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'The Bachelorette' recap: The guys speak out
Credit: ABC

'The Bachelorette' recap: The guys speak out

It's time for Kalon and Ryan's day of reckoning

 It's time for one of those "the rejects speak" episodes of "The Bachelorette," which is usually just an excuse to get people yelling at one another. But given how low this season was on friction, I'm not expecting fireworks. Okay, maybe someone will take a punch at Kalon, but I'm sure he's used to it. What I'm really not expecting is much animosity toward Emily. Emily may be one of the most universally adored heartbreakers in the history of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," and it doesn't hurt that she can swear like a sailor (judging from how much she's bleeped) and isn't afraid to get her mama bear on when it comes to her kid. I do think Ricki, though she never meets the guys face-to-face, has been an effective tool in keeping them focused on exactly how much is at stake. And, in the case of Kalon, she has been a helpful tool in exposing him as a self-absorbed ass. But more on Kalon in a moment. Let's get to the episode!

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Watch: No Doubt's new video for 'Settle Down'

Watch: No Doubt's new video for 'Settle Down'

Was it worth the wait?

It’s been a decade since a new No Doubt album and fans got their first real look and listen at what to expect from “Push and Shove” today with the release of the first single and video “Settle Down.”

Directed by Sophie Mueller, who has helmed a number of No Doubt clips previously, was behind the lens for the music video, which features the four members as truck drivers heading to a reunion. That follows the lyrical them of Gwen Stefani carrying on a conversation over a CB radio.

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<p>Pink's &quot;The Truth About Love&quot;</p>

Pink's "The Truth About Love"

Look: Pink reveals the cover art for 'The Truth About Love' album

And she reveals a lot of leg too

For as forward as Pink’s music can be, she’s often liked a little retro look when it comes to artwork associated with her projects. For the video for “Raise Your Glass” she evoked WW2 cultural icon Rosie the Riveter.

This time, she’s a little more revealing. In the cover art for “The Truth About Love,” a trim Pink adopts a panties straight out of “Mad Men” with garters clipped to thigh highs. She’s also sporting a cropped jacket and blood red, silletto-heeled pumps.  No sign that she ever carried a kid for nine months. The font is straight out of a ‘50s horror movie. Sure, the tats and black fingernail polish bring the look screaming in to the 2010s, but there’s still something delightfully retro about it.

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” the first single from  “The Truth About Love,” is off to a rousing start at radio and was the No. 1 most added song at Pop and Hot Adult Contemporary radio last week, according to her label.

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<p>Christopher Nolan at the New&nbsp;York premiere of &quot;The&nbsp;Dark&nbsp;Knight Rises&quot;</p>

Christopher Nolan at the New York premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises"

Credit: AP

'Dark Knight Rises' cast and crew speak of 'bittersweet' goodbye at New York premiere

The family Christopher Nolan built bids farewell

Manhattan played host to the world premiere of Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" today on a hot day in the city (which also served as one of the key locations of the shoot). The Associated Press offered a live stream of the red (make that black) carpet arrivals, which, in addition to principals from the cast and crew of the film, included other such celebrities as Ron Howard and Dennis Haysbert.

"I'm very proud of what we've accomplished with the three movies," star Christian Bale said. "I'm very honored to have played this character and to have recreated it in our own fashion. And I'm very fascinated to see what consequent Batman incarnations will look like."

In many ways, Bale said he was amazed to be there for the premiere of a third and final film. Everyone involved with the production always said they should just assume one movie at a time and "not be arrogant enough" to assume they would have the opportunity to make sequels.

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<p>Big Sean in &quot;My Homies Still&quot;</p>

Big Sean in "My Homies Still"

Watch: Lil Wayne and Big Sean take over the neighborhood in 'My Homies Still' video

Elephants, pandas and dogs, oh my!

Lil Wayne and Big Sean have moved into a neighborhood straight out of topsy-turvy world for Weezy’s video for “My Homies Still”: A pink elephant, literally, roams the streets, disembodied mannequins take over otherwise well-groomed lawns, and men’s heads get transplanted onto dog’s bodies and vice versa. Did we mention the dancing panda and boa-clad skeletons?

As images of smoking skull heads and folks making out with mannequins weave in and out with Lil Wayne skateboarding and he and Big Sean dancing on the ceiling, the clip is one of Lil Wayne’s trippiest. And that’s before we’ve even gotten to the banquet where Big Sean and Lil Wayne are on the menu.

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<p>Jack White in &quot;Freedom at 21&quot;</p>

Jack White in "Freedom at 21"

Watch: Jack White and a hot cop don't stop in 'Freedom at 21' video

Prison: Not so bad

Leave it to director Hype Williams to suspend color along with reality and disbelief in an action-packed clip for Jack White. "Freedom at 21" is the celebration and dissent of women who do whatever the hell they please, and in this case, it's a hot cop who shirks her regular duties in order to turn. you. on.

White, as is his nature, is looking gaunt and borderline batsh*t in the video, the track culled from his eccentric solo debut "Blunderbuss." It's further evidence of the mystery that you never see the Third Man main man and Johnny Depp in the same room.

And, much like his "Sixteen Saltines" clip, this one leaves viewers on the edge of their seat, without resolve. White seemingly craves a violent death involving his car.

