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<p>Olivia Colman in &quot;Tyrannosaur,&quot; for which she won Best Actress at the Chicago International Film Festival.</p>

Olivia Colman in "Tyrannosaur," for which she won Best Actress at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Credit: Strand Releasing

More US festival awards for 'The Artist' and Olivia Colman

Silent-film homage takes prizes at both Chicago and Hamptons fests

In case you hadn't yet got the message that people love "The Artist," the French-made Oscar hopeful got further festival valentines over the weekend, taking prizes at both the Chicago and Hamptons International Film Festivals -- the Audience Award in the latter case, and the Founder's Award in the Windy City. (Apparently, that goes to the film across all categories that best captures the spirit of the Chicago fest. Now you know.)

We've discussed before how Michel Hazanavicius's film is the type of novel crowdpleaser that tends to win scads of audience awards without even trying, building the platform for a healthy awards run outside the quarantined festival zone. (If I was surprised it didn't take the equivalent prize at Toronto, I'm even more so after watching Nadine Labaki's "Where Do We Go Now?" yesterday -- but that's another conversation.) This pair of wins may be small potatoes in themselves, but they're just further fuel for the fire of an inevitable Oscar big-hitter. The film, incidentally, has its UK premiere at the London Film Festival tomorrow, and could well add to its trophy cabinet there.

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Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 99: 'Boss,' 'Once Upon a Time,' 'Pearl Jam 20' & more

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 99: 'Boss,' 'Once Upon a Time,' 'Pearl Jam 20' & more

Dan and Alan also review 'Man Up!' and answer your mail


Before we get to this week's Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, I need to issue an apology for inadvertently playing Dane Cook to Fienberg's Louis CK and appropriating one of his jokes without realizing I had done it. (For those wondering, it's the "Happy Endings" drinking game one during the "Once Upon a Time" segment, which Dan reminded me after the fact he had made on Twitter a few days ago.) All hail Dan, all shame me.

As for the rest of the episode, no more "Breaking Bad" discussion, but plenty of reviews, listener mail, and even a brand-new sponsor! The line-up: 

"Man Up" -- 02:15 - 13:15
"Pearl Jam Twenty" -- 13:15 - 21:35
"Boss" -- 21:40 - 32:45
"Once Upon a Time" -- 32:45 - 42:40
Listener Mail: Showrunners winging it -- 42:50 - 48:30
Listener Mail: Unintended meaning -- 48:40 - 52:45
Listener Mail: Critic aggregator sites -- 52:50 - 57:15
Listener Mail: Baseball's impact on FOX -- 57:20 - 01:04:00
As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file or stream it on Dan's blog.
And as always, feel free to e-mail us at and/or if you have questions you want answered on the show. Please put the word "podcast" in your subject line to make it easy to track them down amid the hundreds of random press releases we get every day.
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<p>Clay and the rest of the &quot;Sons of Anarchy&quot;&nbsp;will ride again in a fifth season, thanks to FX's renewal.</p>

Clay and the rest of the "Sons of Anarchy" will ride again in a fifth season, thanks to FX's renewal.

Credit: FX

FX renews 'Sons of Anarchy' for season 5

Motorcycle club drama remains FX's highest-rated series

FX has, unsurprisingly, renewed "Sons of Anarchy" for a fifth season.

The motorcycle club drama remains the cable channel's highest-rated series and is having its most-watched season yet. To date, season 4 is averaging 5.8 million viewers overall, and 3.9 million viewers in the 18-49 year-old demographic, which are up 30% and 26%, respectively, over season 3.

“Everyone at FX is very grateful to Kurt Sutter, his many writing, directing and producing collaborators and his masterful cast for making such a compelling and beautifully crafted show,” FX president John Landgraf said in a statement.  “It is no small challenge to bring the themes of a great, ancient play like 'Hamlet' into a wholly original television setting and to tell this complex story in a way that is both riveting and accessible to a broad audience.   The fans know how beautifully 'SOA' meets this challenge, and we thank them for their loyal and passionate viewership.”

