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<p>&quot;The Artist&quot; has at least two wins locked up ahead of tonight's Golden Globe Awards.</p>

"The Artist" has at least two wins locked up ahead of tonight's Golden Globe Awards.

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Globe predictions: Plain sailing for 'The Artist,' but what about the dramas?

Plus, my picks for who deserves to win at tonight's ceremony

Not since the 2002 awards season was bouncily dominated by "Chicago" -- the last comedy, or indeed musical, to take the Best Picture Oscar -- has drama looked like more of an afterthought at the Golden Globe Awards. As Rob Marshall's frisky tuner swept the comedy/musical categories at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's perennially boozy shindig, the top prize in the corresponding drama category was handed to "The Hours," a modest, downbeat female ensemble piece that everyone knew hadn't a shot in hell at the Oscar. The award that usually represents the climax of the Globes ceremony had been downgraded to consolation-prize status.  

Nine years later, as if to restore some lustre to a category that last year named "The Tourist" one of the year's best films, we're looking at a similar situation. "The Artist," the silent French wonder that currently leads the Oscar race by a comfortable distance, is a foreordained winner of the musical/comedy Best Picture Globe tonight (as well as a Best Actor prize for star Jean Dujardin), while over in the drama race, a number of less favored titles are jostling for the title of Official Opposition.

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<p>Lana Del Rey and Daniel Radcliffe of &quot;Saturday Night Live&quot;</p>

Lana Del Rey and Daniel Radcliffe of "Saturday Night Live"

Credit: NBC

Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Daniel Radcliffe and Lana Del Rey

Would the 'Harry Potter' star be able to cast an 'SNL' spell?

There are many actors out there who are known primarily for a single role, but very few of those actors spent an entire decade of their lives playing that role in a series of eight films which quite comfortably be considered a phenomenon. It’s all the more impressive of course that Daniel Radcliffe, hosting “Saturday Night Live” for the first time, has done all of this at the young age of 22, all while seemingly avoided the child star syndrome that has plagued so many others who became so famous so quickly.

This seems like a fine week to be filling in for my estimable colleague Ryan McGee, given that Radcliffe has spent much of the past year honing his live performance skills on Broadway. As Hugh Jackman indicated in his brief cameo as Daniel Radcliffe earlier this year, there are definite advantages to having celebrities who have at least some experience in a live setting, and from the moment tonight’s episode began it was clear that Radcliffe has become highly comfortable with this kind of environment, making for a strong central performance that could weather even the weakest material the show could send at it.
However, before we get started, I figured in honor of Radcliffe’s presence we should adjust our grading system accordingly. As a result, I’ve adopted – just for this week – the system of evaluation for the Ordinary Wizarding Levels at Hogwarts. While this means that we need a legend to interpret some of the below, I feel it’s only fitting (and gives me the potential to label something particular awful as “Troll,” which seems too good an opportunity to pass up).
The O.W.L. Grading Scheme
O = Outstanding
E = Exceeds Expectations
A = Acceptable
P = Poor
D = Dreadful
T = Troll
Let the exams begin – hope you all brought your timeturners!
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<p>Tom&nbsp;Hardy won Best Actor for his performance in &quot;Warrior.&quot;</p>

Tom Hardy won Best Actor for his performance in "Warrior."

Credit: Lionsgate

Nevada film critics tap 'Hugo,' Scorsese

Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain win top acting honors

The Nevada Film Critics Society has spoken and "Hugo" was the word on its collective lips. The film won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Child Actor from the group. Meanwhile, Tom Hardy received his first win of the season for his performance in "Warrior." Check out the full list of winners below.

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<p>&quot;Napoleon Dynamite&quot;</p>
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"Napoleon Dynamite"

Credit: FOX

HitFix Interview: Jon Heder talks FOX's 'Napoleon Dynamite'

New 'Napoleon Dynamite' cartoon premieres on Sunday
When "Napoleon Dynamite" went from Sundance sleeper to art house curiosity to mainstream sensation in 2004, it elevated its star to that pantheon of actors who are unavoidably and inextricably linked with a single role.
Eight years later, Jon Heder's name and the character of Napoleon Dynamite are still tied together. Since "Napoleon Dynamite," Heder has had some small successes ("Benchwarmers," "Monster House") and at least one big hit ("Blades of Glory"), but there's only one "Napoleon Dynamite."
"Yeah. I go to Disneyland and people are like "Freakin' Idiot!" and I'm like, "What'd I ever do to you? Oh. Oh, you're quoting the movie,'" laughed Heder when we spoke last summer following a table read for the first season finale of the FOX animated comedy adaptation of "Napoleon Dynamite." 
In the interview, Heder and I discussed the positives and negatives of the "Napoleon Dynamite" phenomenon, the spirit of the new animated series
and the challenge of finding that Napoleon Dynamite voice once again.
Click through...
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Watch: 'Joyful Noise's' Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan talk working with icons

Just how intimidating is it to duet with Dolly Parton?

Jeremy Jordan gets thrown in the deep end in “Joyful Noise,” which opens today. The Broadway vet makes his movie debut in the film and holds his own playing against such icons as Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. Plus, he plays the love interest of KeKe Palmer, who, at 18, may have more film experience than the other three combined. She certainly has poise, as she shows in this interview.

Palmer, whose rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” is one of the film’s musical highlights, and Jordan share a sweet chemistry on screen and their connection was evident during our short interview with them as well.

