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<p>Not too shabby.</p>

Not too shabby.

Credit: AP Photo

Oscar Bait: Tom Hanks sports his 'Saving Mr. Banks' Walt Disney stache at the Emmys

Kicking off a misguided new feature with John Lee Hancock's in-production biopic

I've been hearing more and more about John Lee Hancock's forthcoming "Saving Mr. Banks" ever since Tom Hanks was signed on to play Walt Disney in the film and, therefore, the screenplay review community gobbled it up and dissected it and word got out that it had a heck of a lot of potential. Apparently it's pretty damn good, and it presents a grand opportunity for Hanks, a five-time Oscar nominee who hasn't been recognized by the Academy since 2000's "Cast Away."

Hanks was on hand at the Emmys last night, to collect his trophy for Outstanding Mini-Series or Movie as a producer of HBO's "Game Change." (He's won five of those now, by the way, for "The Pacific," "John Adams," "Band of Brothers" and "From the Earth to the Moon," in addition.) He showed up sporting, it would appear, the mustache he's rocking out as Disney in the new film, and it got me thinking of a spit-ball sort of column we could throw up every once in a while to place unnecessary pressure on upcoming films and performances that, on paper, look like they could be awards contenders. This certainly seems like one of them.

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Brandon Routh

 Brandon Routh

Credit: CBS

HitFix Interview: Brandon Routh talks playing straight and gay on 'Partners'

The former Superman plays a vegan nurse on new show

Superman is coming to TV… sort of. Brandon Routh, who starred in 2006's "Superman Returns" as the Man of Steel, is taking a comedic turn as Wyatt, the boyfriend of Michael Urie's high-strung character Louis on "Partners." The show, which premieres Sept. 24 (CBS, 8:30 p.m.), comes from "Will & Grace" creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, follows the bromance between straight man (literally) Joe and his best friend Louis. Routh's character, a vegan nurse, is the calm to Louis' storm, though in the pilot that seems to mean delivering unintentional punchlines. I spoke to Routh at the TCA press tour this summer about playing a vegan nurse who may or may not have been raised Amish, playing it straight (and gay) and why he never gets sick of "Superman" questions.

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<p>David Krumholtz and Michael Urie in &quot;Partners.&quot;</p>

David Krumholtz and Michael Urie in "Partners."

Credit: CBS

Review: CBS' 'Partners' a tale of best friends gone bad

The 'Will & Grace' guys don't realize how unpleasant one of their stand-ins is

One of the cardinal rules of writing is "write what you know," and one of the easiest ways to do that is to infuse some of your personality into one or more of the characters you write. It's a very old TV tradition to have main characters based on one of the writers, from Rob Petrie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (modeled on Carl Reiner, who was even going to play him at one stage of development) to Andy Sipowicz on "NYPD Blue" (whose demons were shared by David Milch) to Jess Day on "New Girl" (who even wears the same glasses as Liz Meriwether). If the show works, the creator even gets extra credit for being similar to a character the audience has grown to love.

But when an autobiographical show or character doesn't work? Then you have something really ugly, like "Love & War" (where, legend has it, creator Diane English had to fire Susan Dey for being woefully unfunny as a character  English had based on herself), or like CBS' new "Partners."

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<p>Julianne Moore and Tom Hanks both won Emmy Awards last night for &quot;Game Change.&quot;</p>

Julianne Moore and Tom Hanks both won Emmy Awards last night for "Game Change."

Credit: AP Photo/Jordan Strauss

Roundup: The Emmys go to the movies

Plus: 'The Hobbit' meets the Queen, and celebrating Tom Hardy's 'Lawless' knitwear

Last night's Emmy Awards dwarf any movie news today. I didn't watch them myself -- the Oscars may be silly, but at least they can't repeat their mistakes year after year -- but I'm amused at how the TV industry puffs its chest about producing superior entertainment to Hollywood... only to fawn over movie stars (or at least former movie stars) when it comes to dishing out awards. As you've probably heard, Julianne Moore, Jessica Lange, Kevin Costner, Claire Danes and Tom Hanks (as a producer) all took home trophies, many of them deservedly -- though when Maggie Smith's sleepwalking schtick manages to beat out A-grade work by Christina Hendricks that would dazzle on any size of screen, you have to wonder if the voters really know their medium. Anyway, HitFix's resident TV ace has more informed thoughts. [What's Alan Watching]

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<p>Rihanna's &quot;Diamonds&quot; single cover</p>

Rihanna's "Diamonds" single cover

Credit: Def Jam

Mark your calendar for Rihanna's new single, 'Diamonds'

Her perpetual music machine never stops

Rihanna will release her new single, “Diamonds,” on Wednesday at 8 a.m. EDT.

The song is the first single from her seventh studio album, which will come out before the end of 2012.

Rihanna’s dominance at pop radio is due, in part, to her continuous outpouring of music. Most pop artists take some time off between album cycles: not Rihanna. This new album will make her fourth consecutive album released in the fourth quarter since 2009.  The only year she has not released a new album since her 2005 debut was in 2008. Even country artists don't keep up that pace. It used to be that you could set your clock to country to your favorite country artist: they released a new album every year. In part, that was because their fans expected it, but it was also because they tended not to write much of their own material.  A producer would help select the cuts, hire the studio musicians, etc. and the artist would spend a few days or weeks (max) in the studio. However, as country artists started writing more of their own material, they too have spread out their release cycle to every 18-to-24 months.

Not only is Rihanna prolific, but her label tends to release at least four singles from each set. Her six available albums have yielded 30 Hot 100 charting songs. She’s logged 11 No. 1s and a total of 20 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Given the speed of her output, it’s no surprise that she reached that number faster than any other solo artist in the history of the Billboard Hot 100. Only the Beatles landed 20 top 10 singles faster than Rihanna.

