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Tracy Morgan heads home after being released from rehab

Tracy Morgan heads home after being released from rehab
Said his publicist: "Tracy has been released from the rehabilitation center and will continue his recovery efforts at home with an aggressive outpatient program.”

Amazon will let "Transparent” viewers binge on the 1st season, Netflix-style
The comedy starring Jeffrey Tambor in a transgender role will roll out 10 episodes at the same time. PLUS: Are Amazon stars making less than their network counterparts?

“The X-Files” creator Chris Carter has a 99-episode plan for Amazon’s “The After”
The sci-fi drama has so far been picked up for eight episodes, which will be released in four two-hour installments.

Amazon hasn’t told Garry Trudeau how many people are watching “Alpha House”
The head of Amazon Studios comedy division said the numbers don’t matter, just the feedback.

Kerr Smith to guest on “Criminal Minds”
The “Dawson’s Creek” alum will play an “acromotophile” in the Season 10 premiere.

ABC News criticized for leading “Word News Tonight” with LeBron James news
“The king is coming home,” Diane Sawyer said at the top of Friday’s broadcast.

“Cake Boss” and his family were rescued last night from his stranded boat
Buddy Valastro had to call the authorities after his boat was lost in thick fog.

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Comic-Con Saturday: Bye bye to 'The Hobbit,' 'Sin City' returns and Marvel will rule

Comic-Con Saturday: Bye bye to 'The Hobbit,' 'Sin City' returns and Marvel will rule

Could their be an 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' tease?

A two-hour panel scheduled for "The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies?" That's a big hint that a lot of surprises could be in store for movie fans on yet another packed Comic-Con Saturday. The organizers released the schedule for July 26 and have slotted over eight-straight hours of movie panels in Hall H. And in what is becoming a tradition, Marvel Studios will be the last to show their wares.

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Sia set to score her first No. 1 album in the U.S. next week

Her victory comes as the summer doldrums set in

Sia picked a good week to release her excellent “1000 Forms of Fear.”  The Australian singer/songwriter’s latest album will come in at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with a very only 53,000, making it one of the lowest sales tallies ever for a debuting chart topper.  The summer doldrums are in full effect as the sum total of all 10 albums in top 10 will hover around 300,000 or more than 80,000 less than Coldplay sold in its opening week for “Ghost Stories” this spring.

Sam Smith’s “In The Lonely Hour” hangs out at No. 2  (45,000). The unsinkable “Frozen” soundtrack will be No. 3 (40,000), while Trey Songz’ current No. 1, “Trigga” and Ed Sheeran’s “X” are too close to call for No. 4.

Next come two more debuts: Judas Priest’s “Redeemer of Souls” at No. 6 (32,000) and Dirty Heads’ “Sound Of Change” at No. 7 (24,000).

Miranda Lambert’s “Platinum” is No. 8 (22,000), “Now That’s What I Call Music 50” at No. 9 (21,000) and Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” at No. 10 (20).

YouTube phenom Jacob Whitesides will likely come in at No. 14 (15,000).

With sales so low at the top of the chart, it will be interesting to see what the No. 200 title sells and it if will be in the 3 digits.

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Tracy Morgan sues Wal-Mart over deadly crash

Tracy Morgan sues Wal-Mart over deadly crash
Morgan and his fellow passengers are suing over the Wal-Mart driver who collided into them last month. "Wal-Mart was careless and negligent in the ownership and operation of its motor vehicle, which caused Mr. Morgan to suffer severe personal injuries,” reads the complaint.


Why Jimmy Fallon’s move away from talking is bad for late-night
Even when Fallon talks to his guests, it’s as if they’re just Hollywood acquaintances. As Daniel D’Addario argues, "talk shows provide a rare opportunity to get a sense of what a star is actually all about — how they react to a tough question or a barbed joke, what they have to say about the incredibly unusual circumstances that accompany being famous.”

“The Daily Show’s” longest-serving writer recalls the transition from Craig Kilborn to Jon Stewart
"I've always been amazed at how well Jon handled the transition,” says J.R. Havlan, who left last month after 18 years. "He didn't rock the boat. Instead, he used that first year to gradually make the adjustments necessary to create the foundation for what the show would eventually become.”

