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<p>Michelle Yeoh meets  Aung San Suu Kyi supporters at the world premiere of &quot;The Lady&quot;&nbsp;earlier this week at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.</p>

Michelle Yeoh meets Aung San Suu Kyi supporters at the world premiere of "The Lady" earlier this week at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.

Credit: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darren Calabrese

Michelle Yeoh enters the best actress race as 'The Lady'

Hong Kong film icon on playing Aung San Suu Kyi

TORONTO - Michelle Yeoh has been to the top of the cinematic mountain.  An icon of Asian cinema, her role in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" made her a global star.  And yet, the reception she's received after playing Nobel Peace Prize-winning Aung San Suu Kyi in Luc Besson's new biopic "The Lady" is a completely new experience.

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<p>Now I can't wait for the arguments over whatever the chase scene ends up being in 'The Dark Knight Rises' next summer</p>

Now I can't wait for the arguments over whatever the chase scene ends up being in 'The Dark Knight Rises' next summer

Credit: Warner Bros/Legendary

The Morning Read: Joseph Kahn and Jim Emerson do battle over 'The Dark Knight'

Plus a look at what's coming up here at Motion/Captured for the rest of the month

Welcome to The Morning Read.

By far, the most entertaining thing going on out there this morning is Joseph Kahn versus Jim Emerson on the subject of "The Dark Knight."  Here we are, three years down the road from the release of the movie, and look at the passion this one sequence seems to inspire.

Kahn, of course, is the director of "Torque," as well as the upcoming "Detention," which has been playing the festival circuit, and he's got a commercial and video resume a mile long.  He's got an active Twitter presence, and he's fairly blunt about his work and his opinion.  I like the guy, and that's a real evolution from my position when "Torque" was released.  I also like that "Detention" fiercely divided people when it screened at SXSW, and critics I like and respect reacted in an absolutely opposite fashion than I did when reviewing it.  Lately, he's been engaging a lot in the discussion of fight geography and the use of sound in cutting action and defending the work of Michael Bay at length, and well.  This piece he published today is the culmination of a lot of conversations over the last week or so, it feels like.

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<p>Stephanie Sigman and Noe Hernandez co-star in the riveting new thriller about life on the straight edge of life in modern Mexico, 'Miss Bala'</p>

Stephanie Sigman and Noe Hernandez co-star in the riveting new thriller about life on the straight edge of life in modern Mexico, 'Miss Bala'

Credit: Fox International

Review: 'Miss Bala' deserves a major release in the US by Fox International

A republished review and an interview with the director of one of the year's best

If I'm being honest, one of my very favorite films that played at the Toronto Film Festival this year is something I saw in May at Cannes.  At the time, I did an impromptu interview with the director of the movie, Gerardo Naranjo.  At the time, I didn't run it, so I thought this morning, I'd publish the interview for the first time, and then republish the review I wrote.  Since I published it with another review, and since we weren't doing letter grades at the time, I thought I'd take the opportunity to assign it the one it deserves now.

The thing is, there's a limited release of this film supposedly set for October 14th, but there's no ads for it yet, and we're only a month out.  This film needs some time to build a head of steam, and it needs the support of the critical community to convince audiences to give it a try.  I hope Fox really tries with this one in the US, and that this isn't a cursory release.  Here's my original review, and I think you'll see just how enthused I was when I saw it.  Nothing's changed almost five months later:

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Listen: Jay-Z assists on J. Cole's single 'Mr. Nice Watch'

Listen: Jay-Z assists on J. Cole's single 'Mr. Nice Watch'

Tim Tebow timepieces

Big Sean declared earlier this summer that he's "Finally Famous," that despite fame's fickleness, "I'm a celebrity!" Drake spends much of his time boo-hooing his still-rising star's affinity for the camera's flashbulbs. Now J. Cole is musing his famous-ness with his new face: the face of a watch.

"No more Mr. Nice Guy," the Roc Nation signee warns on "Mr. Nice Watch," which features the very man responsible for Cole's expensive timepieces: Jay-Z. The space-aged electronic, beat-by-math production is more akin to a Justin Timberlake track were he still in the game, and it grows bigger and bigger...

