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<p>Sam Worthington seems genuinely thrilled about returning to characters he played in sequels to 'Clash Of The Titans' and 'Avatar'</p>

Sam Worthington seems genuinely thrilled about returning to characters he played in sequels to 'Clash Of The Titans' and 'Avatar'

Credit: HitFix

Watch: Sam Worthington talks 'Avatar 2,' 'Titans 2' and 'The Debt'

Check out the dude's beard in this recent chat

I'm never good at keeping track of when it's cool to like something and when it's not cool anymore, so I'm not sure where we are in the cycle on "Avatar" and Sam Worthington in general.  I like the guy.  I think he's been stiff in a few of the film he's made, but I also see moments from him where there's something special going on, and I totally get why directors keep casting him, hoping they'll be the ones who figure it out and put it all together.

So far, John Madden might be the guy who gets to claim he directed Worthington to his best performance, and it was a pleasure to sit down with Worthington to talk about the film they made together, "The Debt," which arrives in theaters this Friday.

Worthington always comes across to me like the President of the Don't Give An F Club when it comes to what people think of him or how he does his job.  As I understand it, that attitude is one of the things that got him the job in "Avatar" in the first place.  I've interviewed him several times at this point, and I enjoy sitting down with him each time.  I think he loves the work he does, but not talking about it, and I can respect that position.  If people engage him in real conversation, though, he seems absolutely up for that.  It's the hollow exercise of staying on-message that I think drives him a little bit crazy, which I understand.

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David Guetta Performing in Beirut, Lebanon
David Guetta Performing in Beirut, Lebanon
Credit: AP Photo/Hussein Malla

Album Review: DJ David Guetta focuses on 'Nothing But The Beat' on new set

NIcki Minaj, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jennifer Hudson join the club

Though he’d been around before 2009’s “One Love,” it’s that album that made David Guetta a recognizable name and distinguished him from other nameless Euro DJs.

Through such tracks as the stellar “When Love Takes Over,” with Kelly Rowland and “Sexy Bitch” featuring Akon, he displayed a canny blend of maintaining the authentic dance beats that made him such a global sensation while bringing in pop and hip hop sensibilities that transported his music far beyond the club floor. Plus, he benefited from great timing in that he comes at a time when pop radio is beat driven.

With “Nothing But The Beat,” he ups the ante for mainstream appeal by enlisting a staggering array of big names, including Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Ludacris, to help him get there. The standard album comes with 13 tracks, while the deluxe set includes six extra instrumental tracks for the club faithful.

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<p>Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya co-star in 'The Skin I Live In,' and this is one of the more normal and restrained moments in the film</p>

Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya co-star in 'The Skin I Live In,' and this is one of the more normal and restrained moments in the film

Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Watch: New trailers for 'The Skin I Live In' and 'Miss Bala' promise a wild ride at Toronto Film Fest

A new film from Pedro Almodovar and a major discovery from Mexico both get teasers

I spent a chunk of the weekend working on my schedule for the Toronto Film Festival, and I am overwhelmed by how many potentially great films they've got on the schedule.  I've seen a chunk of the movies already at the Cannes Festival and here in Los Angeles, and it's going to be an exciting fall at the movies as these things start hitting theaters.

There are two new trailers online today for movies that will be featured at the festival, and both of these also played at Cannes this summer.  I saw one of them there, but had to leave town before I could see the other.  Drove me crazy, too, since I am fond of Pedro Almodovar as a filmmaker.

In particular, I love early crazy Almodovar.  I think he's evolved into a great respectable director of women-driven melodrama, and I adore many of his later films.  His run since 1995 has been incredible, with "All About My Mother," "The Flower Of My Secret," "Live Flesh," "Bad Education," "Broken Embraces" and my favorite of this era, "Volver," all serving to highlight some of his strengths as a director. 

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<p>Dave Grohl in &quot;Hot Buns&quot;</p>

Dave Grohl in "Hot Buns"

Watch: Foo Fighters tease tour dates with 'Hot Buns' promo video

Hey, have you ever wanted to see Dave Grohl's butt?

