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<p>Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton in &quot;Strike Back.&quot;</p>

Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton in "Strike Back."

Credit: Cinemax

HitFix First Look: The 'Strike Back' guys go on the run

Scott and Stonebridge are under attack on all sides in the start of a new two-parter

As I said a couple of weeks ago, "Strike Backis one of those shows I deeply enjoy but don't usually have a ton to say about. But I thought the just-concluded two-parter with Stonebridge and Scott defending their shabby little fort against overwhelming odds was pretty splendid. And tonight's episode begins a new two-parter that puts the machinations of Tywin Lannister (or whatever name Charles Dance is going by in this series) more into focus while also advancing the character arcs for the revenge-fueled Stonebridge and for Scott.

I've got an exclusive clip of tonight's episode, with the guys trying to escape an ambush, but I also thought I'd use this post as an opportunity for the handful of "Strike Back" fans we have around here to discuss the season so far. Have at it.

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<p>Karl Urban IS the law in 'Dredd 3D'</p>

Karl Urban IS the law in 'Dredd 3D'

Credit: Lionsgate

Review: 'Dredd 3D' offers up a grimy hyper-violent faithful take on the comic icon

Stylish and bloody, 'Dredd 3D' should give genre fans a thrill

For many Americans, 1995's Danny Cannon film "Judge Dredd" was their introduction to the long-running English comic book, and it managed to poison the well for the character almost completely.  Hopefully enough time has passed that when audiences walk into "Dredd 3D" later this month, the 1995 version is no longer an issue for them and they're able to just give this new film a shot without any baggage.

I'd heard good things after the Comic-Con screenings of the film, and it seems to be picking up a head of steam as far as critical reactions are concerned.  There were rumbles about behind-the-scenes difficulties during production, but none of that is visible in the final product, which is a hyper-violent action film that manages to perfectly capture a sort of world-weary attitude that really sells the reality of life in Mega City 1.  Karl Urban's performance as Judge Dredd, a legendary figure in the city, is suitably grim and badass, and there's not a hint of ego in the way he vanishes into that costume and that permanent scowl.  We see one quick encounter between Dredd and a van full of genuinely stupid criminals at the start of the film, one of them taking hits of a drug called Slo-Mo that seems to almost freeze time for the user.  Right away, you get a sense of just how far the film will go in terms of violence when Dredd fires what is essentially a flare into a guy's mouth, causing his whole head to catch on fire from the inside.  It's a crazy image, and just a hint of what's ahead.

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<p>Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace in &quot;Passion.&quot;</p>

Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace in "Passion."

Credit: Integral Film

Review: The devil wears La Perla in De Palma's disappointing 'Passion'

Art-trash master's return to the thriller form plays as sedated self-parody

VENICE -- You can forgive a film for a lot if it passes the essential test of being alive – it’s a more crucial box to tick than any degree of creativity or even competence, and it’s hard to define beyond instinctively listing the haves and have-nots. All great films are alive, as are many rather bad ones: films that make their missteps with purpose and conviction and even a little wit, keenly aiming for an artistic target that may or may not be visible. Brian De Palma has made some bad films in his time, but he’s never made a dead one; his trademark art-trash sensibility has a rudely healthy pulse, even when the balance is as out of whack as it is on an exquisite failure like “Mission to Mars.” 

So when it becomes apparent mere minutes into “Passion” – his long-awaited return to the kinky Venetian-blind thriller territory of “Body Double” and “Femme Fatale” – that the film is not just calendar years away from his best work, there’s still much to hope for. A remake of the late Alain Corneau’s nastily compelling erotic thriller “Love Crime,” itself no jewel of the form, the project seemingly plays to De Palma’s strengths as a hall-of-mirrors cinema fetishist, while allowing him ample room for improvement and simple tarting-up; more Hollywood remakes should hand incompletely realized scripts to directors best qualified to handle them in the first place.

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<p>Kristen Stewart walks the red carpet at the 2012 Toronto International Film&nbsp;Festival to support &quot;On the Road.&quot;</p>

Kristen Stewart walks the red carpet at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival to support "On the Road."

Credit: AP Photo/Evan Agostini

Kristen Stewart faces the paparazzi to support 'On the Road'

When celebrity news turns into a business story

TORONTO –  Y’know, it hasn’t been the best month or two for Kristen Stewart.

In theory, Stewart should be on top of the world.  The 22-year-old just starred in her first legitimate blockbuster outside of the “Twilight Saga”, June’s “Snow White and the Huntsman.” And in May, she found herself walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival where Walter Salles’ prestige player “On the Road” debuted.  Unfortunately, well, that thing with her “Snow White” director happened.

