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<p>Davy Jones (far right) and The Monkees</p>

Davy Jones (far right) and The Monkees

Reflections on The Monkees' Davy Jones and his shiny, shiny hair

Farewell to our first crush

Davy Jones wasn’t a teen idol for me. He was much, much more. He was whatever that very first crush is that you have long before you’re a teen or even a tween. I was little-- maybe four--when the Monkees were all the rage, but I remember that I’d feel all silly and gooey inside when I would watch “The Monkees” on Saturday with my older sister, Jeannie, and Davy would come on screen.

Plus, Davy developed crushes with whiplash speed and every time he’d see a new girl he liked--oh, every episode or so-- they added little white stars to his eyes in post-production and they would twinkle even more.  Awwwwwwww. I knew that Davy was looking at some Malibu Barbie, but thinking of me. His hair was shiny as a pony’s and he was as frisky as a young colt...and as non-threatening, which is the key to any young crush.

The musical heroes of our youth are sacrosanct and stay forever pure in our hearts. I remember my editor at Billboard telling me that. It instantly came back to my mind today when I heard of Jones’ passing. Whether your first crush was Jones, Shaun Cassidy, a member of New Kids on the Block or the Backstreet Boys or Justin Bieber, that boyish sprite will forever remain in your heart in some way.

As an adult, I interviewed Jones a few times because of the reunion tours and other assorted ventures, and what I remember so clearly is  the first time I met him, I was shaking as if I were little again. I felt like I should ask him to sign my pillow case or something so I could practice kissing on it (don’t worry, I didn’t).

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<p>Whitney Houston and Rihanna</p>

Whitney Houston and Rihanna

Credit: AP Photo

Hitfix confirms Whitney Houston biopic is a no go

Rep says no film is in the works—with or without Rihanna

Hiftix has independently confirmed that any rumors of a Whitney Houston biopic, featuring Rihanna or anyone else, are totally false.

The internet lit up over the last several hours after the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported that it could happen, with Jennifer Hudson, Vivica Fox and Jordin Sparks also in the running. Sparks co-stars with Houston in the singer's last film, "Sparkle," out this summer.

However,  it looks like the report was false. Clive Davis’s representative confirmed to us that it "100% false."  Davis, signed and mentored Houston at Arista Records. As someone who has covered Davis for nearly two decades, including through many of the Whitney years, the suggestion. And it was.

Even though this report isn't true, we know it’s only a matter of time before someone does start to work on a Houston biopic. As the fascination with her following her death has shown, it’s too interesting and tragic a story for it not to happen, but we hope she gets to rest in peace just a little bit longer.

In other Houston news, Target has pulled a greeting card, in stores long before her death, that poked fun of her love for bad boys.

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<p>My Morning Jacket</p>

My Morning Jacket

Credit: HitFix/Katie Hasty

My Morning Jacket, Wilco headline Forecastle Festival

Louisville fest also includes Sleigh Bells, Neko Case and more

The Forecastle Festival curators My Morning Jacket will headline the Louisville event, along with Wilco and Bassnectar.

Other acts for the July 13-15 Waterfront Park fest include Sleigh Bells, Girl Talk, Neko Case, Andrew Bird, The Head and the Heart and Galactic. With more acts to be added, the final line-up will total 70 bands on five stages.

My Morning Jacket’s involvement is a way to give back to the band’s hometown. The band collaborates with the festival’s organizers on the event, which focuses on music, art and environmental activism.

Tickets for Forecastle, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary are $49.50 for single day passes. Three-day weekend and VIP passes are also available.


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<p>Jason Isaacs in &quot;Awake.&quot;</p>

Jason Isaacs in "Awake."

Credit: NBC

Review: NBC's 'Awake' walks carefully between two worlds

Great pilot, but does the Jason Isaacs cop drama work long-term?

LA cop Mike Britten, the hero of NBC's new drama "Awake" (premiering tomorrow night at 10), survives a car crash and enters a strange new world where it's not clear what's real and what isn't. He begins splitting time between two separate realities: one where wife Hannah survived the crash while son Rex died, and another where the opposite is true.

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<p>Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are just weeks away from fans getting to finally see them as Katniss and Peeta in 'The Hunger Games'</p>

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are just weeks away from fans getting to finally see them as Katniss and Peeta in 'The Hunger Games'

Credit: Lionsgate

Would you like to see 'The Hunger Games' early in Chicago or Philadelphia?

Lionsgate kicks off the last twenty-four days before release with a new contest

There are just a few weeks left until the opening of one of the year's most-hyped gambles, the big-screen adaptation of the Suzanne Collins novel, "The Hunger Games."

I'm actually seeing the film very soon so I can sit down and interview the cast and crew, and I'm excited to see what they've done.  I've said a few times now that I admire the Collins novels, and I think there's real potential here for a film trilogy that is visceral and thrilling and emotional, and it all depends on whether or not they get this first one right.

I will say this… a friend of mine recently got in touch after a screening of the film, and his succinct reaction was "Buy Lionsgate Stock."  Seems like a bit of an endorsement, eh?

But you don't care whether a film critic gets to see the film early.  You want to know when you get to see it.  And if you're in Philadelphia or Chicago, then I am pleased to report that HitFix may be able to help you with that.

