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<p>Tom Petty's &quot;Kiss My Amps (Live)&quot;</p>

Tom Petty's "Kiss My Amps (Live)"

Record Store Day hosts Black Friday sale with Tom Petty, Beatles, Kings of Leon

Bob Dylan, Nirvana, The Doors, Phish and more go vinyl for the holidays

Record Store Day no longer comes around just once a year. Independent retailers will be hocking special edition and first-time vinyl and CD releases on Black Friday this year, on Nov. 25.

So far, more than three dozen special edition drops are planned. Some highlights include contributions from the Beatles, Tom Petty, The Doors and Nirvana.

However, organizers are trying to counter that this is not a second Record Store Day. It's more to emphasize the importance of indie shops.

"This is a terrific street date of great releases that can only be found at real live record stores. Yes, these pieces are limited, and indeed, some may sell out, and of course, the stores won’t all stock every piece," reads the website. "Mostly, our goal is to remind folks that locally owned, independent record stores, like those that are listed on the site, are a GREAT place to celebrate the holidays, do a little gift-shopping (for yourself or others), support your community, and maybe pick up something really special. And  really, that applies all year-round."

Check it out: the Beastie Boys' "Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2" will be out in a vinyl deluxe edition with a 60-page book, 5.1 version of the set and videos. John Lennon's "Imagine" gets a 40th anniversary vinyl boxed set makeover. Nirvana's "Nevermind" singles will be packaged as 10"s in a numbered slip case. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' live vinyl LP "Kiss My Amps (Live)" features 7 tracks, from "Mojo" and a B-Side "Sweet William."

See the whole -- and still-improving list -- here.

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<p>Stephanie Sigman (center) in &quot;Miss Bala&quot;&nbsp;</p>

Stephanie Sigman (center) in "Miss Bala" 

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Review: 'Miss Bala' opens fire

Mexico's Oscar entry is a blazing formalist drug-war thriller

LONDON - Having forgotten much of the Spanish I only sketchily learned in my first year of university, I’m afraid I was one of those dim critics who, at first glance, puzzled over the title of Gerardo Naranjo’s coolly crazed new film “Miss Bala”: a long-night’s-journey-into-day drug-cartel thriller, at once taut and elastic, revolving around the unlikely political center of the Miss Baja California beauty pageant.

Of course, it turns out that “bala” is the Spanish word for “bullet”; if this initially seems a clunkily direct pun for a rattling action film with no shortage of literal bullets in its arsenal, it turns out to be a coldly ironic joke on a female protagonist Naranjo’s restlessly prowling narrative methodically denudes of all defences.

Played with a tightly reined kind of anti-magnetism by promising big-screen newcomer (and, aptly, former model) Stephanie Sigman, our protagonist Laura Guerrero is less a bullet than she is a blank: a silkily gorgeous 23-year-old from a motherless household in working-class Tijuana, she pins her dreams on winning a chintzy cattle-parade pageant seemingly without any clear sense of what those dreams might be. Naranjo’s script stringently parcels out details of her background, livelihood and even personality: we know little about the woman but her meek yearning for definition.

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Watch: Christian Bale goes to war in eye-catching 'Flowers of War' trailer

Watch: Christian Bale goes to war in eye-catching 'Flowers of War' trailer

WWII drama from director Zhang Yimou is China's entry into foreign language Oscar race

While 20 minutes of Christian Bale in "The Flowers of War" were shown to potential buyers last month at the Toronto film fest, we're now getting our first trailer for the epic film from Chinese director/award-magnet Zhang Yimou.

Although there hasn't been talk of anyone launching a best actor campaign for Bale (The film doesn't have a U.S. distributor yet), don't automatically count the Oscar winner ("The Fighter") out of the race.

"Flowers" also stars Sigeo Kobayashi and the always reliable Paul Schneider ("All the Real Girls," "The Assassination of Jesse James").

But the real star is the gorgeous look of the historical drama (shot by Zhang's regular DP Zhao Xiaoding), based on a true story about a Western priest (Bale) struggling to help save a group of students and prostitutes during the brutal Japanese occupation of Nanking in 1937. There looks to be plenty of drama, action, sensuality and politics on hand. At roughly $90 million, "Flowers" (formerly known as "Heroes of Nanking") is China's most expensive film ever.

Although the dialogue is in Mandarin, Japanese and English, "Flowers" is China's entry in this year's foreign language Oscar race, and will likely do well there, as Zhang has had several films nominated in the category.

