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Steven Spielberg is developing a 'Minority Report' TV series

Steven Spielberg is developing a “Minority Report” TV series
“Godzilla” writer Max Borenstein has been tapped to bring Spielberg’s 2002 movie, based on the futuristic story by Philip K. Dick, to the small screen.

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WEtv greenlights 'Sex Box'

WEtv greenlights “Sex Box”
The British reality format that sends couples to have sex in a soundproof, camera-free box before talking about the experience with a group of experts has been picked up for a nine-episode American remake to air next year.

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Review: 'Sin City' sequel serves up ugly stories, no fun, and even wastes Eva Green
Credit: The Weinstein Company

Review: 'Sin City' sequel serves up ugly stories, no fun, and even wastes Eva Green

Even the style wears thin this time around

There's a moment early on in "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" where we find Frank Miller seated in the bar where Nancy (Jessica Alba) is dancing, looking very much like the sort of creep who you'd expect to see populating a Frank Miller universe at this point, and when I spotted him, time and space folded in on one another and reality collapsed.

Well, okay, maybe not, but it is a wink in a movie that is already one long, drunken, woman-hating wink, and more than anything, I sat through the film questioning those years when I actually considered Frank Miller an exciting voice in comics. At this point, "Sin City" is threadbare parody piled on top of suffocatingly stylish homage, and the result is almost unbearable.

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'Glee' bringing back Max Adler

“Glee” bringing back Max Adler
Former bully Dave Karofsky could end up romancing Blaine in a four-episode arc.

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” casts Absorbing Man
“Teen Wolf’s” Brian Patrick Wade will play new supervillain Carl “Crusher” Creel next season.

HBO boss on “True Detective” Season 2: "It's not as dark, but it's not a light ride”
"It's still dark,” added HBO’s Mike Lombardo, speaking at a television festival in Scotland. "Nic (Pizzolatto) explores the darkness in people's souls."

ABC’s new promo proclaims “Thank God It’s Thursday”
The “TGIT” promo’s message: “I (heart) Shonda Rhimes."

“Scandal” alum Columbus Short arrested
Short finally showed up to court this morning after a judge issued an arrest warrant when he failed to show up last month.

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'Dating Naked' star sues after producers failed to blur her private parts

“Dating Naked” star sues after producers failed to blur her private parts
“I felt lied to, manipulated and used. I was horrified,” says Jessie Nizewitz, who was brought to tears after the July 31 episode showed her actually naked. She’s seeking $10 million.

Michigan town dumps military vehicle that John Oliver mocked
The sheriff of Saginaw, Michigan insists the decision to dump a 19-ton MRAP that was given to the department for free was made before it was mocked on “Last Week Tonight.” But the decision wasn’t announced until this week.

CBS boss Les Moonves takes the Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates wife Julie Chen to do the same live on “Big Brother”
Moonves also challenged the cast of “NCIS." PLUS: Damon Lindelof takes the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Seth Meyers says “Late Night” will return with a revamped set, explains why a Weekend Update-like feature was scrapped
The blue curtain will be gone when Meyers returns to work in two weeks. Meyers also explains in an interview with Grantland’s Bill Simmons that he opted not to do a Weekend Update like desk because they couldn’t distinguish it enough from “SNL.” After six months of hosting a talk show, Meyers also tells of the difference between his new and old jobs, specifically how loose you have to be as a talk show host. Meyers also admits: “We are not a very viral show thus far."

“SVU” books Hoda Kotb as herself, brings back Ron Rifkin
An episode titled “Producer’s Backend” will also feature “Smash’s” Brian D’Arcy James and more guest-stars.

“Parks and Rec” unveils its Season 6 gag reel
“This Gag Reel is incredibly profane. Please don’t watch it.”

“Mad Men” creator is the latest TV showrunner with a disappointing follow-up
Matthew Weiner’s movie directorial debut has been getting negative reviews. “The Sopranos’” David Chase, “The Wire’s” David Simon, “Deadwood’s” David Milch and even Joss Whedon also struggled in their follow-ups to their hit shows. PLUS: Weiner asked himself as “Mad Men” was ending, “Why am I so angry?”

“Downton Abbey” bans water bottles and designer underwear from the set
In fact, all things contemporary have been banned in wake of the water bottle fiasco.

“Doctor Who” getting a 10-minute behind-the-scenes spinoff
"Doctor Who Extra” will be shown online.

Watch tipsy “Revenge” stars in their blooper reel
Gabriel Mann is particularly good at chugging champagne.

Check out HBO’s “Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways” trailer
Dave Grohl’s music documentary series debuts Oct. 17.

