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<p>Channing Tatum is kicking off his best year on film so far with Steven Soderbergh's 'Haywire,' and he seems to be enjoying it all.</p>

Channing Tatum is kicking off his best year on film so far with Steven Soderbergh's 'Haywire,' and he seems to be enjoying it all.

Credit: HitFix

Watch: Channing Tatum enjoyed getting worked over in 'Haywire'

His future's looking brighter than ever based on the films he's in this year

Now that I've seen both "21 Jump Street" and "Haywire," I am officially prepared to say that 2012 is the year Channing Tatum turned the corner.

I've known people who are fans of his work since "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints," and I've certainly seen most of his films up to this point.  I've always felt like he was tough to cast just right, and whatever his most vocal supporters saw in that work, I wasn't seeing it.  I thought he showed signs of life in things like "Stop-Loss" or his supporting freakshow role in "The Dilemma," but he still wasn't connecting for me across the board.

Now, with this one-two punch, I'm seeing a much looser, funnier, alive presence onscreen, and I think the same is true of our interview when we sat down to talk about "Haywire."  I'm not sure what happened, but it can't just be that the material is better.  It's like something opened up inside of him, and suddenly he's able to project whatever that new energy and joy is, and it's really apparent in the work.

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<p>Ewan McGregor may have been all smiles when we spoke, but he takes a serious beating in the new Steven Soderbergh action film 'Haywire'</p>

Ewan McGregor may have been all smiles when we spoke, but he takes a serious beating in the new Steven Soderbergh action film 'Haywire'

Credit: HitFix

Watch: Ewan McGregor seems very zen about getting beaten silly in 'Haywire'

What's young Obi-Wan up to these days?

Ewan McGregor was, at one point, on track to be a gigantic movie star.

Instead, his career has become something much more interesting and unusual and hard to pinpoint, and I'm glad.  McGregor made such a strong impression with his first few major film roles in the Danny Boyle films "Shallow Grave" and "Trainspotting," and by the time he was cast as Young Obi-Wan in "The Phantom Menace," he appeared to be on track to be one of the biggest actors of his age.

His heart does not appear to lie in the blockbuster mainstream world, though, and he's spent years now moving back and forth between the indie world and Hollywood, and his choices seem to me to be genuinely motivated by his own particular interests.  Well before Michael Fassbender was getting teased about his equipment on the Golden Globes by George Clooney, Ewan McGregor was the Guy Who Liked To Show His Junk, and the contrast between that and his appearances in the "Star Wars" films and a "Nanny McPhee" sequel and "Robots" is pretty startling.  Not many people are able to effortlessly switch modes like that, but I think it's in no small part because McGregor is so quietly charismatic.

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<p>&nbsp;Santigold and friend</p>

 Santigold and friend

Watch: Santigold's new video, 'Big Mouth' takes a dig at Lady Gaga

What does she have against Momma Monster?

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Santigold is totally over you.  In her trippy new video for “Big Mouth,” she has no use for you and your irritating ways so shut your trap.

The clip is a fun combo of childlike animation and live action as Santigold’s throwing attitude all over the place, backed up by her two-women crew S1Wettes.

Santigold also decides to take a swipe at Lady Gaga, who is represented as an animated blond mermaid. “Gaga-ga all slightly off/not me I take the loss,” she sings. We’re not really sure what that means, but it’s probably not good, especially since Gaga gets eaten by an underwater tiger.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Morgan (Joshua Gomez)&nbsp;in a scene from tomorrow night's &quot;Chuck.&quot;</p>

Morgan (Joshua Gomez) in a scene from tomorrow night's "Chuck."

Credit: NBC

HitFix First Look: On 'Chuck,' Morgan helps Sarah catch a bullet train

Sneak preview of last episode before the series finale

"Chuck" has almost reached the finish line, folks. The two-hour series finale airs on Friday, January 27 at 8 p.m. on NBC, and tomorrow night gives us "Chuck vs. the Bullet Train," either the next-to-last or third-to-last episode of the series, depending on how you want to look at it. (The two hour finale is made up of two separate episodes.) 

I'm going to have a whole lot of "Chuck" coverage next week, including a five-part retrospective interview I did with Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz while I was in California. But before we start looking back, here's a chance to look forward with a sneak preview clip - exclusive to HitFix for the next few hours - from early in tomorrow night's episode. If you don't want to know anything before it airs (not that the clip gives much away), don't click through.

