the part, and that Zack Snyder has already finalized his designs for the character so shooting can take place soon.

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See the entire Alejandro Jodorowsky conversation with Drew McWeeny from SXSW
Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

See the entire Alejandro Jodorowsky conversation with Drew McWeeny from SXSW

Turns out one of the professional highlights of this year is online in its entirety

While it's not exactly breaking news (this has been online much longer than I realized), I thought I'd round off my Friday night by sharing with you the full panel I moderated at this year's SXSW Film Festival.

I love that they made this available. One of the worst parts of moderating a panel that seems to go well is the ephemeral nature of these things. You do it for the people in the room, and then it's gone. It is particularly sad when you get a chance to talk to someone who is an outright legend, and I can think of no other word that more perfectly applies to Alejandro Jodorowsky.

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Why 'Game of Thrones' exploded in popularity in Season 4

Why “Game of Thrones" exploded in popularity in Season 4
It was a deeper and richer season, says Verne Gay, and at this point in the series, viewers didn’t have to frequently consult all the Wiki pages devoted to George R.R. Martin’s creation. Plus, he adds, narratively, the fourth season has been -- bluntly speaking -- nuts. Almost every episode has begun with a jaw-dropper, ended with one and dropped a few more jaws in between.” PLUS: 5 burning questions for the season finale, 6 questions that need answers, explaining the religions of “GoT,” The Legend of Zelda meets “GoT,” the best and worst dads from “GoT,” and director Alex Graves says "This is the first season where the finale is a finale. It is an all-out, massive, episode."

Alex Trebek sets a Guinness World Record with tonight’s “Jeopardy!”
His 6,829th episode marks the "Most Game Show Episodes Hosted by the Same Presenter (One Show),” according to Guinness.

Happy Father’s Day: Ranking TV’s Top 10 dads right now
Louis CK comes in at No. 1. PLUS: 15 stylish TV dads, Fox’s Animation Domination celebrates Father’s Day, and what “Friday Night Lights” teaches about fatherhood.

The Kardashians are “krashing"
The 2nd half of Season 9’s premiere was down 29% in the demo compared to the 2nd half of Season 8’s premiere.

Oliver North calls Jon Stewart a “jackass”
Jon Stewart recently mocked The Fox News personality and Iran-Contra figure on “The Daily Show" over his Bowe Bergdahl comments.

Terry Crews has a “View” argument with Jenny McCarthy over fatherhood
Guest co-host Crews explained that fathers gave children a name, their story and their security. To which single mom McCarthy disagreed.

Starz orders “Signal,” a U.S. government contractor war drama
Inspired by true events, the drama project focuses on a government contractor who gets rich off the government with his own propaganda business.

A Kickstarter hopes to create a “Breaking Bad” festival in Albuquerque
The fundraising campaign is seeking $35,000 in 30 days for a “Breaking Bad” festival.

On Chile's “Modern Family,” a gay male character sleeps with a woman to get her pregnant
That’s because Chile is deeply conservative, and gay marriage and gays adopting are illegal. Producers also had to change the Gloria character because “Gloria” types are very common in Latin America.

Kerry Washington: “Scandal” Season 3 really turned Olivia Pope "upside down for me"
"The whole season was such a really dark, dark season for Olivia,” she says, "and turned the character upside down for me. I was still playing this strong woman that I’ve grown to love, (but) she’s really gone deep into the cave of her own understanding by having to face her own mother and father and her own dark history.”

Complaint: It’s hard to avoid TV spoilers these days
"Every minute you're not watching, you're at risk of stumbling upon information you'd rather not have,” says Dan Eaton, adding: "The combination of a word or two in a headline plus a picture is enough to tip off most savvy viewers; the immediate post-episode Q&A is practically a tombstone. Even when a modicum of discretion is exerted, it isn't enough: a bold-faced spoiler warning may as well just announce that Character X is dead/fired/short a nipple. You may not even click it, but you don't really have to: Acknowledging SOMETHING practically says EVERYTHING."

Bob Odenkirk was wearing a “Breaking Bad” coat to “Fargo” when a reporter didn’t know who he was
That’s according to Saul Goodman’s creator, Peter Gould, who co-created “Better Call Saul."

Vanity Fair’s Young Hollywood Class of 2003: Where are they now?
That class included “Everwood” stars Emily VanCamp and Gregory Smith, plus Lindsay Lohan, Raven-Symoné, “Even Stevens” star Shia LaBeouf, Alexis Bledel, Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki and Kaley Cuoco.