And then lays low. Hov's contribution, despite his typical breathlessness, remains understated. But he's out the gate with a Tim Tebow reference, right in time for the first week of NFL regular season. "I got a Hublot, I call it Tebow/I strap that b*tch with a 'gator band," he raps, then parsing through some other watch references and letting that building beat just kinda sit there.

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Song Of The Day: Das Racist outsource most of their 'Power'

Song Of The Day: Das Racist outsource most of their 'Power'

Culled from hip-hop duo's latest 'Relax,' trippy track features Danny Brown, Despot

Das Racist have been carving out a home in hip-hop headlines for their brand of cheeky and socially conscious rap, but on "Power," they reserved their smarts for the beats.

Dash Speaks was behind the churning, mechanical production on this steel-toothed "big bad wolf," a lurching bevvy of good ideas. Each rhymers' lax sing-song verses playfully spar against each other in slow motion; while I find guest Danny Brown's contribution (see: hos, blow jobs) to be a bit archaic, Despot saves the day.

Don't get this "Power" mixed up with the Kanye West variety, even though they seem to share the same BPM. Das Racist are having fun and nodding to their forebears, with a "microphone check one, two..." -- not unlike their Sundance video pick "Who's That? Brooown!" -- on top of a very fresh bounce.

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"Project Runway"

 "Project Runway"

Credit: Lifetime Television

Recap: 'Project Runway' - 'What Women Want'

It's a bizarre challenge that pushes Olivier to the edge

Out of the final nine, only three girls are left -- Kimberly, Anya, and Laura. Of those three, only one strikes me as a real contender to get to Bryant Park (Anya, of course). I shouldn't be surprised the final nine is so male dominated, though, as so many designers of womenswear are men. Then again, I see womenswear designs that only look good on a hangar or on, well, actual men (Marc Jacobs and a few other designers have been using a male model, Andrej Pejic, dressed in their women's clothing designs for their runway shows) and think, well, I don't think a woman would try to pull this crap on anyone who has hips, but I digress.  

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<p>Fienberg will approve of Archer's new look.</p>
<br />

Fienberg will approve of Archer's new look.

Credit: FX

'Archer' - 'Heart of Archness, Part 1': All hail the pirate king!

Archer runs away in the hilarious start of a three-part arc

A quick review of tonight's "Archer" - the first of a three-part fall miniseries - coming up just as soon as I set two personal records...

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<p>Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson)&nbsp;and Charlie&nbsp;(Charlie Day)&nbsp;in the &quot;It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia&quot;&nbsp;season premiere. </p>

Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Charlie (Charlie Day) in the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" season premiere.

Credit: FX

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' - 'Frank's Pretty Woman': Big Mac attack

Mac puts on some pounds, and Frank has an indecent proposal in mind

A review of the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" season premiere coming up just as soon as I boil all our denim...

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"The Vampire Diaries"

 "The Vampire Diaries"

Credit: The CW

Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' - 'The Birthday'

Stefan's bloodthirsty, Damon's sad, people die and Elena's having a really bad birthday

Have you missed “Vampire Diaries”? Yes, I know, there were repeats galore, but I'm fairly sure most of you wanted fresh blood. I know, bad pun, but please indulge me -- it's the season premiere! 

At the beginning of the show, we're reminded of just how much happened last season -- Klaus! Katherine! Tyler bit Damon, Stefan gave himself to Klaus to save his brother, Stefan's bad, Elena's sad, lots and lots of people are dead. Let's face it, last year was rough, and not just for Elena. Although sometimes it seems like she is The Saddest Girl in the World. Yes, most teenagers don't have to deal with their vampire boyfriend turning evil to save their smoking hot brother (okay, I'm sure Stefan doesn't think Damon is hot, but I had to editorialize there for just a moment), but still, she is exceptionally sad. 

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<p>Interscope artist Lady Gaga:&nbsp;NOT&nbsp;involved in the drug scandal. Joe Calderone on the other hand...</p>

Interscope artist Lady Gaga: NOT involved in the drug scandal. Joe Calderone on the other hand...

Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Interscope's Los Angeles offices used for narcotics ring, allege Feds

Game's manager indicted on 18 felony charges

The Department of Justice is alleging that the Los Angeles offices of Interscope Records, home to such artists as U2, Lady Gaga, Eminem, No Doubt, and Sheryl Crow, was used by members of a narcotics ring for pick-ups and deliveries. Interscope, helmed by "American Idol" mentor/producer Jimmy Iovine, is owned by Universal Music Group.

A year-long Drug Enforcement Administration investigation, which included detailed shipping records for cases used to allegedly transport kilos of cocaine and $1 million in cash, led to the indictment of music executive James Rosemond, according to The Smoking Gun. Czar Entertainment CE) Rosemond, who also manages Interscope artist The Game, is being held without bail in a Manhattan jail. He was indicted on 18 felony charges.

The Smoking Gun reports that a number of former Rosemond associates have confessed to their role in the narcotics ring, admitting that they picked up the cases full of cash and/or cocaine at Interscope or a number of recording studios. The shipments, via a company called Rock-It Cargo, went from Los Angeles to New York, and would then be distributed from there.

According to the U.S. District Court filing,   Rosemond “disguise(d) these shipments as legitimate freight that was ostensibly needed by the performance artists he managed.”

UPDATE: Universal Music Group has released the following statement: “The information being reported in the press regarding Interscope Records’ involvement with the ongoing criminal prosecution of James Rosemond is both erroneous and completely unsupported.  Interscope Records has been informed by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York that there is no evidence that any employee of UMG or Interscope Records had any involvement in the drug trafficking ring being prosecuted by that office, nor any knowledge of the contents of any of the packages that were purportedly shipped to its offices.  Further, neither UMG nor Interscope Record is a subject or target of the investigation.  UMG and Interscope will continue to cooperate with the United States Attorney's Office regarding this matter."

In a statement, Rock-It Cargo said: "Rock-It Cargo is neither the subject of the investigation, nor implicated in any way. The Company has provided the U.S. Attorney with all of the documentation it has requested.As a global freight forwarding and logistics company, Rock-It Cargo has always been and continues to be strongly committed to maintaining the highest levels of transportation security. With regard to the current investigation, the Company followed all of the government’s and its own required procedures and remains in compliance with all Federal and state regulations.


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<p>Britt Robertson meets the rest of &quot;The Secret Circle.&quot;</p>
<br />

Britt Robertson meets the rest of "The Secret Circle."

Credit: CW

'The Secret Circle' - 'Pilot': Beautiful girl

What did everybody think of the new CW teen witch drama?

Ideally, I would write reviews of every new fall show. Practically, that's not possible, and in my triage, one of the shows I passed on was the CW's "Secret Circle," about which I had very little to say other than that was a decently-executed example of a kind of show I have virtually no interest in. As I've mentioned, I don't inherently care much about witches, vampires, zombies, etc., but can be made to care by excellent and/or novel execution, like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." This is not that; it's straight down the middle of what you'd expect. Which many will enjoy, but which I didn't.

Fienberg offered his own review, and now it's your turn. Whether you're a "Vampire Diaries" fan or not, or a big witchcraft lover, what did you think of this? And were you, like me, amused by just how frequently other characters had to tell Britt Robertson just how beautiful she is? (It reminded me of how Leslie always describes Ann on "Parks and Recreation," but at least there it's supposed to be a running gag.) 

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<p>Thom Yorke</p>

Thom Yorke

Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Radiohead's Thom Yorke shares his latest mix

The beat goes on and on and on

Thom Yorke unveiled a recent mix he put together on  British radio station XFM  Thursday evening. The 25-minute mix, which the Radiohead frontman dubbed Money Back Mix, includes a new Yorke cut a few minutes in called “Twist.” It’s pretty dense stuff, but if you’re into the heavy dub beats and just curious as to what he’s been up to, this is for you.

The set also includes Four Tet remixing Tinariwen (the best part, in our humble opinion), and some of the remixes from “King of Limbs,” according to www.onethirtybpm,” which has posted the stream (and download) of Yorke’s mix, which he played on the Mary Anne Hobbs’ "Music Response" show.

[More after the jump...]

Yorke will co-host Gilles Peterson's radio show on U.K.'s Radio 1 from 2-4 a.m. on Sept. 21, according to

Check out the full 25-minute Money Back Mix here.

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