After a number of high-profile martial arts films ("Hero," "House of Flying Daggers," "Curse of the Golden Flower" and last year's less well-received "A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop"), the Academy could very well eat up Zhang's return to the 20th Century historical drama that served him so well in "To Live" and "Raise the Red Lantern." Having Bale in the lead won't hurt either.

Watch the new international trailer here:

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<p>We chart the ups and downs of Oscar season in our newly revamped Contenders section.</p>

We chart the ups and downs of Oscar season in our newly revamped Contenders section.

Credit: AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

Announcing the grand re-opening of The Contenders!

Charting the race from 1-30

Sorry for the delay in getting our unique Contenders section off the ground here at the new HitFix digs. The hard-working team here has a number of other projects that obviously aren't In Contention-related, so you can empathize with the heavy workload.

But the wait is over! We've got the new section up and running. You'll note a link above, under the blog logo, as well as in the sidebar with our predictions, as usual. We still have things tiered. "Good Bets" is a section reserved for contenders in each category that seem good to go for a nomination. "Other Possibilities" are just that, contenders in the thick of the hunt. "Dark Horses" are outside chances that deserve to be plucked from "The Rest of the Field," which lays out most of the other hopefuls aiming for room in the race.

Where things are different is in my decision to rank the bottom tier along with the top three sections. Call it a tip of the hat to the old days of Zuesefer (those who have been following the Oscar race online for a decade will remember). I've spread the fields out to a list of 30 contenders in each category and ranked them all the way down.

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Credit: AP Photo

Adele tops Billboard Hot 100... again

Wideranging top 10 includes DJs, rappers and rock stars

There’s a little something for everyone in the Top 100 of the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

If it’s beautiful ballads you want, Adele’s “Someone Like You” logs its fourth week at No. 1,  for straight-ahead pop fans,  Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” featuring Christina Aguilera stays at No. 1, alternative rockers can keep outrunning the gun in Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” at No. 3 and rap lovers can thump to “Young, Wild & Free.” The Snoop Dogg track with Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars enters the big chart at No. 10. The tune is the first from the sound track to Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s soundtrack for their forthcoming movie “Mac and Devin Go To High School.”  The song is Snoop’s 10th Top 10 and Khalifa’s third, according to Billboard.

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"Long Island Medium"

 "Long Island Medium"

Credit: TLC

Exclusive: Watch the 'Long Island Medium' surprise the pizza guy

Theresa Caputo can't control her gift - even when she's getting dinner

It's impossible not to like the "Long Island Medium" -- whether or not you believe her gift is the real deal. As we see in this exclusive clip from her TLC show (Sun. at 10 p.m. on TLC), Theresa Caputo can't help it that the dead are constantly popping in to send messages to their loved ones. It's a gift she appreciates and wouldn't give up, but it can be a little annoying when she just wants to pick up some dinner. Watch as  Caputo makes a delivery of her own at her local pizza place. 

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Lou Reed and Metallica's 'Lulu' streaming online in whole

Lou Reed and Metallica's 'Lulu' streaming online in whole

I'm so sorry

I don't want you to be alarmed or interrupt anything important you're doing, like shining silverware or alphabetizing the things on your desk, but Metallic and Lou Reed's "Lulu" is streaming in full.

First this week it was just 30-second snippets of all the concept-driven songs. Now you have 95 minutes of hurt.

Here, here you go.

"Lulu" is out on Nov. 1.


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<p>&quot;Anonymous&quot;&nbsp;screenwriter John Orloff is a big fan of the series and has always wanted to write sci-fi.</p>

"Anonymous" screenwriter John Orloff is a big fan of the series and has always wanted to write sci-fi.

Credit: Syfy

John Orloff talks his new gig: writing 'Battlestar Galactica'

The 'Anonymous' screenwriter on his chance to finally write in the genre he loves

So the news just dropped that "Anonymous" screenwriter John Orloff has been tapped to write Bryan Singer's reboot of "Battlestar Galactica" for the big screen. I was aware of this imminent announcement when I sat down with Orloff last week to discuss his work on "Anonymous" (that interview will pop up in this space in the coming days), so I wanted to get his perspective on transitioning to a project of that scale.

Orloff got the gig because Singer happened to see "Anonymous" and really liked it. Singer had talked to the writer about "Battlestar Galactica" being a sort of Shakespearean story, fathers and sons painted against a big interstellar canvas. After that, it was all about Orloff's take on the material, which he calls "pretty ballsy."

Naturally he was reticent to go into too many details. But it sounded to me like a project he wants to fit inside the pre-existing framework that came before. I was reminded of how the filmmakers behind 2009's "Star Trek" were careful about that kind of thing, not to draw any real definitive parallel here.

