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Amy Adams

 Amy Adams

Credit: HitFix

Amy Adams and Matthew Lillard talk about 'Trouble with the Curve'

Clint may talk to empty chairs, but these stars say he's great on set
While Clint Eastwood may be the biggest star (and the biggest news magnet thanks to his recent speech at the Republican National Convention) of "Trouble with the Curve," his co-stars Amy Adams and Matthew Lillard hold their own in this softhearted drama. As Mickey(the daughter of Eastwood's talent scout Gus Lobel) and scheming corporate villain Phillip, the duo get plenty of screen time with the star, and while both have to be jerks to him on-screen, they have nothing but nice things to say about him off-screen. 
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Watch: Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina discuss FOX's 'The Mindy Project'

Watch: Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina discuss FOX's 'The Mindy Project'

What kind of boss is Mindy Kaling?
If Zooey Deschanel was FOX's New Girl last year, that mantle has been passed to Mindy Kaling in 2012, with the network even pairing "The Mindy Project" with "New Girl" on Tuesday nights.
Just as Deschanel wasn't really an unknown when her series premiered, Kaling already has a legion of fans thanks to her run as part of the ensemble of "The Office" and as a writer and producer for the series (to say nothing of a bestselling book). Still, this is Kaling's first time as boss.
A couple weeks back, I sat down and talked with Kaling and "Mindy Project" co-star Chris Messina about the new comedy, about what drew him to a regular TV gig and what kind of a boss she strives to be.
Check out the full conversation.
"The Mindy Project" premieres on Tuesday, September 25 at 9:30 on FOX.
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<p>Kylie Minogue's &quot;Flower&quot; cover</p>

Kylie Minogue's "Flower" cover

Kylie Minogue: In awesome 'Holy Motors' and awful 'Flower'

How will the singer and actress' 'Abbey Road Sessions' turn out?

I'm still processing the film "Holy Motors," which rolled into Fantastic Fest this week. What's taking me next to no time in dismissing is the music video for the song "Flower." What they both have in common is Kylie Minogue.

"Holy Motors" is a dream-like cinematic history lesson and funeral, through the lens of director Leos Carax who unveils his own personality through actor Denis Lavant. Lavant is led through a series of "appointments," movie scenes in which he must act: he plays a killer, a father, a monster, an executive, a woman, a man who's dying... among these, he's also lead love interest, during a break from his appointments with a lost lover, Ms. Minogue. She, of course, is also playing yet another character, one who breaks into song like in a movie musical.

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Watch: No Doubt's new clip for 'Push And Shove'

Watch: No Doubt's new clip for 'Push And Shove'

Fun in black and white

It’s the night of the living No Doubt. In the band’s video for “Push and Shove,” the title track to the group’s new album out today, the quartet runs through the city streets in a various outfits and in various speeds (depending upon the song’s varying tempos).

Gwen Stefani does the heavy lifting here since she’s lipsyncing most of the time, while her bandmates join in on the fun, including giving her a pink belly, but have left their instruments at home. The most work they do here is hefting a drink or two.

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"The Bachelor"

 "The Bachelor"

Credit: ABC

'The Bachelor' announces the newest man of (dis)honor

Emily Maynard's favorite reject takes the reigns in January

Another "Bachelorette" reject will get a second chance this January. Sean Lowe, the guy "Bachelorette" Emily Maynard dubbed the "perfect man" before kicking him to the curb, will be the new star of "The Bachelor" when the show returns for its 17th season next year. If you're wondering what kind of crazy he's up against, you can meet the new bachelorettes online, too. 

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"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"

 "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"

Credit: TLC

Watch: Things heat up for the season finale of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'

A photo shoot melts down and a new baby joins the family

After just ten episodes (I'm guessing even TLC didn't predict the crazy ratings "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" would bring in or the network would have ordered more), the first season of the show will be wrapping up with an hour-long episode on Wed. Sept. 26 at 10:00 p.m. Though things start out with a sweaty, overheated family photo shoot (it was apparently 101 degrees out), that's just the beginning. Later in the episode, Alana gears up for her big pageant, but plans change last-minute when Chickadee goes into labor. Baby Kaitlyn soon makes her appearance, and we're told she makes it clear she's a "very special baby." Draw from that what you will. 

