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Caleb and Christine of "Big Brother 16"

Recap: 'Big Brother' Thursday - Double Eviction Devastation

Two houseguests pranced out of Chenbot Manor. Who were they? And does it matter?

(You like the picture I chose above? Doesn't it look like a creepy Victorian portrait of two dead Silverlake hipsters? Anyway.)

I didn't think there was a way to make a double eviction night on "Big Brother" anticlimactic, but Julie Chen proved me wrong when she announced several times (in her favorite "sinister newsreel" voice) that the evening's evictees would earn the chance to reenter the game. Ugh. What? Already? I half-expected Julie to kick a hole through the big studio TV screen and laugh, "This episode doesn't even matter!" There is nothing about getting 10th or 11th place on "Big Brother" that strikes me as reentry-worthy, but tonight's evictees, who would normally rank 11th and 10th, may well be on their way to a highly unimpressive victory. Hooray?

Bottom line: It's hard to know what to make of tonight's episode. So instead of lamenting the evictions of bow-tied sorceress Jocasta and goofball prince Hayden, let's count up 10 moments that did matter in this kooky, breathless hour of TV.

1. Cody revealed he is terrible at looking unsuspicious.

Though Cody ended up in the right alliance, one that would end up saving Zach and voting out Jocasta, he sure looked like a damn moron trying to play cool as other houseguests walked in on him conspiring. When Frankie waddled in on Cody and Derrick's discussion about evictions, Cody's immediate cover-up was to -- yes, this is real -- yap, "Hello, sir!" in a cockney accent. That impenetrable ruse. J. Edgar Hoover developed that technique in the '30s, and it's still the FBI's chief form of espionage. Cody added to his brilliant disguise by asking, "How was your nap? W-was it good?" Cody may as well have covered his eyes with his hands and cried, "YOU CAN'T SEE ME, FRANKIE, SO THERE'S NOTHING SUSPICIOUS HAPPENING HERE."

2. Frankie looks like Diddy Kong when shocked.


And when we can see his hair, he's more Dixie Kong.

3. Zach's rhymes? Were hot.

Even when we knew Zach wouldn't be going home during the eviction ceremony, he dazzled us with an inspiring and defiant series of "Seussical"-style rhymes for his pre-vote speech. The final quatrain in the poem was pure magic: "Your decision tonight is crucial / The wrong choice may cost ya / So when you walk into that Diary Room / Please vote to evict Jocasta." Leave it to Zach to point out that "cost ya" rhymes with "'costa." Love you, new Chaucer. 

4. Jocasta revealed that God is a sh*tty ally.

After Jocasta (literally) sashayed out of the house during her eviction, Julie quizzed her about her performance in the game. Was she shocked by her elimination? "No! God gives you great discernment! I think this is what God wanted! That's my homie!" Apparently Jocasta worships a god who wants her to finish in 11th place. To quote the immortal Tori Amos, "God, sometimes you just don't come through."

5. Ariana Grande is a ponytailed Chicken McNugget from an '80s McDonald's commercial.

Frankie's sister, the renowned problem-haver Ariana Grande, appeared in the audience for a brief moment this episode. We caught the footage on tape. At 0:05 she even gets in a fun soundbite.

6. There hasn't been a grimmer moment on TV than when Caleb of all people won a challenge called "Mathcathlon."

Caleb won a math-based challenge for HOH. Spoiler: Caleb is stupid. This is horrible. The only math he knows is how many times he'll let Amber refuse his advances before giving up on a date with her. The answer is double infinity + never. 

7. After being put up on the block, Donny won the veto challenge for reasons I still don't understand.

Caleb threw Hayden and Donny, two of his four non-alliance members left in the house, on the chopping block as HOH. The Power of Veto competition was a "Big Brother" classic: Jump into a ball pit and retrieve objects in a speedy fashion. In an outcome that defies all sense of normalcy and decency, kindly caterpillar Donny defeated Hayden, Zach, Caleb, Christine, and a non-living pile of molecules named Victoria. What? How? Donny is SLOW. I'd be suspicious except Donny's entire life seems to defy space and time. After the competition, he panted loudly and for a long-ass time like Odie after being kicked off a table. Whatever. Wheeze on, Donny, you precious prospector prince.

8. Angry Nicole is the best Nicole.

Nicole tried to act angry after Hayden was evicted. She announced, "This is ridiculous!" She sounded like this.