“Diamonds” is also the name of Rihanna’s previously announced world tour, which kicks off in Buffalo, N.Y. on March 8.

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Fantastic Fest photos: 'Miami Connection's Dragon Sound reunion, karaoke, costumes

Fantastic Fest photos: 'Miami Connection's Dragon Sound reunion, karaoke, costumes

The sound of a band with only two songs

AUSTIN -- Not very many people have seen "Miami Connection," but it basically represents why people come to Fantastic Fest every year. The B-movie -- picked up by Drafthouse films for a 25th anniversary re-release -- is a clunky, hilarious and surprisingly moving film by the end. In it is an inexplicably successful band Dragon Sound, led by the film's writer, director and lead actor Y.K. Kim. This band plays only two songs, and they both are melodically alike, and one is called "Against the Ninja." This gives you some idea what you're up, er, against: the looks, feels and sounds of 1987, through the film filter of a man and his martial arts.

"Miami Connection" didn't exactly blossom in its own time, but was heralded by audiences here at the 2012 festival, an appreciation completed by Dragon Sound's electric drum-laden reunion, complete with a fist-pumping "TAE KWON DO!" chant and a little help from the Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest staff. And, yes, those t-shirts are on sale.

Other weekend highlights included a Monsters' Ball costume contest, seeded in Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie!" premiere earlier in the evening on Thursday.

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<p>&quot;The Mindy Project&quot;&nbsp;&amp;&nbsp;&quot;Ben and Kate.&quot;</p>

"The Mindy Project" & "Ben and Kate."

Credit: FOX

Review: FOX's 'The Mindy Project' & 'Ben and Kate' show comic promise

These are the best new comedies of the fall season
On last week's phenomenal episode of FX's "Louie," director David Lynch played a veteran talk show producer training Louie for a shot at succeeding David Letterman. At one point, Lynch needs proof that Louie is actually funny, and demands that Louie make him laugh on the count of 3. Louie flinches once, then twice, and Lynch warns him that the next countdown will be the last, and Louie wins a reprieve by bursting into a string of falsetto nonsense that in no way resembles his actual comic style, but pleases Lynch. It's not until later in the episode that Louie finally relaxes and gets the confidence to be as funny on-camera as he knows he can be.
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<p>&quot;Homeland&quot;&nbsp;star Damian Lewis was one of the night's more surprising Emmy winners.</p>

"Homeland" star Damian Lewis was one of the night's more surprising Emmy winners.

Credit: AP

Emmys 2012: 'Homeland' and 'Modern Family' dominate

It was a night of unexpected drama winners and repeaters everywhere else
I always say that the easiest way to win an Emmy is to have already won an Emmy, and the 2012 Emmy Awards seemed to be going out of their way to prove me right. Twenty-five awards were handed out over the three-hour ceremony, and only eight of them went to people or shows that hadn't won an Emmy before. The first seven in a row went to past winners, and eight of the first nine.
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<p>David Chang and Janette (Kim Dickens)&nbsp;in the &quot;Trem&eacute;&quot;&nbsp;season premiere.</p>

David Chang and Janette (Kim Dickens) in the "Tremé" season premiere.

Credit: HBO

Season premiere review: 'Tremé' - 'Knock With Me - Rock With Me'

The more things change, the more they don't

"Tremé" is back for its third season (and has been renewed for a fourth). I reviewed the season as a whole earlier this week, and in it noted that I'm only going to do brief write-ups of each episode until the finale, mainly providing you folks with a forum to discuss the show, because I've found over time it doesn't lend itself incredibly well to chapter-by-chapter dissections, especially when I've read to the end before you've opened the book. But I have a few specific thoughts on the season premiere coming up just as soon as I get a hairstyle that's, like, not a hairstyle...

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<p>Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White in &quot;Boardwalk Empire.&quot;</p>

Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White in "Boardwalk Empire."

Credit: HBO

Review: 'Boardwalk Empire' - 'Spaghetti & Coffee'

Nucky goes to New York, Chalky teaches his daughter a lesson, and Gyp buys some gas

A review of tonight's "Boardwalk Empire" coming up just as soon as I am face to face with paradox...

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<p>Jimmy Kimmel</p>

Jimmy Kimmel

Credit: ABC

2012 Emmy Awards Live-Blog

Join HitFix as we chatter through Sunday's Emmys telecast

It's Emmy night, kids! 

How pumped are we?

I've already watched two-plus hours of Red Carpet coverage.

And Sepinwall and I have already made our predictions.

But enough prelude... Let's get to the main event, hosted by Mr. Jimothy Kimmel.

Come say "Hi"! I'll try to join the comments at the commercial breaks if anybody is chatting...

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<p>Billie Joe Armstrong performs with&nbsp;Green Day at the iHeartRadio festival over the weekend. The singer launched into a tirade near the end of the band's set and stormed offstage, but not before smashing a guitar on the way out.</p>

Billie Joe Armstrong performs with Green Day at the iHeartRadio festival over the weekend. The singer launched into a tirade near the end of the band's set and stormed offstage, but not before smashing a guitar on the way out.

Credit: Eric Reed/Invision/AP

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong enters rehab after Las Vegas outburst

Watch: Frontman freaks out at Clear Channel's iHeartRadio Festival

Following his outburst at Clear Channel’s IHeartRadio conference in Las Vegas Friday night, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has entered rehab.

“Billie Joe is seeking treatment for substance abuse,” the band announce in a statement on its website today. “We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.  We regretfully must postpone some of our upcoming promotional appearances.”

[More after the jump...]

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