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<p>Charlize Theron at last week's BAFTA 'A Life in Pictures' tribute.</p>

Charlize Theron at last week's BAFTA 'A Life in Pictures' tribute.

Credit: BAFTA/Jamie Simonds

BAFTA pays tribute to Kenneth Branagh and Charlize Theron

Potential 2011 nominees latest to be celebrated in 'A Life in Pictures' series

For whatever reason, I always find myself forgetting about BAFTA's series of 'A Life in Pictures' tributes, wherein assorted big-name actors and directors speak about their work to a public audience at the British Academy's headquarters. (It's a little like the James Lipton treatment, if a mite less toadying.) Previous honorees run the gamut from Will Ferrell to Jean-Pierre Jeunet, so it's not particularly an awards-related deal, but it just so happens that BAFTA's two most recent selections for the series are currently on the campaign trail: "Young Adult" star Charlize Theron was up last week, while "My Week With Marilyn" hopeful Kenneth Branagh has his turn on Saturday. It certainly won't hurt their visibility with voters.

I didn't even know Theron was being celebrated the very next day when I reflected on the South African's early career highlights on Friday. In retrospect, it all ties in rather nicely -- even if it still seems a tad early for the 30-something star to be given the this-is-your-life treatment. (A BAFTA, incidentally, is one award Theron hasn't won: nominated for "Monster" the year after her Oscar win due to release-date discrepancy, she wound up losing to Imelda Staunton.)

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<p>&quot;Community&quot;&nbsp;Dean Pelton (Jim Rash)&nbsp;came face to face with Greendale alum Luis Guzman.</p>

"Community" Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) came face to face with Greendale alum Luis Guzman.

Credit: NBC

'Community' - 'Documentary Filmmaking: Redux': Heart of darkness

Dean Pelton drives the entire campus to madness while filming a Greendale commercial

A review of tonight's "Community" - and further thoughts on recent scheduling/ratings developments - coming up just as soon as I fight the power with my hugs...

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<p>One of John Myhre's Oscar-nominated sets for the 2009 film &quot;Nine.&quot;</p>

One of John Myhre's Oscar-nominated sets for the 2009 film "Nine."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

John Myhre tapped as production designer for Oscar show

Two-time Oscar champ to give something back to the Academy

Considering what a pickle they were in only a week ago, I admire the efficiency with which the Academy is moving forward with their Oscarcast plans -- with new producer Brian Grazer and host Billy Crystal in place, Oscar-winning production designer John Myhre is now on board to literally set the stage for the event. (It's a nifty coincidence that this news should land on the same day Gerard covers the Best Art Direction race in Tech Support.)

And I must say, I'm fully down with this choice. As with Grazer, there's something classy about bringing a previous winner into the fold to design the show that has been so good to him in the past -- it suggests to me that their show, a little like Bill Condon's 2008 ceremony, will be grounded in a strong, affectionate sense of Academy tradition.

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<p>Burrito Josh</p>
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Burrito Josh

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' Results Live-Blog - Down to the Top 9

Rihanna performs and another act heads home on a busy Thursday

The winner of tonight's "They're Not Going Home, So I Feel Confident Using a Picture of Them With My Recap Without Being Accused of Spoiling Anything" prize goes to... Burrito Josh!

Congratulations, Burrito Josh, for giving the only actual "rock" performance on Wednesday night's "The X Factor." For that, and previous achievements, I'm just assuming that Burrito Josh will be sticking around for another week.

As for the rest of Thursday's results (and a performance by Rihanna), click through...

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Some thoughts on Billboard's album and singles chart changes post-Lady Gaga

Some thoughts on Billboard's album and singles chart changes post-Lady Gaga

What will the pricing threshold mean for you?

Call it the Lady Gaga rule. Billboard has set a pricing threshold for albums and singles to come on the Billboard 200 album and the Hot 100 singles charts.

Effective with the charts dated Dec. 10  for the tracking week that starts Nov. 21), any album selling for less than $3.49 for its first four weeks will not be eligible for the chart. After that, discount away. For the singles chart, any track selling for less than .39 cents during its first three months will not be allowed on the chart.

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<p>Miranda Lambert poses backstage at the 2011 CMAs after winning the Female Vocalist of the Year award.</p>

Miranda Lambert poses backstage at the 2011 CMAs after winning the Female Vocalist of the Year award.

Credit: AP Photo/Evan Agostini

Miranda Lambert, Chad Kroeger, Gavin DeGraw tapped to salute CMT artists of the year

Also, check out which country artists are headed to the White House

Miranda Lambert,  Matthew McConaughey, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, the Eagles’ Joe Walsh, and Ellen DeGeneres are among the artists who will honor the 2011 CMT Artists of the Year in a special that will air Dec. 13 on Rob Lowe will host the 90-minute program, taped at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

The artists of the year—Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift—were chosen based on sales, airplay, concert grosses and internet activity.