9. Hayden was blindsided by his elimination.

He declared, "I got boned!" Then he awkwardly laughed and added, "Sorry." Word to the wise, Hayden: Never apologize for getting boned.

10. Turns out we still have two HOHs to worry about. Ugh.

I thought we'd heard the last of the Battle of the Block competitions, but they'll resume this Sunday. I suppose that's better than the old standby, those pointless Have/Have-Not grudge matches. The only slop I want to hear about is the mushy affection between Frankie and Zach, thanks. 

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Credit: Sundance

Review: 'Rectify' - 'The Great Destroyer'

Daniel gets a ride from Tawney and considers a plea bargain

Some thoughts on tonight's "Rectify" — and on the outstanding second season to date — coming up just as soon as we can talk about vacations or chihuahuas...

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'The View' taped test segments with Whoopi, Rosie and potential female co-hosts

“The View” taped test segments with Whoopi, Rosie and potential female co-hosts
Those potential female co-hosts, according to Buzzfeed, include ESPN’s Jemele Hill, CNN’s S.E. Cupp, CNN’s Ann Navarro, “Good Day L.A.’s” Lauren Sanchez, ESPN’s Sage Steele, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace and CNN’s Sunny Hostin. PLUS: Hostin is said to be the frontrunner.

ABC cancels "Black Box"
The midseason bipolar neurologist drama starring Kelly Reilly premiered after "Scandal."

Jaime Pressly underwent an “almost full mastectomy” after breast cancer scare
The TV Land star made the revelation on “The Talk."

Sean Hannity: "Maybe Stephen Colbert needs to come over here and get a dose of reality”
The Fox News host has issued a challenge to Colbert in response to being mocked last night on “The Colbert Report.”

“Once Upon a Time” unveils “Frozen’s” Anna
Here’s how Elizabeth Lail looks as the “Frozen” princess.

Ex-NFL star Tony Gonzalez to guest on “NCIS”
Gonzalez, who is now working for CBS’ NFL pregame show, spent today filming his guest role. PLUS: Gonzalez’s wife auditioned for “The View."

The “Cheers” bar is moving from storage to a TV museum
CBS is donating the classic sitcom set to TV memorabilia collector James Comisar and his new Museum of Television.

Was “True Detective” so great despite its creator?
Here’s an argument that Nic Pizzolatto wasn’t a big factor in the success of the HBO series. The show was great, argues Max Read, because of Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and director Cary Fukunaga.

Andy Samberg and his "SNL"/Lonely Island pals are starring in a movie together
Judd Apatow will produce the film, with Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone co-starring. The Lonely Island previously collaborated on the 2007 film “Hot Rod,” but Schaffer was behind the camera as director while Samberg and Taccone played leading roles.

What’s wrong with survival TV?
Shows like “Naked and Afraid” and Bear Grylls’ “Running Wild” just don’t like realistic enough.

“NYPD Blue” alum Henry Simmons is the latest to join “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
He’ll recur as agent Alphonso “Mac” Mackenzie.

“Hell on Wheels” pulls in impressive ratings on a Saturday night
The Season 4 premiere was on par with last year’s debut.

Kerry Washington: "It was tough for me to even maintain Olivia’s walk” while pregnant filming “Scandal”
Washington is one of several actresses who revealed their most challenging scenes to The Hollywood Reporter.

Robert Knepper will reprise his “Arrow” Clock King role on “The Flash”
He’ll be one of "TWO bad guys” The Flash will face in Episode 7, says the CW show’s exec producer. PLUS: New “Flash” trailer offers comic book Easter eggs.

Play “The Big Bang Theory” showrunner challenge
Exec producers Bill Prady and Steve Molaro were guests on "Superfan Vs. Showrunner."

Jimmy Fallon remains dominant, as Jimmy Kimmel surges and Letterman declines
Kimmel is now beating Dave in the key 18-49 demo, while closing in on his idol in total viewers.

Why Arya Stark is the best “Game of Thrones” character, even better than Tyrion
No character has grown and changed and faced more troubles than Arya.

“Haven” gets a Season 5 premiere date
The first 13 of 26 episodes will debut on Sept. 11.

