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<p>Harvey Weinstein, with his brother Bob, will accept the PGA's Milestone Award next year.</p>

Harvey Weinstein, with his brother Bob, will accept the PGA's Milestone Award next year.

Credit: AP Photo/John Carucci

PGA awards the Weinsteins the 2013 Milestone award

Award comes after TWC productions took Guild's top prize two years running

It's late July, that balmy time of year when everyone's thoughts naturally turn to the Producers' Guild of America Awards, due to take place on January 26 next year -- a mere six months away. And as of today, we know who will be receiving at least one of them. Whether or not The Weinstein Company manages a three-peat with the Guild's top prize -- after "The King's Speech" and "The Artist" were both named the year's best by the PGA -- their founding brothers will still take the stage, as Bob and Harvey Weinstein are to receive the Guild's Milestone Award for "historic contributions to the entertainment industry."

I know what you're thinking. It's about time these unassuming industry serfs received a little recognition for their tireless background work. But in all seriousness, an award for the Weinsteins from this guild isn't quite as much of a sop as it initially sounds: while TWC, and Miramax before it, have been rewarded for various productions, the brothers themselves have never claimed a PGA trophy. Harvey has been nominated as a producer for "Shakespeare in Love" and "Gangs of New York," as well as in the TV category for reality show "Project Runway," losing on all three occasions. Bob hasn't one nomination to his name.

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<p>Bill Hicks has become more influential and widely-revered since his death, and now it looks like he's getting the full Hollywood biopic treatment from director Russell Crowe</p>

Bill Hicks has become more influential and widely-revered since his death, and now it looks like he's getting the full Hollywood biopic treatment from director Russell Crowe

Credit: The Bill Hicks Estate

Russell Crowe set to direct biopic of controversial comic Bill Hicks

While that's an odd fit, at least he's not planning to play Hicks anymore

Biopics in general seem to be incredibly difficult to make work.  The biggest problem is that anyone who lived a life interesting enough to be turned into a film probably also lived a life that is too dense to be boiled down to two hours in a way that is both dramatically satisfying and narratively engaging.

When Bill Hicks was still alive and working, I thought he was one of the few of his contemporaries who was willing to use stand-up comedy as more than just a short-cut to a network sitcom.  Since his death, though, Hicks has become a somewhat messianic figure to his fans, and they've managed to package, repackage, and re-re-re-release every single second of his recorded comedy.  They have strip-mined everything he left behind, with "American: The Bill Hicks Story" representing the most complete and insightful look at him and his work so far.

It makes sense that this news would break first in the UK, since Hicks had more commercial success there during his life than he did in America, and the UK has been a big part of keeping his legend alive in the years since.  The Telegraph ran a few quotes today from Mark Staufer, who is credited as the screenwriter for the proposed project, and it sounds like they're close to wrapping up development and moving into actual production near the start of 2013.

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<p>2 Chainz</p>

2 Chainz

Listen: Kanye West and 2 Chainz want a big booty girl for their 'Birthday Song'

Gross, guys.

Fresh off the announcement that Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label compilation has a due date, and that 2 Chainz is still not an official associate of the label, Ye and the Atlanta rapper have dropped "Birthday Song."

No, it's not the "Birthday Song" you know and love: "All I want for my birthday is a big booty girl."

I'm not even going to pretend I can look past the literal twist on "pay for play" exchange of sex acts for one's birthday, even when Rihanna says it. That, combined with lazy, entitled opening verse from 2 Chainz, the gender classicism and the abhorrent repeated "You in first place," means this won't sit well for some.

But if you don't like it, don't bring your drama to the table, West warns you "actresses."

For the record, ladies, a sweater is a perfectly nice gift (hell, so is a "coupe"). If your man -- famous rapper or not -- tells you to "do better" and insinuates you grab a friend to bring her into the bed for some crew-love, you can certainly inform him nary a birthday will be happy again until that sainted day when he's buried next to "two bitches."

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<p>The cast of &quot;Fringe&quot;</p>

The cast of "Fringe"

Credit: FOX

Press Tour 2012 Live-Blog: FOX's 'Fringe'

Has anything changed since the 'Fringe' cast was at Comic-Con last week?

BEVERLY HILLS - If it seems to you like I just live-blogged a "Fringe" final season panel just a day or two ago, you're close to right. 

It's only been eight days since the tear-filled "Fringe" farewell at San Diego's Comic-Con.

Now? It's time for "Fringe" to say good-bye to the Television Critics Association press tour. 

We won't cry.

Of course, we won't have Jasika Nicole on this panel to reduce everybody to tears.