Foo Fighters are a popular rock band based largely in Northwest America, founded by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. The act most recently released album "Wasting Light" this year and have spent much of 2011 touring in support.

The group has announced a new collection of touring dates, and in promoting them, shot a video in "hot showers" commonly offered at truck stops in America. They costume themselves like truckers (Edit: I missed it before, but Pat Smear appears as a janitor. Mah bad).

Below is the safe-for-work version. Click here to further understand why the clip is titled "hot buns." It is not safe to watch at work at all.

Because it's really gay.

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<p>Spank Rock</p>

Spank Rock

Credit: The Fader

Song Of The Day: Spank Rock taps Big Freedia, Tyette for 'Nasty' new track

From the rapper/producer's forthcoming 'Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is a F*cking Liar'

Spank Rock's forthcoming new album will be called "Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is a F*cking Liar." This is one of my favorite album titles as of late because it tells me a few things. One, it's going to be cheeky. Two: sassy. Three: obscene. Four: out-there.

And five: "Nasty." Just like Spank Rock himself. I loved 2006's "Yoyoyoyoyo" for all the reasons above, and they're the same reasons why a new track like "Nasty" is a success.

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Lil Wayne at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

 Lil Wayne at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Credit: AP Photo

MTV's Video Music Awards nab network's biggest audience ever

Lady Gaga in drag and a pregnant Beyonce bring in big numbers

You have to wonder if numbers like this will spur MTV to actually, oh, air some music videos. Sunday night's 2011 Video Music Awards scored the network's biggest audience ever with 12.4 million total viewers. Among MTV's target audience of 12- to 34-year-olds, the VMAs delivered a 10.8 ratings and 8.5 million viewers in the demographic sweet spot. This is up 8 percent over last year's show in overall ratings. 

This makes the VMAs the #1 telecast of 2011 with viewers in the 12-34 age demo, and also makes the program the #1 non-sports cable telecast of the year in total viewers. 

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<p>Jim Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain in 2007</p>

Jim Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain in 2007

Credit: AP Photo

The Jesus and Mary Chain reissuing all six studio albums

Listen and learn: 2CD+1DVD deluxe drops due this fall

There doesn't seem to be a new album on the way from reunited Jesus and Mary Chain (yet), but while you hold your breath, there's some new reissues.

In fact, all six of the Scottish noise-pop band's studio sets are getting a 2-disc and DVD facelift. "Psychocandy" (1985) and "Darklands" (1987) will drop on Sept. 19; "Automatic" (1989) and "Honey's Dead" (1992) are due Sept. 26; and "Stoned & Dethroned" (1994) and "Munki" (1998) will be released on Oct. 3.

In conjunction with the Demon Music Group, the band has posted a 3D "tour" of the releases via their newly revamped Facebook page. Check out the module below... each album preview includes the tracklisting. For instance, the "Honey's Dead" set includes the original album, the "Rollercoaster" EP, an outtake of "Why'd You Want Me," live tracks from Sheffield Arena, interviews and B-Sides. The DVD features promotional videos and the band's TV appearances from the era. Just, oh my, bliss out, give your shoes a good long gaze.

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<p>I think it's time we all just accept that Josh Brolin is cooler than we are and then move on.</p>

I think it's time we all just accept that Josh Brolin is cooler than we are and then move on.

Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Josh Brolin reportedly signed for starring role in Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' remake

'No Country For Old Men' star could be following up 'Men In Black' sequel with revenge thriller

Josh Brolin continues to book the most interesting jobs out there, and in this particular case, it sounds like he's claimed one of the best roles in an upcoming film for himself.

It's a good fit, too.  I love Chan Wook Park's "Oldboy."  No doubt about it.  The film is brutal and unsparing, and it offers up two great male roles if you're sticking somewhat close to the first film.  I haven't read the manga that the film was based on, but I've heard it's not a straight adaptation.  That makes me wonder if Mark Protosevich is using the film as his source material or the manga or some combination of both.

