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<p>'The secret word for today is classic!'</p>

'The secret word for today is classic!'

Credit: Warner Bros. Home Video

Film Nerd 2.0: The boys hit the road for 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure'

How does one of the cult gems of the '80s hold up for a new generation?

There was a period of time there where it seemed like if you chose to show a kid the movie "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," people might view that as bad parenting or a controversial choice because of some of the real-life misadventures of Paul Reubens.

Thank god that's over.

I'm old enough that my first exposure to Paul Reubens and the Pee-Wee Herman character came through the Cheech and Chong movies he appeared in.  I was only ten years old when "Cheech & Chong's Next Movie" came out, so I didn't catch up with it until it showed up on cable a year later, which was right around the same time HBO first aired "The Pee-Wee Herman Show," a videotaped version of the show that Reubens staged in LA with the help of the Groundlings.  That's how he ended up in the Cheech & Chong film, too.  There was an entire LA underground comedy scene that was captured in those early films that Cheech & Chong made, and when you see him play the character in "Next Movie" or when you see him as "The Hamburger Dude" in "Nice Dreams," that's the impression I had of Reubens for many years.  There was something great about the way he set the raunch and the rock-and-roll of the late '70s against the super-pure '50s kids show aesthetic that he so obviously adored, and it was edgy without being full-blown dirty.  I've written about this before, actually.

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<p>Ricky Gervais was a disappointment in his third go-around as Golden Globes host.</p>

Ricky Gervais was a disappointment in his third go-around as Golden Globes host.

Credit: NBC

Golden Globes review: Ricky Gervais a timid host, broadcast tedious

A few funny speeches, but a tough three hours to sit through

Ricky Gervais came out to host the 2012 Golden Globe Awards and tried to again paint himself as a rebel undermining the system from within. And yet even he could go so far with that angle, what with this being his third time as host, and what with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association asking him back after he spent last year's telecast gleefully ripping most of the movie stars in the room.

"Now, the Hollywood Foreign Press have warned me if I insult any of you," Gervais explained, "they'll definitely invite me back next year as well."

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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

 "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Credit: Bravo

Recap: 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' plan a trip to Africa

Miss Joyce wants NeNe and Kim to play nice, but it won't be easy

It's hard to say whether or not tonight's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" measured up to the fanfare of the Golden Globes (be sure to vote on the best and worst red carpet looks here), but in any case, it was still an episode of high tension, fortune telling and gun fire, so let's hope you set up your DVRs if you missed it. More importantly, NeNe, Sheree and Kim were all forced to make nice with one another, which might be one of the signs of the coming apocalypse. Consider yourself warned.

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<p>Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder)&nbsp;and his brother Kip (Aaron Ruell)&nbsp;fight it out in the animated series' debut.</p>

Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) and his brother Kip (Aaron Ruell) fight it out in the animated series' debut.

Credit: FOX

'Napoleon Dynamite' The first rule of fight club...

What did everybody think of FOX's animated spin-off of the movie?

I posted my review of FOX's "Napoleon Dynamite" yesterday. Now it's your turn. For those of you who watched, what did you think? Was it an improvement on the film? A step down? Did you still feel attached to the characters so many years later? And what did people who hadn't seen the movie - or, like me, didn't like the movie - make of it all?

Have at it.

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<p>Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais</p>
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Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais

Credit: Matt Sayles/AP

Golden Globes 2012 Live-Blog

Follow the winners, losers, speeches and Ricky Gervais...

Welcome, friends, to my live blog of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards! 

There's a funny story for how I ended up handling live-blogging duties rather than HitFix's all-around Awards Guru Gregory Ellwood, but I'll let him tell it. 

As for me, I'm just so happy to be done with the Television Critics Association press tour that I'm raring and ready to go...

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<p>Lana Del Rey performs on &quot;Saturday Night Live&quot;.</p>

Lana Del Rey performs on "Saturday Night Live".

Credit: NBC

Was Lana Del Rey's 'Saturday Night Live' performance a career killer?

Is Lady Gaga the only one who gets to reinvent herself?

For Interscope Records, which will release Lana Del Rey’s major label debut on Jan. 31, the good news is there’s lots and lots of discussion about Del Rey clogging the internet today following her performance on “Saturday Night Live” last night.

The bad news is most of it is horrible.

If you already knew who Lana Del Rey was, chances are pretty good last night’s performances did nothing to make you want to investigate her further. If you had never heard of her before last night, there was little in her awkward, uncomfortable appearance that is likely to make you seek out the album, the perhaps unfortunately titled "Born To Die,"  when it drops.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Ricky&nbsp;Gervais arrives at the 69th annual&nbsp;Golden&nbsp;Globes.</p>

Ricky Gervais arrives at the 69th annual Golden Globes.

Credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

'The Artist,' 'The Descendants' win big with Golden Globes (plus live blog)

George Clooney and Meryl Streep take top acting honors

Tonight brings us the most significant of pre-Oscar Awards ceremonies: the Golden Globes. Okay, so the level of legitimacy that the HFPA has inspired is questionable at best. But there can be no question that the Globes have the highest profile of all the events leading up to Oscar's big night. More importantly, though, Ricky Gervais is going to go absolutely mental tonight.