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"Project Runway"

 "Project Runway"

Credit: Lifetime

'Project Runway' recap: Starving Artist

The designers must team up to sell T-shirts on the streets

Well, after last week's lovey-dovey episode (No one goes home! Everyone hug!), it's back to business as usual at "Project Runway." That means some fighting, maybe some tears, a panic attack or three and, if we're lucky, some ugly-ass clothes. If the mood at Atlas at the beginning of the episode is any indication, we've reached the point in the competition where nerves are frayed and no one's getting enough sleep. The lucky designers are able to fuel themselves with rage and coffee. I'm pretty sure Elena's bloodstream is mostly rage with a little caffeine sprinkled in. I'm not sure about Christopher's caffeine intake, but he's definitely pissed off for his own reasons. He's just appalled they saved Gunnar last week. He wants him to go HOME. Really, he wants everyone to go home, as he's tired of all this competing nonsense and he's ready for Fashion Week. 

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<p>Dan of &quot;Big Brother&quot;</p>

Dan of "Big Brother"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother' Thursday - Another double-elimination

How would Ian's Head of Household end?

Britney... Nooooooooooo!!!!

Sorry. I was out of the country and missed all of last week's "Big Brother" drama and I spent much of this afternoon catching up on Dan's Funeral, The Cutest Eviction Showdown in "Big Brother" History, the tragic exit of Britney (NOOOO!!!!), The Return of Jesse, Ian's Bismuth and... well... everything else.

I was only away for a week, so it's hard to believe all that has happened.

So Dan's a brilliant sociopath, suddenly? And Frank's a carrot? And Jenn still thinks she made a big strategic move? How peculiar.

And Thursday (September 6) is a double-elimination episode?

Let's see how things go... After the break...

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<p>Willie Nelson</p>

Willie Nelson

Credit: AP Photo/Mark Duncan

Calling all Best Original Song contenders

Willie Nelson, Katy Perry and The Arcade Fire all in contention

As the season hums to life at the start of the fall festival circuit, it's time to take a look at the Best Original Song race and figure out what we're working with.

Just last week, the Academy announced new rules that will have a considerable impact on how things shake out. First and foremost, the screening event and points system has been done away with and a guaranteed slate of five nominees has been put back in place. Voters will still view songs within the context of their films, though on DVD, and they'll be asked to rank their five favorites.

This should take some of the burden off. Songs won't necessarily have to play well within the context of the narrative, though of course it will still help. Nevertheless, with a wider net from voting members, songs will likely get in on merit more than they did under the previous system.

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<p>Keira Knightley is &quot;Anna Karenina.&quot;</p>

Keira Knightley is "Anna Karenina."

Credit: Focus Features

Joe Wright’s postmodern take on ‘Anna Karenina’ is a visual wonder but will Oscar bite?

The director continues to take big chances

TORONTO – Don’t let anyone ever say Joe Wright is easy on himself. Ever since his acclaimed directorial debut “Pride & Prejudice” he has pushed cinematic boundaries while working within the confines of traditional narrative media.  “Anna Karenina,” which screens at the Toronto International Film Festival tomorrow and just opened in the U.K., finds Wright walking Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel along a fine line of period and postmodernist cinema.  It’s a very dangerous game to play artistically and narratively, but, for the most part, it works.

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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 147

Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 147

Dan and Alan talk 'New Normal,' 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Parenthood' and the 'Breaking Bad' finale


Happy Thursday, Boys & Girls...
Monday was a holiday and I was out of the country until last night, so it's time for a special late-week installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.
In this podcast, we finally discussed the 2012 finale of "Breaking Bad" and, looking ahead to next week -- expect a Tuesday or Wednesday podcast, so we wanted to get some things done early -- we also reviewed new seasons of "Parenthood" and "Sons of Anarchy," as well as NBC's new comedy "The New Normal."
Here's the breakdown:
"The New Normal" (00:03:40 - 00:22:10)
"Parenthood" (00:22:15 - 00:34:30)
"Sons of Anarchy" (00:34:30 - 45:50)
Listener Mail on pilot changes (00:45:55 - 00:56:25)
"Breaking Bad" (00:57:15 - 01:22:45)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed.] 

And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.

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Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 147: 'Breaking Bad' finale, 'The New Normal,' 'Sons of Anarchy' & more

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 147: 'Breaking Bad' finale, 'The New Normal,' 'Sons of Anarchy' & more

Dan and Alan also review the new season of 'Parenthood'


It's a late-week Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, thanks to Dan's international travels (which we discuss briefly at the start), in which we start looking ahead to next week's premieres of "The New Normal," "Parenthood" and "Sons of Anarchy" while also looking back to the "Breaking Bad" finale and to pilots that recast performers — not always for the better. As we warn you near the end, the next podcast may also not be on Monday, but we'll get to "Boardwalk Empire" and friends eventually.