I was intrigued when they hired Spike Lee to direct the remake, precisely because it's one of the last names I would have come up with if asked to pick someone to remake "Oldboy."  I think the best thing that could happen to Spike Lee in general would be if he became a for-hire studio guy, making movies that have nothing to do with race in any overt way.  He's visually dynamic and adventurous, he's great with actors, and he is capable of absolutely nailing a script if he's got a strong piece of writing to work with in the first place.  With Protosevich working on the film, that's a strong start, and I think Lee could easily turn this into something worth seeing.

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<p>Glen Campbell's &quot;Ghost on the Canvas&quot;</p>

Glen Campbell's "Ghost on the Canvas"

Album Review: Glen Campbell's searing, soaring send-off, 'Ghost On The Canvas'

Billy Corgan, Paul Westerberg, Jakob Dylan and Chris Isaak all lend a hand

 “Ghost on the Canvas” is Glen Campbell’s album of a lifetime...literally.

The stunning set, out Aug. 30, reflects on the multiple Grammy winner’s career and times often through the prism of his life-altering diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.  The 75-year old announced he had the disease earlier this year and that “Ghost on the Canvas” would be his final album.  He starts a goodbye tour later this fall.

Without ever skirting the dire future he now faces, Campbell and producer/co-writer Julian Raymond, have made a poignant, often breathtakingly vulnerable album that never wallows in pity, and despite its very strong profession of faith, never seems pollyanna-ish. It’s Campbell’s equivalent of Johnny Cash/Rick Rubin’s “American Recordings.”  Even if you’re too young to have ever given Glen Campbell a second thought, “Ghost On the Canvas” is worth every repeated listen and, in fact, should be a Grammy contender for album of the year.

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<p>Lil Wayne at the 2011 MTV&nbsp;VMAs</p>

Lil Wayne at the 2011 MTV VMAs

Credit: AP Photo

Album Review: Lil Wayne's disappointing 'Tha Carter IV'

Weezy's an original; how does this sequel fare?

It’s been 10 months since Lil Wayne was released from prison, and he spent an expected eight in there. Over the last two years, the rapper yielded his rock-rap crossover album “Rebirth,” a tide-you-over “I Am Not a Human Being,” a “Sorry 4 The Wait” mixtape and dropped a number of music videos. In interviews, he not only alluded to inspired hours spent writing in his cell, but also signs of his future, that “Tha Carter IV” may be his last solo album, and that his 30s will look nothing like his very productive 20s.

Everything was leading up to this release; even its album cover indicates a graduation. And for that reason, “Tha Carter IV” is a let-down.
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Joanna Lumley of "Absolutely Fabulous"

 Joanna Lumley of "Absolutely Fabulous"

Credit: AP Photo

'Absolutely Fabulous' to return to TV for 20th anniversary with original cast

Jennifer Saunders hopes they've "lost none of our sparkle."

They're baaaaaack! BBC America and the Logo network have announced that "Absolutely Fabulous" will be bringing its drunken debauchery back to the American small screen in three new specials tied to the Britcom's 20th anniversary. The shows will be co-produced by Logo and BBC America (both networks will also be airing the shows. The entire original cast will be returning, including show creator and star Jennifer Saunders, (Edina Monsoon) Joanna Lumley (Patsy Stone), Julia Sawalha (Saffy), Bubble (Jane Horroks) and Mrs. Monsoon (June Whitfield).

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NBC Pre-Season Football

 NBC Pre-Season Football

Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

TV Ratings: NBC's preseason football, 'Big Brother' hard to beat

Reruns of 'The Good Wife' and 'CSI: Miami' are left in the dust

 Fast National ratings for Sunday, August 28, 2011.

While "Big Brother" made for solid competition on CBS, the big winner of the evening was pre-season football on NBC. The big game led the network to a win for the evening, consistently scoring the best ratings throughout the night.  
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