Sutter has said he envisions a seven-season arc for the series, making the current season the midway point. And with this renewal (more a contractual formality than anything else), the show is getting closer to fulfilling that vision.

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Watch: Beyonce's 'Love On Top' video lasts through the night

Is there even a hint of a baby bump?

An obviously pre-pregnant (or pre-showing) Beyonce is in an amorous mood both night and day in the new video for “Love On Top.”  The simple clip takes place in a dance studio over the course of a day. In the morning, Bey is working on her dance moves with her back-up singers and dancers as she lip syncs (often badly) the delicious, retro soul pop tune.

Just as you’re starting to wonder if the whole video is going to be this one scene, we flash ahead to several hours, darkness has fallen and she and her dancers are dressed in very smart, shiny gold suits from the ‘60s, then they go back even further, as the evening progresses to ‘50s-style doo wop  suits and then toward the end, the men are in tails and top hats, straight out of a Fred Astaire movie. Beyonce, however, in a top and panties that you would never have caught Ginger Rogers in.

[More after the jump...]

There’s a cute little ending that brings it all back around. It’s a fun video that matches an equally fun light song. And, as always, Beyonce looks gorgeous.

What do you think about the “Love On Top” video?


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Shailene Woodley gets a nice opportunity to mix comedy with drama in "The Descendants."
Shailene Woodley gets a nice opportunity to mix comedy with drama in "The Descendants."
Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Redgrave and the ladies of 'The Help' lead the conversation on Best Supporting Actress

Other contenders include Shailene Woodley, Judi Dench and Keira Knightley

Four weeks of digging in on the acting races draws to a close today with the supporting actresses. Four weeks because there hasn't been a lot to talk about, unless you want to draw dubious parallels between, say, "Moneyball" and the zeitgeist or hear for the hundredth time how "The Artist" is winning over festival audiences (and quickly becoming the most over-hyped film of the season).

So let's see what we're working with. Three performances that seem formidable and have actually been seen seems like a novel place to start.

In "The Help," Octavia Spencer gets a mixture of heart-string tuggery and comic relief. She claimed an early spot in the category when the film opened in August, claimed three straight weekends at the top of the box office and shot up the list of Best Picture hopefuls. However, I'm wondering lately whether she'll be joined by a co-star.

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Tintin and Snowy get ready for adventure on the new one-sheet for 'The Adventures Of Tintin'
Tintin and Snowy get ready for adventure on the new one-sheet for 'The Adventures Of Tintin'
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Exclusive: New 'Tintin' poster puts Tintin and Snowy at the heart of adventure

Not many other faces on the new poster, but it's looking good

Now that people are starting to review "The Adventures Of Tintin," and the word seems to be largely positive, it's going to be even harder for American film fans to wait for Christmas.

I understand why "Tintin" is coming out everywhere else first.  The character is iconic in Europe in a way that it just isn't here in America.  Even so, I think a two month gap is going to be almost sadistic once people start talking about how well Spielberg and Jackson and an army of WETA animators have managed to bring Herge's creation to life.

Today, we've got the new one-sheet for the movie, and it looks like Paramount's finally got Tintin's face front and center.  People have been talking ever since the first bit of footage or the first few stills that it seems like the advertising has cleverly hidden the faces and the mouths of the characters because of the uncanny valley issue.  Here, we've got the intrepid reporter looking right into the camera, and it's fascinating how his design seems to honor Herge's intention while still playing much closer to "real."

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<p>Elizabeth Olsen (left)&nbsp;and Sarah&nbsp;Paulson in &quot;Martha Marcy&nbsp;May&nbsp;Marlene&quot;</p>

Elizabeth Olsen (left) and Sarah Paulson in "Martha Marcy May Marlene"

Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Go behind the scenes of Sean Durkin's 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'

Cast and crew recall their experience in our exclusive featurette

Fox Searchlight's "Martha Marcy May Marlene" opens in limited release later this week. The film is one of unraveling mystery, immaculately crafted and precisely performed. It's a rousing debut accomplishment for filmmaker Sean Durkin and one that could sustain the long march from Sundance (where the film premiered in January) to Oscar night.

