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<p>Jill St. John was a great-looking addition to the Bond series, and the first American Bond girl, but her character was much better in the book and seems like a missed opportunity as written.</p>

Jill St. John was a great-looking addition to the Bond series, and the first American Bond girl, but her character was much better in the book and seems like a missed opportunity as written.

Credit: MGM/UA Home Video

James Bond Declassified: File #7 - 'Diamonds Are Forever' is Connery's last shot

Is Crispin Glover's dad one of Bond's freakiest enemies?

FILE #7: "Diamonds Are Forever"

This series will trace the cinema history of James Bond, while also examining Ian Fleming's original novels as source material and examining how faithful (or not) the films have been to his work.

Directed by Guy Hamilton
Screenplay by Richard Maibuam and Tom Makiewicz
Produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli


James Bond / Sean Connery
Tiffany Case / Jill St. John
Ernst Stavro Blofeld / Charles Gray
Plenty O'Toole / Lana Wood
Willard Whyte / Jimmy Dean
Saxby / Bruce Cabot
Mr. Kidd / Putter Smith
Mr. Wint / Bruce Glover
Felix Leiter / Norman Burton
Dr. Metz / Joseph Furst
"M" / Bernard Lee
"Q" / Desmond Llewelyn
Shady Tree / Leonard Barr
Moneypenny / Lois Maxwell
Mrs. Whistler / Margaret Lacey
Peter Franks / Joe Robinson
Sir Donald Munger / Laurence Naismith
Mr. Slumber / David Bauer


Connery's return to the series starts with a great, casual gun barrel turn, and then launches directly into a brutal fight as Bond beats the holy hell out of a guy looking for information about the location of Blofeld.  That leads him to Cairo, where he beats the crap out of another guy in a casino, and that leads him to Maui, where he strangles a woman with her own bikini top to get more information about Blofeld out of her.  It's a series of quick cuts, and it creates a sense that Bond isn't playing around.  He's driven to find Blofeld so he can get his revenge.

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<p>Justin Bieber</p>

Justin Bieber

Credit: Alexandre Meneghini/AP

Music Power Rankings: Justin Bieber surpasses Katy Perry and Lil Wayne

Which two 70 year-olds make this week's list?

1. Justin Bieber: “Believe” may have received mixed reviews, but his legions of fans will propel the new album not only to the top of the Billboard 200 next week, but  give it the biggest opening week of 2012.  Fun fact: Bieber has 23.7 million Twitter followers: that’s more than the population of Australia.

2. Coachella: The desert festival grosses $47 million by expanding to two weekends; $44 million of that is from water sales.

3. Lil Wayne: The rapper logs his 100th song on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart as the featured artist on French Montana’s “Pop That.” Up next, he will be the featured artist on my cat’s next single, “Furrrrballin’.”

4.Universal- EMI Merger:
The Senate Judiciary committee anti-trust subcommittee holds often testy hearings on the proposed union, while news hits that New Zealand has approved the deal. Next up: Luxembourg!

5. David Lowery: The Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker frontman breaks down the mechanics of downloading music for free and how it hurts artists and songwriters and, ultimately, you, the fan. Not quite as catchy as CVB’s cover of “Pictures of Matchstick Men,” but equally compelling.

6. Katy Perry: The pop princess tells The Hollywood Reporter that she plans to launch her own label.  She hasn’t picked a name, but we’re rooting for Kitty Purry Records.

7. Fiona Apple: She can’t come up with a short album title to save her life, but “The Idler Wheel (blah, blah, blah...), her first album in several years, sends sensitive critics rushing to their boxes of tissues as she manages to reopen every scabbed-over wound. 

8. Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson:
Who knew these musical titans were born two days apart! They turned 70 this week and are both still selling out shows like kids one-third their age. Rock on.

9. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: Will the lovebirds be the next superstar act headed for Las Vegas? Robin Leach says yes, and even though a rumored announcement was scotched on Thursday, that’s good enough for me.

10. Jimmy Fallon: The late night talk show host lands at No. 25 on the Billboard 200 with “Blow Your Pants Off,” his first appearance in 10 years on the chart.  The title sells 15,000, which might not sound like much until you realize it’s nearly twice as much as Hot Chip’s new set. Perspective.