(Also, for those wondering, here's this week's theme song, which is damn catchy.) 

The line-up: 

"The New Normal" (00:03:40 - 00:22:10)
"Parenthood" (00:22:15 - 00:34:30)
"Sons of Anarchy" (00:34:30 - 45:50)
Listener Mail on pilot changes (00:45:55 - 00:56:25)
"Breaking Bad" (00:57:15 - 01:22:45)
As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file or stream it on Dan's blog.
And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.
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<p>Taylor Swift at the MTV&nbsp;VMAs</p>

Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs

Credit: AP Photo

Live-blogging the 2012 MTV VMAs

Robert Pattinson, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, others to have some camera face-time

The MTV VMAs have always promised drama and Moonmen, and 2012 will be no exception. Rihanna's performing, but where will Drake and Chris Brown be? Taylor Swift is hitting the stage too. And have you seen Miley's hair?

Follow the bouncing ball through the year's best (or most popular) videos and pop artists with me. I hope you brought a sixer.

The MTV Video Music Awards are broadcast live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


6:58: Taylor Swift pantsuit. That is all.

7:02: Rihanna opens the show with shades, all-red floor-length number, and what look like Crocs. Of course she's starting it with "Cockiness" because that's the current singl... wait. A$AP Rocky tapped for the remix. On sale now!

7:05: She's actually encouraging that "OOaoooah-oooahhha" sound that college kids make at the bar when they're wasted during "We Found Love." Calvin Harris is laughing all the way to the bank.

7:07: Host Kevin Hart's "security force" is a staff of little people. Because little people are funny.

7:09: "I'm gonna nip this in the bud tonight," Hart addresses Chris Brown and Drake. "'re arguing over a thrown bottle in a club. Drake is from Canada. Drake loves to recycle..." You see where this is going.

7:10: And now Frank Ocean's turn. "For that I commend you," Hart extols the R&B singer for coming out of the closet. Pan to Andy Samberg for some reason.

7:12: Mention of Kristen Stewart draw screaming from the girls and a string of curses from Hart because if there's something teenaged girls like more than "Twilight," it's foul language.

7:13: Katy Perry presenting "Best Pop Video." Probably wishes it was Katy Perry. In fan-voted contest that involves One Direction and Justin Bieber, there may just be a black hole of popular music that opens up and swallows us whole.

7:14: One Direction wins Best Pop Video for "What Makes You Beautiful"

7:15: Katy Perry literally breaks part of the Moonman award over the heads of one of these pretty dudes.

7:18: Previously filmed segment with Hart and 2 Chainz. The rapper is yet again the featured artist. Get it?

7:24: New Laker Dwight Howard: Taller Than Kevin Hart

7:26: Miley Cyrus' hair is talking. Mac Miller confusing lots of teenaged people.

7:27: Chris Brown is totally gonna cop Pink's 'do, just like Amber Rose was watching Beyonce's baby bump days last year. "Blow Me" is still not a strong enough single for Pink and the dancing lips are evidence.

7:30: My new band name will be Unneeded Trapeze.

7:31: Rita Ora looks like the superhero alter-ego of Demi Lovato

7:32: Oh great, Chris Brown won something. Takes home Best Male Video. That's. Great.

7:38: Zoe Saldana presenting in a bathmat. Perfect makeup, introduces Frank Ocean amid flaming flames. No, really.

7:39: Frank Ocean rocking the "nervous" look. Falsetto faltering but I'm finding it endearing. Backdrop looks like a beachfront bonfire. Kind of in love with the rocks, which look like unmelting glaciers.

7:42: Falsetto somewhat abandoned. But I was thinking 'bout forever. Great presentation of this song.

7:51: Samberg and Rashida Jones from "Celeste and Jesse Forever" present. As much awkward and funny energy as the movie itself. For some reason they're presenting Best Hip-Hop Video presentation.

7:53: Breaking: Drake is black and Jewish

7:54: The whole Young Money gang hits the stage to help Drake with his win for Best Hip-Hop video. The Toronto almost breaks into a story about going to a party and getting made fun of, stops it there, and then dedicates his MTV award to "any kid that's ever had a long walk ohm by yourself." Inexplicably ends the speech with "bitch." And Lill Wayne flashing dem titties.

7:58: One Direction, a popular pop music group beloved by teenaged girls, takes the stage. The stage props are screaming teenaged girls. They are popular. "One Thing" is understandably popular.