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<p>Kelsey Grammer in &quot;Boss.&quot;</p>

Kelsey Grammer in "Boss."

Credit: Lions Gate

Review: Kelsey Grammer is mesmerizing in Starz's 'Boss'

Sitcom alum goes very convincingly dramatic as corrupt Chicago mayor

Between "Cheers" and "Frasier," Kelsey Grammer spent 20 years playing pompous, erudite, clumsy psychiatrist Frasier Crane. In the history of live-action American primetime television, no one has ever played a character for more years (though "Gunsmoke" star James Arness, who shares the year record with Grammer, played Matt Dillon for many, many more hours). Television is a business where you tend to get typecast by executives and viewers if you play the same character for 3 or 4 years, and where the big stars are usually asked to play a similar character the next time they come up to bat. (Check out Tim Allen as a crankier, meaner Tim Taylor on "Last Man Standing," for instance.)

Given the staggering duration of the Frasier character, it would be easy for Kelsey Grammer to spend the rest of his career playing variations on that theme: Frasier is a librarian! Frasier is an overly-educated auto mechanic! And, in fact, that's more or less what he did after "Frasier" ended, first with "Back to You" (Frasier is a local TV news anchor!) and then "Hank" (Frasier is a destitute ex-CEO!), both of them canceled after a single season.

With "Boss," the new Starz drama that debuts Friday night at 10, no one will be having the Frasier is the mayor of Chicago! reaction. Same man, same familiar face and stentorian voice, but the performance and show are worlds removed from the role that made him rich, famous and a four-time Emmy winner.

And in this case, that's a very good thing.

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"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

 "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

Credit: ABC

HitFix Interview: Jillian Harris talks about her toughest revamp on 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'

The former 'Bachelorette' still has one more job she wants to do

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" isn't just focused on home remodels -- on Oct. 21, the show will be moving to a new night and time (8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.) with expanded two-hour episodes. But that's no problem for designer (and former "Bachelorette") Jillian Harris. "I'm just super excited about this move to Friday night," she said in a phone interview. "I don't think there's any great family TV on Friday night, and this is going to be a great move for us." I talked to Harris about her other big move from "The Bachelorette" to "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," how she got the job and the one makeover she still wants to do.

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<p>The Wachowskis are gearing up for a new SF&nbsp;film with the same studio that brought you 'The Matrix'</p>

The Wachowskis are gearing up for a new SF film with the same studio that brought you 'The Matrix'

Credit: Warner Bros.

The Wachowskis head back to original SF with 'Jupiter Ascending'

The top-secret project marks their first original movie since 'The Matrix'

There are certain filmmakers who have earned a permanent spot on the list of people whose work I will always approach with an open mind and a sense of optimism, and the Wachowskis are absolutely on that list.

Sure, there's "The Matrix," that bolt-out-of-the-blue hit that made them into A-list names, but as much as I admire that movie, I'm equally fond of both "Bound," the indie thriller that was their directorial debut, and "Speed Racer," the much-maligned but genuinely inspired kaleidoscopic adaptation of the Japanese cartoon.  I think they have great energy as filmmakers and I also think they have contributed to a serious expansion of the vocabulary of science-fiction and action on film.

I'm very curious about "Cloud Atlas," the film they're shooting now, and I think it sounds bold and experimental and unusual.  After that, though, it looks like they're going to be making a big-ticket science-fiction film for Warner Bros, not based on anything else, and thanks to Deadline's story today, we know now that "Jupiter Ascending" is the title.  Beyond that, we know nothing else right now.  The film is out to actors, which is how the story broke.

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<p>Brad Paisley</p>

Brad Paisley

Credit: AP Photo

Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean headline Stagecoach

Reunited Alabama and Mavericks also on April festival bill

Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean and Blake Shelton will headline  the 2012 edition of Stagecoach. The country music festival, which, like Coachella,  takes place on the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, Calif., takes place April 27-29.

Also on the wideranging bill are Steve Martin,  Kenny Rogers, Sara Evans, Martina McBride, Chris Isaak, and a reunion of The Mavericks and Alabama. For those not familiar, the Mavericks were the outstanding alternative country outfit led by Raul Malo, who logged several hits in the early ‘90s and were known for their blazingly good live shows. It turns out that the Stagecoach gig is the first date of a new Mavs tour featuring original members Malo, Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin, according to

Paisley, who will co-host the CMA Awards on Nov. 9,  and Lambert last played the event in 2009, Aldean appeared in 2010.

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