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'Brave' interview wrap-up and Fien Print Archery

'Brave' interview wrap-up and Fien Print Archery

How many civilians would perish when Dan takes up the bow-and-arrow
EDINGBURGH, SCOTLAND - I've been teasing this for a week now, so I can't put it off any longer. It's time to celebrate the wonder of Dan and his ineptitude at archery.
Earlier this month, I was at the junket for Disney/Pixar's "Brave" in Edinburgh, Scotland and, on the first night, the assembled press descended upon Prestonfield House for dinner and a slew of stand-up opportunities. Stand-ups are usually for TV reporters to give a little more color to otherwise basic interview opportunities. One of the stand-ups involved archery, a skill I haven't utilized since I was 10 at Camp White Pine in Halliburton, Ontario. And even when I was utilizing said skill -- maybe once or twice per summer, maximum -- I wasn't actually very skillful, a lack of coordination that has only intensified in the subsequent decades. 
With the help of Jim, an endearingly patient man in a kilt, I reminded myself why my life is best lived weapon-free.
Kudos to HitFix's James Jhun for the ace job of crafting eight or nine minutes of awkwardness into a well-crafted three minutes of self-mockery!
And, meanwhile, check out the other "Brave" interviews I did on the junket.
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<p>Emily Mortimer as Mackenzie MacHale in &quot;The Newsroom.&quot;</p>

Emily Mortimer as Mackenzie MacHale in "The Newsroom."

Credit: HBO

'The Newsroom' star Emily Mortimer on becoming American and learning to speak Sorkin

British actress goes super-patriotic in new HBO drama
Emily Mortimer spent the first 8 minutes of our 20 minute interview about her role in HBO's "The Newsroom" answering a single question. Of course, it was a question fundamental to her understanding of her role as TV news producer Mackenzie MacHale. We're told in the series pilot that Mackenzie has English parents but was born in America and is more patriotic and a bigger believer in the American dream than her colleagues who don't have a pronounced British accent.
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<p>Katy Perry and her feline mascot Kitty Purry prepare for a meet-and-greet with fans in the new music documentary, 'Katy Perry - Part Of Me 3D'</p>

Katy Perry and her feline mascot Kitty Purry prepare for a meet-and-greet with fans in the new music documentary, 'Katy Perry - Part Of Me 3D'

Credit: HitFix

Review: 'Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D' packs emotional punch and paints intimate portrait

Further proof that 3D concert footage can be absolutely amazing

I do not write often about music, and I think that's because my feelings about music are even more personal than my feelings about movies.  I love movies in general, and I am happy to discuss good films, bad films, what I love, what I hate, and all of it seems to me to be part of one great big larger conversation about film as art.  With music, I have very little patience for the things I don't like, and I can honestly say there's no way I could face a lifetime of writing about music I don't like and artists whose work means nothing to me.  I will sit through almost any movie and give it a chance, but ten seconds of a song I dislike is enough to get me to change a radio station or turn something off.

The music I love comes to me mainly from friends I trust because I listen to so little radio at this point.  I don't spend any real time listening to mainstream pop because it just doesn't speak to me. It's not for me. I don't begrudge anyone else the things they like, but I have no interest in 90% of it.  I am aware of pop stars because of their omnipresence in the media, but knowing who someone is doesn't mean I have any real idea about what it is they do.  For example, I am aware of Katy Perry because she has had such a high media profile and because she's an attractive woman.  I know she had a brief marriage to Russell Brand.  I know filmmakers seem to like to use her music, and her song "Firework" is used to truly moving effect in this year's "Rust and Bone."  But I can't honestly say I've ever spent any time tracking her work down or listening to it beyond casual exposure.

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<p>The cover of Justin Bieber's &quot;Believe&quot;</p>

The cover of Justin Bieber's "Believe"

Is Justin Bieber's 'Believe' set for 2012's biggest bow on the Billboard 200?

Which album holds the title now?

Justin Bieber’s "Beliebers" will handily propel his new studio album, “Believe” to the top of the Billboard 200 next week, providing the teen sensation with the largest opening numbers of any set this year.

“Believe” will be the first album of 2012 to surpass 400,000 in opening week sales, with projections catapulting the set as high as 425,000, according to Hits Daily Double.  The previous best first week frame this year belonged to Madonna’s “MDNA.”

The top three title will all be new: Kenny Chesney’s “Welcome To The Fishbowl” will likely to the 200,000 mark to come in at No. 2 and Fiona Apple’s “Idler Wheel...,” her first set in seven years, will bow at No. 3 with sales of around 70,000 copies.

The only other debut in the Top 10 will belong to Smashing Pumpkins’ “Oceania,” which looks good for No. 7.

This week’s No. 1, Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself,” tumbles to No. 4, while Adele’s “21,” slips to No. 5, its lowest position since it debuted 16 months ago.

Despite poor box office numbers, the soundtrack to “Rock of Ages” remains a steady seller at No. 6, moving up to 50,000 copies.

One Direction’s “Up All Night” will be at No. 8, while Rush’s “Clockwork Angels” and Alan Jackson’s “Thirty Miles West” look good for No. 9 and 10, but are running neck and neck with two days left before the charts close on Sunday night.


