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<p>Seeing Tom Hiddleston smile is a little unsettling after you've seen his diabolical performance as Loki in 'The Avengers'</p>

Seeing Tom Hiddleston smile is a little unsettling after you've seen his diabolical performance as Loki in 'The Avengers'

Credit: HitFix

Watch: Tom Hiddleston talks about doing battle with 'The Avengers'

Loki digs deep into the psychology of his character in this summer's megamovie

It was during a set visit for the movie "Thor" that I met Tom Hiddleston for the first time.

He was in full costume as Loki at the time, and he was happy to be talking to reporters about his part in the film as Thor's brother and the instigator of much trouble.  As with any Marvel visit, we were being carefully supervised the entire time by the film's producers, who were working hard to make sure no real secrets were revealed to us.

There was a mishap earlier in the day with video playback that meant we accidentally saw the first 1/3 of the film played back in high speed as a collection of footage, animatics, and artwork, and so I think people were even more on edge than normal.  As we interviewed Hiddleston, Feige had to take a few steps away to take a phone call, and so we pressed our advantage as a group.

"Is it true you're going to also be the bad guy in 'The Avengers'?"

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<p>Mark and Bopper of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Mark and Bopper of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Mark & Bopper talk 'The Amazing Race'

Team Kentucky talks about their reception back home and more
In an "Amazing Race" season that has sometimes struggled to find teams worth rooting for, self-described Kentucky boys Mark Jackson and William "Bopper" Minton never had any trouble endearing themselves to viewers.
Mark & Bopper were so immediately relatable and sympathetic and their enthusiasm for the experience of "The Amazing Race" was so contagious that at one point during the season, Art & JJ offered a chunk of a first place reward to Bopper, to assist his daughter. "The Amazing Race" isn't a show in which teams routinely give away their prizes, so that's not a gesture to take lightly.
That was the first time Mark & Bopper finished last, but it turned out to be a Non-Elimination Leg and they recovered in the next Leg to continue their journey.
A few episodes later, difficulties mastering choreography for a Bollywood dance number, coupled by health issues for both Mark & Bopper, led to their second time in last. Fortunately for them, it was a second Non-Elimination Leg. 
It was like "The Amazing Race" couldn't stand to see them go.
Of course, when Mark & Bopper finished last for the third time on this past Sunday's episode, there was nothing to be done and Team Kentucky was sent back to Clay County, hoping they'd done right by their community.
In our exit interview, Mark & Bopper talked about how they've been received back home, how they maintained their spirits on the Race and about that offer from Art & JJ. [As viewers of the show know, they're pretty passionate guys, especially Mark, and there were a bunch of questions I didn't get to ask... ]
Click through for the full interview...
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<p>The cover art for one of the editions of Jo Nesbo's crime thriller features the title of the book hidden in the bottom ball of a snowman. &nbsp;GET&nbsp;IT?!</p>

The cover art for one of the editions of Jo Nesbo's crime thriller features the title of the book hidden in the bottom ball of a snowman.  GET IT?!

Credit: Aschehoug

Source Material: 'The Snowman' could be cold-blooded crime thriller from Scorsese

How does the seventh book in the Harry Hole series look as a potential Hollywood thriller?

With the way Hollywood churns through material these days, we thought it was worth taking a look at the various sources they're pulling from and discussing what they might make from these books, games, TV shows, or whatever else they use.  For today's column, we look at Jo Nesbo's 'The Snowman,' a crime novel set to be adapted by Martin Scorsese.


The seventh installment in the Harry Hole series, "The Snowman" is a Norwegian crime thriller about a serial killer and the cop who is determined to stop him.  And, yes, it really is that simple.

Harry Hole is a deeply flawed man, an alcoholic who barely manages to keep his appetites under control, but his brilliance is what continually saves him from being fired.  One of the few Norwegian officers to ever go to America for training by the FBI, he is also one of the only Norwegian officers to ever assist in the capture of a serial killer.

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Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao on 'The Voice'

One of these two isn't in the finals (and it's not the right one): Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao on 'The Voice'

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Recap: 'The Voice' semifinal results

Which four singers made it through to the finals?

When "The Voice" lets people go, they let people go fast.

Back in the battle rounds it was hard work just to keep track of who was who. But now that the field is down to eight, we've got a clear picture of who deserves to win (*cough*Jamar*cough*).

Tonight is about whittling down the eight semifinalists to four finalists -- one to represent each coach. So let's get to it...