In the interview above, Jordan, who is headed back to Broadway to star in “Newsies,”  talks about sharing a piano bench and a song with Parton, while Palmer confesses that she has sassed her mom, just like her character does with Queen Latifah, who plays her movie mom. The film was a reunion for Palmer and Queen Latifah, who worked together when Palmer was 9 in "Beauty Shop." 

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<p>Harvey&nbsp;Weinstein (who got around this weekend, even showing up at Paramount's shin-dig) and Michelle Williams at Wednesday night's Weinstein&nbsp;Company event</p>

Harvey Weinstein (who got around this weekend, even showing up at Paramount's shin-dig) and Michelle Williams at Wednesday night's Weinstein Company event

Credit: Getty Images

Pre-Globes party weekend: Weinstein, AFI, Paramount, Film Independent and BAFTA do it up

Indie Spirit filmmaker grants also presented

Leading into tomorrow's Golden Globes ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Hollywood has been all abuzz with events aimed at making the most of having talent in town for the big awards show weekend.

Things started Wednesday night with a Weinstein Company pre-Globes soiree that I didn't attend, but Thursday brought plenty to chew on with the 17th annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards, already covered and recapped.

Yesterday afternoon there was an AFI awards luncheon, which I also didn't attend. I did, however, stop by Paramount's big pre-Globes party on behalf of its nominees later that night. I'm happy they relocated it over to the lot after holding it at the Chateau Marmont, as it's become very much an over-crowded shin-dig over the years. Seriously, sardines in a can. The breathing room was nice.

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Credit: AMC

Press Tour '12 Live-Blog: AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

Expect lots of chatter about Frank Darabont, budgets and whatnot

Let's get down to business with Saturday's (January 14) Television Critics Association press tour panel for AMC's "The Walking Dead"...

In case you didn't already see, AMC has extended the previously renewed third season of "The Walking Dead" to 16 episodes. But Season 2 is only 13 episodes and it's returning on February 12 to wrap things up.

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<p>Don Draper (Jon Hamm)&nbsp;and the rest of the &quot;Mad Men&quot;&nbsp;gang will be back in March.</p>

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and the rest of the "Mad Men" gang will be back in March.

Credit: AMC

AMC sets 'Mad Men' & 'The Killing' premiere dates

Don Draper will return a week before the Seattle detectives
What has been rumored for weeks is official today: "Mad Men" season 5 will begin on Sunday night, March 25 - and, as a bonus, the season premiere will be two hours long. (The premiere will air from 9-11 p.m., while the show's usual timeslot will be Sundays at 10.)
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<p>B&eacute;r&eacute;nice Bejo displays some of Mark&nbsp;Bridges's contribution to &quot;The Artist.&quot;</p>

Bérénice Bejo displays some of Mark Bridges's contribution to "The Artist."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Tech Support Interview: 'The Artist' costume designer Mark Bridges on building character in black and white

Will the Best Picture frontrunner be his first ticket to the Kodak?

For those of us who closely monitor the caliber of film costumes, Mark Bridges’s talent has been apparent for well over a decade, going back to at least Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights.”  Efforts such as “Magnolia,” “Punch-Drunk Love,” “Blast from the Past,” “There Will Be Blood” and “The Fighter” have shown Bridges’s ability to design threads for numerous periods and in a vast array of genres. His collaboration with Michel Hazanavicus on “The Artist,” however, has probably presented him with his best chance to date to finally find a place in Oscar’s final quintet.

The costumer came aboard this year's Best Picture frontrunner about 18 months ago, he says. “I went to meet Michel on the July fourth weekend in LA and as we discussed the project, we ended up referencing the same silent films,” he says, noting that it was clear the two of them clicked and he was formally offered the job shortly thereafter.

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Credit: TNT

Press Tour: Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy will be core of new 'Dallas'

The feisty 80-year-old Hagman jokes that 'Friends' stars owe him money

While TNT may be counting on pretty young things like Jordana Brewster and Jesse Metcalfe to fuel interest in its new continuation of the old series "Dallas," the stars who really got the journalists at the TCA press tour fired up were the original show's "Big Three" -- Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy. Hagman, wearing an enormous hat and looking fighting trim despite a cancer diagnosis last year, got the biggest laugh of the afternoon, despite some zingers from Duffy. 

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<p>Tina Majorino</p>
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Tina Majorino

Watch: Tina Majorino talks 'Napoleon Dynamite'

How was Comic-Con and what's new with Deb in animated form?
"Napoleon Dynamite" was a key transitional point in Tina Majorino's career, ending a hiatus between her time as as the child star of "Andre" and "Waterworld" and her later, young adult work on "Veronica Mars," "Big Love" and "Bones."
Majorino is returning to the world of "Napoleon Dynamite" this spring in FOX animated form, as viewers are reintroduced to her liger-loving Deb.
Check out my interview -- conducted in September, along with most of these pesky FOX video interviews -- with Majorino, which touched on the cast's then-recent visit to San Diego's Comic-Con, the influence of comedy veteran Mike Scully on the series and how Deb has changed in her animated incarnation.
"Napoleon Dynamite" premieres on FOX on Sunday, Jan. 15.
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<p>Karen Gillan as Amy Pond on &quot;Doctor Who.&quot;</p>

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond on "Doctor Who."

Credit: BBC

Press tour: Karen Gillan on leaving 'Doctor Who' and starring in 'We'll Take Manhattan'

She'll segue from playing Amy Pond to iconic '60s model Jean Shrimpton

PASADENA - Karen Gillan came to press tour to discuss her new TV-movie "We'll Take Manhattan," but as often happens at this event, the first question for her was about her more famous role on "Doctor Who," which she will leave sometime during the British sci-fi series' next season.

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