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Why Superman and Batman may lose the war to Marvel before they even begin
Credit: Warner Bros.

Why Superman and Batman may lose the war to Marvel before they even begin

It's all going to come down to people falling in love with these icons

"No jokes."

Last week was about the fifth time I've heard that there is a mandate at Warner Bros. regarding any of the DC superhero films in development, and it's very simple and direct and to the point.

"No jokes."

It would seem like a crazy rule to set for an entire series of films. How can you know what the tone is for every story you'll be telling in a series before you've even started telling it? The thing is, DC has taken a few stabs at establishing this larger universe on film, and they've gotten smacked down for everything that hasn't had Batman in it. "Man Of Steel" made money, and I'm certainly not the only person to like the film. I may be one of its more ardent defenders, but I'm not alone. I think you'd have a far harder time finding someone to defend "Green Lantern," the studio's other big attempt at launching one of the core Justice League characters with a film franchise of his own.

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Nicole Scherzinger

Listen to Nicole Scherzinger's latest tune, 'On The Rocks'

Will the ex-Pussycat Doll finally achieve solo success in the U.S.?

Though her solo career has yielded no major success in the U.S. yet, former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger keeps knocking at the door waiting for her solo breakthrough. Her latest attempt, “On The Rocks,” is a mid-to-uptempo number about a break-up served “on the rocks.” The production is slightly dated, which may hamper its chances at radio in the U.S. However, in the U.K., the former "X Factor" judge is coming off a No. 6 hit with “Your Love” earlier this summer. No word on when her Epic Records release will come out in the state.

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Review: Low-key drama in the English fenland propels debut feature 'The Goob'

Review: Low-key drama in the English fenland propels debut feature 'The Goob'

Sean Harris reliably unsettling in Venice Days entry

VENICE - NBC's "The Office" rang frequent laughs from Dwight Schrute's beet farm, with glimpses of backwards Cousin Mose and his feral antics proving particularly fertile ground for comedy ("And as of this morning, we are completely wireless here at Schrute Farms, but as soon as I find out where Mose hid all the wires, we'll get all that power back on.") This kind of vaguely unsettling boys-on-the-farm vibe is played straight in "The Goob", a character piece that has atmosphere to spare, and whose minimal plot is helped along by the happily original setting; this might be the first film shot in Norfolk to premiere at Venice.

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Uncanceled Showdown final pits 'Jericho' vs. 'Almost Human'

Uncanceled Showdown final pits 'Jericho' vs. 'Almost Human'

Can android fans somehow hold off the peanut lovers?

Well, this is not necessarily the final match-up we were expecting when the Uncanceled Showdown brackets were set up, but the competition has come down to two shows: "Almost Human," which held off a late charge from "Freaks and Geeks" to win the One-Season Wonder field, versus "Jericho," which crushed all comers, including the once-mighty "Firefly" and its browncoat fans.

That is, of course, part of the fun of a thought experiment like this. "Firefly" seemed an obvious finalist, but it turns out that the same fans who convinced CBS to uncancel "Jericho" in the first place were able to stomp everyone in their path. "Almost Human," meanwhile, was one of a large group of shows we were considering for the lower seeds on that side of the bracket (look for "Rubicon," "Better Off Ted," "Karen Sisco" and more in Uncanceled Showdown 2: The Uncancelling, sometime in 2015!); it could just as easily have been, say, "The Chicago Code" in that 10 seed, and then who knows how that bracket might have turned out? Still, when in doubt on any internet-based pop culture poll, it's safest to bet on the sci-fi show, even over something as beloved as "Freaks and Geeks."

So go vote for your favorite if you have one left (or vote against the one whose victory would annoy you most). You have until Thursday, August 28 at noon Pacific to cast a vote; the winner will be announced that day.

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Stevie Nicks

Listen to Stevie Nicks' wistful new tune, 'Lady'

Second tune from new set, '24 Karat Gold,' surfaces

Lady,” the latest song from Stevie Nicks’ forthcoming “24 Karat Gold — Songs From the Vault,” is classic Nicks.

The spare piano ballad features the Fleetwood Mac singer questioning her future with her man. “I’m tired of knocking on doors and there’s nobody there,” she sings. Though she expresses uncertainty about what’s to come, her lover reassures her. “I’m unsure, I can’t see my way/And he says, ‘Lady, you don’t have to see.”

The song is the second from “24 Karat Gold” to be released in advance of the album’s Oct. 7 album following the more upbeat “The Dealer.”  The album contains previously unreleased songs written by Nicks between 1969 and 1995.