First, a few words from the coaches about saying goodbye to one of their final two hopefuls:

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<p>&quot;Glee&quot; had a storyline involving domestic abuse tonight. FOX had no pictures from that storyline.</p>

"Glee" had a storyline involving domestic abuse tonight. FOX had no pictures from that storyline.

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'Glee' - 'Choke'

The show attempts to address an important topic, but ends up doing it a major disservice

How much reality can “Glee” actually handle?

It’s a legitimate question, and one the show has never really gotten a handle on. Remember way back when Terri was faking her pregnancy, and it was really freaking terrible and stupid and soapy, but then Will found out, and then sh$t got REALLY REAL for about thirty seconds? Those were thirty seconds of menace, with violence dripping in the air, and Matthew Morrison and Jessalyn Gilsig sold the living hell out of that half-minute. But it was a half-minute rolled up inside the greater context of “Glee,” which made that scene more problematic as a part of a whole. Ryan Murphy seems to not care about the whole so long as things work in the moment, but television isn’t a series of independent moments strung together sequentially. It works as the sum of its parts, and for three seasons, the various parts of “Glee” have been at war with each other.

Such a conflict is problematic but normally nothing to get actually truly mad about. The frustration that comes from a show which pinballs between characters, motives, motifs, and moods is fuel for Twitter snark and animated GIFs. We can laugh off Will desperately wanting his students to be at his wedding while Quinn simultaneously wonders if she can ever walk again as Teen Jesus sports an erection while helping her with physical therapy. Those things don’t really have a place in the same episode, season, or even universe, but the uneasily coexist all the same on a weekly basis on “Glee”. Still, the show creates pockets of unexpectedly powerful or funny moments on a semi-regular basis, with only the weakest episodes devoid of either. Honestly, the worst crime an episode of “Glee” can commit is being boring.

Or so I thought.

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<p>Justin Long and Zooey Deschanel on &quot;New Girl.&quot;</p>

Justin Long and Zooey Deschanel on "New Girl."

Credit: FOX

'New Girl' - 'Backslide': Nick, of time

Justin Long returns as Jess and Nick both get tangled up in exes

A review of tonight's "New Girl" coming up just as soon as I'm a grown man who dresses like an unsponsored professional skateboarder...

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<p>Josh Hopkins and Dan Byrd on &quot;Cougar Town.&quot;</p>

Josh Hopkins and Dan Byrd on "Cougar Town."

Credit: ABC

'Cougar Town' 'Southern Accents': All in the family

Jules resents Grayson's baby mama, Laurie raises Bobby's consciousness and Andy seeks office

A review of tonight's "Cougar Town" coming up just as soon as I can prove forethought in a pig murder...

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<p>2 Chainz' &quot;No Lie&quot; feat. Drake</p>

2 Chainz' "No Lie" feat. Drake

Credit: Def Jam/T.R.U.

Listen: 2 Chainz and Drake tell you 'No Lie'

'T.R.U.' track arrives way ahead of an August album release

2 Chainz has been the hot name featured on a lot of tracks lately, like on Nicki Minaj's endlessly catchy "Beez in the Trap," Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music love-in "Mercy" and T.I.'s "Spend It." Now he's got a Drake on his side for his first single "No Lie" from his forthcoming full-length album debut.

And, weirdly, Drake seems to dominate much of "No Lie," as he carries the hook and takes up most of the first half. It's your typical Drizzy boasts with 2 Chainz' bobbing, choppy rhymes coming in later on, with his "Thug life, one wife, a mistress and a girlfriend," along with some fashionable name-drops. It's a good combo of talents, for where street meets the club.

2 Chainz, aka Tity Boi, seems to take a tip from Rick Ross on the synth lines, giving an impression a spaceship may touch-down in the middle of this seemingly sci-fi soundtrack. This "clean" version plays a lot with the foul English, so it might as well be alien tongue.

"No Lie" -- out on digital retailers on May 8 -- is the first single from 2 Chainz' Def Jam debut "Based on a T.R.U. Story," which goes on sale toward the end of the summer, on Aug. 14. Can't wait that long? Check out the half-a-dozen mixtapes the MC's put out over the last five years, or spin some Playaz Club, his duo with Dolla Boy.