8:02: To make sure the viewers get their fill of boy bands, The Wanted present... but don't perform. Favoritism, I call shenanigans. Rebel Wilson is actually more entertaining to look at than these clowns.

8:05: Speaking of clowns, Nicki Minaj wins for Best Female Video ("Starship"), the Song That Samples Twinkle Twinkly Little Star. She speaks normally for 30 seconds, then devolves into an 8-year-old child and peaces out in a trail of her own sequin echoes. It's poetry.

8:12: Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz get the twos up, for rhyming "cameltoe" with "casserole." Love Chainz' flash, and he's had the best sound of anyone all night. "Yuck" is tight.

8:15: Lil Wayne tries to skateboard to the stage, reminding everyone that they don't care about his skateboarding "career." I do care greatly, however, for those crazy pants. Rihanna whooping in her chair, with nuance.

8:17: Killed it, and they know it. 2 Chainz and Weezy have the best performance of the night so far.

8:25: "Gangnam Style," YES, all I needed was the dance and it's like I have new skin.

8:26: Watching Rihanna and Katy Perry whisper to each other make me 1) eager for a duet 2) anxious that they're talking about my prom dress

8:27: "Let Yourself Go" the studio version was posted by Green Day today. And they're performing it now. Thanks internet! It is a significantly better and more fun single than "Oh Love." Crowd surges onto the stage. Billie Joe Armstrong is clearly feeling better, until he catches a communicable disease from one of these fans.

8:31: I just bum-rushed the stage too but just ended up scaring my cats.

8:34: "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" presentation is happening! And there's NO Kristen Stewart! REPEAT, NO KRISTEN STEWART.

8:35: Trailer for "Twilight": "I won't ever let anybody hurt you," says Stewart. You hurt America.

8:37: Ke$ha and Wiz Khalifa presenting Best New Artist, everybody pretending it's not going to One Direction. Ke$ha says all her lines like she's just learning English with an American Accent.

8:38: One Direction earns Best New Artists. Give the mic to Harry.

8:39: Microphone given to Harry

8:44: Women's gymnastics team. U-S-A. Introducing another strong woman, Alicia Keys, with "Girl on Fire," which hopefully will fare better than "New Day."

8:45: Oof. Long notes and slipping in-ear monitors are a nasty pair. But Keys is looking ferocious as Swizz Beats hoists their love-child onto his shoulders.

8:48: Nicki Minaj gets a verse, an Gabby Douglas does a short floor routine to "Girl On Fire." This performance is like the Lunchables (TM) of raucous ladies.

8:52: Remember when Justin Timberlake appeared during the VMAs for the music he made? #troublewiththecurve

8:54: "Pubes on her shirt." I'm glad somebody said the phrase tonight.

8:56: Video Of The Year: the winner is Rihanna for "We Found Love." Rihanna does an end zone dance. Kevin Hart screams like a little girl.

8:57: Drama-free speech. Well said, we're all feeling good.

8:58: Taylor Swift is killing me with the sailor top, black shorts, Wave-Runners and red loafers. Microphone's red. Her album's called "Red." I'm drowning in cute. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is just over the top adorable.

9:02: Look, the talent show is ending on time, with Swift stage-diving just like Lil Wayne. Pop is dead, long live pop.

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<p>Green Day's &quot;Let Yourself Go&quot;</p>

Green Day's "Let Yourself Go"

Listen: Green Day releases 'Let Yourself Go'; Billie Joe Armstrong out of hospital

'It's hard to sing while you're puking.'

Only a couple of days since frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was hospitalized, Green Day are apparently ready to take the stage during MTV VMAs tonight, and have released another new "¡Uno!" track in the meantime.

"Let Yourself Go" was previewed during the punk-pop band's recent surprise stop at Austin's tiny Red 7, and released as a live performance back at the beginning of August. Now there's the official studio version release, ahead of the Sept. 25 drop of the first in the Green Day trilogy (you can still guess what the other two are named). It's back to the melodic, snotty sound of early Green Day, with some spit shine and a few f-bombs.

Fans may just hear it -- or, more likely, less curse-worthy single "Oh Love" -- at the Video Music Awards. Mike Dirnt told MTV just what was plaguing Armstrong over last weekend that caused him to hit the hospital: the flu.

"Billie came down with heavy, heavy dehydration; it was like severe dehydration, influenza, and it was just a really, really bad situation," Dirnt said. "Let's put it this way, if you're in your hotel room and you're vomiting profusely, it's not fun. So what are you gonna do? It's hard to sing while you're puking."


Get More: 2012 VMA, Artists.MTV, Music


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