Guy posted his Golden Globe predictions earlier today, as well as his ideal selections. Though there are several categories where Guy and I are of a similar mind, there are one or two, however, where I favor a different film. In any event, here is our opportunity to share our thoughts as the evening unfolds on the hits and misses of the honors, speeches and inevitable deliciously inappropriate musings of the host.

I’ll my posting my own up to date reflections and invite you to join in with your opinions. Kris will be busy representing In Contention in and around the Beverly Hilton, where everyone from Fox to Universal to Weinstein and Warner Bros. will be (they hope) celebrating their spoils. He'll be back soon enough to report from those, but in the interim, three, two, one…

You can also follow @kristapley on twitter for on the ground updates.

For great updates in the TV categories you can also check in with Dan Fienberg the Hitfix TV expert.

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Watch: Efren Ramirez talks FOX's 'Napoleon Dynamite'

T-shirt talk with the man the fans know as "Pedro"
When it comes to Efren Ramirez, it's all about t-shirts.
When the man who helped turn "Vote For Pedro" into one of the decade's most ubiquitous, annoying t-shirt fad sits down in front of you with a "You Don't Know Me" t-shirt, it isn't arbitrary. 
Although Ramirez is most closely associated with his presidentially aspirational character from "Napoleon Dynamite," he's always been happy to talk about his career beyond Pedro, his acting inspirations and, in this interview from the fall, his recent experience meeting fans at San Diego's Comic-Con.
"Napoleon Dynamite" migrates to FOX in animated form tonight (January 15). Before the premiere, check out this video interview.
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<p>John Landgraf</p>
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John Landgraf

Credit: FX

Press Tour '12 Live-Blog: FX Executive session with John Landgraf

Expect lots and lots of Charlie Sheen questions. And maybe some 'Powers' stuff

Thanks to Mr. Charlie Sheen, FX's executive session with President & General Manager John Landgraf could be fun... Let's find out...

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<p>&quot;The Artist&quot; has at least two wins locked up ahead of tonight's Golden Globe Awards.</p>

"The Artist" has at least two wins locked up ahead of tonight's Golden Globe Awards.

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Globe predictions: Plain sailing for 'The Artist,' but what about the dramas?

Plus, my picks for who deserves to win at tonight's ceremony

Not since the 2002 awards season was bouncily dominated by "Chicago" -- the last comedy, or indeed musical, to take the Best Picture Oscar -- has drama looked like more of an afterthought at the Golden Globe Awards. As Rob Marshall's frisky tuner swept the comedy/musical categories at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's perennially boozy shindig, the top prize in the corresponding drama category was handed to "The Hours," a modest, downbeat female ensemble piece that everyone knew hadn't a shot in hell at the Oscar. The award that usually represents the climax of the Globes ceremony had been downgraded to consolation-prize status.  

Nine years later, as if to restore some lustre to a category that last year named "The Tourist" one of the year's best films, we're looking at a similar situation. "The Artist," the silent French wonder that currently leads the Oscar race by a comfortable distance, is a foreordained winner of the musical/comedy Best Picture Globe tonight (as well as a Best Actor prize for star Jean Dujardin), while over in the drama race, a number of less favored titles are jostling for the title of Official Opposition.

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<p>Lana Del Rey and Daniel Radcliffe of &quot;Saturday Night Live&quot;</p>

Lana Del Rey and Daniel Radcliffe of "Saturday Night Live"

Credit: NBC

Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Daniel Radcliffe and Lana Del Rey

Would the 'Harry Potter' star be able to cast an 'SNL' spell?

There are many actors out there who are known primarily for a single role, but very few of those actors spent an entire decade of their lives playing that role in a series of eight films which quite comfortably be considered a phenomenon. It’s all the more impressive of course that Daniel Radcliffe, hosting “Saturday Night Live” for the first time, has done all of this at the young age of 22, all while seemingly avoided the child star syndrome that has plagued so many others who became so famous so quickly.

This seems like a fine week to be filling in for my estimable colleague Ryan McGee, given that Radcliffe has spent much of the past year honing his live performance skills on Broadway. As Hugh Jackman indicated in his brief cameo as Daniel Radcliffe earlier this year, there are definite advantages to having celebrities who have at least some experience in a live setting, and from the moment tonight’s episode began it was clear that Radcliffe has become highly comfortable with this kind of environment, making for a strong central performance that could weather even the weakest material the show could send at it.
However, before we get started, I figured in honor of Radcliffe’s presence we should adjust our grading system accordingly. As a result, I’ve adopted – just for this week – the system of evaluation for the Ordinary Wizarding Levels at Hogwarts. While this means that we need a legend to interpret some of the below, I feel it’s only fitting (and gives me the potential to label something particular awful as “Troll,” which seems too good an opportunity to pass up).
The O.W.L. Grading Scheme
O = Outstanding
E = Exceeds Expectations
A = Acceptable
P = Poor
D = Dreadful
T = Troll
Let the exams begin – hope you all brought your timeturners!
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<p>Tom&nbsp;Hardy won Best Actor for his performance in &quot;Warrior.&quot;</p>

Tom Hardy won Best Actor for his performance in "Warrior."

Credit: Lionsgate

Nevada film critics tap 'Hugo,' Scorsese

Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain win top acting honors

The Nevada Film Critics Society has spoken and "Hugo" was the word on its collective lips. The film won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Child Actor from the group. Meanwhile, Tom Hardy received his first win of the season for his performance in "Warrior." Check out the full list of winners below.

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