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<p>Robert Duvall (left)&nbsp;and Marlon&nbsp;Brando in &quot;The Godfather&quot;</p>

Robert Duvall (left) and Marlon Brando in "The Godfather"

Credit: Paramount Pictures

As 'The Godfather' heads back to theaters, we look back at its strange dance with Oscar

Surely it deserved more than three trophies

It’s been 40 years since Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of Mario Puzo’s seminal crime novel “The Godfather” was released in theaters. To mark the anniversary, Paramount Pictures, in a partnership with Cinemark Theatres, is re-releasing the restored version of the film in 55 Cinemark XD auditoriums on Thursday, March 1.

"There is no greater iconic film than ‘The Godfather,’” states James Meredith, VP of Marketing and Communication at Cinemark in the press release. “It has set the standard for story-telling, launched a generation of great actors and provided movie-goers an unparalleled experience.”

Indeed, “The Godfather” is considered by many to be one of the greatest films ever made, which makes its rather nebulous relationship with Oscar all the more interesting. In looking back, one gets the sense that the AMPAS was in an argument with itself during the 1972 season.

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<p>Eloise Mumford in &quot;The River.&quot;</p>

Eloise Mumford in "The River."

Credit: ABC

The Morning Round-Up: 'The River' & 'Southland'

Lena looks for her father, and Tang has her worst day ever

It's morning round-up time, with brief thoughts on last night's "The River" and "Southland" coming up just as soon as I get the cops to shut my bar mitzvah down...

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<p>In the &quot;Parenthood&quot;&nbsp;finale, Jasmine (Joy Bryant)&nbsp;and Crosby (Dax Shepard)&nbsp;have a wedding.</p>

In the "Parenthood" finale, Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) have a wedding.

Credit: NBC

'Parenthood' - 'My Brother's Wedding': Happily ever after?

A great but messy show struggles to make things neat in a potential series finale

A review of tonight's "Parenthood" coming up just as soon as I ask you a serious question about expiration dates...

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<p>You didn't think I was gonna use yet another photo of &quot;The Artist&quot; did you? &nbsp;<em>Again?&nbsp; </em>No, it's time to move on. Next frontrunner out of the gate: &quot;The Dark Knight Rises&quot;&nbsp;on July 20.</p>

You didn't think I was gonna use yet another photo of "The Artist" did you?  Again?  No, it's time to move on. Next frontrunner out of the gate: "The Dark Knight Rises" on July 20.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Lessons learned from the 2011-2012 Awards Season

Marty is the new Clint, go early or go home, polaraizing films polaraize and more

Before we take a long view of the lessons of this past awards season, it's time to do some housekeeping. A little shindig called the Academy Awards were Sunday and some pretty statues were given out.  I'd made some predictions a few days before and -- like many pundits -- I got my share right and wrong.

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<p>There is nothing about this photo that I don't love.&nbsp; Wherever you are tonight, Cap'n Video, I raise a beer to you.</p>

There is nothing about this photo that I don't love.  Wherever you are tonight, Cap'n Video, I raise a beer to you.

Credit: Primitive Entertainment

One Thing I Love Today: 'Beauty Day' looks back at Cap'n Video, the original Jackass

A simple documentary about a simple lunatic makes for good times

Good documentaries have a very simple and direct appeal.  We engage because we are watching something true, and often, something we had no idea about.  I have always been drawn more towards documentaries about people or places than issues, because I find people endlessly interesting, and documentaries capture us in all our freaky glory.

In the case of "Beauty Day," a Canadian documentary that is arriving on video in that country this week, I was hooked immediately by the the story of Ralph Zavadil, who made a name for himself as a local cable access celebrity in Ontario decades ago.  As "Cap'n Video," Zavadil was willing to do anything for a laugh, putting himself in harm's way over and over again before one stunt ended the laughter.

Or… did it?  Because the stunt that broke his neck was also the first stunt of his I ever saw, without knowing who it was or what the circumstances were.  I didn't realize it was from a show or that this was a guy who did this on a regular basis.  I was introduced to Zavadil via the magic of YouTube and a friend who sent me a video in an e-mail with the header "OMG THIS IS THE STUPIDEST PERSON ALIVE EXCEPT HE MIGHT BE DEAD NOW!!"

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<p>Neal McDonough as Robert Quarles in &quot;Justified.&quot;</p>

Neal McDonough as Robert Quarles in "Justified."

Credit: FX

'Justified' - 'The Man Behind the Curtain': Eviction notice

Quarles and Raylan circle each other as the season reaches its mid-point

A review of tonight's "Justified" coming up just as soon as I swallow a peanut the wrong way...

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"Dancing with the Stars"

 "Dancing with the Stars"

Credit: ABC

Placing the odds on the new 'Dancing with the Stars' cast

There's old stars, new names and weird choices in the running - but who has the best shot?

This morning the twelve new celebrity hoofers joining the latest season of "Dancing with the Stars" were announced, and while it was a good looking crew, this season lacked the Olympic/pro athlete ringers we've gotten used to in some (but not all) previous seasons. Still, that's no good reason not to place some bets for (or against) who will make it to the winner's circle. Not that you should take these odds to Vegas. Although really, do you want to be the sucker trying to put down money on a reality TV dancing show? 

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