It's certainly deserving in areas like Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing, but I think it's best chances are for Best Actress (the brilliant Elizabeth Olsen) and Best Original Screenplay. But I imagine Durkin and Olsen, at the very least, will be receiving breakthrough notices all season.

Fox Searchlight has given us an exclusive featurette that takes you behind the scenes of the making of the film. Interviews with Durkin, Olsen, actors John Hawkes, Hugh Dancy, Sarah Paulson and more are included. Click on through to have a look.

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<p>Julianna Margulies on &quot;The Good Wife.&quot;</p>

Julianna Margulies on "The Good Wife."

Credit: CBS

'The Good Wife' - 'Feeding the Rat': An innocent man

Alicia's case is a dud, but office politics at Lockhart Gardner remain compelling

A review of last night's "The Good Wife" coming up just as soon as I'm in line to be the next baseball commissioner...

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<p>Pam Grier in 1997's &quot;Jackie&nbsp;Brown&quot;</p>

Pam Grier in 1997's "Jackie Brown"

Credit: Universal Pictures

Oscarweb Round-up: The 'Jackie Brown' press tour, 2011 edition

Also: Zachary Quinto comes out with purpose and Robert Downey Jr. asks for forgiveness for Mel Gibson

It's been nice lately to see the "Jackie Brown" gang, mainly Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Forster, make the press rounds this month on the occasion of the film's Blu-ray release. That was such an interesting awards season for that film. Grier and Jackson received the lion's share of precursor notices, the former getting a SAG nomination while both landed Golden Globe nods. After only a few tips of the hat, and none of them substantial, it was Forster who got the Oscar bid. Very cool. Devin Faraci recently sat down with Grier. [Badass Digest]

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<p>&nbsp;Liz and Marie, or perhaps Marie and Liz, no definitely Liz and Marie of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>
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 Liz and Marie, or perhaps Marie and Liz, no definitely Liz and Marie of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'This Is Gonna Be a Fine Mess'

The teams head to Phuket and face a difficult Detour
I guess I should give thanks to Wednesday's baseball rain delay for pushing "The X Factor" to Sunday and allowing me the rare opportunity to check out "The Amazing Race" in HD for the first time this season (and maybe only the second or third time in total).
"The Amazing Race" still looks fantastic in HD and I wonder if the HD shift was at least partially responsible for bringing Jerry Bruckheimer back into the winners' column at the Emmys last month. This week's episode included a scratching monkey, beautiful floating cities and fetching (but still indistinguishable) sunburnt Twins Liz and Marie, all in HD. The Detour task with the windblown rainbow umbrellas was also made for high definition.
So yeah, either this recap is going to be all about the beauty of "The Amazing Race" in HD, or I'm going to be force to spend a while grumbling, because we've had four episodes this season and only two of them have ended with a team (or teams) going home.
Yup. It was another Non-Elimination Leg. Even if it saved a team that I like looking at, you'll have to forgive me if I'm not enthused.
Full recap after the break...
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<p>Jessica Brody (Morena Baccarin)&nbsp;thinks about her husband on &quot;Homeland.&quot;</p>

Jessica Brody (Morena Baccarin) thinks about her husband on "Homeland."

Credit: Showtime

'Homeland' - 'Clean Skin': Let's get a taco

Brody's home life seems better but gets worse, while Carrie struggles to protect her asset

A review of tonight's "Homeland" coming up just as soon as I torpedo your briefing...

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<p>Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies)&nbsp;and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride)&nbsp;hide from &quot;The Walking Dead&quot;&nbsp;in the season 2 premiere.</p>

Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) hide from "The Walking Dead" in the season 2 premiere.

Credit: AMC

'The Walking Dead' - 'What Lies Ahead': Deer, Jesus

Rick and friends head out on the highway but get stuck in a traffic jam

"The Walking Dead" is back for its second season. I already published my advance review of the season, and I have a few specific thoughts on the premiere coming up just as soon as I keep the sun on my left shoulder...

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