Billy Eichner is jealous of that viral “Apparently Kid”
“I did not struggle in this business since I was a teenager only 2 have my star eclipsed by some strange red headed child who says apparently,” the “Billy on the Street” star tweeted.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” rehires the fired Jacqueline Laurita
TMZ says producers originally  let her go because of family issues. PLUS: Ramona Singer leaves her husband.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar reenacts “Saved by the Bell” on “Watch What Happens Live”
Andy Cohen played Screech, while guest Mel B was Lisa Turtle.

Check out Starz’s “The Missing”
The limited series debuts Nov. 15.

Ryan Seacrest launches his suit line
"Ryan Seacrest Distinction” is available at Macy’s.

See “The League’s” poster featuring a unicorn
“The fantasy is real.”

“The Killing” series finale, explained
That final moment, says Veena Sud, "we viewed as the final movement of an opera.” PLUS: Joan Allen reacts to “The Killing” finale.

“Cheer Perfection” mom sentenced to 10 years for sleeping with a 13-year-old boy
Andrea Clevenger, 34, pleaded guilty to having sex with the boy in her home and in her car.

TCM to showcase ““The Jewish Experience in Film” Tuesdays in September
The films will be grouped into seven themes, including “The Evolving Jew” and “The Holocaust.”

Conan splits a pot brownie with Larry King and Andy Richter
Did they consume a real pot brownie?

Morgan Spurlock begins exploring the “7 Deadly Sins”
The Showtime series, premiering tonight, presents a skewed look at the grotesque.

Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus” is looser, baggier and less pointed than “The Boondocks”
The Adult Swim live-action comedy, debuting tonight, has a familiar feel to it, recalling comedies from “Chappelle’s Show” to “Sanford and Son.” PLUS: “Black Jesus” is mockery with Jesus, not of Jesus.

IFC’s "Garfunkel and Oates” is nothing like “Girls” or “Broad City”
Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome’s TV show based on their musical-comedy act is actually something every unique. It’s totally unfamiliar. PLUS: Kate and Riki have a slight Mary-Rhoda correlation, and the show was originally slated for HBO.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is trying to tell us something, we're just not sure what it is...

TSwift gives two more clues, but the picture is still murky

Taylor Swift continues to lead us on her own personal scavenger hunt as she drops two more clues, ostensibly about new music, in the past 24 hours.

Earlier this week, she posted a short video on Instagram that featured a finger hitting the button for the 18th floor on an elevator and labeled it Clue No. 1.

Yesterday, she added  an adorable photo of her Scottish fold cat— named Olivia Benson, by the way — and a Polaroid camera on a shelf, as well as a hand drawn and colored card on the upper shelf that is mainly decipherable, but includes the New York skyline and the words friends and delightful home. The time of the photo is 5:00.

For Clue No. 3, dropped a few hours ago, it gets even more cryptic: It’s simply a screen shot of the Yahoo logo with “this is clue # 3.”

So my guess is she’s premiering her new single on Aug. 18 at 5 p.m. on Yahoo.  Or Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the candlestick.

The one thing we know for sure, more clues will be forthcoming.


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Summer Movies Flashback 1999: 'South Park' surprise and scathing 'Star Wars' reactions
Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd./Paramount/Warner Bros.

Summer Movies Flashback 1999: 'South Park' surprise and scathing 'Star Wars' reactions

It was a very special summer for me for more reasons than what was onscreen

Our continuing look back at some of the biggest summers we've lived through takes us back 15 years to one of the best recent movie seasons overall.

In honor of the 2014 summer movie season, Team HitFix will be delivering a mini-series of articles flashing back to key summers from years past. There will be one each month, diving into the marquee events of the era, their impact on the writer and their implications on today's multiplex culture. We continue today with a look back at the summer of 1999.

It was the summer I became Moriarty.

To be fair, I had been contributing to Ain't It Cool for a little while already by that point, and I had been slowly but surely embracing the potential of the website and the audience that I was reaching. I had already taken a few trips to Austin, including a memorable stay at the third Quentin Tarantino Film Festival, and in the spring, I was asked at the last moment if I would attend ShoWest in Las Vegas. ShoWest is known today as CinemaCon, and it's a trade show where the studios share highlights from their upcoming slate with the theater owners. I went because I was positively crazy about "Star Wars" and I was hoping to to see new footage from it, or perhaps something from the first new Stanley Kubrick film in over a decade.