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<p>Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page both seem excited about their collaboration with Woody Allen on 'To Rome With Love'</p>

Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page both seem excited about their collaboration with Woody Allen on 'To Rome With Love'

Credit: HitFix

'To Rome With Love' stars Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page on working for Woody Allen

What happens when an interviewer's interpretation of a film doesn't match the actor's?

Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page together in one interview is a whole lot of smart and attractive to deal with at one time, and it almost didn't happen.

When there are multiple press days happening at the same time, studios frequently coordinate so that they can be in the same location and they can work out schedules, knowing that reporters are juggling several obligations at the same time.  Last week, I had a bit of juggling of my own to do, since I was covering Oliver Stone's new film "Savages," and then I was also set to talk to some of the cast from "To Rome With Love," but in a different location.

The Four Seasons, which is frequently the location of these press days, was positively swamped that afternoon, and in addition to "Savages" and several other press days, they were dealing with a wedding and some other events, and it was positively insane.  When I wrapped up the "Savages" interviews, I ran to get my car so I could drive the six minutes to the second hotel, the Beverly Wilshire, where the "To Rome With Love" team was entrenched.  I was cutting things close, but I figured I could make it.

Then it took the valets 45 minutes to get my car.

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Benjamin Walker in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"
Benjamin Walker in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Tell us what you thought of 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

Timur Bekmambetov's Tim Burton-produced nightmare makes hits theaters today

If you bother with it, that is. Which you really shouldn't. It's terrible. But hey, that's just one guy's take. Anyway, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" graces us with its presence this weekend, Seth Grahame-Smith's second writing credit of the summer. (Both of them leaving something to be desired, to put it delicately.) If you do decide to brave this thing, do tell us what you thought. And offer up a grade above if you so choose.

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<p>&nbsp;Maroon 5</p>

 Maroon 5

Credit: AP Photo

Watch: Maroon 5's Adam Levine steps into the ring in 'One More Night' video

Lead singer works on his boxing skills in new clip

Maroon 5’s video for new single, “One More Night,” will bow Monday at 7:53 p.m. ET on MTV, but in the meantime, you can enjoy a sneak preview.

It looks like lead singer/"The Voice" mentor Adam Levine continues to exercise his acting chops and prep for his upcoming roles in "American Horror Story" and "Can A Song Save Your Life.". After playing a bank robber in the  clip for “Payphone,” he’s a boxer here. Any reason to show off those abs, right Adam? To be fair, the song, which deals with Levine trying to get out of a bad relationship that leaves him feeling horrible, until the next time he crawls back.

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<p>Justin Bieber</p>

Justin Bieber

Credit: AP Photo

Justin Bieber's good, bad and ugly week: David Letterman, 'Believe' and One Direction

The Biebs and Mark Wahlberg have a basketball movie planned?

It’s been a mixed week for Justin Bieber. To be sure, the scales tipped to the positive, given that his new album “Believe” is guaranteed to come in at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart next week (and if his tweets are to be believed, in 34 countries overall), but he got kicked around a little bit on television.

His two-part NBC special, “Justin Bieber: All Around the World,” to put it politely, tanked in the ratings. That’s not all that surprising given that Bieber’s tween audience prefers to get its Bieber fixes online  via his endless Tweets and video updates.

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<p>&nbsp;Band of Horses</p>

 Band of Horses

Listen: New Band of Horses song, 'Dumpster World'

When does the fourth album from Ben Bridwell-lead group comes out?

Band of Horses held a listening party for their new, still untitled album last night in Hollywood, hosted by leader Ben Bridwell. 

Among the tunes they previewed was “Dumpster World,” a slab of rock that starts out gentle, like a lost Crosby, Stills & Nash tune, and finishes nice and rough. Over a lilting, calm melody, the band unleashes roiling, cautionary lyrics:  "Whenever you lie, well, say a prayer for people who die." Oddly, this line comes right after he's proposed.

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<p>A scene from Pixar's &quot;Brave&quot;</p>

A scene from Pixar's "Brave"

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Tell us what you thought of 'Brave'

Pixar's latest hits theaters today

There's a lot of griping out there about "Brave" not being up to snuff and the downfall of Pixar, etc., etc. While I understand bemoaning the sense of sequelitis that is settling in with the company, I have to say, "Brave" doesn't deserve the barbs. It's a lovely story and a beautifully animated effort. I'm a fan, even if it is inarguable that it's not top-tier Pixar. They don't all have to be. We ran down the studio's top 10 films earlier in the week in anticipation of this weekend's release, but now the film makes its way to the public and you get your say. So offer it up in the comments section below if/when you get around to seeing it, and feel free to rank it above after you do so.

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