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Credit: Yves Logghe/AP

Watch: The full video for Madonna's 'Turn Up The Radio'

There's always room in her car for one more

Madonna’s “Turn Up The Radio” video opens with great promise: a shot of her legs in back high heels walking down a hall, but as anyone who saw the teaser released Friday, she’s not headed for “Justify My Love” type hi-jinks. Not this time. Instead, Madge is ready for some PG-rated fresh air.

She leaves her hotel an climbs into a Cadillac convertible, aggrieved by the paparazzi who are in her face. As her driver pulls away, a despondent Madonna is cheered by the site of some street performers displaying contortionist moves even the limber Material Girl could only dream of.  She grabs one and he joins her soon-to-grow posse of young, gorgeous men who are soon crowding her car, much to the driver’s dismay.

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"Strange Sex"

 "Strange Sex"

Credit: TLC

Review: How strange is 'Strange Sex'? Well...

The TLC show generates more questions than answers

Watching the third season premiere of TLC's "Strange Sex" (Sundays, 10 p.m. ET), I had a lot of questions -- none of them about sex. Who are these people? Where did TLC find them? Why are they talking about this stuff on national television? Is this willingness to share part of the fetish, too? Do they have jobs to go to? If so, do they have to go to them the day after this airs? Damn, I wonder what that's like!

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<p>The Tumbler in &quot;Batman Begins&quot;</p>

The Tumbler in "Batman Begins"

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

'The Batmobile' documentary to air on The CW

Take look back at the Dark Knight's wheels over the years tonight

One of the highlights of my extremely (mercifully) short trip to Comic-Con this year was a big showcase of all the Batmobiles, from the 1966 TV series edition through the Tumbler of Christopher Nolan's latest Batman franchise. I've always wanted to see one of the Anton Furst-designed rigs from the Tim Burton films up close and suddenly, I got my chance. It didn't disappoint.

The Batmobile has always generated awe. It's a signature element of the Dark Knight's arsenal, unique in the world of superheroes. And each iteration on screen has been pretty friggin' cool in its own way.

So with that in mind, the CW will be airing a short documentary tonight creatively called "The Batmobile" that covers the history of Batman's ride. Interviews with Nolan, Burton, Joel Schumacher, Adam West, Dennis O'Neil and Michael Uslan are included.

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<p>Jason Aldean</p>

Jason Aldean

Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Jason Aldean's new single, 'Take A Little Ride'

Does the country superstar change his sound for the next album?

“My Kinda Party” established Jason Aldean as the next big country superstar. Released in November 2010, the double-platinum set included five hit country tunes and was one of the top-selling albums in all genres in 2011.  More significantly, “Party” also moved Aldean from opening act to arena headliner.

So there’s been a lot of speculation about how Aldean will change his sound, if at all, on his next album. We got a hint today with the release of “Take A Little Ride,” the first single from his upcoming fifth studio album.

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<p>Mumford &amp; Sons</p>

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons set release date for new album, 'Babel'

Tracklisting seems appropriately haunting

Mumford & Sons’ second album, “Babel,” will come out Sept. 25.  The British folk rock group broke through in 2009 with the wildly successful “Sigh No More,” which spawned such hits as “Little Lion Man” and “The Cave.”

The group began previewing tracks from the new album earlier this year at some radio station events, as well as playing three new tunes at SXSW: “Lovers Eyes,” “Lover of the Light” and “Ghosts That We Knew.”

M&S will precede the album’s release with a short U.S. tour  that will include their own curated multi-artist festivals, dubbed Gentlemen of he Road stopovers.

The transition from touring to recording was a little difficult at first, says the band in a statement. “At first, we peeled ourselves of the road quite reluctantly. WE love playing live, obviously, but it had also become an important part of our creative process. We had been writing and rehearsing in soundchecks and sort of ‘roadtesting’ new songs on our very gracious audiences. But then we fell in love with recording again.”

The group worked with producer Markus Dravs, who also helmed “Sigh No More.”

The track list for "Babel" reveals titles that seem appropriately haunting for the group's melodic, yet sometime melancholy, music: in addition to "Ghosts That We Knew," there are such intriguing titles as "Hopeless Wanderer" and "Whispers In The Dark"  and "Broken Crown." 

"Babel" Tracklisting:

1.       Babel
2.       Whispers In The Dark
3.       I Will Wait
4.       Holland Road
5.       Ghosts That We Knew
6.       Lover Of The Light
7.       Lovers' Eyes
8.       Reminder
9.       Hopeless Wanderer
10.   Broken Crown
11.   Below My Feet
12.   Not With Haste

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<p>Seann William Scott doing what a &quot;Goon&quot;&nbsp;does best.</p>

Seann William Scott doing what a "Goon" does best.

Credit: Magnet Releasing

Movie Review: Seann William Scott is a funny, moving hockey 'Goon'

Minor league hockey comedy packs a surprising punch

Note: I'm taking much of this week off in between Comic-Con and press tour. This is one of a few posts I wrote in advance that should publish this week. If you're wondering why I didn't cover a particular show or story this week, it's because I'm on vacation.

As I've often said in the last couple of years, HitFix has a terrific (and ever-expanding) collection of film writers, and for the most part I leave it to them to cover the cinema. Every now and then, though, a movie is so in my wheelhouse that I feel like I have no choice but to write something about it.

"Goon" happens to be one of those movies. It fed my weakness for underdog sports fiction something fierce, while also being executed well enough that I imagine I would have taken enormous pleasure from it even without the genre bias. (In support of this theory, Drew liked it a lot, and he's not a sucker for these kinds of movies the way I am.)

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