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Chris Soules is expected to be named the next 'Bachelor'

Chris Soules is expected to be named the next “Bachelor”
The Iowa farmer looks like the one after Arie Luyendyk Jr. announced on Twitter that “I’m not the Bachelor,” adding: "Have fun on the farm people.”

Stephen Colbert: “I think I just might change my name to Colborg”
Reacting to Gwen Stefani’s flub of his name, Colbert said: "I am the Colborg. Resistance is futile.”

Miley Cyrus’ homeless date is wanted on an Oregon arrest warrant
Jesse Helt reportedly violated his probation over several minor crimes.

L.A. Times mixes up “Parks and Rec’s” Retta with “OITNB’s” Danielle Brooks
Retta tweeted the mistake to her many followers.

CBS’ all-female sports talk show will be called “We Need to Talk”
Premiering Sept. 30, “We Need to Talk” will feature CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson, Lesley Visser, Amy Trask, Allie LaForce and Dana Jacobson.

Check out Lucy Lawless on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
Here’s your first look at Lawless as veteran agent Hartley.

CW reveals “The Flash” poster
Also, see the poster for “Jane the Virgin.”

Anna Camp to guest on “The League”
The “True Blood” alum will date Mark Duplass in one episode.

Watch a new “Game of Thrones” visual effects reel
This one showcases many of the locations and landscapes created on computer.

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<p>Garfunkel and Oates</p>

Garfunkel and Oates

Credit: IFC

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 243: Emmys, 'Garfunkel and Oates' & more

Dan and Alan also review 'Rectify' season 2 and talk more 'Friday Night Lights'


Happy Tuesday, boys and girls! You want a lot of Emmy ranting from me and Dan on this week's Firewall & Iceberg Podcast? Boy, have you got it! We did about 45 minutes on all the Emmy predictability (and the many good moments in the show itself) before jumping over to catch up on IFC's "Garfunkel and Oates" and break down "Rectify" season 2, before shifting into the stretch of "Friday Night Lights" season 2 that began to remind us of the good show it was both before and after.

The rundown:

The 2014 Emmys (00:00:45 - 00:43:10)
"Garfunkel and Oates" (00:43:10 - 00:54:50)
"Rectify Season 2 (00:55:00 - 01:13:10)
"Friday Night Lights" Summer Rewatch (01:13:15 - 01:38:10)

As always, send questions to You can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file, subscribe on IHeartRadio or stream it on Dan's blog.

There's also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.

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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 243

Dan and Alan discuss the 2014 Emmys, 'Garfunkel and Oates,' 'Rectify' and more


Happy Tuesday, Boys & Girls!

It's time for another installment of the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.

If you have a hankering for nearly 45 minutes of Emmy blathering, you'll love this podcast.

If you don't... We discussed the full second season of "Rectify," the first three episodes of IFC's "Garfunkel and Oates" and then we had two relatively good "Friday Night Lights" Season 2 episodes to talk about.


It is, as she said, a long one...

Today's breakdown:
The 2014 Emmys (00:00:45 - 00:43:10)
"Garfunkel and Oates" (00:43:10 - 00:54:50)
"Rectify Season 2 (00:55:00 - 01:13:10)
"Friday Night Lights" Summer Rewatch (01:13:15 - 01:38:10)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed or subscribe on IHeartRadio.] 


And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.


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'Full House' may be revived

“Full House” may be revived
According to TV Guide, Warner Bros. TV is mulling a new take on “Full House” that would include some of the original cast. John Stamos is leading the revival plans, but just about everybody is on board, including “Full House’s” creator, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin.

15.6 million watched this year’s Emmys
That’s down from last year’s 17.8 million, which, unlike this year, aired on a Sunday and followed an NFL game. But it was the 2nd highest-rated Emmys in eight years.

Even “Breaking Bad’s” Vince Gilligan expected “True Detective” to win
“I didn’t think we would win — I thought it would be 'True Detective,'” the “Breaking Bad” creator said at an Emmy after-party. “I felt like there was an awful lot of groundswell for 'True Detective,' which was an excellent show and a worthy show, and I thought, ‘We’ve been off the air now for a year and a half.’” (Actually, “Breaking Bad” has been off the air for 11 months.)

CBS sued over “NCIS” farting hippo puppet
CBS is accused of violating copyright by selling a Bert the Farting Hippo puppet on its online store.

Check out “Breaking Bad’s” Dean Norris as Benjamin Franklin
The "Under the Dome" star couldn’t make it to last night’s Emmys because he’s in Romania filming  the “Sons of Liberty” History channel Revolutionary War miniseries.