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"Being Chaz"

 "Being Chaz"

Credit: OWN

Chaz Bono talks 'DWTS,' sex reassignment, being called an Ewok and Cher

The LGBT activist launches a new doc, 'Being Chaz,' on OWN
For those who can remember the adorable little blonde girl on "Sonny and Cher," Chaz Bono's very public transformation from a woman into a man has likely been a jarring one -- and probably accounts for some of the angry response to Bono's decision to star in the current season of "Dancing with the Stars." But Bono has inspired people (and not just transgendered people) everywhere with both his honesty and his willingness to share his transition with the world in the OWN documentary "Becoming Chaz," which was nominated for three Emmys. Now comes "Being Chaz," a second doc showing Bono's life after becoming a man. Bono talked to reporters on a conference call about the new show, what it was like to be called an Ewok on "Dancing with the Stars" and how his mom finally came around to having a son. 
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<p>Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in &quot;The&nbsp;Iron&nbsp;Lady&quot;</p>

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady"

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Meryl Streep is good-to-great in meh-to-good 'Iron Lady'

Looks like it's boiling down to her and Viola Davis for the Best Actress Oscar

It's really striking, the similarities between Phyllida Lloyd's "The Iron Lady" and Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar." Both attempt to paint a sympathetic portrait of a conservative politician whose ideals were eventually warped and obsessed upon. Both ultimately whitewash those ideals in favor of broad, glossed-over history lessons built from lazily structured screenplays. And both feature leading performances that, in better films, would likely be no-brainers for Oscar wins.

Lloyd's film begins with aged former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher having difficulty merely buying milk in a brave new world that has moved on ahead of her. It initiates the viewer with a dementia-stricken Thatcher and finds some success in using mundane daily encounters -- a dinner party place setting, a tea cup -- to ignite her memory and send the narrative back in time for the usual biopic foundations. But that ultimately gives way to rather arbitrary flashbacks to cover her life in politics quite broadly, rarely finding time to dig in on the various human hues with which it wants to paint its subject.

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<p>&quot;Hey girl, want to see my tattoos?&quot;</p>

"Hey girl, want to see my tattoos?"

Watch: Wale drops videos with Rick Ross, for the 'Ambitious Girl, and 'Lotus Flower'

Is the rapper's girl paying her way through school by stripping?

I like Wale's new record overall because of it's variety. It's clear that Wale like a lot of variety in his ladies, too, judging from two new videos, plus another street clip with Rick Ross, all released this week.

"Ambition" was released early this month, but three vids dropped just this week, including today's "Ambitious Girl." It's a love poem to a girl he hasn't met yet, but she proves self-worth through the woman she aspires to be. She also just happens to be a stripper, y'know, to get herself through school. F'real. The slow-mo clip is otherwise well-shot, only a little gratuitous and well-meaning on the whole.

"Lotus Flower," on the other hand, is a LOT gratuitious, but not without a good laugh by the end. Miguel lays down the bedroom-jamming refrain. I suddenly feel the need to wear a leotard?

And then there's "Tats on My Arm," with Bawse, both rhymers woofing all over this simple record for the club (and, of course, your local tattoo parlor).

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Taking questions for 11/18 Oscar Talk

Offer up your burning queries

You know the drill. Rifle off your need-to-knows and we'll address as many as we can on the podcast tomorrow.

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<p>Ralph Fiennes in a scene from&nbsp;&quot;Harry Potter and the&nbsp;Deathly Hallows:&nbsp;Part 2&quot;</p>

Ralph Fiennes in a scene from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2"

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Tech Support: 'Hugo' and 'Harry Potter' set the scene for Best Art Direction

Other contenders include 'War Horse,' 'The Artist' and 'J. Edgar'

The design of a film truly does “set the scene.” I’m obviously speaking literally in part – the sets fill up our screen and can therefore present interesting opportunities for glitz and glamor, the complete opposite or anything in between.

But I’m also speaking on a more fundamental level: sets and props build the atmosphere of the world a film's characters inhabit. If done well, the job of the directors and actors becomes much easier. It seems only fair that the talented individuals who engage in this art are recognized by their peers in an Oscar category.

Despite being called the Academy Award for Best Art Direction, the art director is unfortunately not awarded in the category. Rather, the production designer and the set decorator are cited. The production designer is in charge of the film’s entire art department as well as designing and blueprinting set construction. The set decorator is in charge of filling up those sets with elements that flesh out the space.

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<p>Feist in &quot;How Come You Never Go There&quot;</p>

Feist in "How Come You Never Go There"

Watch: Feist finally releases a new music video, for 'How Come...'

Cut your hair, hippy

Feist became well-known for her music videos from "The Reminder," particularly for the one for "1234." For "Metals," however, it's been quiet on the A/V end. Until now.

The Canadian singer-songwriter stars solo in this black-and-white Middle Earthish shoot, for "How Come You Never Go There." She sports a very long wig, which is being tousled by the wind. Perhaps she borrowed a machine from Rebecca Black?

Leslie Feist told me in an interview recently that she hasn't been feeling music videos lately, in part because she lost collaborator Patrick Daughters (who stepped away from video-directing to focus on other art). There hasn't been a name associated with this clip yet, but perhaps it's the start of another beautiful friendship.

 Feist is currently on tour in North America in support of "Metals." She has help from troupe Mountain Man on backing vocals. It's really good, guys. "Metals" was released this fall.

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