CNN’s "The Hunt With John Walsh” is a schlocky disappointment
The former “America’s Most Wanted” host new series, debuting Sunday, "is indistinguishable from the true-crime fare that clogs fringe cable channels like Investigation Discovery,” according to Neil Genzlinger.

Why MTV is heading into “Virgin Territory”
A survey finding that teens wanted more content about being a virgin prompted MTV’s new reality show.

Adam DeVine will be a big part of “Modern Family” next season
“We have big plans,” co-creator Christopher Lloyd says of the “Workaholics” star, who appeared in the season finale.

“Reign” casts a “Spartacus” alum
Craig Parker will play the role of Narcisse, who has a “death grip” on the French Court.

“Doctor Who” adds a star of "The Kumars at No. 42”
Sanjeev Bhaskar will come to the aid of the Doctor in the season finale.

Pivot renews “Please Like Me” for a 3rd season
The new cable channel has also greenlit “Freestyle” a comedic improv series from Lin-Manuel Miranda and “Fortitude,” an original drama starring Stanley Tucci.

“True Blood’s” Chris Bauer: “I look worse on film than in real life”
Bauer looks back at his “True Blood” and “The Wire” work in a Reddit AMA. PLUS: Anna Camp says: "This season is about Sarah trying to survive.”

“Ray Donovan” is back for Season 2, with some excess baggage
The Showtime series still feels like it’s finding its way in its 2nd season. PLUS: “Ray” is a showcase for Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight.

“Masters of Sex” is even richer and more compelling in Season 2
By the third episode of Season 2, there will be a payoff so great it’s "the best 58 minutes this show has produced.” PLUS: “Masters” is the smartest show of the summer, why does “Masters” feel so modern for women?, “Masters” is TV’s most feminist show, the show finally becomes sexy this season, and “Masters” is intelligent, witty, quick-paced and surprising — it treats its audience like grown-ups.

FX’s “The Strain” reclaims vampires from prissy romantics and lovelorn teens
"In recent years we got so hung up on sexy vampires who ached to assimilate into society that we forgot how to make them undesirable and frightening,” says Hank Stuever. He adds: "There’s something refreshingly old-fashioned about 'The Strain' when viewed merely as a lean horror show, free of metaphor or derivative camp or hidden meanings.” PLUS: “The Strain” is a very bad show that should be the death rattle for vampires, it’s a rich fondue of blood and cheese, it is smashing entertainment, it’s so bad it’s bad, and it benefits from not taking itself too seriously.

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<p>Corey Stoll of &quot;The Strain&quot;</p>

Corey Stoll of "The Strain"

Credit: FX

'The Strain' star Corey Stoll talks hair, leading man roles and vampires on the set

Guillermo del Toro adaptation premieres on FX on Sunday

TORONTO, ON. Let's get this out of the way, because you're already thinking it.

It's mid-March in a chilly interview room on the Toronto set of FX's "The Strain" and star Corey Stoll is chatting with one of three small roundtables of reporters. We've been talking for at least 15 minutes without addressing the elephant in the room, so I broach the all-important topic: Hair, or augmentation thereof.

Stoll's visibility has increased dramatically in recent years and it's not like audiences are unfamiliar with seeing him with tonsorial assistance. His Ernest Hemingway in "Midnight in Paris" featured both a well-adorned head and a mustache that he carried over into NBC's "Law & Order: Los Angeles." That role and his Golden Globe nominated turn in "House of Cards" were recognizably clear-pated, which has already had people scratching their heads about the floppy hair Stoll is sporting in "The Strain."

What, I ask Stoll, are the advantages and disadvantages of acting with hair?

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'Better Call Saul' will be set in 2002, Michael McKean will play Saul’s brother

“Better Call Saul” will be set in 2002, Michael McKean will play Saul’s brother
Also, Saul Goodman’s name is not yet Saul Goodman, says Vince Gilligan, who adds that Walter White will only show up if it makes sense. "If it makes sense we’ll do it, if it doesn’t make sense we won’t,” he said. “I’d love to have him as a director … character wise, who knows? Maybe there’s a way to do it.”