“Sherlock” Season 4 will be “devastating”
So says Steven Moffat: "We have a plan to top it — and actually I do think our plan is devastating. We practically reduced our cast to tears by telling them the plan."

MTV’s VMAs down from last year
About 8.3 million watched the first airing, compared to 10.1 million last year. PLUS: Miley Cyrus says homeless youth stunt was in response to the twerking backlash.

TV Land will air a 12-hour “SNL” marathon on Labor Day
The marathon will include several “Best Of” specials, from Jimmy Fallon to Amy Poehler, plus Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Justin Timberlake.

Donald Glover will play Spider-Man in Disney XD cartoon
"Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors” will have the former “Community” star play a half-Latino, half-black version of Peter Parker in a parallel universe.

After stepping down as Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer binge-watched 100 episodes of “The Good Wife” in 2 weeks
That’s according to a Wall Street Journal profile of the new L.A. Clippers owner.

Ricky Gervais crashes other Netflix shows
Check out Netflix’s “Superfan” ad, plus outtakes.

Meredith Vieira promotes her NBC 30 Rock-based talk show on ABC’s “GMA”
Turns out that though "The Meredith Vieira Show” will air on many NBC stations, it will also be shown on some ABC affiliates.

Matt Groening releases a trailer for his “The Simpsons Family History” book
The hardcover book, containing 400 illustrations, is due out next month.

Watch ABC’s “Forever” pilot online
The drama series about an immortal NYC medical examiner starring Ioan Gruffudd and Alana De La Garza has been posted to Hulu in advance of its premiere.

Lifetime’s "The Brittany Murphy Story” suggests the late actress may have been murdered
The trailer emphasizes that there are “the suspects” and she was “afraid for her life."

Here’s “The Originals” Season 2 trailer
Klaus finds a potential new ally.

CNBC renews “Restaurant Startup”
The reality show will return in January with 10 new episodes.

“Revenge’s” Emily VanCamp takes the Ice Bucket Challenge
She challenged her co-stars Barry Sloane and Gabriel Mann to do the same.

Apple TV adds Showtime Anytime
You can now stream Showtime shows like “Homeland” if you have an Apple TV.

“Modern Family’s” Sarah Hyland is single
She and boyfriend of five years, Matt Prokop, have broken up.

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Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea joins Jennifer Lopez on shaking 'Booty' remix: Listen

Two booties are better than one, right?

As we continue to celebrate the female form via songs like Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” and Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,”  Iggy Azalea is now weighing in on a remix of Jennifer Lopez’s Latin beat-infused “Booty.”

The remix is largely the same as the original song with the insinuating beat as Lopez recommends giving your man what he wants on his birthday—your booty.  Azalea comes in around the 2-minute mark with a 30-second rap declaring  “The last time the world saw a booty this good, it was on Jenny on the Block.” Remember to raise your hands if you like a big booty…

Lopez and Azalea have a growing friendship: They’ve performed together in Chicago, and Lopez taped an episode of MTV’s rejuvenated “House Of Style,” now hosted by Azalea.

"Booty" is on Lopez's current album, "A.K.A."

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<p>Your &quot;Breaking Bad&quot; Emmy winners</p>

Your "Breaking Bad" Emmy winners

Credit: Casey Curry/AP

TV Ratings: NBC gets top-rated Monday Night Emmys since 1976

'MasterChef,' 'Hotel Hell' and 'Under the Dome' are only slightly impacted

Fast National ratings for Monday, August 25, 2014.

Airing on an atypical Monday in August, the Primetime Emmy Awards delivered primetime-winning numbers for NBC, despite the repetitive nature of the big winners. 

Per NBC, fast nationals for the Emmys telecast were down from last year's show, which benefited from an inflated NFL lead-in, but they were up from the 2012 telecast. In fact, NBC is claiming that these were the second highest ratings Emmys in preliminary metered market ratings in the past eight years.

We will, of course, have more accurate figures later, but if Seth Meyers' claim that these were the first Monday Emmys since 1976 was correct, then we're confident saying this was the highest rated Monday Emmys telecast since 1976.

The Emmys had only limited impact on the competition. FOX's "MasterChef" dropped in viewers but was flat in the key demo, while "Hotel Hell" maybe even rose a hair in the demo. ABC's "Mistresses" was up week-to-week and CBS' "Under the Dome" posted only a small drop. On The CW, "America's Next Top Model" was down, but only a hair.

On to the numbers...

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Kim Kardashian is coming to '2 Broke Girls'

Kim Kardashian is coming to “2 Broke Girls”
Max and Caroline bump into Kim K while she’s filming “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in Williamsburg.

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