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'True Detective' creator denies plagiarism allegations, HBO is standing by him

“True Detective” creator denies plagiarism allegations, HBO is standing by him
“Nothing in the television show 'True Detective' was plagiarized,” Nic Pizzolatto said in statement. HBO, meanwhile, said in a statement: “True Detective is a work of exceptional originality and the story, plot, characters and dialogue are that of Nic Pizzolatto...we stand by the show, its writing and Nic Pizzolatto entirely.”

Kyle McLachlan joins “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
He’ll recur in Season 2 as Skye’s father.

Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick to guest on “Royal Pains”
The E! stars will play themselves in the season finale.

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Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan reunites on 'The Daily Show' and takes roll call

Watch their performance of 'Ron O'Neal'

With the obvious exception of dear departed Ol Dirty Bastard, the entire Wu-Tang Clan reunited on “The Daily Show” last night to celebrate their 20th anniversary and because nothing brings old band members back together like a new album to promote.

All nine surviving members, including RZA, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, GZA,  and longtime hold-out Raekwon, performed “Ron O’Neal” from the November release, “A Better Tomorrow,”  as well as Wu-Tang chestnut, “Triumph.” It’s worth watching the video just for the act’s intro and to meet a new surprise member.

Raekwon, who told Rolling Stone in April that he wouldn’t be part of the new project because of business differences (as opposed to the usual creative differences), explained his change of heart—kind of— to Jon Stewart by comparing himself to an athlete:

“I consider this a sport," Raekwon said. "I think it's important as an athlete of music to make sure that you've got your business together, make sure you feel happy in whatever you want to do. You just want to feel good about it and at the end of the day you've gotta have your i's dotted and your t's crossed in business, because we have families…so if I'm not gonna see my children and I'm out here doing a job, I think it's important for me to go out there and do what I say I'm going to do, get back home to them and then hit up Disneyland."

Ghostface Killah said any reservations he had about returning were alleviated by RZA . “As soon as [RZA] said we’re coming back to do a 'A Better Tomorrow,” I’m always with it,” he said. Despite having some concerns about making sure all the business affairs and logistics were in order {are you sensing  a theme?], he’s a team player once he’s on board. “I’ll take one for the team, I don’t have a problem with that.”

At the end of the day, RZA said the state of the Wu Tang union is solid. “Wu-Tang, we have something in common with each other — a brotherhood, a respect. And when we said 'a better tomorrow,' we're starting to make a better tomorrow for ourselves, but also to inspire a better tomorrow for the world."

While “A Better Tomorrow” will be available for the world to hear, as we previously reported, Wu-Tang has also been recording a double album, “The Wu —Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” that they will only press one copy of and sell to the highest bidder  (and also tour the album in its engraved gift box) to galleries and museums because they're givers.





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Anti-Russian protesters use 'The Simpsons' to bash Putin

Anti-Russian protesters use “The Simpsons” to bash Putin
A doctored video of the opening sequence circulating around the Ukrainian and Russian Internet states that "Putin is a d---head!”

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd say goodbye to “The View,” but Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t there
Today was the final live taping for Shepherd and McCarthy, who was teary-eyed. “My time here was short, but the memories and lessons learned here will stay with me for ever,” McCarthy said. “I am so grateful."

Discovery’s “Shark After Dark” talk show books Chelsea Handler, Danny Trejo, Robert Rodriguez
Ashley Tisdale, Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr. and Stone Cold Steve Austin will also be guests on the Shark Week talk show.

Watch a clip from Lifetime’s “Unauthorized Saved by the Bell” movie
How much do the Lifetime actors resemble their real-life counterparts?

“Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks is stuck in the ‘60s in a Funny or Die video
Watch “Joan" try to work in a modern office.

“The Mentalist” bringing back Morena Baccerin
The former “Homeland” star will reprise her role as sexy sociopath Erika Flynn.

Shonda Rhimes unveils the poster for “How to Get Away with Murder”
“Black-and-white and red all over."

Entire Wu-Tang Clan reunite on “The Daily Show,” including Jordan Klepper
The new “Daily Show” correspondent was revealed last night to be a Wu-Tang member.

“Extant” hits another low
Despite its new timeslot, Halle Berry’s drama was down 9% in the key demo from last week.

“Doctor Who” won’t celebrate a decade of the new “Who”
The 10th-anniversary of the Christopher Eccleston/Billie Piper revival won’t be acknowledged next year.

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Beyonce set to perform at MTV VMAs and receive Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award

Bey is most nominated artist with eight noms

Beyonce knows she’ll go home with at least one award at Aug. 24’s MTV Video Music Awards.