Click through for the full report...

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<p>&quot;Suburgatory&quot;&nbsp;will get the plum timeslot after &quot;Modern Family&quot;&nbsp;this fall.</p>

"Suburgatory" will get the plum timeslot after "Modern Family" this fall.

Credit: ABC

ABC to swap 'Suburgatory' and 'The Neighbors' timeslots

Post-'Modern Family' slot goes to rising sophomore sitcom

One of the more confounding scheduling decisions any network made during upfront season was ABC's scheduling of the new comedy "The Neighbors" on Wednesdays at 9:30. The timeslot after "Modern Family" is the best launching pad ABC can give a new sitcom —though the results have been mixed at best in the past for "Cougar Town," "Mr. Sunshine," "Happy Endings" and more — and it's hard to find anyone who doesn't work at ABC with many kind things to say about the pilot for "The Neighbors." Clips of the show — starring Lenny Venito and Jamie Gertz as parents who move their family into a gated community where all the neighbors are secretly aliens — bombed in front of advertisers at the network's fall schedule announcement, and early critical buzz has been rough, with many in the industry speculating on how many weeks ABC would leave the show in such a good slot before admitting defeat.

Instead, it appears ABC has accepted the inevitable and is going to put a different, better show after Phil, Claire and the gang. As first reported by Deadline, and confirmed to me by a source close to the show, ABC has decided to put "Suburgatory" on at 9:30 and try "The Neighbors" in the old "Suburgatory" slot at 8:30.

"Suburgatory" had a very strong debut season, and while it seemed a good match in the 8 o'clock hour with "The Middle," it feels like the best possible match with "Modern Family" of all the other comedies ABC currently has in its inventory. And if there's going to be an audience that likes "The Neighbors," it'll likely be little kids who think people who turn into squishy green aliens are cool — and those kids won't be watching at 9:30 p.m.

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<p>The Wallflowers</p>

The Wallflowers

Listen: The Wallflowers get help from The Clash's Mick Jones on 'Reboot The Mission''

Do you like how the band's sound has evolved?

If you’re lucky enough to have The Clash’s Mick Jones on your song, you probably want to take full advantage of that opportunity.

Happily, the Wallflowers do just that on “Reboot the Mission,” the first single from “Glad All Over,” the band’s first album since 2005’s “Rebel, Sweetheart.”  Listen to it here.

Not only does Jones play guitar on the mid-tempo shuffler, he sings the chorus. But the band doesn’t stop the homage there: they even name check The Clash’s late Joe Strummer in the lyrics and throw in just enough of the Clash’s punk/dub swagger to reference the seminal British band without sounding like they’re ripping them off.

The song took a few listens to grow on me, but it definitely has. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on, from the Clash-like muted shout-outs in the background to the wonky organ that comes in at the end. Plus, while Jakob Dylan’s spoken/singing vocals are definitely recognizable, the band shows no fear in trying to switch its sound up a little...hence the song title’s appropriateness. As gracefully as “One Headlight” may be aging, no one needs a retread just yet.

Rolling Stone debuted the track today and has the exclusive, but the song will be available on iTunes starting July 24 and we’ll embed the song as soon as we can.

What do you think of "Reboot The Mission?"

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Britney Spears, "The X Factor"

Britney Spears, "The X Factor"

Credit: Fox

Press Tour 2012: Simon Cowell promises 'mean' Britney, 'brat' Demi on 'X Factor'

Britney Spears wants to 'give back' to fledgling singers

It's been a big day for talent competition judges. Mariah is in and J-Lo is officially out at "American Idol," while Britney Spears and Demi Lovato took to satellite to talk to journalists at the press tour about their stint as the new judges on Fox's "The X Factor." Joined by their counterparts Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid, the cozy foursome joked around like best buddies. Like best buddies, this left plenty of room for ribbing. "Britney… is a really good judge. Demi is a brat, but there's something really likable about her as well," said Cowell with a grin. "The show needed someone younger, because I'm in my 30s."

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<p>Bat For Lashes, &quot;The Haunted Man&quot;</p>

Bat For Lashes, "The Haunted Man"

Credit: Capitol/EMI

Song Of The Day: Bat For Lashes is back with theatrical single 'Laura'

Should it be called 'Florence' or 'Mandy' instead?

Mercury Prize-nominated songwriter Bat For Lashes is back, and out the gate, she's... solemn.

"Laura" -- the first track from forthcoming album "The Haunted Man" -- has a music video featuring a haunted man and an interpretive dance honoring the song's namesake. The nervous, slow waltz showcases BfL's ringing voice, which would sound just marvelous in a velvet red curtained room.