AMC orders martial arts drama “Badlands” straight to series
The drama from the “Smallville” team tells the story of a great warrior and a young boy’s journey, based on the classic Chinese tale "Journey to the West.”

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<p>Wrong &quot;Badlands&quot;</p>

Wrong "Badlands"

Martial arts drama 'Badlands' gets a series order from AMC

'Smallville' duo Al Gough and Miles Millar get their second series order of the day

AMC has given a direct-to-series order to "Badlands," a new martial arts drama that has absolutely nothing to do with the classic Terrence Malick film featured in the picture accompanying this story.

Actually, "Badlands" is based very loosely on the Chinese tale "Journey to the West." 

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<p>Better Call Saul</p>

Better Call Saul

Credit: AMC

Press tour: 'Better Call Saul' live-blog with Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould

The 'Breaking Bad' vets try to clarify what exactly the spin-off will be

Until about 10 minutes ago, there has been so much conflicting information, if not outright misinformation, about what exactly "Better Call Saul" will be: A straight "Breaking Bad" prequel? A time-bending journey that includes adventures during the reign of Heisenberg? A comedy? A drama with occasional laughs? Huell's story?

AMC's press release about the full cast and basic premise and setting fill in some of the details — including that it begins six years before Saul (then known as Jimmy McGill) meets Walter White — and now co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould will hopefully bring more of the show (not due to premiere until early 2015) into sharper clarity, without actually giving too much of the fun away. I'll be live-blogging all of Gilligan's charming Virginian self-deprecation, all of Gould's jokes, and whatever nuggets we actually get about the new show.

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What you can expect from Marvel Studios at their 2014 Comic-Con panel
Credit: AP Photo

What you can expect from Marvel Studios at their 2014 Comic-Con panel

At least a few Avengers should be there, but who will join them on the Hall H stage?

Looking at the official Marvel announcement of their inevitable 2014 Comic-Con panel, it's about as vague an announcement as possible. The "when" is Saturday, July 26, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. The "where" is Hall H. It's just the "what" that they left very, very loose.

Marvel's pretty much taken up permanent occupation of that spot, and why not? It's the last big movie panel of each year, and being in that position means that they have a chance to throw down something big and buzzworthy and basically dominate the conversation as all the movie coverage is wrapping up. It's a brilliant strategy, and I'm sure they've got some big things planned for this year.

But what?

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<p>Better Call Saul</p>

Better Call Saul

Credit: AMC

AMC teases new 'Better Call Saul' plot details

Full cast line-up detailed, setting and premise are here

In about 10 or 20 minutes, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are going to be at press tour to discuss the "Breaking Bad" prequel "Better Call Saul," but AMC just released the first real fixed plot details, plus a full cast list, so here we go:

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Credit: Starz

'Outlander' gets an early premiere, split first season on Starz

The first eight episodes will be followed by a hiatus

Although Starz didn't panel the time-spanning romance "Outlander" at Friday's (July 11) Television Critics Association press tour panel, the Diana Gabaldon still featured heavily in the network's announcements. 

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Neko Case and Kelly Hogan's new video warns: 'These Aren’t The Droids'

Neko Case and Kelly Hogan's new video warns: 'These Aren’t The Droids'

But it may be just what you're looking for

We've already pointed out the many splendor thing about Kelly Hogan and Neko Case's very silly and strong feministing song "These Aren't The Droids." I giggle every time at the "sexbot with only holes" line.

But the music video to the comedy track may also be a fun primer for some of you leading up to San Diego Comic-Con, first, for some great cosplay ideas. Secondly: tips on dining table etiquette and what to do with your tasers. Third, it's a reiteration of how people shouldn't treat  girls (geeky or not) like second-rate space citizens. We may get you pregnant by pointing at you.

Ellie Kemper also co-stars, so you've got that.

"These Aren't The Droids" is a track off of the benefit album "2776," which boasts contributions from other music and comedy acts including Patton Oswalt, Reggie Watts, Aimee Mann, Ed Helms, Will Forte and more. As a matter of fact, I premiered a different song, "Escape from New York," by Ashanti, Andy Richter and more. Proceeds go to OneKid OneWorld.

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