Lorraine Toussaint on “Orange is the New Black” villain Vee: “Bless her heart, she’s just misunderstood”
"That was my running joke about Vee when people would try to label her. I stood very firmly on Oh, she’s just really misunderstood. Yeah, she’s missing a few critical components.” PLUS: Exploring the lesbian sex on “OITNB,”  Yael Stone promoted to series regular, inside the mind of “OITNB’s” costume designer, a night out with Natasha Lyonne, and 9 “OITNB” stars who were on Broadway.

Watch the first 12 minutes of “Rectify” Season 2
SundanceTV has released the first few minutes in advance of the June 19 premiere.

“Knot’s Landing” cast reunites on OWN
They’ll be part of Sunday’s "Oprah: Where Are They Now?” episode.

“The Newsroom” fan Aaron Rodgers confirms he’s dating Olivia Munn
The normally private Green Bay Packers QB, who was photographed recently kissing Munn on “The Newsroom” set, says "I’m real happy in my relationship. And I understand what comes with it."

“Last Man Standing” promotes Jonathan Adams
His neighbor character recurred the past two seasons.

Wrenn Schmidt from "The Americans" and "Boardwalk Empire" joins FX's "Tyrant"
She'll play Jennifer Finnigan's sister on the Middle East series.

There are clues in this “Sons of Anarchy” final season picture
Exec producer Paris Barclay tweeted this pic from the set of the 2nd episode of Season 7.

“Halt and Catch Fire’s” Mackenzie Davis: "Cameron’s wardrobe and haircut are motivated by utility”
"Would she be wearing black nail polish? No,” she says. "I can’t imagine this character taking time out from her day to paint her nails. She does everything the easier way, because she is so addicted to and obsessed with coding."

David Tennant stars in “The Escape Artist” on PBS
Before his “Gracepoint” premiere on Fox, Tennant stars in “Masterpiece Mystery!” on PBS on Sunday as a London barrister who has never lost a case.

“The Office’s” Jenna Fischer welcomes a baby girl
Harper Marie Kirk joins 2-year-old son Weston.

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Review: 'The Signal' is a thrillingly rendered but familiar science-fiction story
Credit: Focus Features

Review: 'The Signal' is a thrillingly rendered but familiar science-fiction story

Director William Eubank is ready for his blockbuster, Hollywood

When William Eubank made his first film "LOVE," it was a personal obsession filmed in a set that he built on his family's property and left standing for years. It was funded by the band Angels & Airwaves, and their score was also their third album, a big double-album release. When I saw the film, I thought it was remarkable mainly as an example of just what is possible when someone sets their mind to it. The film didn't really work on a script level, but it suggested that Eubank is capable of great things visually, and that he could stretch a dollar well past the breaking point.

His new film "The Signal" made its premiere as a midnight entry at Sundance this year, and I've been chewing on it since seeing it. I have some issues with the film as a narrative, but I am fairly sure at this point that Eubank is a guy who is going to be making big studio event films in the very near future. He creates some remarkable images and moments in this movie, and his sensibility leans towards a sort of painterly love of quiet and sustained imagery. He juggles some pretty big shifts in tone here, and doesn't always pull it off, but it's really interesting to watch him try.

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The Beatles will be the subject of an NBC event series

The Beatles will be the subject of an NBC event series
The team behind “The Tudors” is developing an eight-episode limited series that will tell the story of The Fab Five.

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<p>Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall in &quot;The Judge&quot;</p>

Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall in "The Judge"

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Is Team Downey's 'The Judge' another October Warner Bros. Oscar power play?

'Argo' and 'Gravity' have done well on similar dates in recent years

Ever since Robert Downey Jr. revitalized his career, first proving he was for real on "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" and then making good on big-boy movie insurance with "Iron Man," I've been wondering if we'll see him really seize an awards season opportunity. Yes, he was nominated in 2008 for a hilarious turn in "Tropic Thunder," but that was as much a stunt as it was genius. When he really sinks his teeth into something non-genre again, will the Oscar machine be at his beck and call? "The Judge" could provide an answer in due time.

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Robert Pattinson watched 'Bully' before shooting 'The Rover'

Robert Pattinson watched 'Bully' before shooting 'The Rover'

Guy Pearce and David Michod also talk about their new thriller

David Michod's "The Rover" opened in Los Angeles and New York today and the Aussie filmmaker has to be happy with the reception so far.  It's scored positive reviews across the board including intriguing raves from the LA Times, Wall Street Journal and Village Voice.  As Michod's follow up to his 2010 critically acclaimed drama "Animal Kingdom" "The Rover" would have been a must-see for any true movie fan, but the presence of Robert Pattinson and, to a lesser extent Guy Pearce, has brought even more attention.

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