But I also can't shake what it reminds me of: "Ooo Laura, you're more than a superstar" is eerily reminiscent of Barry Manilow's "Mandy" (or if you prefer The Simpsons version, "Margie / You came and found me a turkey"). The video is gorgeously shot, so any unintended Laura-Mandy-Margie similarities are forgiven.

"The Haunted Man" has a fantastic, NSFW album cover shot by nudes specialist Ryan McGinley, and will be out Oct. 23 via EMI.

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<p>Snoop Lion's &quot;La La La&quot; cover</p>

Snoop Lion's "La La La" cover

Credit: Vice

Listen: Snoop Dogg combines with Major Lazer for reggae effort Snoop Lion

'La La La' is la-la-lovely

There have been only a few instances lately where I felt inclined to turn up a Snoop Dogg tune. His new track, "La La La" under the Snoop Lion moniker, is one of them.

The West Coast rapper combined forces with "executive producers" Major Lazer and churned out this reggae-drenched weirdo. Diplo and Ariel Rechtshaid engineered the thing to sound like a legitimate island diamond, rather than a thin attempt to branch out into a traditionally un-Snoop genre.

But it doesn't take long to get from point A to point B, considering the weed-loving rhymer's affinity for reggae's greenest trope. It's what brought he and Willie Nelson together for a country ode "Roll Me Up" back this spring.

That cover art, though? Sad comedy.

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<p>Rita Ora</p>

Rita Ora

Credit: Roc Nation

Listen: Rita Ora, Roc Nation's new hope, drops rock-heavy 'Roc the Life'

'ORA' delivery imminent: do you hear a superstar?

Rita Ora's "How We Do (Party)" made HitFix's top 25 2012 Summer Jams list. Will her new tune "Roc the Life" make it into the fall?

The title is a nod to her label home, Jay-Z's Roc Nation, which obviously hopes to attract a pop crossover crowd combining the rock influence with R&B vocal appeal. I can't help but to compare the refrain to "Roc the Life" to Nicki Minaj's "Moment 4 Life," but then again, Roc Nation/Def Jam is always interested giving Cash Money a run for it's, well, money. What's unique about this flirtation with top 40 is the live drum and guitar sounds, which operate outside of the pure, drop-the-bass dance tyranny that seems to have a stranglehold on most other solo female pop musicians on radio right now.

In other words, Pink should have put this one out instead of her wounded-animal single "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)."

"Roc the Life" is the newest single from the 21-year-old singer's cleverly titled "Ora," due Aug. 27. Do you hear gold?

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<p>The Vindicator is a beloved spaceship design, so it'll be interesting to see if they retain the key design elements for Martin Campbell's upcoming reboot of 'Blake's 7'</p>

The Vindicator is a beloved spaceship design, so it'll be interesting to see if they retain the key design elements for Martin Campbell's upcoming reboot of 'Blake's 7'

Credit: BBC1

Martin Campbell takes the helm of 'Blake's 7' reboot

Will this new take on the cult British science-fiction show make it to American screens?

When I was young, British television was not always easy to see in America, and as a result, there are many things I know by reputation and not because I've actually seen them.  I've attempted to fill in the gaps in my knowledge over the years whenever possible, but one show that I've never managed to catch up with is "Blake's 7," the Terry Nation space-opera that ran from 1978 to 1981 on BBC 1.

I've heard the show cited as a precursor to all sorts of things, most notably Joss Whedon's "Firefly," but I'm not sure how accurate that is.  My one friend who is a big fan of the show always called it "Bastards In Space," which made me laugh every time.

The series told the story of Roj Blake, a political prisoner who escapes from a prison planet with a crew of criminals and and aliens, and using a special spaceship called The Vindicator, they begin to wage a guerilla war against the Terran Foundation.

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<p>Mariah Carey will be an &quot;American Idol&quot;&nbsp;judge.</p>
<br />

Mariah Carey will be an "American Idol" judge.

Credit: AP

Press Tour 2012: FOX president Kevin Reilly welcomes Mariah Carey

Will this be the year that FOX finishes in second place?

FOX has been the top-rated network on television for the past 8 television seasons. But as network entertainment president Kevin Reilly faced the press assembled for the Television Critics Association summer press tour, he also acknowledged that this is a network in the midst of a transition — which could, depending on how big a boost top rival CBS gets from airing the Super Bowl next year, the end of that first place streak.

"I can tell you that at the very least, it's going to be close," Reilly said of the possibility of finishing second for the first time in almost a decade. "Whether we end up getting nudged out of the title, we'll see."

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