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<p>Norah Jones' &quot;Little Broken Hearts&quot;</p>

Norah Jones' "Little Broken Hearts"

Credit: Blue Note

Album Review: Norah Jones' 'Little Broken Hearts'

Grammy-winning singer collaborates with Danger Mouse to stunning effect

Norah Jones’ new album, “Little Broken Hearts,” out today, is a gorgeous sonic and lyrical exploration of a crumbling relationship that takes Jones’ already impressive talents to a new plateau.

It’s a stunningly dark album that covers betrayal, debilitating hurt, shame, the desire for revenge, and, ultimately, the ability to walk away, bowed but not broken. The album opens with the dreamy, string-laden “Good Morning,” in which she, over a sleepy, lullaby-like melody, gently sings that she’s “folding her hand,” as she realizes she's holding losing cards. From the opening notes, even though only Jones’ name is on the album, it is clear that her collaboration with co-producer/co-writer Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) is a total partnership.

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<p>Catwoman gets a face-lift in the upcoming &quot;The Dark Knight Rises.&quot; Does Michelle Pfeiffer's 1992 portrayal merit consideration on our list?</p>

Catwoman gets a face-lift in the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises." Does Michelle Pfeiffer's 1992 portrayal merit consideration on our list?

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Lists: Top 10 performances in comic book movies

With 'The Avengers' on the way, we look at the top portrayals of the subgenre

Joss Whedon's "The Avengers" opens Friday, but it doesn't merely signal the beginning of the summer movie season. It signals the start of a summer highlighted by comic-based tent pole filmmaking. Still to come are Sony's reboot, "The Amazing Spider-Man," and the denouement of Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, "The Dark Knight Rises" (the latter having dropped a new trailer last night).

So it makes sense to keep the lists going this week with something pegged to Marvel's big, inevitable event film. But who wants another "top 10 comic book movies" list, anyway? I couldn't go there. Narrow it down? Top 10 Marvel movies (stretching back to pre-Marvel Studios, of course)? I just don't like enough of them.

When I laid out my brief thoughts on "The Avengers" last week, I noted that, for me, what makes the film so special and work so well as a piece of entertainment is how organic the ensemble is. Everyone gels, major actors with major franchises coming together to make something greater. With that in mind, how about focusing on performances in comic book movies?

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<p>The new deal goes into effect this summer.</p>

The new deal goes into effect this summer.

Credit: Dolby

It's official: The Dolby Theatre is the Oscars' home for the next 20 years

Two new deals bring a venue name change and security to the annual show

After some back and forth with CIM Group, commercial real estate owner of the theare (formerly known as the Kodak) at the Hollywood & Highland complex that has been home to the Oscars for the last decade, a new deal has been struck to keep the annual show there for another 20 years.

According to a press release, another deal was also struck, with Dolby Laboratories, Inc., to name the venue The Dolby Theatre. So it's goodbye Kodak, hello Dolby. And as Roth so pointedly noted a few weeks ago when these rumblings first began, it's somehow poetic and sad to see one of the last bastions and earliest creators of celluloid take its exit here as the company that created a digital 3D projection system steps in.

Of course, Dolby's major imprint has always been trailblazing in the world of audio. Indeed, further into the release it is noted that during the term of the agreement "Dolby will continue to update the theatre with innovative, world-class technologies to ensure that the theatre remains state-of-the-art, beginning with the immediate installation of its recently released Dolby® Atmos™ sound technology."

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<p>Dot Hacker (Josh Klinghoffer second from left)</p>

Dot Hacker (Josh Klinghoffer second from left)

Credit: Geoff Moore

Interview: Josh Klinghoffer talks Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dot Hacker, Rock Hall of Fame

Exclusive premiere of Dot Hacker’s full 'Inhibition' album stream from Soundcloud

Josh Klinghoffer has toured with and recorded with an astounding array of critically and commercially renowned artists, from his current crew Red Hot Chili Peppers to Beck, PJ Harvey and Gnarls Barkley. But for the career musician, his most recent project has fulfilled a lifelong career fantasy: he wanted to start his own band, to plays his own songs, in a band of friends.

Sounds pretty attainable, right? Imagine, though, the guitarist and drummer has been in other people’s touring bands since he was in his teens. For years, he’s plotted song demos but rarely had the time and personnel to flesh them out. And in the last couple years, he joined RHCP to replace his friend, former collaborator and longtime guitarist John Frusciante.

“You’d think that [Red Hot Chili Peppers] is my main thing. And of course I love being in that band,” Klinghoffer said in our recent interview. “But since I was a teenager, I wanted to be in a band with my mates, my pure image of a band. My path in life has never led me to that until now.”

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