The superstar will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, which honors artists for their innovative body of visual work. Past recipients include Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Peter Gabriel, R.E.M. and the award’s namesake.

Beyonce will have to wait until the actual awards show, which will be held at the Forum in Los Angeles, to find out if she wins any of the other eight MoonMen for which she is nominated. She leads all nominees with nods in such categories at video of the year, best female, and best choreography.

Beyonce, who finished the North American leg of On The Run tour with husband, Jay Z, last night, will also perform on the VMAs. Other artists signed on to appear include Taylor Swift, Usher, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Ariana Grande.

MTV posted a series of Bey-GIFs related to today’s news, which is worth the 60 seconds it will take to scroll through them for the Tina Turner-like hair flip in the next to last  GIF alone.

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<p>Taxi Brooklyn</p>

Taxi Brooklyn

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'America's Got Talent' & 'Big Brother' split Wednesday for NBC & CBS

'Taxi Brooklyn' and 'Extant' remain even at 10

Fast affiliate ratings for Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

"America's Got Talent" and "Big Brother" carried NBC and CBS to a Wednesday tie among young adults (though NBC won easily among total viewers), while "Taxi Brooklyn" and "Extant" continued their stalemate at 10.

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Report: E! execs are worried about airing Chelsea Handler’s 1-hour 'Chelsea Lately' farewell live

Report: E! execs are worried about airing Chelsea Handler’s 1-hour “Chelsea Lately” farewell live
“They were nervous about handing 60 minutes of live TV to her, because she’s been unpredictable,” an E! insider tells the NY Daily News. “They are now discussing taping the last show in case it needs editing.”

Larry David talks about his Broadway play — and whether he’ll do more “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
On stage, David says he’ll be playing "somebody very similar to Larry David – it might even be Larry David with a different name.” As for “Curb,” David says he hasn’t ruled out another season. “But I’m not going to mentally do that to myself right now,” he said of making a decision about the cable series. “But if I did do another season, this play would push that schedule back.”

FCC investigating NBC’s “Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour” special
Only three people complained about the 4th of July special, yet the FCC will probe the broadcast anyway.

Will Arnett: “We are going to do more ‘Arrested Development’”
"Ted Sarandos and Netflix kind of let the cat out of the bag on that one,” Arnett said this morning on “Today." "It's something we all want to do so we're excited.”

Study: 31% of Netflix subscribers have watched “House of Cards,” 44% have ever watched “Orange is the New Black”
That’s according to a poll of 562 U.S. households.

Beyonce to receive the Vanguard Award at MTV VMAs
She’s also planning an “epic” performance.

USA’s “Dig” to move filming to Croatia
The Middle East series had to flee Jerusalem amid Gaza fighting.

Netflix passes HBO in subscriber revenue
The streaming video service last quarter earned $1.146 billion to HBO’s $1.141 billion.

James Cameron feared going on “The Tonight Show” more than diving into the deepest part of the ocean
“If something goes wrong on a dive it can be fixed, but if I screw up on TV I have to live with it the rest of my life,” he says.

Lester Holt played bass for Jimmy Fallon
The NBC News star was a guest of The Roots on “The Tonight Show.”

Ana Gasteyer will play a drama teacher on “The Goldbergs”
The “SNL” alum will guest along with Principal Stephen Toblowsky.

Lizzy Caplan recalls her 1st “Masters of Sex” love scene with Michael Sheen
Things did not go well, she tells Conan.

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Review: 'Into The Storm' offers visceral thrills but can barely keep a straight face
Credit: Warner Bros/New Line

Review: 'Into The Storm' offers visceral thrills but can barely keep a straight face

You want tornadoes? Oh, yes, there are tornadoes.

Steven Quale's movie before this was "Final Destination 5," which turns out to be a pretty great training ground for the specific skills he would need to pull off the admittedly impressive technical challenge that is "Into The Storm."

When you're directing a "Final Destination" movie, you don't have a bad guy you can point the camera at. You don't have Michael or Jason or Freddy. Instead, you've got bad luck and the environment and timing and all these subtle things all in play, and that's what ends up killing the characters. You have to be able to show that, communicate the notion of how it's all connected. You have to give character to a malevolent force that has no actual shape or form. I think Quale did a fine job, and he was the one who got to shoot that great ending that brought the entire series into a different focus, making his one of the pivotal movies of the franchise.

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