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<p>Don't be jealous, Yoda... all you need is six weeks with the 'Darh Sidious Buns Of Steel' videos and you, too, could be tight like Maul.</p>

Don't be jealous, Yoda... all you need is six weeks with the 'Darh Sidious Buns Of Steel' videos and you, too, could be tight like Maul.

Credit: 20th Century Fox/Lucasfilm Ltd.

'Phantom Menace' 3D release gets a new poster with no Anakin

The first trailer won't be in theaters for a few weeks but the one-sheet's here now

It is appropriate timing here in the McWeeny house for a "Phantom Menace 3D" poster to show up.  After all, we're exactly halfway into our six-part "Star Wars" series on Film Nerd 2.0, and the film we just watched on Monday was, indeed, the controversial 1999 film that brought "Star Wars" back to the bigscreen.

So it was that today when the boys got home from school and I showed them both the poster, there was much rejoicing.  These kids simply accept that 3D is part of the theatrical experience today, so much so that when a film comes out that is not in 3D, they think something's wrong.  I'm shocked at how closely Toshi pays attention to the fine print in the movie trailers and the TV spots that he watches.  He's been seeing 3D movies as part of his movie diet since he first started going to the movie theater.  I remember taking him to a press screening of "The Ant Bully" where we got seated next to the film's executive producer, Tom Hanks, who seemed quietly delighted when Toshi ripped off his glasses and hurled them about six rows away three minutes into the film.

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<p>&nbsp;Britney Spears</p>

 Britney Spears

Britney Spears' new video for 'Criminal' is coming when?

In the meantime, watch the lyric video

Britney Spears is such a tease. She just tweeted, “Just saw the final cut of the ‘Criminal’ video we shot in London. It’s so hot. Can’t wait for you guys to see it next week.”  No word yet on which day next week we'll get the clip.

So she got to see the video and all we got was this lousy t-shirt lyric video (actually, it's pretty good as far as these things go). As you know, the shooting of the clip has caused a bit of an  uproar with Spears and her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, running around town with prop guns and what not in Hackney, a part of London that was hard hit by the rioting this summer.

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"The View"

 "The View"

Credit: ABC

Pearls of wisdom from Whoopi Goldberg and the other ladies of 'The View'

The co-hosts share tales of BlackBerries, adultery, violence and poop

We can always count on the ladies of "The View" to dispel interesting morning chatter, whether it's insight into world events or just gross TMI about their bathroom habits. This morning, we were able to enjoy (I use that word loosely) both. Read and be enlightened. Or something. 

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<p>&nbsp;Major Lazer</p>

 Major Lazer

Listen: Major Lazer drops new slamming track, 'Original Don'

Will Beyonce sample this one too?

Oh my god, this track is busier than Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream. Major Lazer’s “Original Don” featuring The Party, the possible lead single from the duo’s forthcoming album isn’t out on an EP until  Nov. 1, but they dropped the track on their Facebook page today.

Major Lazer (individually known as Diplo and Switch) have crammed everything but the kitchen sink in this tune including screaming “Run the track” at us every now and then.

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<p>A dramatic moment from &quot;A&nbsp;Separation.&quot;&nbsp; The Iranian drama has already won critics and moviegoers over at the Berlin, Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals.</p>

A dramatic moment from "A Separation."  The Iranian drama has already won critics and moviegoers over at the Berlin, Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals.

63 countries enter the competition for the 2012 Foreign Language Academy Award

Iran's 'A Separation' leads the pack

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that 63 countries have entered potential nominees for the foreign language Oscar that will be handed out at the 84th Academy Awards this February.

The Foreign Language Committee will review all the submissions and vote for the five nominees that will be announced on Tues., Jan. 24, 2012 at 5:30 AM PT.

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<p>Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, and Kermit the Frog appear to be getting the big-screen treatment they deserve in 'The Muppets' this holiday season.</p>

Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, and Kermit the Frog appear to be getting the big-screen treatment they deserve in 'The Muppets' this holiday season.

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

New 'Muppets' trailer is both inspirational and celebrational

It looks like the new film really is a perfect summation of their enduring appeal

Did I really just hear a bunch of chickens sing Cee-Lo's "F**k You"?

God bless The Muppets.

I haven't posted every one of the many parody trailers for this film because, while I admire the effort by Disney, I'm more interested in the film they're really releasing.  And now that we've got the new and much longer trailer for "The Muppets," there's a point that the preview raises that explains some of the thinking behind those parody trailers.

"You're not famous anymore."  Hard thing to believe for anyone who was raised in a Jim Henson world, but it's somewhat true these days.  While "Sesame Street" is still a powerhouse brand, the Muppets themselves have been on simmer for a while now.  Over the last few years, ever since I was on set for the "Dracula" musical segment at the end of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," I've been having an ongoing conversation with Jason Segel about the Muppets.  He's a huge fan, and making a new movie involving the classic Muppets has been a dream of his.

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Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield in &quot;Hugo.&quot;</p>
Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield in "Hugo."

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Scorsese and Spielberg join in elegy for celluloid

Scorsese's support ties in with film preservation message of 'Hugo'

I haven't yet seen British artist Tacita Dean's installation, "Film," at London's Tate Modern -- in which she both celebrates and mourns the medium of celluloid, in the face of the overwhelming dominance of digital filmmaking. It opened yesterday and has received considerable acclaim even from non-anoraks, saying she makes an emphatic case for the eternal superiority of outmoded 35mm.