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Watch: 'Ben and Kate' stars Nat Faxon, Dakota Johnson and Maggie Jones discuss their TV family

Watch: 'Ben and Kate' stars Nat Faxon, Dakota Johnson and Maggie Jones discuss their TV family

Which of her co-stars does Jones find the funniest?
FOX's "Ben and Kate" premieres on Tuesday (September 25) night and the single-cam comedy has already made my list of the season's Best new shows.
Much of the "Ben and Kate" appeal comes from the very real chemistry between the eponymous siblings played by Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson, who form an unconventional parenting unit for Maddie (Maggie Jones), her daughter and his niece.
A couple weeks back, I sat down with Faxon (an Oscar winner for the "Descendants" screenplay), Johnson (daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith) and Jones (who stole "We Bought a Zoo" scenes as well) about finding the rapport to portray this quirky family unit and about the real-life inspirations for their characters. 
One of the things I've mentioned liking about "Ben and Kate" is Jones isn't just coasting on undeniable pint-sized cuteness. She's pretty funny in her her own right. Case-in-point, dig the improvised mixture of timing and comedy in her answer at the 4:48 point in the interview.
Check out the full interview. 
"Ben and Kate" premieres at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night on FOX.
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<p>Helen Mirren eyes some more silverware.</p>

Helen Mirren eyes some more silverware.

Credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Roundup: Helen Mirren to be honored at European Film Awards

Also: Variety might share stables with Deadline, and defending Chris Hemsworth

Well, it sure is nice to see Helen Mirren win an award for once. It was announced today that the Oscar-winning actress will receive this year's European Achievement in World Cinema Award at December's European Film Awards ceremony -- "a very meaningful honor," she said, while clearing some shelf space. Of course, there's the possibility that this won't be the high point of her awards season, with Fox Searchlight planning a Best Actress Oscar campaign for her turn as Alma Reville opposite Anthony Hopkins's "Hitchcock." In other Mirren news, she's reprising her role as Queen Elizabeth II on the West End in a new Peter Morgan play, to be directed by Stephen Daldry. Seats will no doubt be in high demand, so I'll graciously sit this one out. [European Film Academy]

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<p>Taylor Swift</p>

Taylor Swift

Credit: AP Photo

Listen: Taylor Swift's new song, 'Begin Again'

Broken hearts can sometimes learn to love again

Following the energetic “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,”  Taylor Swift returns to her dreamier, country side with “Begin Again.”

The well-crafted acoustic ballad, bolstered by a gentle pedal steel and mandolin, tells the tale of a starting over while the scars of a past love affair have barely scabbed over and remain brutally raw.

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Album Review: Mumford & Sons' 'Babel' towers over 'Sigh No More'

Strong sophomore set highlights British band's musicianship

Mumford & Sons helped usher in a new acoustic rock movement two years ago with the release of the multi-platinum “Sigh No More.”

Utilizing primarily acoustic instruments such as banjos, mandolins, guitars and upright bass, Mumford & Sons created a ferocious, layered racket on hits like “Little Lion Man” and “The Cave” that had more in common with the most urgent rock tunes than folk or bluegrass.

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<p>Ke$ha's &quot;Die Young&quot; cover</p>

Ke$ha's "Die Young" cover

Credit: RCA

Watch: Ke$ha unleashes lyric video for new single 'Die Young'

Dancing 'til you die?

For her new single "Die Young," Ke$ha taps back into the speak-singing power that launched her first big hit "Tik Tok," but some of the hungover trash-talking specificity of that old track is missing here.

The singer and songwriter now has both feet into the dance-pop tropes, as she hits the dance floor, ode-ing your heartbeat; however, I do applaud the superiority of verse 2, particularly the rhyming scheme "Young hunks, taking shots / Stripping down to dirty socks." 'Cause you know that ish actually happened at some point in Ke$ha's time on this earth -- if not every day -- and Lord knows the term "hunk" is vastly underused into today's common vernacular.

The late-night cable access vibe of the lyric video released today doesn't do much about "That magic in your pants," but there's some ghostly shots of der Ke$ha riding the subway with her raccoon eyes and penchant for trouble, with a hint of Tokyo futurism. The violent colors indicate another endeavor into the '80s neon fever-dream that dominated her stylistically aggressive "Cannibal."

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<p>On &quot;Revolution,&quot;&nbsp;Billy Burke was apparently not a fan of C. Thomas Howell's work in &quot;Soul Man.&quot;</p>

On "Revolution," Billy Burke was apparently not a fan of C. Thomas Howell's work in "Soul Man."

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Revolution' - 'Chained Heat'

Not much improvement to see in the second episode. Will the ratings hold up?

A review of last night's "Revolution" coming up just as soon as there's a sale on heroin...

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