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<p>Judy Greer doing voice work on &quot;Archer.&quot;</p>

Judy Greer doing voice work on "Archer."

Credit: FX

Interview: 'Archer' co-star Judy Greer

On getting an origin story for her character and the power of 'The Descendants'
In addition to the new FX animated comedy "Unsupervised" (which I reviewed earlier), tonight marks the return of "Archer," with the third season premiere (10 p.m.) guest-starring Archer's boyhood idol Burt Reynolds as himself in a wonderful, hilarious celebration of every cheesey movie Reynolds ever made and every car chase he ever got into. I've also seen the next two episodes, and they're also predictably strong. (Episode three, with Archer battling "radical Nova Scotian separatists" on a passenger train, is fantastic.)
"Archer" was one of many shows FX paneled at press tour on Sunday, and I was particularly interested in talking to Judy Greer, not only because Cheryl (recently revealed to be heiress to the Tunt fortune) may be my favorite character on the show, but because I've enjoyed her work for so long and am glad she's been getting so many kudos for her small but memorable supporting role in "The Descendants."
I asked her a couple of Cheryl-related questions in the panel, then interviewed her afterwards about "Archer," "The Descendants" (spoilers ho if you haven't seen the movie yet) and what's next for her in live-action TV comedy.
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<p>Jeff Smith's 'Bone' is a remarkable collision of the cute and the creepy, and I'm curious to see if the film can keep that balance</p>

Jeff Smith's 'Bone' is a remarkable collision of the cute and the creepy, and I'm curious to see if the film can keep that balance

Credit: Jeff Smith

P.J. Hogan set to direct big-screen 'Bone' adaptation

Jeff Smith's cult comic epic also gets a writer and an animation studio

The most unusual thing about this story is the idea of Warner Bros. getting back into feature animation, something that has not been a great strength of theirs in the past.

As much as I adore "The Iron Giant," I can acknowledge based on what I know about that process that it is a good thing Warner shut down their feature animation division in '99.  Every now and then, you'll see a studio get the idea that they should be making animated films so they can get a slice of that financial pie, and they'll spend a lot of time and money to do so, and inevitably we'll get one or two movies that cost way too much and underperform, and then the studios get right back out of that business.  Remember when 20th Century Fox bought Don Bluth a giant animation studio in Arizona?  You know… the one that was supposed to replace the giant animation studio that Bluth ran into the ground in Ireland? And do you remember when that entire thing went belly up about a year and a half later?

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<p>&nbsp;Coldplay's Chris Martin and Rihanna</p>

 Coldplay's Chris Martin and Rihanna

Credit: AP Photo

Rihanna and Coldplay to duet at the Grammys

Paul McCartney also added to the big show

Rihanna and Coldplay have been added to the list of performers for the 54th annual Grammy Awards.  Rihanna broke the news via Twitter last night, tweeting, “My friends @Coldplay and I will be sharing the stage for a performance at this year’s annual Grammy Awards! #Bonkers.”   Coldplay then retweeted the message without additional commentary.

[More after the jump...]

The pairing will most likely perform “Princess of China,” the songs they sing together on Coldplay’s “Mylo Xyloto,” but wouldn’t it be awesome if they did “We Found Love,” as well? The song spends its 10th week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Both Rihanna and Coldplay are up for multiple Grammys.

Paul McCartney, who will be honored two nights before at the annual MusiCares dinner, will also perform at the Grammy Awards, which air Feb. 12 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Although nothing has been officially announced, among the artists expected to pay tribute to Sir Paul at the MusiCares dinner are James Taylor, Foo Fighters, Neil Young, Coldplay and Norah Jones, according to Hits Daily Double.

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<p>Martin Scorsese's &quot;Hugo&quot;&nbsp;is poised to be one of the most nominated films of the year.</p>

Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" is poised to be one of the most nominated films of the year.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Tech Support: Guessing the nominees throughout the Academy's craft categories

Part One: Art Direction, Cinematography, Costume Design, Film Editing and Makeup

In five days, the nominations for the 84th annual Academy Awards will be announced. It seems extraordinary that another season has nearly passed. And with a silent film and a somewhat fantastical (not-so-) children’s film poised to dominate the major categories, one realizes how quickly trends can change in Hollywood. The period nature of these films will result in their showing up across the crafts categories as well, along with many other usual suspects. But at the margins, there is definitely room for excitement.