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Venice 2014: Get ready for buzzworthy 'Birdman,' Andrew Garfield and Al Pacino

Venice 2014: Get ready for buzzworthy 'Birdman,' Andrew Garfield and Al Pacino

Our critic in Venice on the ones to watch

As previously reported by my HitFix colleagues, 2014’s fall festivals represent something of a battle royale for various heavyweight Oscar hopefuls. The oldest fest in the big four, venerable Venice, is up against younger North American counterparts Toronto, Telluride and New York in the perennial fight to deliver a truly memorable Competition. Which films will be left standing once the critics have had their way with them? Contenders hoping to emerge victorious from La Biennale’s royal rumble include Alejandro González Iñárritu’s opening nighter "Birdman" starring Michael Keaton, David Gordon Green’s Al Pacino vehicle "Manglehorn" and Andrew Garfield vs Michael Shannon in Ramin Bahrani’s real estate showdown "99 Homes."

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<p>Matthew McConaughey in &quot;True Detective&quot;</p>

Matthew McConaughey in "True Detective"

Credit: HBO

Emmy Predictions 2014: Outstanding comedy/drama lead actor

Will Jim Parsons be a double winner? And will Matthew McConaughey beat Bryan Cranston?

Because it's NBC's turn to air the Primetime Emmy Awards this year, and because the Peacock would understandably rather air its lucrative Sunday night NFL package in September, the ceremony will take place in late August again. And as an added wrinkle, this year's ceremony will actually happen on a Monday, August 25 at 8 p.m., with Seth Meyers hosting.

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Credit: Sony Pictures

Toronto fest declares Sept. 5 'Bill Murray Day'

Is this the early gear-turning of an Oscar push?

In a show of apparent elation that the festival could track down Bill Murray and slate his new film, "St. Vincent," as a showcase presentation, the Toronto Film Festival has gone all out and set aside an entire day of programming centered on the actor. Friday, Sept. 5 has officially been declared "Bill Murray Day."

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<p>&quot;The Theory of Everything&quot;</p>

"The Theory of Everything"

Credit: Focus Features

'Theory of Everything' poster keeps the focus on the Hawking romance

The theorems look to play second fiddle to the love story

I find myself wondering about James Marsh's "The Theory of Everything." I'm excited for the film on one hand, as a handling of the life of Stephen Hawking is long past due (and James Marsh is an interesting choice to bring it forth). But the geek in me wants the focus (no pun intended) on his contributions to physics and cosmology. The marketing from Focus Features, however, is making it very clear that this is a love story first and foremost. The trailer set that construct up a few weeks ago and today it's made all the more obvious as Hawking's theorems and whatnot literally play in the background of a romantic encounter with his wife Jane on the film's official poster.

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'The View' unveils a new logo, reveals plans to have hosts interact with viewers in real time

“The View” unveils a new logo, reveals plans to have hosts interact with viewers in real time
The new “View,” which is taking over Katie Couric’s talk show studios, will feature an on-camera social media station.

Joel McHale interviews Chelsea Handler on “Chelsea Lately”
She tells him, “you should get the f*ck out of here, too.” PLUS: Chuy doesn’t know if he’ll join Chelsea on Netflix, and Miley Cyrus will sing on Chelsea's E! finale.

Watch Bob Barker’s “Happy Gilmore” homage on “The Bold and the Beautiful”
The former “Price is Right” host punched somebody else.

“Garfunkel and Oates” paid tribute to “Saved by the Bell’s” 25th anniversary
Watch the IFC stars remake the famous “Jessie’s Song” episode.

George R.R. Martin says he’s reached a point where he has "a lot more flexibility for killing people”
The “Game of Thrones” honcho said he had been limited in who he could kill.

CBS remaking Britain’s “Friday Night Dinner”
The comedy about a Jewish family’s weekly dinner aims to be in the vein of “Modern Family.”

Judi Dench joins Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC's "Richard III”
She’ll play Duchess of York alongside the “Sherlock” star.

Elisabeth Moss and Ted Danson spoof “Couples Therapy”
Watch their Funny or Die video with Mark Duplass.

Check out the poster for “Nashville” Season 3
Rayna and Juliette face the future. PLUS: Hayden Panettiere turns 25.

Carson Daly welcomes a daughter
“The Voice” host now has 3 kids.

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<p>One of Wednesday&#39;s &quot;Extant&quot; episodes</p>

One of Wednesday's "Extant" episodes

Credit: CBS

TV Ratings: Double 'Extant,' 'Big Brother,' 'Talent' highlight Wednesday

'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' drew a series high for the night

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, August 20, 2014.

"Big Brother" ranked as Wednesday's top show among young viewers and helped CBS win the night in that measure, while "America's Got Talent" led NBC to an overall victory.

CBS' double-dose of "Extant" was roughly consistent with recent airings and beat "Taxi Brooklyn" overall in the 10 p.m. hour. 

Among other notables, FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance" slipped again, while The CW's "Penn & Teller: Fool Us" rose again, though both variations were relatively miniscule.

On to the numbers...

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It's official: Julianne Hough joins 'Dancing with the Stars" as 4th judge

It's official: Julianne Hough joins "Dancing with the Stars" as 4th judge
"My role is to encourage and be supportive, and to also be candid and honest and try not to beat around the bush, to be too politically correct," says Hough, whose duties will include judging her brother, Derek. "I want to give critiques so they can improve. I'm not there to be harsh or cause a controversy. I won't be mean or malicious. That's not who I am. That's not my role at all."

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