She certainly has some lofty names in her corner, as the book accompanying the exhibition includes testimonies from such names as Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. It might strike some as a little rich that they're taking part in such a nostalgic project in the very year that both directors are venturing into unfamiliar technical territory -- 3D for Scorsese in "Hugo," 3D and motion-capture for Spielberg in "The Adventures of Tintin" -- that threatens the original medium's survival, but it's possible to an advocate for both preservation and progress. 

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<p>Julianne Hough is just one of the many reasons to enjoy Craig Brewer's new remake of the '80s dance film 'Footloose'</p>

Julianne Hough is just one of the many reasons to enjoy Craig Brewer's new remake of the '80s dance film 'Footloose'

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Review: Craig Brewer finds the beat for appealing remake of 'Footloose'

Great chemistry is the secret to a successful update of the '80s fave

Much of 1980s pop culture bounced off of me.  There were many giant hits that I simply wasn't interested in, and "Footloose" was one of those.  I saw it.  I was aware of it.  The soundtrack was omnipresent.  But it wasn't really my cup of tea.  It was only later, looking at it in the context of Herbert Ross's career, that I considered the film and really appreciated what it is.  The film works as a story of teenage rebellion and it works as a dance-based musical for the age in which it was made.  Ross was the right choice for that picture based on his history with musical films, and his "Turning Point" is one of the classic dance movies of all time.

Hiring Craig Brewer to helm the remake of the film was inspired, and it pays off as a choice in the way he's approached the material.  Brewer's script is reverential to Dean Pitchford's script for the original, but it also manages to have its own voice.  The film opens with a sequence that immediately recalls the title sequence from the original film, close-ups of dancing feet, a great way to kick off with energy and charm and letting the audience know that it's going to get something familiar but with a new edge to it.

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<p>&nbsp;Justin Bieber</p>

 Justin Bieber

Credit: AP Photo

UPDATED Watch: Justin Bieber previews 'Mistletoe' video. Where's Selena?

When will the full holiday video drop?

UPDATE (11:23 PM): MTV has announced that Justin will sit down for a 30-minute interview with the network directly following the "Mistletoe" video premiere. Fans can submit text or video questions via Twitter using the hashtag #AskBieber.


Where's Selena Gomez? Justin Bieber snuggles with another brown-haired cutie in this sneak peak at the video for "Mistletoe," the lead single from the Bieb's holiday album, "Under the Mistletoe," which drops Nov. 1.

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Credit: AP Photo

Can Adele make it 3 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100?

Who scores her first Top 40 hits?

In an era when it is almost impossible for ballads to gain traction at Top 40 radio, Adele’s “Someone Like You” has landed its third week at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 10.

The song gains in both radio plays and digital downloads, as it surges past the 2 million mark in digital sales.
The top three on the Billboard 100 remain the same as they were last week:  “Someone Like You” followed by Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” featuring Christina Aguilera and Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” The latter two both gain in airplay. In a stat we’re sure Foster the People would gladly trade for some upward movement, “Kicks” has now spent seven weeks at No. 3, a feat matched or surpassed by only three other songs that didn’t reach No. 1, according to Billboard.

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<p>The sound team of J.J. Abrams' &quot;Super 8&quot; includes a legend in the field, two-time Oscar winner Ben&nbsp;Burtt.</p>

The sound team of J.J. Abrams' "Super 8" includes a legend in the field, two-time Oscar winner Ben Burtt.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Tech Support: 'Tintin' and 'Super 8' stand out among Best Sound Editing contenders

Other hopefuls include 'War Horse,' 'Transformers' and 'Real Steel'

I began Tech Support this season by analyzing two of the categories that award disciplines which can be explained relatively easily – Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography. This week's field isn't so easily reductive, but I always give it a try for new readers.

The sound editing Oscar recognizes achievements probably better reflected in its previous names – Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Sound Effects. In essence, the category rewards the creation of artificial sounds, which are necessary for the movie’s soundtrack. It differs from sound mixing, which is the weaving and integration of all sound elements – dialogue, music, effects and production audio – into one coherent soundtrack.

Traditionally, fairly similar films are nominated here as in the sound mixing category (last year’s 2/5 matchup aside): loud films, war films, blockbusters, Best Picture contenders with action, etc. That said, films in which most of the soundscape is artificially created do tend to do better here than in the mixing field, such as animated titles and, for instance, last year's nominee in the field, "TRON Legacy."

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<p>Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy is an international best-seller.</p>

Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy is an international best-seller.

Credit: Random House

'Dragon Tattoo' makes its way to graphic novel

Rights to Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy picked up by DC Entertainment

If you're not a comic book fan, you nevertheless might still be aware of DC Comics' massive changing of the tide last month. The publisher revamped its line-up, instituted a re-numbering of 52 titles and made all issues available digitally on day of release, hoping to lure new readers. The move was accompanied by a giant media blitz and, indeed, sales were through the roof all month.

The company's latest announcement dovetails nicely with what we do here, seeing as David Fincher's adaptation of Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is primed for a December release and will very much figure into the conversation this awards season. DC has revealed its plans to convert Larsson's Millennium Trilogy, consisting of "Dragon Tattoo," "The Girl who Played with Fire" and "The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest," to the graphic novel format via its Vertigo imprint.

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