So with that preface, I now embark on my final analysis of the crafts categories for the cinematic year of 2011. This will be done in two parts, five categories covered in each part. Check back later for part two.

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<p>A&nbsp;scene from &quot;Thor&quot;</p>

A scene from "Thor"

Credit: Paramount Pictures

'The Artist,' 'Thor,' 'Bridesmaids' among Costume Designers Guild nominees

And yes, another 'War Horse' snub

Following on the heels of the Cinema Audio Society today is the Costume Designers Guild, which has selected nominees in its three patented categories.

The first thing you'll notice, naturally, is yet another "War Horse" snub. I haven't been expecting an Oscar nomination for the film's costumes and the period field is particularly stacked this season, but nevertheless, another miss.

There aren't many surprises on the list, though the appearance of "X-Men: First Class" in the fantasy category is a nice inclusion for its blend of period styles with comic book tropes. Once upon a time I thought costumer Sammy Sheldon might be a possibility for an Oscar nod, and maybe that's even still the case. Ditto "Thor," outfitted by four-time nominee Alexandra Byrne.

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<p>Meryl Streep in &quot;The Iron Lady.&quot;</p>

Meryl Streep in "The Iron Lady."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Round-up: The missing makeup nominee from 'The Iron Lady'

Also: Designing 'Potter' and exhausting Uggie

Predicting Best Makeup nominees is always a blind-man's-buff process, but the one title we can reasonably expect to show up on Tuesday morning is "The Iron Lady"; like Marion Cotillard's Edith Piaf, Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher is enabled by startling cosmetic and prosthetic wizardry. This has been recognized by BAFTA, but as blogger Bradley Porter, who also worked on the film, points out, credit isn't entirely being given where it's due: the only name nominated by BAFTA is chief makeup and hair designer Marese Langan, thoroughly deserving of notice -- but prosthetics designer Mark Coulier isn't on the list. Given that he's the man behind the ageing work that most wows people in this area, that's a shameful oversight. Here's hoping the Academy doesn't make the same error. [Eat Sleep Live Film]   

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<p>&quot;Unsupervised&quot;&nbsp;best friends Gary (Justin Long)&nbsp;and Joel (David Hornsby).</p>

"Unsupervised" best friends Gary (Justin Long) and Joel (David Hornsby).

Credit: FX

Review: FX's 'Unsupervised' offers enthusastic teen mayhem

Animated series from 'Always Sunny' writers feels like a happier 'Beavis & Butt-Head'
"Beavis & Butt-Head" returned to television a few months ago, and the boys were essentially unchanged from their '90s origins. But even as they're back on the air, there's a generation of comedy writers who grew up watching their original adventures, and — in the same way that Seth MacFarlane's "Simpsons" love gave us "Family Guy" — who have now tried crafting their own animated comedies about oblivious teenage boys.
One of those, MTV's "Good Vibes," actually aired as a companion to "Beavis & Butt-Head," and tonight at 10:30, FX debuts another: "Unsupervised." Created by "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" writers Rob Rosell, Scott Marder and David Hornsby, it's about best friends Gary (Justin Long) and Joel (Hornsby), who technically have adult guardians but have essentially had to raise themselves — and who have a fundamentally flawed understanding of the world as a result. (Joel in particular seems very Beavis-like, with his shock of yellow hair and frequent moments where he can't keep control of his emotions.)
But what's most interesting about "Unsupervised" — and what kept me watching all three episodes FX sent out for review, even though I didn't find any of them terribly funny — is that Gary and Joel's DIY upbringing hasn't turned them into slack-jawed, hateful morons. Instead, despite having no one to care about them but each other, they are the most exuberant, optimistic characters on television this side of Leslie Knope on "Parks and Rec." They have no idea what they're doing, and tend to make the worst possible choices, but all their mistakes come from a good place.
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<p>Jane (Eliza Coupe)&nbsp;tries out an old look on &quot;Happy Endings.&quot;</p>

Jane (Eliza Coupe) tries out an old look on "Happy Endings."

Credit: ABC

'Happy Endings' - 'Makin' Changes': I don't want no scrubs

Dave, Penny, Brad and Jane all inspire major wardrobe changes

A quick review of last night's "Happy Endings" coming up just as soon as I have idea face...

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